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S-Digit mini
S-Digit mini
On/Off switch
Padded bag
Calibrate the unit (see instructions below)
Users‘ manual
Set reading to degrees (°) or percent (%)
Current reading will be frozen by pressing
HOLD. By pressing HOLD again reading will
be released.
Electronic slope measurer, for measuring
Working range 4 x 90°
inclinations, slopes & plane surfaces.
Resolution 0,1 ° or 0,1 %
Accuracy 0° + 90° = ± 0,1°
1° - 89° = ± 0,2°
Power supply 3 x 1,5 V AA
Operating time 600h
Size 156 x 56 x 31 mm
Weight 0,3 kg incl. batteries
Calibration of inclinometer:
Calibrate before first use
Before important measurements
After a hit or drop
After a large fluctuation in temperature
Checking of calibration
Position unit on a flat surface (position A) and
switch on. Wait 10 sec. and note down measured value.
Rotate unit by 180° to position B. Wait
10 sec. and note down measured value.
If deviation between the two values is more than 0,1° S-Digit mini should be calibrated.
How to calibrate
Position unit on a flat surface (position A) and
switch on.
a) Wait 10 sec. – press ZERO for 5 sec. after display
shows „-0-“ wait further 10 sec.
b) Press ZERO (display shows „-1“) – rotate by
180° to position B (lay on same position as
in A).
c) Wait 10 sec. – press ZERO once more to finalize
calibration process.
Measurement of inclination
The 2 arrows in the display indicate which
direction S-Digit mini has to be moved in
order to reach 0° or 90° position.
The exact 0° or 90° position is shown by
double arrows.
Display has automatic digit inversion for overhead
Open the battery compartment cover and put in batteries (take care of polarity).
Important: Battery symbol flashes when batteries need to be replaced.
Connection to
camera tripod
Special feature within the range of 0° - 30°
O-setting in any position required: In the range between 0°
With 1/4“-thread (at bottom
and 30° the ZERO layer can be defined in any position.
side) S-Digit mini can be
Start calibration function in the position required (press ZERO
connected to a camera
longer than 5 sec.) - wait 10 sec. - press ZERO again - wait
10 sec. - press ZERO again - finalized. Do not turn the S-Digit
mini during this process.
Now the ZERO-layer is defined in the new position and the
application required can be started.
We recommend to define the ZERO-layer in the horizontal
position again when you have finished your application.
Otherwise it may happen that for the following measurements
the results can be completely wrong (e.g. when you work the next
day or if another user is working with the unit).
Care and cleaning
Safety instructions:
Please handle measuring
Please follow up instructions given in
instruments with care.
operators’ manual.
Clean with soft cloth only after any
Use instrument for measuring jobs only.
use. If necessary damp cloth with
Do not open instrument housing.
some water.
Repairs should be carried out by
If instrument is wet clean and dry it
authorized workshops only. Please
contact your local dealer.
Pack it up only if it is perfectly dry.
Transport in original container / case
Do not remove warning labels or safety
Keep instrument away from children.
Do not use instrument in explosive
Specific reasons for erroneous
measuring results
Electromagnetic acceptability
Measurements through glass or
It cannot be completely excluded that this
plastic windows;
instrument will disturb other instruments
Dirty laser emitting windows;
(e.g. navigation systems) will be disturbed by
After instrument has been dropped
other instruments (e.g. intensive
or hit.
electromagnetic radiation nearby industrial
Please check accuracy.
facilities or radio transmitters).
Large fluctuation of temperature: If instrument
will be used in cold areas after it has been
stored in warm areas (or the other way
round) please wait some minutes before
carrying out measurements.
Instrument has CE-mark according to
EN 61326:1997, EN 55022,
EN 61000-4-2/-3.
This product is warranted by the manufacturer to the original purchaser to be free from
defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of two (2) years from
the date of purchase.
During the warranty period, and upon proof of purchase, the product will be repaired or
replaced (with the same or similar model at manufacturers option), without charge for
either parts or labour.
In case of a defect please contact the dealer where you originally purchased this product.
The warranty will not apply to this product if it has been misused, abused or altered.
Without limiting the foregoing, leakage of the battery, bending or dropping the unit are
presumed to be defects resulting from misuse or abuse.
Exceptions from responsibility
The user of this product is expected to follow the instructions given in operators’ manual.
Although all instruments left our warehouse in perfect condition and adjustment the user
is expected to carry out periodic checks of the product’s accuracy and general
The manufacturer, or its representatives, assumes no responsibility of results of a faulty
or intentional usage or misuse including any direct, indirect, consequential damage,
and loss of profits.
The manufacturer, or its representatives, assumes no responsibility for consequential
damage, and loss of profits by any disaster (earthquake, storm, flood etc.), fire,
accident, or an act of a third party and/or a usage in other than usual conditions.
The manufacturer, or its representatives, assumes no responsibility for any damage,
and loss of profits due to a change of data, loss of data and interruption of business etc.,
caused by using the product or an unusable product.
The manufacturer, or its representatives, assumes no responsibility for any damage,
and loss of profits caused by usage other than explained in the users‘ manual.
The manufacturer, or its representatives, assumes no responsibility for damage caused
by wrong movement or action due to connecting with other products.
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