Spark™ 10M multimode microplate reader
Ignite the productivity in your laboratory with a high performance detection platform
starts with a
No matter what your
application, the Spark 10M
multimode microplate
reader delivers the ideal
combination of advanced
capabilities and exceptional
ease-of-use, enhancing
Fast, simple and efficient operation through a touch-based interface that allows even
inexperienced users to optimize instrument performance and generate robust, reliable
results. Preset, one-click applications accelerate routine work, and remote access gives
you complete control from your mobile device for added ease and convenience.
productivity with a series
of unique features and
Optimize performance and shorten your time to results with Spark’s revolutionary
Fusion Optics. A unique combination of filters and monochromators on both the
excitation and emission side of your sample, Fusion Optics combine exceptional
sensitivity and speed, with complete assay flexibility.
Patent-pending High-Speed Monochromators (HSM) are also available for absorbance
measurements, delivering a complete spectral scan in just five seconds for an
ultra-fast, in-depth picture of your sample.
Faster, more reliable cell analysis can
be performed with Spark’s dedicated
imaging module. A built-in cell counter
provides precise data on cell number,
size and viability in less than 30 seconds.
Cell counting and viability analysis
Cell incubation
Reagent dispensing
Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer
Time-Resolved Fluorescence Resonance
Energy Transfer (TR-FRET)
Fluorescence polarization
DNA quantification
Luminescence flash & glow
Luminescence scanning
Multi-color luminescence (BRET 1, 2, 3)
Precise CO2/O2, temperature and humidity
control lets you create the ideal conditions
for your cells in all standard microplates
for complete confidence in your results.
An integrated lid handler precisely balances
gas exchange and evaporation protection
for live cell kinetic assays and even allows
automated reagent additions during an
5000 cells / medium with FCS
cell growth [%]
■ Spark 10M
■ no GCM
time [h]
Cell proliferation in a Spark 10M reader with
integrated Gas Control Module (GCM™) and a
standard microplate reader.
Conditions you can
Results you can
Fusion Optics deliver the best of both worlds – flexibility and sensitivity
Spark 10M delivers unmatched performance by being the first instrument
to offer independent, user-selectable filters and monochromators on both
the excitation AND emission side of your sample in any single measurement.
So you don’t have to choose between sensitivity OR flexibility – for the first
time ever you can have both. Every well. Every assay. Every time. From both
the top and bottom of your sample.
Enhance assay performance and flexibility with multi-color luminescence
Evaporation protection
Optimize your luminescence assays with Spark’s variable bandwidth
capability that delivers great sensitivity, excellent signal-to-background
ratios, and high dynamic range. The instrument can also adapt to
your future assay needs, offering a scanning option for luminescence
measurements as well as ongoing compatibility with the BRET assays
of today and tomorrow.
Spark’s built-in, patent-pending Humidity Cassette is
ideal for live cell kinetic assays, delivering excellent
homogeneity for better reproducibility and more
reliable data. All without requiring special and costly
plates so you can continue to use your alreadyverified labware.
Get more information, quickly, with ultra-fast absorbance
Spark 10M outperforms other systems with a patent-pending High-Speed
Monochromator (HSM) that delivers spectra in just five seconds with a
wavelength range of 200-1,000 nm. Ultra fast measurements can now
be performed with wide-ranging and detailed spectra. The instrument
also provides unparalleled wavelength accuracy for DNA and protein
quantification while delivering a full spectrum scan to let you see the
big picture. Now you can experience the speed of a diode array with the
precision and flexibility of a monochromator.
Automated, integrated lid handling
With its patent-pending, automated lid handling capability,
Spark 10M allows you to perform applications with lidded microplates
and gives you the flexibility and efficiency of using an injector without
the need for manual intervention during an experiment. It also
optimizes gas exchange and evaporation protection, while enabling
walkaway operation during experiments such as long-term kinetics
and luminescence assays.
Designed for
Engineered for
Choose the capabilities you want and add
functionalities as your needs change, with
Spark’s fully modular design. A future-proof
platform with no fixed configurations, the
instrument is capable of evolving from a
single-mode reader to a full workstation.
Enjoy unparalleled sample insight with Fusion
Optics that offer independent, user-selectable
filters (for sensitivity) or monochromators (for
flexibility) working simultaneously on both the
excitation and emission side of your sample in
every measurement, both top and bottom.
Minimize evaporation and prevent
contamination for more reliable results
with Spark’s integrated, automated, patentpending lid handling capability. This also
enables walkaway operation for applications
such as luminescence measurements or
injections in microplates with a lid.
Broaden your format flexibility with a full
range of compatible accessories including
Tecan’s low-volume NanoQuant Plate™,
disposable Cell Chips™, and all standard
ANSI/SLAS microplate formats ranging
from 1 to 384 wells.
Mix reagents, biomolecules and cell
suspensions more efficiently with linear,
orbital and double-orbital shaking
Optimize conditions for each assay by
simultaneously controlling your CO2 and O2
levels with an integrated software-driven
Gas Control Module.
Maximize the consistency and
reproducibility of your results – well-towell and plate-to-plate – with optional
reagent dispensers that heat and stir
sample vessels.
Fluent™ Laboratory Automation Solution for cell-based assays
Tecan’s commitment to cell biology research goes beyond the detection capabilities
of Spark 10M and, including the revolutionary Fluent Laboratory Automation
Solution. Designed to optimize plate handling for cell-based assays, Fluent automates
everything from pipetting and reagent distribution to incubation and detection.
For more information, please visit
cell conditions
As cell-based assays continue to become an increasingly
attractive alternative to in vitro biochemical assays,
laboratories are constantly looking for ways to accelerate
their cell biology and culture workflows.
Spark 10M answers this need by enabling researchers to automate a variety
of day-to-day analyses, including:
•High precision visual, label-free cell counting, even at low concentrations.
•One-click live/dead cell analysis.
•Automated replicate processing for multiple samples in a disposable Cell Chip,
offering fast and simple mean value calculations, greater accuracy and more
precise data.
With a single click, SparkControl™ gives you fast, accurate
cell counts for live/dead analysis
•Accurate, reproducible cell counting with flexible area selection (1-, 4- or 8-well
segments) for greater sensitivity, even with low cell concentrations.
Engineered with cell-based assays in mind
At Tecan, we understand the demands of cell-based applications and the challenges
they pose every day. For optimum assay performance and reliable results, you need
a plate reader that offers a range of specialized features and capabilities that ensure
ideal cell conditions. And that’s exactly what you get with Spark 10M.
Minimize evaporation and prevent contamination with an automated
lid handling system that even works with injectors for added workflow automation.
Spark 10M lets you generate automatic mean value
calculations by performing replicate processing of samples
in a disposable Cell Chip
Maintain stable culture conditions and improve cell growth by simultaneously
controlling CO2 and O2 levels in the reader using the integrated Gas Control Module
powered by SparkControl software. This module also allows assays to be performed
under anaerobic or physiological conditions.
Ensure better cell viability and enhanced data quality – ideal for long-term kinetics
– with integrated evaporation protection provided by Tecan’s unique Humidity
Enhance productivity and application flexibility with the automated injectors
featuring reagent stirring and heating capabilities.
Spark 10M is compatible with Tecan’s innovative
disposable Cell Chips, which minimize sample preparation,
offer greater application flexibility and open up new cell
counting possibilities
Experience excellent sensitivity and greater measurement reliability with optimal,
automated z-focus in all read modes. Ideal for cell-based applications using
autofluorescent growth media, this tool delivers the best resolution possible,
automatically optimizing your signal-to-background ratio.
Optimize intra- and inter-well reproducibility in fluorescence bottom-reading
measurements with Tecan’s unique Optimal Read function that delivers very low
CVs by performing multiple measurements on spatially separated spots arrayed
across each well.
Software for
greater speed,
SparkControl also offers:
•Predefined reports, making it easy to keep your records complete and on track.
•Auto-adjusting z-focus for brilliant sensitivity and performance in plates of all volumes.
•Drag-and-drop functionality to streamline the creation of workflows – simply place the processing
steps in sequence according to your assay protocol.
•Easy adjustment of parameters during a measurement, including environmental conditions
such as CO2 and O2 levels.
•Conditional kinetic programming allows greater workflow automation,
e.g. inject reagent A when bacterial growth reaches OD 1.
Remote instrument control
Run your experiments from anywhere, anytime,
optimizing productivity with SparkControl’s remote
access capabilities. Simply use any network enabled
computer or tablet to:
•Start any measurement or one-click application.
•Control and monitor your measurement
in real time.
•Evaluate results instantly for greater efficiency
and productivity.
•Adjust instrument settings, such as temperature
and CO2/O2 levels.
Designed to simplify the daily work in your
laboratory, SparkControl software features
a unique touch-optimized interface with fast,
intuitive, one-click operation.
High definition well scans provide a
complete picture of the cell population
in each well for more accurate signals,
even with inhomogeneous cell layers. The
software generates an averaged result for
your entire selected area and even shows
a qualitative image of the cell distribution.
SparkControl makes it easy to adjust
parameters during a run, including
environmental conditions such as CO2
and O2 levels inside the reader.
Get instant access to applications and
enjoy easy operation with SparkControl’s
one-click, workflow-based interface. The
software makes it easy and intuitive to
translate your workflow into an protocol
that can be saved, run and edited at any
One-click applications streamline your
workflows, getting you from sample to
results faster than ever before.
3D scanning accelerates assay development
by providing simultaneous excitation and
emission scans. These capabilities help to
identify changes in the spectral properties
of fluorescent probes and characterize
unknown fluorescent samples.
Automated z-focus adjustment enhances
sensitivity in top-reading fluorescence
intensity and fluorescence polarization
modes, significantly improving the quality
of results. No matter what your plate
volume, sample volume or well shape, this
unique feature makes it easy to set up your
reader for optimum performance with
varying assay parameters.
Typical performance values *
Fluorescence intensity +
FP (Fluorescence polarization)
TRF (Time-resolved fluorescence)
Cell counting
Gas Control Module
Reagent injectors
Temperature control
Plate format
Fastest read time
Light source
Spectral Range
OD range
Scan Speed 200 – 1000 nm
Wavelength accuracy
Wavelength reproducibility
Wavelenght ratio accuracy 260/230
Wavelenght ratio accuracy 260/280
OD precision @ 260 nm
OD accuracy @ 260 nm
Limit of detection (DNA)
Spectral range
Wavelength accuracy
Wavelength reproducibility
Limit of detection F/F - top
Limit of detection M/F - top
Limit of detection F/M - top
Limit of detection M/M - top
Limit of detection F/F - bottom
Limit of detection M/F - bottom
Limit of detection F/M - bottom
Limit of detection M/M - bottom
Well scanning
Spectral range
Limit of detection F/F
Limit of detection F/M
Limit of detection M/F
Limit of detection M/M
Limit of detection F/F
Limit of detection F/M
Limit of detection M/F
Limit of detection M/M
Spectral range
Limit of detection (glow)
Limit of detection (flash)
Dynamic range
Multi-color luminescence
Size range
Counting accuracy
Counting reproducibility
Cell concentration
Imaging speed incl. data reduction
Number of samples / run
Adjustable concentration range CO 2
Adjustable concentration range O 2
Concentration accuracy CO 2
Concentration accuracy O 2
Syringe sizes
Pump speed
Injection volume
Dead volume
Injection accuracy and precision
Xenon flash lamp
200 – 1000 nm
0 – 4 OD
≤ 5 sec
≤ 0.8 nm
≤ 0.5 nm
< 0.08
< 0.07
≤ 0.2%
≤ 0.5%
< 1 ng/µl
Ex: 230 – 900 nm; Em: 280 – 900 nm
Ex: < 1 nm ; Em: < 2 nm
< 1 nm
≤ 0.25 pM (≤ 25 amol/well; 100 µl) 1)
≤ 0.35 pM (≤ 35 amol/well; 100 µl)
≤ 0.35 pM (≤ 35 amol/well; 100 µ)
≤ 0.5 pM (≤ 50 amol/well; 100 µl)
≤ 2.5 pM (≤ 0.5 fmol/well; 200 µl)
≤ 3.5 pM (≤ 0.7 fmol/well; 200 µl)
≤ 3.5 pM (≤ 0.7 fmol/well; 200 µl)
≤ 4 pM (≤ 0.8 fmol/well; 200 µl)
up to 100 x 100 data points
300 – 850 nm
≤ 1.5 mP 2)
≤ 2.5 mP
≤ 2.5 mP
≤ 3.0 mP
≤ 40 fM (≤ 4 amol/well; 100 µl) 3)
≤ 65 fM (≤ 6.5 amol/well; 100 µl)
≤ 65 fM (≤ 6.5 amol/well; 100 µl)
≤ 100 fM (≤ 10 amol/well; 100 µl)
300 – 700 nm
≤ 9 pM (≤ 225 amol/well; 25 µl) 4)
≤ 218 fM (≤ 12 amol/well; 55 µl) 5)
> 9 orders of magnitude
38 spectral filters; OD1, OD2, OD3 attenuation filters
4 – 90 µm
+/- 10% (10 – 30 µm)
< 10% (10 – 30 µm)
1x104 – 1x107 cells/ml
< 30 sec/sample
up to 8 samples
0.04 – 10% vol.
0.1 – 21% vol.
< 1%
< 0.5%
0.5 ml; 1 ml
100 – 300 µl/sec
5 – 1000 µl; stepsize 1 µl
≤ 100 µl
≤ 0.5% at 450 µl
ambient +4 °C up to 42 °C
< 0.5 °C
linear, orbital, double-orbital; variable amplitudes and frequencies
1 – 384 wells; NanoQuant plate; CellChip; cuvettes
96 well plate (FI)
≤ 13 sec
384 well plate (FI)
≤ 30 sec
Spark multimode reader is for Research Use Only. Not for clinical diagnostics.
* Specifications are subject to change. Performance values represent the average observed factory tested values.
Fluorescence Fusion Optics: F-Filter; M-Monochromator
Detection limit for Fluorescein 2) FP detection limit @ 1 nM Fluorescein 3) Detection limit for Europium
Detection limit for ATP (144-041 ATP detection kit SL (BioThema)) 5) Detection for ATP (ENLITE® Kit).
For product specifications refer to operators manual.
Tecan Group Ltd. makes every effort to include accurate and up-to-date information within this publication, however, it is possible that omissions or errors might
have occurred. Tecan Group Ltd. cannot, therefore, make any representations or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information
provided in this publication. Changes in this publication can be made at any time without notice. All mentioned trademarks are protected by law. In general, the
trademarks and designs referenced herein are trademarks, or registered trademarks, of Tecan Group Ltd., Männedorf, Switzerland. A complete list may be found at Product names and company names that are not contained in the list but are noted herein may be the trademarks of their
respective owners. For technical details and detailed procedures of the specifications provided in this document please contact your Tecan representative.
Tecan is in major countries a registered trademark of Tecan Group Ltd., Männedorf, Switzerland.
© 2015 Tecan Trading AG, Switzerland, all rights reserved.
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