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32 February 2011
The Farmer-Stockman
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Zip it up!
New TopSpin pre-cleaners
CHAFFERT Manufacturing and Sales,
of Indianola, Neb., has launched its new
Zipper closer wheel for 2011 planting chores.
The Zipper’s design helps close seed furrows gently with very little compaction, and
provides a very long life from its heavy-duty
cast material and an angled mounting, which
prevents plugging.
The Zipper closer wheel can replace a
rubber closer wheel, or Schaffert offers the
Zipper ring only to mount on existing closers.
For more information, visit www.schaffert.
ONALDSON Co. has redesigned its popular TopSpin
pre-cleaner for a range of agricultural, construction, utility and
mining equipment.
The redesigned filter includes
a stronger polypropylene material to withstand greater vibration,
and the internal blade mechanism rides on bearings better protected than in previous models.
The TopSpin pre-cleaner is designed to extend the life of air
filters by separating 85% of all incoming contaminants, and more
than 99% of particulates 20 microns or larger.
Cast a new light on things
HE 5.11 Tactical UC3.400 LED flashlight is designed for the law
enforcement field, but it’s showing promise for other industries
needing a dependable light source and long life. The light uses ultracapacitors instead of batteries, and advanced circuitry for quick
recharges and controlled-current drawdown during operation.
Its fully sealed, water-resistant construction has been tested
from minus 40 to 149
degrees F, and 5.11
Tactical says it will operate up to 10 years with
no additional purchases.
The LEDs in the UC3.400
provide 270 lumens in bright mode
and 90 lumens in the standard mode. Also,
a third mode provides a 170-lumen strobe flash.
The light carries a suggested retail of $169.
For more information, visit
Storage bins small but tough
MERICAN Craftsmen
Inc. has introduced a
storage bin in quarter-ton
and half-ton capacity sizes
for small dry-bulk materials, such as wood pellets
and livestock feeds. The
bins are ideal for rural operations that need to store
feed for 10 head or less of
livestock, or for other animals. The moisture-proof,
rodent-proof bin stores and
dispenses materials easily,
with the hopper opening set
high enough to empty into a
3-gallon bucket.
All of the storage bin’s parts are made in the United States. The
hopper and lid are constructed of ³⁄₁₆-inch polyethylene plastic that
will not crack in extreme winter temperatures. The hopper is semitransparent, so the product level can be seen. The 0.105-inch-thick
steel frame is a 1.5-by-0.12-inch wall-square tube that is rust-resistant and powder-coated. Both the 500- and 1,000-pound versions
are available with optional axle-tongue kit mounting for highway
transport, or with caster-wheel kit bolts for portable mounting.
For more information, write to American Craftsmen, P.O. Box
484, Coffeyville, KS 67337, or call 800-835-0687.
New flotation radial offered
LLIANCE Tire Group is introducing the Series 388 for spreaders, tankers and other heavy agricultural trailers
that spend their time in the field and on the
The new Flotation Series 388 features
a self-cleaning curved tread pattern that
also provides a large soil footprint.
Available in the 600/50-22.5 size,
the 388 159D radial tire on drive
positions offers a 13% boost in load
capacity at 30 mph, compared to a
bias-ply tire option.
The new series comes in seven
sizes from 500/60R22.5 to 650/60R34.
For more information, visit www.
Integra seed
G Leader says it will
be offering Advanced
Seed Monitoring through the
SeedCommand system and
notes the popular Integra display will be equipped to handle
in-cab monitoring of planters.
The display features a fullscreen planter performance
view, including display items
and bar graphs for population,
singulation, skips/doubles and
spacing quality.
All of these features are
available while the display is
performing guidance, mapping
and autosteer functions.
For more information on the
SeedCommand system and
the new display features, go to
NEW FORKS: These compact pallet forks are rated at 2,000
pounds and feature many of the durability features of larger
Worksaver units.
3 new compact pallet forks
are rated at 2,000 pounds
ORKSAVER Inc. is selling a compact pallet fork for 40-hpand-under tractors using Class I forks rated at 2,000
Three models are available, including the SSPF-242 compatible with the “universal” skid-steer attaching system; the
JDPF-2000, for John Deere 200/300 Series loaders; and the
FLPF-2000, which accepts Worksaver interfacing brackets to fit
most of today’s compact loaders.
Spring-loaded latches allow the operator to move the forks
along the notched rails for easy spacing adjustment.
For more information, call Worksaver at 217-324-5973, or visit
Kubota L-Series packs in more muscle power
ELUXE features and a healthy
boost in power mark Kubota
Tractor Corp.’s newest entries into
its L-Series compact tractor line.
The new L3200 and L3800 develop 31.9 and 37.4 horsepower,
respectively, and feature new
styling cues, operator controls and
performance-matched backhoes
and loaders. The models come in
two-wheel and four-wheel drive, and
can be equipped with a gear-drive
or three-range hydrostatic transmission. All come with a 10-gallon fuel
The LA524 front loader and
BH77 backhoe that match the tractors operate with a large-capacity
hydraulic pump. The loader features a curved-boom design and is rated at 1,490 pounds. The backhoe
also shares curved-boom designing, and is capable of digging 92.5 inches. Tillers and snowblowers
are also available for the new L-Series tractors.
Styling on the L3200 and L3800 provides a sloped metal hood and fenders for improved operator visibility, and a contoured suspension seat is designed to improve operator comfort. A foldable
Rollover Protective Structure is standard, as is a newly designed instrument cluster with large gauges.
For more information on the new entries to the L-Series, visit
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