Dive Verifier Program Tutorial

Dive Verifier Program Tutorial
Dive Verifier Program
To check diving sheets
by divers, coaches and
meet managers.
High School Dive Verifier
The program is created in as an Excel file, available
to download an run on any machine with Microsoft
Excel installed.
The program runs the rule checking through Macro’s
which must be enabled to verify the dive sheet.
Security within Excel on the computer must be set to
MEDIUM to allow the user the choice of enabling the
macros for this program.
The High School Dive Verifier is updated annually
based on rules posted by the NFHS.
Entering Data
Select the 6 dive or 11 dive with the
mouse. This Resets the rules for the
specific event.
Edit the text boxes highlighted in
blue by using the TAB key to scroll
through the page.
The DD’s are automatically entered
for the dive entered.
When the list is correct for the rules
selected the yellow box will appear
and a statement is printed at the
bottom of the page.
The page can be printed or saved
and emailed to turn in the sheet as
Official Entry Form Format
Standard for computer generated dive
forms is now 8 ½ x 11 vertical format.
This format allows for manual use at
the table as needed, it included places for
signatures for qualifying championship
meets and All American entry.
Rules are displayed on the sheet to
review quickly, for the divers use while
trying to determine which dives to enter.
Error statements will appear when the
rules are not followed. They disappear
when the rule issue is resolved.
Dive description is printed and can be
read easily by announcers and dive
numbers can be easily confirmed.
Total DD for voluntary (required dives)
and optionals are printed at the bottom of
the page for easy reference.
A printed statement validating the
sheet appears at the bottom of the page
allows the sheet to be printed and turned
in without having to be rechecked by
Identifying the dive as Voluntary or
Optional is done in the left hand column
of the sheet by the dive number.
Dive Form Tools
The following features are included:
HELP: to guide the user through problem solving.
RULES/Requirements: A listing of the rules for each contest
DD Table: Complete listing of dives allowed by the NFHS and the
corresponding DD’s for the dive. NOTE: both 1 & 3 meter DD’s are listed for
diving associations that allow 3 meter for invitational competitions at pools
that meet the safety requirements. This sheet is printable for easy reference.
Common Sheet Entry Challenges
The Dive Verifier program is downloaded from the internet at
http://www.mvndive.com/UTILITY.shtml as a ZIPPED file so you know it is the most
current, valid updated version. Winzip or the equivalent must be used to unZIP the file.
Free downloads of Winzip are available.
Dive Verifier File (.xls) can not be opened if Microsoft Excel is not installed on the
The program is created and downloaded in an older version of Excel so it can be pulled
into most all Excel versions to use.
Many schools/computers have programs set to automatically NOT ALLOW MACRO’s to
be enabled. Within the excel program go to: Tools/Options/Security/Macro Security and
set level to Medium to prompt for the option to enable Macros.
All of the cells within the Dive Verifier form are LOCKED with a password except for the
Blue text cells which can be located by using the TAB key to scroll through the page. If you
get this error message, TAB through the form.
When checking sheets for multiple entries, to reset the defaults for standard Vol/Optional
format between each sheet, switch from 11 dive to 6 dive and back again.
Allowed use of the
Dive Verifier Program
This program was created for use to assist divers, coaches and meet
directors in preparing for a competition. It’s distribution is free and is
regularly updated as needed.
Created by Ray Vincent, Sr.
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