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Anthem Blue Cross is the trade name of Blue Cross of California. Anthem Blue Cross and Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health
Insurance Company are independent licensees of the Blue Cross Association. ANTHEM is a registered trademark of Anthem
Insurance Companies, Inc. The Blue Cross name and symbol are registered marks of the Blue Cross Association.
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The Blue Distinction Specialty Care Program —
expert care for less
Hospitals are named as Blue Distinction Centers based
on certain criteria. These hospitals are selected for their
expert health care team, the number of times they’ve done
a procedure and their track record in specialized care. You
deserve peace of mind when you make important health
care choices with your doctor. Having access to the Blue
Distinction Centers and Blue Distinction Centers+ makes
these choices simpler.
Getting care when you need it
You could save time and money if you know where to go
when you need care. If your doctor isn’t available, choose
from the options below. They often take less time than the
ER and cost about the same as a doctor visit. Plus, most
are open weeknights and weekends. Not all facilities and
types of care are available in all areas.
Retail health clinic. This is staffed by health care experts
who give basic health care services to “walk-in” patients.
It’s often inside a major pharmacy or retail store.
Walk-in doctor’s office. This doctor’s office doesn’t require
you to be an existing patient or have an appointment. The
office handles mostly routine care and common illnesses.
Urgent care center. This has a group of doctors who treat
conditions that aren’t as serious as emergencies but
should be looked at right away. This center can often do
X-rays, lab tests and stitches.
To find a doctor, retail health clinic or urgent care center
in our network, go to Select Find a Doctor
and follow the numbered steps.
When to use the ER
Always call 911 or go to the ER if you think you could put
your health at serious risk by delaying care.
Imaging and sleep management program
When you need imaging services like MRIs and CT Scans
or a sleep study, we can help you get quality service
at a lower cost.
Imaging services. If your doctor refers you to an imaging
provider, Anthem will review the referral. If there are more
cost effective, quality choices, we’ll call to let you know
what they are. You can go with your doctor’s referral or
with one of the imaging providers we suggest.
Sleep studies. If your doctor refers you for a sleep study or
any sleep-related equipment or supplies, your doctor should
call Anthem before you have any tests done or supplies sent
to you. Depending on your health, you may be able to do the
study in your home.
Anthem will discuss the guidelines with your doctor and
provide instructions on where to get materials and supplies
to do your sleep study at home.
Your doctor needs to call the number on the back of your
card to request your participation in these programs:
High Tech Imaging/Sleep Mgmt 1-888-953-6703.
Health Record — your health history in one
secure location
Keep your health records organized, secure and easy
to find for emergencies and everyday use. Enter your
information such as dates of shots (vaccines), tests and
screenings, prescription and over-the-counter drugs,
health conditions and more. Print and share with your
doctors to help avoid potential drug interactions and
duplicative tests and procedures.
To use Health Record:
1. Log in at
2. Select Health & Wellness.
Health Assessment — your first step to a
healthier lifestyle
Understand your health, your health risks and what you
can do to enjoy a healthier life. Fill out a confidential
survey of your health and health care status. Then get a
health assessment score and risk profile based on your
answers. You also get tips to help you get healthier.
To take the Health Assessment:
1. Log in at
2. Select Health & Wellness.
Live better and save money with
easy-to-use health tools
Manage your health care with our mobile app
Use our mobile app to help you take care of your health.
Improve your health and well-being with tools that keep
you informed, in control and at your healthy best. Just log
in at
1. Go to the app store on your smartphone
or mobile device.
You’ll find exciting tools to help you take charge of your
health and reach your goals. You’ll also get personalized
information and a better understanding of your benefits.
All you need is your ID number from your member ID card.
3. Select the app. Start the free download.
To register online:
2. Search for Anthem Blue Cross.
To use the mobile application, you must be registered
on our secure member site and have a username and
password. If you are an Anthem Blue Cross member but
have not registered online, go to from
your computer and select Register Now.
1. Go to
2. Select Register Now and follow the instructions
on the screen.
Estimate Your Cost
Did you know that hospitals and other providers charge
different amounts for the same services? Know the cost
before you get care. Getting an estimate based on your
benefits can help you choose a provider that fits your budget.
To search for your cost:
1. Log in at and choose Estimate
Your Cost.
2. Select a category from the drop-down menu.
3. Select a procedure. (For some procedures, only
a quality comparison is available.)
4. Make sure your name and location are correct.
Then Select Search. Follow the prompts to see
the estimate.
Use our tools on the go with
our free mobile app
It’s fast, easy and secure. Use your smartphone
to find a doctor or an urgent care center near you.
Look up claims or access a digital version of your
member ID card.
Register now at You will need
your username and password to use the mobile app.
Find a doctor online
Many of you go to our website to find a doctor. It’s a quick
and easy process, and we’re always working to make it
even better for you. Here’s how you can get information
about doctors in your area.
1. Log in to and select the coverage
type. Choose Continue.
2. Under Useful Tools on the right, select Find a Doctor
and choose what kind of doctor or health professional
you want to find.
3. Enter your city and state or ZIP and choose Search.
If Anthem is your pharmacy benefit administrator, always
choose the National PPO/BlueCard PPO plan when
searching. This gives you a longer list of providers and
pharmacy access is not limited by your medical plan.
To search for doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and more
from your mobile, go to
Health Assistant
24/7 NurseLineSM
The Health Assistant is an online tool that can help you
make positive changes in these areas:
A nurse is just a phone call away — toll-free, anytime,
day or night. Talk to our nurse coaches about general
health issues. Ask questions for your peace of mind and
well-being. Can you treat a health problem at home?
Do you need to see your doctor? Or should you head
straight to the emergency room? Making the right call
can help you avoid needless worry and expense. And,
most importantly, you can protect your health and the
health of your family.
Weight loss.
Quitting smoking or tobacco use.
Stress management.
Emotional health.
Choose activities and weekly targets to help you, step by
step, meet your overall goal. Your Health Assistant tracks
your progress and encourages you to keep going. Plus,
your Health Assistant gives you a wealth of information
to help you succeed week after week.
As your health evolves, you can change your goals and
activities with just a click. Your Health Assistant will be
there every step of the way with a fun, interactive, online
experience that caters to your needs and motivates you
to strive for your best health.
Meet your Health Assistant today!
Log in to
Choose Health & Wellness.
Select Wellness Tool Kit.
Our integrated health model for health
and wellness
Everyone has different health needs and learning styles.
Whatever yours are, we’re here to help. We offer a wide
range of health and wellness programs designed to
improve your health and reduce your cost. From online
resources to personal attention from registered nurses,
we help you to be more engaged in your health and to
make more informed health care decisions.
Our programs offer coaching support, advice and
medical guidance. We focus strongly on prevention
but also provide resources to help you manage chronic
conditions such as asthma and diabetes. Our goal is to
give you the tools you need to take control of your health.
Just call the 24/7 NurseLine number on your member
ID card.
Future Moms
If you’re expecting a baby, Future Moms can help you
have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Future Moms is
a voluntary program to help you take care of your health
and your baby (future dads get help, too). Sign up for
Future Moms to get:
Toll-free, 24/7 access to a registered nurse who’ll
answer your questions and talk about pregnancy topics.
A helpful book: Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy.
Materials to help you handle pregnancy-related issues.
A questionnaire to check your risk of delivering too early.
Useful tools to help you, your doctor and your
Future Moms nurse coach track your pregnancy
and spot possible problems.
Get the support you need by calling the Member Service
number on your member ID card. Ask to speak to a
Future Moms representative.
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
This program provides support to families of high-risk infants.
Nurses with neonatal and/or pediatric nursing experience
promote the highest standards of care for NICU infants. The
nurses work with you and your family throughout the NICU
stay and also help you prepare for the transition when the
baby goes home.
The NICU program includes:
Help from registered nurses experienced in neonatal care.
Assistance in level-of-care assignment.
Discharge planning and follow-up.
Coordination of home health needs.
If the delivery is complicated and your baby is in NICU, the
hospital will contact Anthem, and a NICU nurse will reach out to
you. A NICU nurse also may contact you if your pregnancy was
identified as a high risk through the Future Moms program.
Behavioral Health Resource
Anthem offers behavioral health resources that provide
personalized support to employees and their covered
dependents. We offer proactive outreach and condition
management. The programs include:
Resource Center for 24/7 access to qualified staff, including
Master’s level clinicians with experience in managing crises,
providing guidance and finding treatment programs,
referrals, tools and resources.
Referrals to Northrop Grumman’s Employee Assistance
Program, as appropriate.
Behavioral Health Care Management, for members with serious
challenges related to combined mental and physical conditions.
ConditionCare for depression, which provides support
and resources for those who suffer from common
depressive disorders.
Northrop Grumman-designated clinical case managers,
who work closely together on cases that involve both
medical and behavioral health.
To contact the Behavioral Health Resource Center,
call 1-866-621-0554.
Alerts members about resources such as the Blue
Distinction Centers for Transplant (BDCT) facilities and
transplant-specific benefits such as travel and lodging.
Helps members work with their transplant teams to
develop care plans.
Do you, or someone you love, suffer from a chronic
health condition? We can help you get more out of life.
Our ConditionCare nurses help people of all ages manage
the symptoms of asthma and diabetes. And our nurses
work closely with adults who have chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease (COPD), heart failure or coronary artery
disease. With ConditionCare, you’ll get the information you
need to feel your very best — day after day. Our ConditionCare
nurses get information from you and your doctor to create
a personalized care plan just for you.
MyHealth Advantage
MyHealth Advantage is a free service that helps keep you and
your bank account healthier. Here’s how it works: We review
your health claims to make sure your health care is on track.
Plus, we find out if we can save you any money. We check what
drugs you’re taking and alert your doctor if we spot a potential
drug interaction. We also keep track of your routine tests and
checkups, reminding you to make these appointments by
mailing you a MyHealth Note. MyHealth Note also summarizes
your recent claims. From time to time, we offer tips to save you
money on prescription drugs.
SpecialOffers@AnthemSM — discounts on
health-related products and services
Enjoy members-only discounts on vitamins, health and beauty
products, chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage therapy.
Also save money on LASIK eye surgery, eyeglass frames and
contact lenses, hearing aids and services, fitness center
memberships, Jenny Craig® and Weight Watchers® weight-loss
programs. You also get access to LifeMart, one of the largest
members-only discount shopping websites, and more.
To get your discounts:
1. Log in at
Transplant nurses
Anthem’s integrated health model includes help for members
identified and approved for solid organ and tissue transplants.
The program:
Offers a single point of contact for all transplant-related
care, from approval through six months post-transplant.
Educates members during all phases of the transplant.
This covers information about the procedure, appropriate
care and depression screenings.
2. Select Discounts.
MyHealth Coach
MyHealth Coach is a free program offering one-on-one
help, tools and educational resources to help you reach
your health goals. Whether you need a hand managing a
health condition or just want to feel better, MyHealth
Coach can help you lose weight, exercise more, eat better
or quit smoking. Health coaches are ready to help you
anytime at our 24/7, toll-free phone number. They can give
you and your covered dependents the resources and
information to improve your health while helping you
follow your doctor’s advice.
To learn more about MyHealth Coach, call the
Member Service number on your member ID card.
BlueCard Worldwide® — your passport to health
care outside the U.S.
As an Anthem Blue Cross member, you take your health
benefits with you when you travel outside the U.S. Through
the BlueCard Worldwide Program, you can get help finding
doctors and hospitals in nearly 200 countries and
territories around the world.*
What you should know:
1. Before you leave the U.S., call the Customer Service
number on your ID card for details about your coverage.
Benefits may be different outside the country.
2. Always carry your ID card.
3. In an emergency, go to the nearest doctor or hospital.
You may need ComplexCare if you have health issues that
could mean frequent or high levels of care. A ComplexCare
nurse can work with you, your family, your doctors and
other experts to take care of your health and avoid costly
hospital admissions. A nurse will contact you if you are
eligible for the program.
With ComplexCare, you get 24-hour, toll-free access to
nurses for health education, along with preventive care
and lifestyle coaching. The nurses can help you:
Make better health decisions.
Coordinate care between doctors and other
health care services.
To learn more, log in at or contact
the Member Service number on your member ID card.
4. If you end up in a hospital, call the Blue Card
Worldwide Service Center at 1-800-810-BLUE (2583),
or call collect at 1-804-673-1177. The lines are open
24 hours a day, seven days a week. Representatives
can help you set up a doctor visit or hospital stay.
5. If you need precertification or pre-authorization, call
the Customer Service number on your ID card.
*Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, Coverage Home and Away, (accessed
June 2013):
WebMD is a tool that offers information about medical
conditions and other health topics. Get guidance from
a trusted source with information that’s customized for
our members. Topics range from exercise tips to asthma
symptoms to cancer treatments.
Check out a list of helpful topics:
1. Go to
2. Select Health & Wellness and look
under Health Topics.
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