Newsletter May 2015

Newsletter May 2015
May 2015
Let go, and breathe into the goodness
that you are.
By Lucy Ana van Egmond, VP 4’s
Let go, and
breath into the
goodness that
you are
Hand, Foot, and 4
Mouth Disease
Discussing Loss
Important Dates 9
The silver lining in not being perfect is that
my kids don’t have to live up to an
I have a confession to make: I’m not
unrealistic standard. So, all you moms
perfect. I know that totally comes as a
who, like me, can’t seem to stay on top of
shock to some of you! Well, it’s true. I
the laundry and the dishes and your kids
mess up! I’m not always consistent, I allow
school calendar at the same time….
my kids way more ice-cream than they
celebrate! You’re doing your kids a favor.
should have, and I have buttons that my
You are showing them that it is okay to
kids have learned to push (and apparently
make a mistake. They will be better off and
they take great delight in doing so!). In
more able to bounce back from their own
fact, lately my son is of the opinion that I
mistakes if you show them how.
mess up a lot. Everything I do is simply
just wrong. Limiting screen time… wrong!
Now, the important thing to remember is
Fish for dinner… wrong! Asking them to
that when we do mess up that we come
set the table… wrong! Signing them up
clean and ask for them to forgive us (just
for piano lessons… wrong! Needing
like we expect them to do).
mommy alone time… wrong! Giving
choices at breakfast… wrong! Wrong,
For example… on a recent trip to the
wrong, wrong… that’s me.
Aquarium I decided to cut the visit short
due to one of my children having an
Despite of my shortcomings, I know I’m
“accident” while excitedly exploring the
giving my best at this motherhood thing
new Sea Monsters exhibit. We had been
and deep inside I know that my kids are
at the Aquarium for a few hours by that
going to be okay.
point and leaving wouldn’t have been a
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LVPPP Newsletter
May 2015
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problem if mere minutes before I hadn’t promised we
how apologizing to others can be difficult but it is
would stop by the play area. With the unexpected new
something we must do. We talked about how by sharing
development I changed our plans without a second
our feelings and working at things, we are all able to
thought and with that, a perfectly enjoyable visit melted
improve. It helped them (and me!) to feel better about
away into a complete disaster. After a couple of attempts
their own struggles and validated their feelings about the
in explaining the reasons why we needed to go, I
managed to guide my kicking and screaming kids out of
the building and into the van. During the drive home I
The thing is, no matter what you see on Pinterest,
felt heavy with guilt. Did I overreact? Why did I not give
Facebook, or anywhere else, no mom is perfect. We all
them 20min. in the play area instead of leaving so
have struggles, and that is okay! I think it is far healthier
abruptly? So what if my kid was wet and would
to share our struggles than to try and appear perfect on
potentially get a rash if we didn’t get her cleaned up
the outside, while we are slowly dying on the inside. Our
soon? Would that have been so bad? Probably not. All
children are watching us even when we don’t think they
I know is that I messed up and I’m positive that the end
are. So if they see us able to turn around and admit a
result to our Aquarium visit would have been different
mistake, and then come back from that mistake, we are
and most likely happier, had I been more flexible.
teaching them to do likewise.
With that heavy guilt cloud hanging over my head I
With that in mind, I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of
brought the kids together for a family meeting once we
us, beautifully imperfect moms!
were home. We were able to talk about how even
Moms and Dads mess up sometimes. We talked about
Do not fight the dark, just turn on the
how sometimes we make decisions based on what feels
Let go, and breathe into the
right to us at that moment and that it is ok to change our
minds about it later. We talked about being honest and
admitting to having made a mistake. We talked about
goodness that you are.
– Swami Sri Kripalu
LVPPP Newsletter
Tillan, Brett, and Nicola checking up on the chicks
Logan and Connor at the sand
Casey and Simone engineering the big flood.
May 2015
Isla, Katie & Robbie Getting Water for Potatoes
Connie, Casey, and Karen with flower umbrellas
Nate says “I’m being so careful”
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LVPPP Newsletter
May 2015
Page 4
Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease
Vancouver Coastal Health
Clean and sanitize all common toys and surfaces
Hand, foot and mouth disease is caused by a virus.
How is Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Spread? Hand, foot
and mouth disease can be spread in droplets coughed,
Anyone can get hand, foot and mouth disease but it is most
sneezed or breathed into the air by someone with the
common in children. It usually occurs in the summer and
disease or by contact with the feces of someone with the
fall. Hand, foot and mouth disease is not usually serious but
disease. It can also be spread by touching objects, such as
children may have the following signs:
toys or tables that have the virus on them, and then
> fever
touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
> headache
> sore throat
What to Do at Home
> not interested in eating or playing
If another child has hand, foot and mouth disease, watch
> small, painful sores in the mouth
your child for signs of the disease.
> a skin rash
When to Call Your Doctor Call your doctor immediately if
The rash looks like red spots with a small blister on top. The
your child has any of the following signs:
rash is usually on the hands and feet but can show up on
> has a fever and is under 6 months old
other parts of the body.
> has a headache or sore throat
> is listless, not interested in playing with toys or is unusually
“There is
no vaccine.”
Wash your hands and your
child’s hands carefully after
you wipe your child’s nose,
change a diaper or use the
Hand, foot and mouth disease is not the same as foot and
mouth disease that affects animals.
Wash your hands often and
There is no blood test for hand, foot and mouth disease and
always before and after
no medicine to treat it. It may be possible to get the disease
preparing food.
more than once. There is no vaccine. There are no special
tests or treatments for pregnant women in contact with
Children with hand, foot and mouth disease may go to the
someone with hand, foot and mouth disease.
child care centre or school if they feel well enough to take
part in activities
Washing hands, especially after changing diapers or helping
children go to the toilet, can help control the spread of
hand, foot and mouth disease.
LVPPP Newsletter
May 2015
Page 5
Ways Child Care Providers Can Help Children Deal
With Grief and Loss
Most 3- to 5-year-olds have the thinking skills they need for a very basic understanding of death. They may recognize
that a person's body stops working when that person dies, and they may know that a person who is dead can’t talk or eat
or sleep anymore. But most preschoolers do not yet realize that death is permanent.
Don't be surprised if preschoolers ask many questions about death and other losses. They may need to be told over and
over again that the person or pet has died, or that the parent has gone away and won't be back for a long time, because
they don't realize that some changes are long-lasting or permanent. Preschoolers do not understand yet that all living
things die, so they may ask whether certain types of people or animals will die. Preschool children may ask a lot of questions that seem inappropriate or uncomfortable for many adults. Try to be sensitive but truthful when answering their
questions, and be willing to talk about the loss over and over if the child asks.
Remember that preschoolers still understand the world in concrete terms, so you need to think carefully about the words
you use to explain a death. Never talk about death as "sleeping." Preschoolers may think the deceased person or pet will
wake up, or may be scared to go to sleep because they fear that they will not wake up again. Be careful when telling preschoolers that a person died because she was sick. Young children get sick all the time, and might be afraid that they are
going to die every time they get a sniffle or stomach ache. Preschoolers tend to be self-centered in their thinking, and
may assume that they caused a death or natural disaster. Be sure to clarify that it's not their fault, and that they could not
have done anything to prevent it.
LVPPP Newsletter
May 2015
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Talking: Less is More
Excerpt from "Helping Young Children through Daily Transitions" by Tara V. Katz
"In early childhood programs, we nurture the children in their first steps as social beings. We help them learn to share and
take turns; use their words and not their hands; not to bite others; and that when we hurt a friend, we take care of them
by letting them know we are sorry.... We teach some children how to overcome shyness and step toward friends.
However, in our work there lies a temptation to talk, talk, talk. When we talk incessantly to children, we break their quiet
and agitate their nervous systems. This does not mean we shouldn't talk to children, rather that we should let them talk to
"When we let children play with their peers in an uninterrupted way, they enter into their play with a depth that's
unattainable if we are constantly asking, 'What are you doing?' and similar superficial questions. When children have an
hour of unstructured play, they are naturally ready to come in and have snack, and the transition goes smoothly."
Thank You
A big thank you to Wyatt’s family for the large donation of soil to the preschool grounds. Thank you also to the
volunteers who helped disperse the soil. The children enjoyed planting during the following days.
General reminders for parents:
- Please refrain from using electronic devices during class time.
- Often the kids like to stay and play after school. Please remember to tidy up before you leave. This includes the planks,
water feature toys, pipes, and play shed.
- We are looking for socks too. If your child has gone home with socks from the preschool stash or if you have some
pairs to spare, please bring them to class.
- Remember to apply sunscreen prior to class. Duty parents/teachers cannot apply sunscreen at school.
Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher
of compassion, love and fearlessness. If
love is sweet as a flower, then my mother
is that sweet flower of love.
- Stevie Wonder
LVPPP Newsletter
May 2015
Page 7
Parent Education
Trina Sporer - Parent Ed .Chair (4’s)
To ensure a high quality preschool program, a safe preschool environment and to meet government Licensing
requirements, duty parents are required to complete ongoing parent education. Education sessions are the first
Wednesday of the month from 7-8:30pm. All duty parents must attend ongoing Parent Education Sessions or complete
an Alternate Parent Education (see last page of newsletter or online at
parent-ed-online-submission/" For more details, refer to the LVPPP Parent Manual. Do you have a suggestion for a
parent education speaker or resource for the library or website? If so, please let Trina Sporer know.
May 6 2015 LVPPP Parent Education
Karen Clark Bio
Karen Clark is the owner and operator of The Vital Link. The Vital Link is a Training Partner of the Canadian Red Cross
Society. Karen has been teaching Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses for over 26 years. She has taught locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. Karen’s background and certification in Early Childhood Care and Education has
made her very sought after in this field.
She has been a member of a variety of boards and advisory committees, and her input has been a valuable part of Red
Cross First Aid program development. Karen was instrumental in the rewriting of the Child Safe manual, the development
of First Aid for the Handicapped, and the refinement of the Leadership program as a Master Instructor Trainer. She was a
Master Instructor Trainer for the Red Cross for many years and certified many of the instructors actively teaching first aid
Presentation Summary
This presentation will introduce basic first aid such as choking, bleeding and more.
Alternative Parent Education Opportunity
Unwrapping Bubble Wrapped Kids: The Power of Play by Tim Gill
Monday May 4th 2015 at 7pm at Centennial Theatre 2300 Lonsdale Avenue
$5 Register Today: #346256 604.987.7529 or
Learn more about the importance of play, especially risky play, to children’s growth and development. Parents and anyone concerned about the need for quality play for children and youth will find this event interesting and informative.
After the keynote presentation a panel will discuss ‘risky play’ and potential steps to enhance play opportunities for all
children. A question and answer session will wrap up the evening. Tim’s writing, research, and consultancy projects have
made him one of the world’s leading thinkers on childhood, and an effective advocate for positive change in children’s
everyday lives.
LVPPP Newsletter
May 2015
Page 8
Alternate Parent Education
As you were absent from the last Parent Education session, government licensing requires you to do a make up Parent
Education, called an Alternate Parent Education (APE). School policy states that after a teacher assistant (duty parent) has
missed a Parent Education session, he/she is required to complete an APE and return it to the Parent Ed. Assistant BEFORE his/her next duty day. Please submit an APE to the Parent Education Assistant, Jennifer Nuttall, via email
( or in written form and put a copy in her school mailbox or submit it on the LVPPP website.
When both parents are teacher assistants, then one parent must attend the Parent Education and General Meeting each
month, while the other parent needs to read and sign the General Meeting Minutes each month, as well as complete an
APE each month. If the Alternate Parent Education is not returned, the parent cannot act as a teacher assistant (be on
duty). The parent is then responsible for finding his/her own replacement for any day they might miss. You can now
submit your Alternate Parent Education form online! Go to"
Below are Alternate Parent Education questions that are also on the website and will also be included in each preschool
newsletter. For more information, read the Alternate Parent Education requirements in the manual online on pages 22 –
23. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Thanks, Trina Sporer (Parent Ed. Chair)
Complete some alternate form of parent education, which may include the following:
Attend another preschool’s parent education night;
Attend a community workshop (i.e.: library, Parent Advisory Committee meeting, first aid course);
Watch or listen to an appropriate educational program broadcast on TV or radio;
Attend a Council of Parent Participation Preschool parent education session or Early Childhood Education related conference;
Observe a class at another childcare facility;
Participate in a parenting course at night school or local college;
Read several chapters from a book or articles from a magazine or website on early childhood education (See appropriate materials available in our Parent Ed. Library located above the mailboxes in the kitchen).
Via email or in written form or on the website, complete the below information:
1. The form of parent ed. chosen (i.e.: read a book, watched a program, attended another PPP’s GM, etc.),
2. Describe your choice (i.e.: title and author, programme title, speaker and topic); and
3. Write a synopsis (in paragraph or point form) on your chosen topic, addressing the following questions:
What were the main points?
What are your thoughts on the chosen topic?
How do you think this will or will not affect your parenting style and why?
LVPPP Newsletter
May 2015
Page 9
Upcoming Events
Seek the Peak: -
If you would like to be a participate, in one of our preschool groups, please contact the preschool asap. Join Nicola on
Monday nights at 6pm at the gate to the Grind. Please bring a head lamp, small water bottle, and jacket to put on at the
top. They will be going slow but steady so should be able to accommodate most fitness levels. to confirm attendance.
Ride to Conquer Cancer:
Nicola will be participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer for the sixth year. It is a 2 day, 260km bike ride from Vancouver
to Seattle in which proceeds support cancer research via the BC Cancer Foundation. Once again, she will be riding as a
member of Team Finn, which was created in honour of a young boy who died of cancer. Nicola first met Finn when he
and his twin brother registered for LVPPP. Several months later Finn's short life tragically ended. A couple of years ago,
she was again reminded of how important it is to keep up our hard work in supporting research into childhood cancer, as
we had another student at the preschool diagnosed with cancer.
If you would like to contribute to the Ride to Conquer Cancer or just want to learn more about it, please check out my
web page for the Ride:
For more information about Team Finn, check out the team's Ride to Conquer Cancer page:
Team Finn Website:
Important Dates
Sun. May 3 - BMO Vancouver Marathon
Wed. May 6 - GM and Parent Ed. Karen Clark - First Aid
Sun. May 10 - Mother’s Day
Mon. May 18 - No School
Sat. May 23 11-3pm - LVPPP 70th Anniversary Celebration Carnival
Thurs. May 28 330-430 - LVPPP bike decorating
Fri. May 29 - No School
Sat. May 30 - Lynn Valley Days Parade
Sun. June 14 - Seek The Peak
Wed. June 17 - 4’s Graduation Ceremony
Thurs. June 18 - Cleaning and Inventory
LVPPP Newsletter
May 2015
Bring your helmet!
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