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Support Notice - K
Support Notice
DBT-120 Installation into Windows XP SP2
August 17, 2004
This support notice applies to DBT-120 Rev B3 and later hardware versions.
Earlier versions should work in a similar manner. The version of Windows XP
SP2 used is Build 2049 (RC2). This notice is subject to revision once the
shipping version of SP2 is released.
1 Introduction
This support note describes how to switch from the Microsoft Bluetooth driver
built into Windows XP SP2 to the D-Link driver so the DBT-120 can be used with
the included software.
This problem occurs when a user tries to install DBT-120 software into a PC with
Windows XP SP2 installed. When the user is prompted to insert the DBT-120
into the USB port during the software installation, Windows XP SP2 installs the
Microsoft driver by default. The DBT-120 software will continue to complete the
installation, but is not usable since the Microsoft driver is installed. The typical
symptom of this problem is seeing two (2) Bluetooth icons, one colored red and
the other white, in the System Tray on the Windows XP desktop.
2 Installing the D-Link DBT-120 Driver
The first step after installing the DBT-120 software is to verify that the Microsoft
Bluetooth driver is installed. Open up the Device Manager by right-clicking on
My Computer icon and selecting the Properties menu option. Click on the
Hardware tab and you will see the following window appear.
Click on the Device Manager button to bring up the Device Manager window.
Click on Bluetooth Radios category listing and you will see the following screen
on the next page.
You will see at least two (2) listings under the Bluetooth Radios category. One
will be the Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator and the other will be the name of the
Bluetooth adapter (e.g. Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd). Right click on the
Bluetooth adapter name and select Properties from the menu.
This will bring up the Properties window of the Bluetooth adapter. Click on the
Driver tab to bring up the following window:
Verify that the current driver provider is Microsoft. Click on the Update Driver
button to begin replacement with DBT-120 driver. The screen below will appear.
Select the “No, not this time” radio button and click Next to proceed.
You will now see the Hardware Update Wizard window appear. Select “Install
from a list or specific location (Advanced)” radio button and click Next to continue.
The following window will appear prompting you to search for the appropriate
driver to install. Select the “Don’t Search. I will choose the driver to install.” radio
button. Click Next to continue.
The next window you will see will show the available Bluetooth drivers to install.
Click on the D-Link DBT-120 USB Bluetooth Adapter driver to highlight. Click
Next to install the DBT-120 driver and complete installation.
Windows XP will display status windows as it installs the DBT-120 driver. Once
this is successfully completed, you will see the following screen. Click Finish
button to complete the installation.
Once the DBT-120 is successfully installed, verify that the correct driver is
installed by going back to Device Manager and viewing the Properties. You
should see the following screens.
If the above screens appear, then the DBT-120 drivers are verified and installed
correctly. Your DBT-120 is ready for use with the included software.
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