RFm Operators Manual

RFm Operators Manual
Crane Electronics Ltd
The force in torque management
RFm wireless communication device
The new RFm from Crane allows wireless connectivity to the CheckStar Multi and the IQVu to remove the need for
hazardous cables when transferring your torque measurement readings. Simple, safe, accurate and effective.
Even if you are out of range the RFm will still continue to take your readings, once back in range it will automatically
connect to the IQVu and your data will be transferred. No need to lose important information.
Now you have the freedom to work anywhere, anytime in any place.
Crane Electronics leading the way with the only in-line transducer (CheckStar Multi) that can be wirelessly (RFm) or
cable connected to the readout (IQVu) in the assembly industry.
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Crane Electronics Ltd
The force in torque management
RFm Technical Specifications:
Operating temp range:
-20 to +500c
Storage temp range:
-20 to +50 C
10-75% non-condensing
IP Rating:
IP40 (Indoor use only)
* With military connector
** Without military connector
Reading storage:
200 readings
Torque Measurement:
Resolution to 0.006% of transducer span
Every 20 micro seconds (50,000) per second
Zero Stability:
<0.1% FSD/0C
Static Accuracy:
±0.2% FSD of connected transducer
Angle Measurement:
Sample every 1000 micro seconds*
Frequency Response:
75Hz to 5000Hz
Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium Ion
Communication with IQVu:
Uses frequency 2.400GHz RF
* Angle reading only
capable with CheckStar
Multi angle transducer
The IQVu, the most revolutionary torque data collector on the market. A robust
tablet with strengthened glass that can be used even when wearing gloves.
The IQVu can be used wirelessly with the new RFm or compatible through the
use of a cable with all other Crane transducers. When using the IQVu it is
possible to audit the torque, trace the data to an operator, a tool, a location
and a time. All new products from Crane will be able to link with the IQVu.
What we have now is just the start!
The CheckStar Multi is the latest generation of in-line rotary torque transducers.
The CheckStar Multi connects to the new RFm via a robust military connection to
the IQVu to become the all in one torque management system. The CheckStar
Multi can be used with impulse tools as well, due to its patented design. It is highly
accurate too, with an accuracy of ±0.25% of full scale. A traffic light ring collar
gives the user a visual feedback of the status of the tightening.
Crane, the force in torque management.
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