sherpa garden trolley

sherpa garden trolley
With Removable Folding Sides
Owners Manual
Model SLGT
- Important Safety Instructions
- Assembly Instructions
- Parts and Hardware Identification
CAUTION: Read, understand and follow ALL instructions before using
this product.
WARNING: Not for recreational use. Persons should never ride in the
Utility Cart.
Questions, problems, missing parts? Before returning to your retailer,
telephone our customer service department on 0845 123 5844 (local
rate) Monday - Friday.
1. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USE. If you do not understand these instructions,
or need clarification or further explanation, please call for assistance: 0845 123 5844 (local rate) Monday
to Friday 10:00am until 5:00pm.
2. Do not load cart with more than 800 lbs / 362 kg.
3. Do not allow children to use the cart unsupervised. This cart is not a toy.
4. This product is not to be used transporting passengers.
5. This product is not to be used for highway use.
6. Always distribute payload evenly over surface of the bed.
7. Do not load any items on top of the panels. Lower panel when objects are to be loaded onto the cart.
8. If any parts become damaged, broken or misplaced, do not use the cart until replacement parts can be
9. Do not operate or use on objects that can cause damage to the pneumatic tires or tubes. Over-inflation
of a tire can result in serious injury. Do not exceed the maximum tire PSI.
Do not inflate tires more than 30 PSI / 2.07 BAR.
Your cart requires assembly. Account for all parts and hardware before beginning assembly. If any parts
are missing, damaged or if you have questions or need additional instructions DO NOT RETURN THIS
PRODUCT TO THE RETAILER, call the Helpline ON 0845 123 5844 (Local rate)
Tools required for assembly: Medium size slot screwdriver, 6, 8, and 12mm open end spanner and /or two
medium adjustable spanners.
Refer to the exploded drawing and the parts list on the following
pages during assembly.
STEP 1 Turn the cart bed upside down. Use the cardboard from
carton to keep from scratching or damaging the finish.
STEP 2 Assemble the rear support assembly (6) to the back of the
bed using (19) 8x20mm carriage support bolts, (17) 8mm lock nuts,
and (16) 8mm washers. Hand tighten. Next attach the left and right
rear axle braces (7&8) using (19) 8x20mm carriage support bolts,
(17) 8mm lock nuts, and (16) 8mm washers.
Then Tighten all nuts securely.
STEP 3 Attach the Front Axle Assembly (9) to the bed using (19)
8x20mm bolts, (17) 8mm nuts and (16) 8mm washers
with the two axle guides facing inwards (as shown in Figure 2)
A. Place the steering link connector on top of the two axle guides and
attach using (19) 8x20mm bolts, (17) 8mm lock nuts and (16) 8mm
washers NB only tighten the nuts to remove access play in the
thread and ensure free movement from side to side
B. Secure the center front axle Support (10) to the bed of the cart
using (19) 8x20mm bolts, (17) 8mm lock nuts, and (16)
8mm washers.
C. Attach the Steering Yoke (11) to the centre of the Front Axle Assembly using the washer and split-pin
and washer already attached to the mounting post. Next secure the axle Support and steering link
connector using (19) 8x20mm bolts, (17) 8mm lock nuts, and (16)
8mm washers (as shown in Figure 2)
NB only tighten the nuts to remove access slack in the thread and ensure free movement from
side to side.
Figure 2.
STEP 4 Install the wheels in the following order:
1. Smear a little oil or grease onto the axles.
2. Place the wheels onto the axles with the valve
Stem facing outward.
3. Use the 12mm washers (12) and Wheel Nuts (18)
STEP 5 Turn the cart upright onto its wheels.
STEP 6 Attach the front, back, left and right fences
using the fence assembly pins.
NOTE: Latch the fences in the upright position
using the lock handles. Tighten the nuts on the
lock handles to allow for smooth operation while
not being overly tight.
Figure 3.
STEP 7 To Attach the pull handle Slide the plastic coupling (13) over the end of the tow bar and attach
it to the steering Yoke using the 8x60mm Bolt (20) and Nut (17) and Washer (16)
Well done! You’re ready to start using your new utility Cart.
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