View Brochure - Trackless Vehicles Ltd.

View Brochure - Trackless Vehicles Ltd.
Series MT6 – Municipal Tractor
Advanced design for maximum
productivity, safety and comfort
... from the leader in the municipal tractor field
Front View
Every Series MT6 tractor includes:
– Low volume hydraulic quick couplers
– High volume hydraulic quick couplers
– Optional high volume hydraulic quick couplers
– Water coupler for dust control spray systems
Visibility where it counts. A larger windshield
and larger side windows improve overall visibility.
The large front corner windows allow the operator
to keep a close eye on the ends of the snowplow,
mower wings, etc. when working up close to a wall,
tree, post, fire hydrant or other obstruction.
The Trackless joystick was carefully designed
to give the operator very smooth control over all
of the various Trackless attachments. A special
free-floating arm rest allows your arm to move
freely when operating the joystick.
Trackless Series MT6
A generation ahead of all others
best describes the Trackless Series
MT6 municipal tractor. State of the
art electronics, joystick control, the
most advanced drive system
available, and inclusion of every
possible design feature to satisfy
the operator all contribute to
achieving maximum productivity.
Powertrain Components
Beneath the skin, the MT6 is tough, powerful and
dependable. The main powertrain components
consist of a 115 HP Cummins diesel, Sauer
Danfoss hydrostatic system, Dana axles and Twin
Disc PTO clutch.
Fuel Efficiency
A simple flip of a switch drastically reduces fuel
consumption. While in travel mode, the operator
simply drives the tractor exactly like a car, pushing
on what appears to be the gas pedal. This controls
engine r.p.m., like it does in a car, but also strokes
the hydrostatic transmission making the vehicle
move. This avoids the age-old problem of
hydrostatic tractors having the engine screaming
at high r.p.m., wasting fuel. Driving the tractor,
plowing snow, etc. can all be accomplished while in
travel mode. The fuel savings alone will easily pay
for the price difference between the Trackless MT6
and a less expensive tractor with old technology.
Only if and when it is necessary to operate a PTO
driven attachment such as the snowblower does
the tractor need to operate at full r.p.m. Flip the
rocker switch to work mode and set your throttle to
the desired r.p.m. At this point the pedal will only
stroke the transmission to move the vehicle.
Cab and Chassis Structure
Municipal Tractor
The ROPS cab and front frame are one weldment
creating a stronger overall structure. The rear
chassis rails are 6 x 2 x 3/8" wall steel tubing.
Today, hundreds of municipalities
from small villages to large cities
utilize from 1 to 60 MTs. If after
reviewing the following pages you
would like to discuss or have
demonstrated any of the Trackless
product line, please contact us
directly by telephone, e-mail or
through our website at
Radiator Access
Not only does the rear grill screen out grass
clippings but it also hinges open to access
the radiator for periodic cleaning.
Engine Access
The MT6 engine compartment has
excellent access for daily checks by way
of four hinged side doors and a hinged
top hood.
All Steel Hoods
To withstand the elements and rough nature
of the work the MT6 is designed for, all
hoods, fenders and exterior panels are
heavy gauge steel.
Fuel Reservoir
The hydraulic oil and fuel reservoirs are
located above the frame rails, in the center
of the tractor for protection and safety
reasons. The 27 gallon (104 litre) fuel
capacity allows a full shift.
Operator Satisfaction
Customer input and suggestions helped
us develop what we consider the most
ergonomic and user-friendly MT we have
ever produced. However, don’t take our
word for it, climb into the seat and take the
MT6 for a spin. We think you will agree that
the MT6 is the most comfortable, well
equipped and smooth to operate tractor
in its class.
Rear PTO and Rear 3-Point Hitch
One of the more popular options available is the rear 540 r.p.m. PTO and rear 3-point hitch. Many customers
utilize rear 3-point hitch attachments that they already own, such as a rotovator, rotary cutter or flail mower as
shown above. Since the rear PTO is driven mechanically and not hydraulically, full PTO HP is available to the
implement without having to worry about overheating the hydraulic oil. As with the front PTO, the rear
disengages automatically if the operator leaves the seat.
Ultimate Traction
The front and rear axles have limited slip differentials which
provide excellent traction under normal circumstances. However,
if you desire the ultimate in traction, electric locking differentials
are available as an option. The front, rear or both can be engaged
for use in low gear. With this option, the axle still has the limited
slip feature when the electric lockers are disengaged. Having
both limited slip and electric lockers is the ultimate.
_______ 50" - 80" Snowblowers _______
The Trackless Snowblower is a highly efficient,
two stage, twin auger unit that has no equal in
removing snow from sidewalks.
It is available in four widths; 51 inch, 60 inch, 70
inch and 80 inch. All will accept either a sidewalk
chute or a quick change truck loading chute.
Many municipalities utilize both chutes with their
snowblower. After clearing their sidewalks, they
change to the truck loading chute to load
windrowed snow from the street or from cul de
sacs. In both cases, the manoeuvrability and
physical size of the MT and snowblower are less
apt to create traffic congestion than larger
snowblowers. An average loading time for the MT
and snowblower is seven yards per minute.
Overall heavy duty construction includes 3/8 inchthick side plates, double wall impeller housing and
a 15 inch diameter bearing assembly for smooth,
accurate chute rotation. High strength, low alloy
steel augers with ice picks and a heavy duty
balanced impeller, easily handle the toughest snow
The snowblower is manufactured by Trackless
Vehicles to ensure that the quality and service
parts availability is equal to that of the MT.
Positive and accurate steering of the snowblower
in confined areas and around obstructions is due
to the articulated steering of the MT. The ability to
move the snowblower sideways by simply turning
the steering wheel allows the operator to safely
approach any obstruction.
For further evaluation, a
demonstration may be arranged.
Housing: 51" wide x 38" high with 3/8" end plates.
Augers: 2 – 13" diameter spiral with ice picks.
Impeller: 6" x 24" – 4 blade.
Impeller housing liner: Two-piece (replaceable).
Turntable: Ball bearing.
Chute rotator: Hydraulic motor.
Chute deflector: Hydraulic cylinder controlled.
Cutting edge: 6" x 3/8" hardened (reversible).
Shear bolts: On auger drive and main PTO drive.
Adjustable cutting height: Using top link.
Quick change truck loading chute: 11' clearance.
Weight: 1,050 lbs.
HP rating: 125.
_______ 50" - 80" Snowblowers _______
The Snoquip XX high output snowblower, shown below, features a 28 inch ribbon type auger and 28 inch
diameter, 11 inch wide 5-blade impeller. This snowblower outperforms all others in heavy wet snow. It is also
extremely aggressive when cutting into frozen banks and casts further than other snowblowers in this size
range. It is available in 51 inch and 79 inch widths and is available through your authorized Trackless dealer.
_____ 5 Position Folding V Plow _____
Many municipalities have chosen the 5 Position
Folding V Plow for their sidewalk maintenance
program. As shown in the pictures below, the
operator can change from V to angle or scoop type
plowing as conditions or requirements change.
Overall length: 57".
Width in scoop position: 47".
Width in V position: 53".
Double acting hydraulic cylinders: 2.
Outside skid shoes: 2.
Center skid shoe: 1.
6" x 5/8" thick hardened steel cutting edges: 2.
Weight: 800 lbs.
____ Double Trip Sidewalk Plow ____
Overall length of plow: 60".
Overall height: 32".
Cutting edge: 1/2" x 6”.
Angling: 30° left or right.
Cylinders: 2 single acting.
Mouldboard trip springs: 4.
Cutting edge trip springs: 2.
Overall weight: 700 lbs.
The Double Trip Sidewalk Plow is designed for use
by municipalities that have a significant number of
toe trips resulting in constant plow tripping. The
double trip system trips the mouldboard 35
degrees and the cutting edge 40 degrees. With this
type of trip system, the operator does not need to
stop or slow down for the mouldboard and cutting
edge to return to position. The tripping of this plow
is also smoother than conventional mouldboard trip
or cutting edge trip plows.
__________ Angle Snowplows __________
The Trackless Angle Plow is available in four
widths using the same push frame. It is a full
trip-type plow where the blade tips forward
and rides up over the obstruction.
Blade length: 60", 72", 84", 96".
Blade height: 30".
Cutting edge: 1/2" x 6" hardened (replaceable).
Skid shoes: 2 adjustable.
Blade angling: 30° left or right by hydraulics.
Cylinders: 2 single acting with cushion valve.
Trip: Full blade trip, returns to upright position
when blade assembly raised.
________________ V Plow _______________
The Trackless V Plow is designed for higher
speed plowing. An ideal combination for many
municipalities is the V Plow and Rear Mounted
Spreader. Since the snow is split into two banks
with some fall-back on each side, the cleared width
is usually reduced from 49 inches to approximately
44 inches. The spreader then follows, laying down
a 41 inch wide path of material.
Width at bottom: 49", at wings 51".
Height at nose: 28", at wings 35".
Cutting edge: 1/2" x 6" hardened (replaceable).
Nose edge: 1/2" hardened plate (replaceable).
Down pressure may be used.
______ Rear Sidewalk Spreader ______
The Trackless Rear Mounted Spreader is used to
apply salt, sand or a mixture. It is hydraulically
driven and the amount of spread is controlled by
an adjustment lever. As illustrated, the Trackless
spreader conserves material by dispersing it evenly
in a diamond pattern rather than a solid layer. The
delivery roller maintains a 41 inch spread width.
This prevents material waste as well as turf
damage from salt, both of which can be a problem
with spinner spreaders. As a result, reduced labour
costs from fewer refills and lower material costs
minimizes the overall cost of operation.
Three screw-jack stands enable one person to
safely attach or remove the spreader without the
aid of a lifting device.
A lid keeps moisture out and prevents salt
and sand from being drawn into the engine
compartment. To stop bridging of the material in
the hopper, the sander now has three agitators
instead of only one.
Many customers also sand walkways as they
sweep the snow away. Since separate hydraulic
systems power both the sweeper and spreader,
they can be engaged or disengaged independently.
Total width: 45".
Spread width: 41".
Capacity: 1/2 cubic yard.
Drive: Hydraulic.
Screw jacks for removal: 3.
Agitators: 3.
Galvanized safety screen.
Zinc plated lift hooks: 2.
Spread distance: 3 to 8 miles.
______ Front Spreader and Plow ______
With the Trackless Front Sander/Plow, extra weight
transfer to the front axle and material spread in
front of the tractor for the tires to grip, increases
traction significantly.
The unique “front and rear” concept also allows
the tractor to carry two different materials, one up
front and the other on the rear. Salt can be applied
downtown where merchants do not want sand
tracking into their stores and sand can be applied
from the second spreader on the remaining
residential sidewalk.
Spread width: 41".
Capacity: 1/3 cubic yard.
Drive: Hydraulic, independent from rear spreader.
Plow width: 60”.
Blade angling: 30° left or right.
Cutting edge: 1/2" x 6".
Overall length: 47" cab frame to front of plow cutting edge
when plow straight ahead.
___ Dump Body and Rear Spreader ___
The Trackless Dump Body is an option for
municipalities that wish to double the spread
distance before having to refill. The operator
spreads material until the rear salt and sand
spreader is empty and then refills by hydraulically
raising the dump body. The tailgate opens
automatically and closes again once the dump
body is lowered. After the winter season is over
the dump body and its supporting frame can be
unbolted and stored until the following winter.
Dimensions: 67" long x 36" wide x 13" high.
Side panel construction: Corrugated profile for
additional strength.
Lift angle: 42°.
Hydraulic cylinders: 2 – 14" x 2".
Tailgate: Automatic open/close when body raised or lowered.
Off-season storage: Complete unit removable
(replacement hoods required).
________________ Infrared Asphalt Heater
Quick, Cost-effective, Per
The Trackless Electric Infrared Asphalt Heater
and Generator has been developed to replace
traditional propane asphalt heaters with a
completely different design concept. To replace
propane an 80 HP generator powers electric
Two Machines in One
When the asphalt heater is not in use it can be
separated from the generator frame in less than
five minutes by simply pulling four pins. The 80 HP
generator produces 45 KW and 175 amp. It has
both 110 V and 220 V receptacles. This will power
welders, pumping stations, municipal buildings,
emergency shelters, etc. The generator comes
equipped with safety lockouts and security fencing
for the tractor and generator.
No Open Flame
There is no open flame. Electric elements produce
an even and controlled heat which will not burn the
Controlled Cycle Times
Cycle times are controlled by a timer. Once you
have established the optimum cycle time for the
conditions you can use that as your baseline and
bump the timer control up or down in two-minute
Simplicity of Operation
Very little training is required due to the simplicity
of operation. The operator lowers the heater, sets
the cycle time and hits the cycle start button.
Simple, safe and no consumables to worry about.
and 45 KW Generator ________________
rmanent Asphalt Repair
Heating pan area: 4 ' long x 6' wide.
Heating elements: 11.
Deflector shields: 8 stainless steel.
Insulation: 5" thick ceramic.
Control panel: LED screen for cycle time, cycle start button,
timer jog, e-stop.
Generator output: 45 KW, 175 amp.
Receptacles: 110 V and 220 V.
LED screen: Cycles, hertz.
Fence: Four feet high to completely surround tractor and generator,
includes gate.
propane tank storage regulations
training/license for changing propane tanks
running short of tanks
possibility of leaking valves or tank ruptures
open flame in close proximity to propane tanks
open flame over or near catch basins or man
holes where methane gas or other flammable
liquids or gases could be present.
Since the heater is mounted in front of the tractor it
is easier to manoeuvre than trailer units. With the
precise control of the tractor’s articulated steering,
the operator can accurately position the infrared
heater in areas where it would be too awkward to
do so with a trailer unit.
Generator may be purchased
__________ Cold Planers __________
The Asphalt Cold Planer is ideal for repairs to
asphalt abutting manhole covers, curbsides, gutters
and driveways. It is also used for pothole repair
and utility cuts. The Trackless Series MT6 is
available with a 10:1 planetary deep reduction
transfer case which when shifted into deep low,
gives the operator a speed range of 0 – 10
feet/minute. Achieving creeper gear speeds any
other way may be less expensive but with Trackless
deep reduction, the wheel torque is 10 times what
it normally would be in low range. This provides
smoother, surge-free asphalt or concrete milling
with very precise control. Compare against all
others to see the difference for yourself.
Asphalt Drum
Concrete Drum
Toe Trip Milling vs. Costly Alternative
The Concrete Cold Planer has approximately three
times as many picks and operates at a higher
speed. The primary function of the concrete planer
is to mill down sidewalk toe trips caused by frost
heave and to mill wheelchair access ramps.
Cutting width: 16".
Cutting depth: 0 to 6".
Number of picks: 50 for asphalt, 160 on concrete drum.
Hydraulic tilt, depth, side shift.
Drive: Double reduction planetary.
Weight: 1,750 lbs.
_____________ Loader _____________
The Trackless Front End Loader Attachment is
ideal for the lighter work required by Grounds
Maintenance Departments. Before purchasing a
skid steer loader or a small tractor/loader, consider
the benefits and cost-savings of being able to
mount our loader in approximately five minutes and
when the work is completed, switch back to one of
the Trackless mowers or other attachments.
Lifting capacity: 1,200 lbs.
Bucket size: 1/3 cubic yard, 77" wide, optional 49".
Lifting height: 72".
Weight: 860 lbs.
______ Line and Stencil Painting ______
The Trackless Paint Attachment is used for both
straight line painting and stencil painting. For
straight line, simply remove the cart, set up the
spray gun and proceed. For stencil painting,
retrieve one of your stencils from the two stencil
drawers, pull out the hand wand sprayer and hose
reel and paint the arrow, handicap symbol, or what
ever other symbol is required. Detailed
specifications are available.
_______ Power Angle Sweepers _______
The Trackless Power Angling Sweeper may be
utilized to perform a wide variety of tasks every
month of the year. In addition to snow removal,
sand, gravel or debris can be swept from sidewalks,
parking lots, cul de sacs, intersections and other
confined areas. Dethatching large lawns and playing
fields is another ideal application for the angle
sweeper. Many parks have a problem with goose
droppings. Both the walkways and the lawn can be
swept clean to the satisfaction of those who wish to
enjoy nature, less just one element.
The high output hydraulic system of the MT6
powers the broom and a scissor frame automatically
centers the sweeping pattern in front of the MT as it
is angled.
The 60 inch angle sweeper is ideal for sidewalks as
the sweeping pattern is 48 inch to 50 inch when
angled. There are also 72 inch, 84 inch and 96 inch
models available for parking lots, etc. For customers
who require a very narrow sweeper due to a narrow
bridge etc., 36 inch or 48 inch sweepers can be
made to order.
Scissor Frame
Centers Brush Head
__________ Pickup Sweeper __________
The Trackless Pickup Sweeper is ideal for sidewalk
cleaning in the spring to remove the sand
accumulation from winter. It is driven for one or
more blocks and hydraulically dumped by a bottom
gate. Best results are obtained by using the spray
bar and rear-mount water tank.
Sweeping width: 48".
Main body dimensions: 53" wide x 40" high x 50" long.
Broom diameter: 32".
Casters: 3 swivel casters, hard urethane tires.
Dump: Bottom gate, hydraulic controlled.
Drive: PTO to gearbox, shaft to right side, 60 chain to broom sprocket.
Capacity: Approximately 6 cubic feet.
_________ Spraying Systems _________
A dust control Spraying System is recommended
for use with sweepers. It consists of a rearmounted 80 U.S. gallon tank with 12 V pump, relief
valve and hoses. All MTs have electric wiring, hose
and switch installed, ready for this system. A front
spray bar kit must be ordered separately for each
type of sweeper. A variety of different spray bars
are also available for spraying salt brine,
magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, etc.
A 14 foot wide boom is available which mounts on
the rear of the water tank frame. When spraying a
lawn, marking your way is easily achieved by
simply cutting the grass at the same time. As you
cut the 14 foot wide swath, you spray the same 14
feet. When finished, the boom folds inward. The
boom has a break away system for forward and
reverse. The system includes an adjustable relief
valve and gauge for adjusting spray pressure, a
pressure filter and plastic no-drip nozzles with
internal poppet valves.
_________ 74" Flail Mower _________
The Trackless All Purpose Heavy Duty Flail was
designed to cut grass, weeds and light brush whether
on smooth lawn or rough terrain. The weight and shape
of the blades allow the mower to cut and mulch light
brush, shrubs and weeds. A unique feature of the
Trackless flail mower is its flexibility, front to rear. This
ensures an even cut and no turf damage when cutting
up and over knolls. It also prevents the need to raise
the mower when approaching a hill.
Cutting width: 74".
Cutting height: 1" to 4".
Gauge wheels: 2 – 16" x 4" semi-pneumatic.
Gauge roller: 6" diameter steel, full width.
Rotor tube: 4" diameter with 1-7/16" shaft.
Blades: 33 – 2-3/4" wide (can be resharpened).
Blade and rotor cutting diameter: 18".
Drive: PTO, gear box, cross shaft, 2 V-belts with spring-loaded idler pulley.
Rear deflector: Reinforced rubber.
Linkage: Flexible for uneven ground.
Rotor speed @ 540 PTO: 1,780 r.p.m.
Blade tip speed @ 540 PTO: 8,380 ft./min.
_____________ Aerator _____________
The Trackless Front Mounted Aerator is far easier
and safer to operate than a tow behind aerator.
Simply steer the tractor and the pivoting tine wheels
turn with the tractor. Raise the aerator, shift the MT
into high range and travel to the next work site,
eliminating the inconvenience and expense of
having to trailer the equipment.
Aerating width: 72".
Pivoting tine wheels: 12.
Tines: 120 – 3/4" closed type.
Aeration pattern: 5.5" x 6.5".
Total weight: 1,050 lbs.
________ Boom Flail Mower ________
Almost every municipality has several areas which
are difficult, unsafe or impossible to mow. Ditch,
steep incline, over guard rail and waters-edge
cutting become problems of the past once the
Trackless Boom Flail enters the scene.
Trackless Boom Flail advantages include:
1) Better visibility than side or rear mount boom
flails resulting in less operator fatigue and safer
Width of cut: 51"; overall width of head 64-1/2".
Horizontal reach: Center of MT6 to outside cut 13-1/2'.
Below grade cut: 53".
Vertical reach: 13-1/2'.
Overall level ground cutting coverage: 11', starting 5" inside outer tire.
Number of cutting blades: 36.
Weight: wet and with counterweights – 1,960 lbs.
2) Can be removed from the Trackless MT6 in
approximately 10 minutes. Within minutes
another attachment can be installed and the
operator can be on the way to another job site.
3) Hydrostatic control of the ground speed allows
the operator to react more quickly when
approaching an obstruction. It also allows the
operator the ability to constantly vary the ground
speed, as necessary, without shifting gears,
which results in higher productivity.
4) Compact size of the Trackless MT6 and boom
flail interferes with passing traffic less than
larger agricultural-type tractor/mower
combinations. The compact size is also
beneficial when transporting to and from
the job site.
______ Rotary Finishing Mowers ______
Trackless 72" Rotary
The Trackless front mounted 72 inch rotary mower is
designed for close trimming on both sides with a full
width rear discharge. Four large gauge wheels and
flexible attaching frame allow accurate cutting on rolling
ground. Due to the MT6’s hydrostatic transmission,
maximum speed of cutting can be maintained in various
cutting conditions by simply easing up on the foot pedal
in heavier grass or depressing the pedal further for a
faster ground speed where grass is shorter. Articulated
steering gives the operator precise control for trimming.
Trackless 120" and 168" Rotary
The Trackless wing type mower was designed to
drastically cut mowing time on large areas such as
campuses and parks. Normal undulating ground
requires flexibility in mowers to avoid scalping. Trackless
solved this problem with a three-section, front mounted
mower comprised of a 72 inch three-spindle, PTO driven
center section with a hinged hydraulic driven wing on
each side. Separate valves control each hydraulic motor
and lift cylinder. The MT6 has a built-in hydraulic system
to power the right wing and an optional pump and valve
to power the left wing. Safety switches shut off the wings
automatically when raised. For side slope cutting, axle
extensions and terra grip turf tires are available.
Deck: 72" – 3/16" plate, rear discharge.
Spindles: 3 – Timken bearings, greaseable.
Blades: 3 – 25" x 2-1/2" x 1/4" high lift.
Casters: 4 swivel with 4" x 10" pneumatic tires.
Drive: PTO to right angle gear box, 2 V-belts.
Cutting heights: 1-1/2" to 4" in 1/2" increments.
Cutting tip speed: 18,500 f.p.m. @ 2,200 engine r.p.m.
Wings: 24" or 48".
Caster: 1 – 4" x 10" pneumatic on 24" wing; 3 on 48" wing.
Roller: 1 gauge on 24" wing only.
Hydraulic motor drives spindle by V-belt.
Lift cylinder: Hydraulic – 2" x 8".
Hinge: Compound – 110° ARC..
_ Sickle Bar and Under Guard Rail Mowers _
The Sickle Bar Mower and
Under Guard Rail Mower are
two alternate methods for
roadside cutting.
Specifications available upon
___________ Leaf Loader ___________
The Trackless Leaf Loader is the most advanced
and efficient leaf loading machine on the market
today. Leaves are picked up at curbside, mulched
and blown into a truck. Advantages include:
Faster Pick Up, Less Personnel
Most customers, at the end of their leaf pickup,
claim to be three to four weeks ahead of schedule,
due to the ability of the Trackless Leaf Loader to
load up to four trucks per hour and 100,000
pounds per day.
Even though leaves represent up to 20% of
municipal solid wastes, states such as New Jersey
and many communities have banned leaf disposal
by land filling or incineration. As others follow,
mulching/composting will soon become mandatory
as the first step in leaf disposal or recycling.
Heavier Loads and Fewer Trips
Each loaded truck contains far more material,
due to the leaves being mulched. Customers
have reported loading 100,000 pounds per day.
Mulch can be sold or offered free of charge to
landscapers and the general public for their
gardens, flower beds, etc. Although the demand
may not be large enough to recycle 100% of the
mulch generated, the demand will increase every
year, once a program is implemented.
No Bad Weather Days
Due to the heated cab, rain, snow or cold weather
does not effect the operator’s willingness to work.
Furthermore, none of these conditions effect the
Leaf Loader’s ability to pick up the leaves even if
they are stuck or frozen to the asphalt.
No Physical Labour
The operator simply stays in the cab and lets the
Leaf Loader do the work. As with any job where
physical demands are high, total mechanization
can easily double, if not quadruple, productivity.
Throat opening: 72" x 35" high.
Mulching rotor: Full width with 144 knives.
Beater bar feed roller: 18 pairs of spring base type tines.
Intermediate feed roller: 32 tines, eccentric rotation.
Cross auger: 14 inch diameter.
Blower fan: 32" x 7" with three replaceable paddles and knives.
Drive protection: Torque limiting clutch on PTO shaft, over running
clutch in gearbox.
Drive: PTO driven rotor and blower fan, hydraulic driven beater bar
feed roller, intermediate feed roller, and cross auger.
Less Traffic Congestion
The Trackless Leaf Loader and truck operate close
to the curb, minimizing disturbance to traffic flow.
______ Specifications ______
Cummins Model
Tier 3 electronic
274. 5 cubic inch, 4.5 litre
115 BHP @ 2,500 r.p.m.
360 lb-ft @ 1,500 r.p.m.
with charge air cooling
Equipped with cold start aid, block heater
Air breather warning lamp
31 x 10.00 x 16.5 8 ply loader lug tires
Engine oil pan heater
opt 42
on HD 16.5" 8-bolt rims
LT 245/75R x 16
10 ply radial winter tire on HD 16" 8-bolt rims
opt 1
32 x 13.50 x 15
4 ply turf tires
opt 2
on HD 15" 8-bolt rims
Dual loader lug tires (8) mounted on 8 rims
opt 3
Calcium fill
opt 4
Calcium fill in tubes
opt 5
Front PTO
1-3/8" 6 spline, 540 r.p.m.
Rear PTO
1-3/8" 6 spline, 540 r.p.m.
Twin Disc over center clutch with electric over hydraulic actuation
Reduction box 4:1
opt 6
Hydrostatic dynamic braking programmed for smooth deceleration
Hydraulic service brakes on all 4 wheels
Service brake application also activates more aggressive
hydrostatic braking
Mechanical parking brake with warning buzzer
Trackless quick hitch with dual lift cylinders
Category 1, 3-point hitch with anti sway bar
104 litres, 27 U.S. gallons
opt 7
Sauer Danfoss hydrostatic / electronic transmission and motor
Control by electronic foot pedal programmed to control hydrostatic
independently or both engine r.p.m. and hydrostatic simultaneously
Trackless mechanical transmission with high / low range and neutral
opt 8
10:1 deep reduction planetary transmission. When coupled to
mechanical transmission, 4 speed ranges instead of 2.
Deep low is 0 - 10 feet / minute
opt 9
Electric locking differentials front and rear with independent switches
When not engaged, differentials revert back to limited slip.
Lockers will not engage when in high range.
opt 10
Axle extensions for side slope mowing
opt 11
20 gpm hydraulic gear pump driven by timing gears of engine
14 gpm hydraulic gear pump, only driven when PTO clutch engaged
Low range
High range
0 to 8 mph
0 to 19 mph
Deep low range
0 to 10 feet / minute
opt 9
High range lockout to prevent operation of attachments in high range
Dana Model 60 full float axles with new heavy duty alloy spindles
Limited slip differentials 7,000 lb capacity.
opt 12
4 - Halogen headlights
1 - Halogen backup light
2 - Rubber mounted shockproof tail lights
1 - Interior dome light
Front and rear signal lights and 4 way flashers
1 - Blue or amber strobe mounted on adjustable pedestal
with quick disconnect twist lock wiring plug
Second strobe light
Strobe per customer specification
opt 13
opt 14
Second rear backup light
opt 15
Additional high mount rear tail lights
opt 16
LED tail lights and signal lights
opt 17
Headlight, signal / marker light guards
opt 18
Articulated steering 35 degrees each way
Joystick control with 8 backlit membrane switches. 3 float position
switches also have additional LED indicator lights.
Switches colour coded to circuits.
Hydraulic orbitrol motor, hydraulic steering cylinder,
tilt steering column
6 (3 pair) low volume front hydraulic couplers for attachment control
Inside turning radius approximately 8 feet
2 (1 pair) high volume hydraulic couplers to power attachments
requiring approximately 16 gpm
Steering column includes hazard button, signal lever,
center mounted horn
2 (1 pair) additional ports in front of cab for addition of optional
second high flow circuit
High strength spherical bearings for pivot pins and steering pins
2 (1 pair) high volume hydraulic couplers at rear of tractor
Bearings and pins greasable
2 (1 pair) high volume hydraulic couplers in front of cab
Supplied if option 12 (optional pump and valve) purchased
opt 12
Cartridge type hydraulic filter mounted at highest point in
system to allow dry changes
Thermostatically controlled bypass from oil cooler for winter start up
Steel hydrostatic lines
All steel components including cab prepped in 5 stage
phosphate wash. 2 part epoxy primer with rust inhibitor,
2 part poly urethane automotive top coat oven baked.
Latches, linkages, levers, battery hold down straps & bolts,
support rods, striker plate, shifter gate and various
small brackets zinc plated
Low hydraulic oil warning
opt 20
Colour highway yellow with black trim, grey / black interior
Hydraulic oil tank heater
opt 21
Custom colours to customer specification
opt 19
______ Specifications ______
Certified R.O.P.S. cab structure
Steel roof with rain gutters
Neutral safety start switch
Automatic hydraulic power shut offs if rotary mower wings raised
Full gauges: tachometer, speedometer, fuel level, engine coolant
temp., hydraulic oil temp., engine oil pressure, voltmeter, hour meter
Automatic PTO shut down if operator leaves seat
3-speed heater defroster
Automatic engine shut down if operator leaves seat with shifter
not in neutral position
Recognition of generator / infrared automatically triggers additional
safety interlock system to allow unmanned operation
Application of service brake foot pedal activates more aggressive
hydrostatic braking in conjunction with the 4 wheel service brakes
Wire finger guard protection from engine fan blades
Reflective striping on both sides and rear of tractor
Pinch point, danger, caution decals
Backup alarm
Air conditioning with auxiliary heat and pressurization
opt 22
2 outside and 1 inside rear view mirror
3-point retractable seat belt
AM / FM / CD stereo, dual speakers, internal aerial with amplifier
Ash tray, cup holder, cell phone holder, door pocket, storage tray
12 volt power point auxiliary outlet for cell phone
12 volt 2-way radio jacks
Fire extinguisher
Log book case
opt 23
opt 24
Gas strut door cylinder and safety strap
Tilt steering column with horn, signal lever, hazard button
DOT approved tinted tempered safety glass
Left and right side slider windows
Rear slider window
3-speed pantograph wiper and windshield washer
opt 25
Intermittent front wiper
opt 26
Rear wiper and washer
opt 27
Overall length including rear bumper
146.5 inches
Height to top of cab
(add 8-3/4" for air conditioning)
80.0 inches
Track width with standard loader lug tires
49.5 inches
Overall width including fenders
50.5 inches
Weight with oils, coolant and full tank of fuel
2,830 kg 6,240 lb
Conaflex sound deadening, sound barrier floor matting
14 foot rotary mower
12, 2
Operator’s manual
High back, fabric covered air ride seat with lumbar support
10 foot rotary mower
12, 2
6 foot rotary mower
Sickle bar mower
2 or 3
Under guard rail mower
2 or 3
Asphalt cold planer
12, 9
12, 9
Adjustable left arm rest, right adjustable free swing joystick arm rest
Cigarette lighter
opt 28
2-way radio to customer specified frequency
Backup camera
opt 29
opt 30
Atrol 2 tachograph
opt 31
opt 32
opt 33
Locking hoods
Locking fuel cap
Heavy duty 10 gauge steel fenders
4 heavy duty tie down D rings
Leaf shredder / loader
12, 9, 3
45 KW generator and security fencing
Dump body with hydraulic lift and automatic tailgate
All steel hoods, four hinged access doors, hinged rear grill
Concrete cold planer with Ranjo drum
Electric infrared asphalt heater
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 foot wide hydraulic driven angle sweeper
opt 34
opt 35
50, 60, or 72 inch V plow
5, 6 ,7, or 8 foot wide angle snow plow
5 foot wide double trip snow plow
SMV - slow moving vehicle sign
opt 36
5 position folding V plow
Pintle hitch
2-5/16 inch ball hitch
opt 37
opt 38
51, 60, 70 or 80 inch snowblower
Rear license plate bracket and light
Grease / lubrication chart decal under hood
opt 39
Rear salt and sand spreader
Front sander and plow combination
950 CCA group 31 battery, 95 amp alternator
51 inch heavy duty boom flail
Hinged overhead switch panel
48 inch pickup sweeper
Main circuit breaker protection
Water tank and pump system
Mini blade fuses mounted in IP76 watertight enclosure
74 inch front mounted flail mower
Switch, wiring and plumbing for spray systems
Front mounted aerator
CAN wire to front plug to control engine r.p.m.
from external source such as generator / infrared
Front mounted loader 49 inch bucket
Electric brake control
7 prong trailer plug
80 gallon 300 litre brine spray system
opt 40
opt 41
Front mounted loader 72 inch bucket
Paint marking / striping attachment
2 or 3
2 or 3
Wheel and Tire Selection
32 X 13.50 X 15
Summer Turf
Option 2
31 X 10.00 X 16.5
Loader Lug
Standard Equipment
31 X 10.00 X 16.5
Dual Loader Lug
Option 3
LT 245 / 75R X 16
Winter Radial
Option 1
32 X 15.5 X 15
Tera Grip Turf
Option 2-1
(with axle extensions)
(Option 11)
PHONE (519) 688-0370
FAX (519) 688-3644
Due to our policy of continuous product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.
Printed in Canada 25M 06/08
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