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Chesapeake Chatter
Division 23 5SR
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Volume 7 Issue 1
Spring 2015
Chesapeake Chatter
Division 23
Volume 7
Issue 1
Spring 2015
Judged 5SR Runner-Up Division Publication for 2011
The Division continues to look forward to
many events in May. May starts the
summer boating season, the regattas,
the classes, the VSCs, the Public affairs
events, and many, many other activities.
During these and all the other activities,
we must remember to keep safety in the
forefront. Safety not only is crucial in keeping all
of the Auxiliary members free from injury,
mistakes, or mishaps, but keeps our minds and
actions focused on the mission.
It also puts our very best foot forward to the
boating public. The public sees our efforts and
professionalism, from wearing the PFD to dressing
as a professional, as the pinnacle of the safety
We represent the Coast Guard in many aspects,
but the safety area is the most observable. So
please, take a moment to adhere to all of the
tenants of a true safety professional, and
represent the Coast Guard proudly and
Ron Price
Division Commander
As much as last year was a year of
meaningful “firsts” for me in my short
Auxiliary career, this year already
promises to be an even better year of
“firsts.” In January I got to swear in
Edith Brown and Steve Gershman as the
new elected-leaders of Flotilla 23-07,
and I had the very great honor of swearing in Phil
Wentz as the FSO-OP. For those of you who don’t
know, Phil will be completing his 41st year as a
member of the Auxiliary in April of this year – so
he was taking the FSO oath of office for around his
40th time, and I got to be the one to administer it
to him. I am grateful both to Phil for his many
years of outstanding service, and to Chris Jensen
and Edith Brown for having me at their Change of
In addition to the above, in January I was
appointed to the position of ADSO-PA for Sector
Baltimore. I see this as a natural progression in
developing my administrative abilities within the
Auxiliary, and I am very grateful to those in the
“public affairs chain of leadership” who have
guided me and prepared me for this challenge.
However, I only accepted the position with the
understanding that discharging the responsibility
of the office not interfere with my jobs as VCDR
and SO-PA for Division 23.
Lastly, with respect to how I plan to carry out my
duties as VCDR – the job really comes down to two
things: to serve Ron to the best of my ability as his
“chief of staff”; and helping all of you to do your
jobs to the best of your abilities. Each and every
position is important and contributes to the
success of our Flotillas, our Division, and the
Auxiliary. And crucial to successfully performing
our respective duties is the flow of information
both up and down the leadership chain. Elected
and appointed officers must share information
with one another and with the broader
membership, so please reach out to your
counterparts every month so that we can all
benefit from a good understanding of what is
going on. And, as always, if there is anything you
need from me that will assist you to successfully
perform your job, all you need to do is let me
know and I will do my best to help.
In closing, I would like to remind all members that
you should be submitting articles and photos to SO
-PB Connie Cosgrove.
We have a very
active Division, but if nothing is shared - nothing is
known. Also, you don’t have to be a public affairs
officer or a publications officer to share
noteworthy happenings with your fellow members
- you just need to sit down and make the time to
put words to paper (or bang it out on your
computer and email it to Connie).”
John Leben
Chesapeake Chatter
Division 23
Volume 7
Issue 1
Spring 2015
Judged 5SR Runner-Up Division Publication for 2011
2015 Board & Staff
IPDCDR: Dan McConnell
DCDR: Ron Price
VCDR: John Leben
23-1 - Annapolis
Wendy Norwitz, Flotilla Commander
Christian Converse, Vice Flotilla Commander
23-2 - Solomons
Gary Smith, Flotilla Commander
Lawrence Butt, Vice Flotilla Commander
23-3 – West Annapolis
Dale Helms, Flotilla Commander
Brian Teague, Vice Flotilla Commander
23-4 – South River
Lauri Lingqvist, Flotilla Commander
Michael Whitman, Vice Flotilla Commander
23-6 – Drum Point
Mark Campbell, Flotilla Commander
Pete Schaecher, Vice Flotilla Commander
23-7 – Herring Bay
Edith Brown, Flotilla Commander
Steven Gershman, Vice Flotilla Commander
Division Staff
SO-CM John Cosgrove
SO-CS Wendy Norwitz
SO-DV (Diversity) - Margaret Butler
SO-FN Robin Ouellette
SO-HR Dave Keyser
SO-IS Ronald Hillard & Wendy Nowitz
SO-MA Theresa Gray
SO-MS Ronald Price
SO-MT Ray Feller
SO-NS Robert Glenn Wright
SO-OP Phil Wentz
SO-PA John Leben
SO-PB Connie Cosgrove
SO-PE Kevin Davis
SO-PV Christopher Jensen
SO-SR Debbie Cranford
SO-VE Dale Cranford
Telephone numbers and addresses of members are
protected by the Privacy Act of 1974. As a matter of policy,
rosters of names, addresses and telephone numbers shall
not be made available to the general public or any outside
organization. Privacy of all rosters shall be safeguarded and
the page clearly labeled. The publication of these rosters,
addresses and telephone numbers on any computer on-line
service including the Internet is prohibited by the Privacy Act
of 1974.
Table of Contents
Division Commander Article……………………………….2
Division Vice Commander article………………………..2
Three Important Numbers………………………………….4
New Members…………………………………………………….
Flotilla 23-6 names Auxiliarist of the Year…………..5
James McGrath named Auxiliarist of the Year…….5
Flotilla 23-04 Holds Change of Watch……………...…6
Cover Photos………………………………………………………6
Vehicle Decal Program Termination -006/15……..7
Operational Facility Inspection Processing
and Status Reporting………………………………………….7
County Commissioners proclaim NSBW…………….8
OPFAC awards for 2014……………………………………..8
Chief Director Final Action on National
Board Recommendations ………………………………….9
VSC Weekend at Herrington Harbor…………………10
23-6 holds safety booths………………………………….10
Thoughts & Tips on Completing AOM Properly..11
What’s changed in AOM?....................................12
Results of Coast Guard Uniform Board #46 Impact on Auxiliary Uniform Policies
31 May 2015
Articles and pictures are encouraged and
appreciated. Please email to:
Ron Price and Wendy Norwitz staff a booth for NOAA in
Ocean City
Chesapeake Chatter
Division 23
Volume 7
Issue 1
Spring 2015
Judged 5SR Runner-Up Division Publication for 2011
3 VERY Important numbers
The following awards have been earned since the
last edition of the Chatter
The Chief Director of the Auxiliary requests that
we all enter these 3 very important phone
numbers into our cell phones. If you see
something, say something!
Boat Crew
Anthony Wisniewski, 23-1
Certificate of Merit
Charlie Eames, 23-1
George Fox Award (special award given by 23-1 at
their Change of Watch) - Jim Welday
Carl Tross Award (special award given by 23-1 at
their Change of Watch) - Debbie Cranford
Capstan Award (special award given by 23-1 at
their Change of Watch - Christian Converse, Ed
Martin, Walt Discenza, Len Klaver, RJ Welday,
Adam Yearwood, Jim Farrell and Muriel Garman
Let’s get these contact numbers in our phone and
be ready to report…
America’s Waterway Watch:
To report
suspicious activity, call 877-24WATCH http://
The National Response Center Hotline: To report
an oil spill, chemical release, or maritime security
incident, call 800-424-8802
The Coast Guard’s Counterintelligence Service:
To report threats, call 202-615-3327
Membership Award
5 Years- Irene Klaver, Ron Price, Wendy Norwitz
30 years– Don Haskin
200+ Operational Support
Len Klaver & W. Norwitz
60+ OperationsChristian Converse, Ed Martin, Ron
Price, Kathy Sullivan, RJ Welday
Sustained Service Award
Ron Price, 23-1, 7,500 hours (10th
Ray Walsh, 23-7, 2250 hours, (3rd award)
AUX-12 Completion
Paul Feinberg, 23-4
Fingerprint Technician
Deborah Cranford, 23-1
Robert Wright, 23-3
And let’s each do our part to make a concerted
effort to get these 3 very important phone
numbers out to the public as well.
I very much appreciate your attention and
commitment to this.
Robert A. Sersen, Jr.
District Commodore
New Members
The following members have joined Division 23
since the last issue of the Chatter. Please make
them feel welcome and give them any assistance
you can.
Gerry Young, 23-1 transfer from D5NR
Bradford and Patricia Napoli, transfer from 24-8
Adam Yearwood, 23-1
John and Cheryl Medlin, 23-7
PA Specialist I
Anthony Wisniewski
Chesapeake Chatter
Division 23
Volume 7
Issue 1
Spring 2015
Judged 5SR Runner-Up Division Publication for 2011
Flotilla 23-6 names
Auxiliarist of the Year
James T. Jefferson was selected as our Auxiliarist
of the Year for 2014. He joined the Auxiliary and
the flotilla in 2012, jumping into Auxiliary duties
with diligence and zeal. He immediately sought
out training opportunities and applied himself to
crew qualification, with certification achieved in
his first year. Six months later, he completed
training and certification as Vessel Examiner.
Additionally he’s cheerfully and enthusiastically
volunteered for and participated in various and
numerous missions of recreational boating safety
and public affair. He’s achieved 600 volunteer
hours, almost 200 of which were operations afloat
in 22 patrols on a variety of Auxiliary facilities.
A Coast Guard veteran, Mr. Jefferson continues his
service in the Auxiliary by contributing significantly
to our boating-safety mission. He’s a shipmate we
can count on. We appreciate his service, which
deserves to be recognized and should be
Ray Feller
Immediate Past Flotilla Commander
Pictured from left to right are Mark Campbell, Flotilla
Commander, Eleanor Keyser, James Jefferson and Ray Feller,
Immediate Past Flotilla Commander. Photo by Bill Smith
James R. McGrath named 23-2
Auxiliarist of the Year
Rear Admiral W. D. Lee, speaking about the
principle of Servant Leadership, stated that “…
leadership begets readiness. Readiness saves
lives.” Auxiliarist Jim McGrath constantly kept this
statement in mind while serving as the Operations
2014. Auxiliarist McGrath organized an extremely
successful Readiness for Operations event at the
beginning of the boating season. This event
required logistics arrangements for the mooring of
boats from two flotillas, the scheduling of
Qualification Examiners to ride on these
operational facilities, the arrangements for the
participation of active duty personnel from CG
Station St. Inigoes, the scheduling of Team
Coordination Training, coordinated on-the-water
training and the noon meal for all participants.
This eminently successful event drew praise from
both Auxiliary and Active Duty participants and
ensured that our facilities and crews were
prepared for the operational season.
During the operational season Auxiliarist McGrath
juggled patrol schedules as facilities suffered
mechanical casualties and struggled with coxswain
and crew availabilities. His attention to detail
ensured that virtually all scheduled patrol
requirements were met. He responded admirably
to short-turnaround requests for regatta patrols
and joint Coast Guard-Navy exercises, ensuring
that Flotilla 23-2 met all the requirements placed
upon them.
Auxiliarist McGrath constantly strived to be
humble in speech while excelling in action. He
serves as an example for all Flotilla members to
emulate and reflects the highest traditions of the
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. Auxiliarist
McGrath is, therefore, selected as Flotilla 23-2’s
Auxiliarist of the Year for 2014.
Eileen Gray
FSO-PB 23-2
Chesapeake Chatter
Division 23
Volume 7
Issue 1
Spring 2015
Judged 5SR Runner-Up Division Publication for 2011
Flotilla 23-04 Holds Change of Watch
On 21 December, Flotilla 23-04 held its annual
Change of Watch event at the Fleet Reserve Club
of Annapolis for the third year in a row. Outgoing
FC John Leben, served as “Master of Ceremonies”
for the event. The guest speakers were Division 23
DCDR Ron Price and DCAPT-BA Warren Hall. The
Keynote Speaker was Lt. Michael McGrail, USCG,
Enforcement Division – Sector Baltimore.
DCDR Ron Price
swore in Lauri
Lindqvist as the FC
for 2015, and
Michael Whitman
was sworn in as
the VFC.
DCDR Ron Price (leftforeground) swears in Lauri Lindqvist (right-background) as
FC, and Michael Whitman (right-foreground) as VFC. Also
picture – John Leben, IPFC and VCDR (left-background). Photo
by AUX Bruce Petro, 21 DEC 2014.
The following members were appointed as FSOs:
FSO-CM: Jim Regensburg
FSO-CS: Lauri Lindqvist
FSO-DV: Ordice Gallups
FSO-FN: Weems Duvall, Jr.
FSO-HR: Ordice Gallups (effective 1 Feb – John
Leben held)
FSO-IS: Michael Whitman
FSO-MA: John Leben
FSO-MS: Ordice Gallups
FSO-MT: Bruce Petro
FSO-OP: Michael Whitman
FSO-PA: Paul Feinberg (effective 1 Feb – John
Leben held)
FSO-SR: Joseph Levesque
The following members
recognition during the event:
Outstanding Service to the Flotilla – Joseph
Outstanding Service to the USCG/USCGAUX –
Ordice Gallups
Outstanding Service to the Public – Nelson Lowes
John Leben
IPFC 23-4
Cover Photos
Top Left— Paul Deafenbaugh and the Coast Guard
Top Right— Left to right -Phil Wentz, SO-OP and
Ron Price, DCDR presented operational awards at
Middle Left— Jim Welday, Master of Ceremonies
for COW
Middle Right— John Cosgrove staff safety booth
during VSC Days at Herrington Harbor. Pictured
with him are Nicolle and Rosella.
Bottom Left: IPFC/VCDR John Leben and FC Lauri
Lindqvist, present the Flotilla “Auxiliarist of the
Year” award to Joseph Levesque. Also depicted –
DCAPT-BA Warren Hall (lower-right corner).
Photo by: Bruce Petro, 21 DEC 2014.
Bottom Right: County Commissioners Proclaim
Pictured l - r:
Slaughenhoupt, Mark Campbell, Steve Weems,
Connie Cosgrove, Commissioner Pat Nutter, Harry
Scott, Commissioner Steve Weems, Bill Smith,
Commissioner Tom Hejl, and Ray Feller.
Bill Smith, FSO-MT, 23-6 scheduled the
community sign board to advertise the Flotilla
boating class in April. Pictured are Lindsey and
Spencer Larson, two of the graduates.
Chesapeake Chatter
Division 23
Volume 7
Issue 1
Spring 2015
Judged 5SR Runner-Up Division Publication for 2011
Vehicle Decal Program Termination 006/15
The Coast Guard terminated the personal vehicle
decal program in September 2014. If not already
removed, all Coast Guard-issued vehicle decals,
including those issued to Auxiliarists as described
in section 5.O.3.of the Coast Guard Auxiliary
Manual (COMDTINST M16790.1 (series)), must be
removed from personal vehicles and destroyed
As a reminder, proper identification including a
valid Coast Guard, Auxiliary, DHS, and DOD issued
identification card, or State driver's license is
needed to be granted access to Coast Guard and
DOD facilities. Additionally, vehicles are required
to be registered, inspected, and insured in
accordance with State and local laws in order to be
operated on such facilities.
This change will be included in the next revision of
the Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual.
Editor’s Note: The above was received in an email from the
Chief Director’s List Server.
Operational Facility (OPFAC) Inspection
Processing and Status Reporting
Revision 2 (Reissued 27 Mar 05)
a. Fifth District SR (D5SR) Auxiliary Policy Manual
b. D5SR OPFAC data base
Ref a. 7.B.5 Vessel Inspection Procedure
Supplement: The OPFAC Owner or VE shall
forward the completed form ANSC 7003, ANSC
7008 (PWCs) or PC "Offer for Use" to the FSO-OP
via e-mail for review of completeness and
accuracy The FSO-OP will then forward the "Offer"
to their SO/OP. If in the opinion of the FSO-OP or
SO-OP, there is reason not to concur, either may
attach a note to the "Offer” indicating nonconcurrence and reason(s) why and return the
"Offer" to the sender.
The "Offer" and attachment (if any) shall if
possible be scanned and e-mailed to the SO-OP. If
the VE or owner cannot scan the form, it can be
mailed to the FSO-OP for scanning as a .pdf file.
If a new decal is needed the e-mail should contain
a request for one.
If the form is complete and correct the FSO-OP will
then forward the completed form to the SO-OP for
review and processing who will then forward it to
Ricky Dunnington ( or at
DIRAUX ( An email with attached pdf form sent to the
accelerate the approval process since he checks it
daily. The other e-mail address is checked only
the two days a week he is in DIRAUX. USPS
submissions may take several weeks, while using
his direct e-mail, it may be approved and entered
in AUXDATA as early as the same day as
DIRAUX will return the approved "Offer" forms to
the SO-OP who in turn will forward copies to the
FSO-OP and owner for record, and to carry aboard
the OPFAC.
Ref b. D5SR OPFAC Database
If the OPFAC photo has not been entered in the
D5SR OPFAC Data Base, or a picture is not
included with the "Offer" it will not be forwarded
to DIRAUX until such time is corrected, and it may
be returned to the sender.
Updated by Phil Wentz, ADSO-SB
By Direction
James A. Ball
Chesapeake Chatter
Division 23
Volume 7
Issue 1
Spring 2015
Judged 5SR Runner-Up Division Publication for 2011
County Commissioners proclaim
National Safe Boating Week (NSBW)
On 5 May, Flotilla 23-6 received a proclamation
from the Board of County Commissioners
proclaiming 17-23 May as NSBW.
Mark Campbell, Flotilla Commander addressed the
commissioners saying “The Drum Point Flotilla is
dedicated to promoting safe boating through safe
boating classes, vessel safety checks, public affairs,
and operational missions.
He thanked the
members of the Auxiliary and the Coast Guard for
what they do to make boating safer.
proclamation which highlighted an average of 700
people die each year in boating related accidents
in the US. The vast majority of accidents are
caused by human error or poor judgment not by
the boat, equipment or environmental factors. A
significant number of boaters who lose their lives
by drowning each year would be alive today had
they worn a life jacket. Modern life jackets are
more comfortable, attractive, and wearable than
styles of years past and deserve a fresh look by
today’s boating public.
The Commissioners further “proclaimed that all
who use our County waterways and our National
waterways are urged to acquire the knowledge
and skills essential to their own safety and the
safety of others and to apply these skills carefully.
Boat Smart, Boat Safe, Wear It”
On behalf of the Flotilla, Bill Smith presented each
commissioner a bag containing a whistle, a Flotilla
pencil, and safe boating literature. The flotilla also
gave bags to the commissioner’s staff.
Members who received the proclamation were:
Mark Campbell, Flotilla Commander, Ray Feller,
Immediate Past Flotilla Commander; Bill Smith,
Flotilla Member Training Officer, Harry Scott,
Flotilla Human Resource Officer, and Connie
Cosgrove, Flotilla Staff Officer Public Affairs .
OPFAC awards for 2014
On 10 January at the annual Change of Watch, Phil
Wentz, SO-OP and Ron Price, DCDR presented the
bronze and silver OPFAC awards. To receive a
bronze award a facility had to be on patrol
between 24 and 64 hours. The silver award was
award were:
Refuge, 34465, James McGrath, 23-2, 27.2 hours
26413, Brian Teauge, 23-3, 27.9 hours
Fish Hook, 23754, James McGrath, 23-2, 35.3
PC-004, Ron Price, 23-1, 35.6 hours
PC-002, Wendy Norwitz, 23-1, 35.6 hours
Seascape, 32664, Dave Keyser, 23-6, 37.7 hours
Gesture, 32462, Ed Martin, 23-1, 41.6 hours
J Hawk, 11767, Ron Price, 23-1, 42.5 hours
Voyager, 35243, Joe Jenkins, 23-2, 42.5 hours
Hawk 1, PWC, 10386, Ron Price, 23-1, 47.8 hours
Salty Dog, PWC, 11359, Ron Price, 23-1, 48.9 hours
Carma, 26362, Art Murry, 23-1, 49.5 hours
Defiant, 18070, Don Haskin, 23-6, 53 hours
Robin Marie, 25852, Phil Wentz, 23-7, 56.1 hours
Recipients of the silver award were:
Tinker Toy, 34402, Walt Discenza, 23-1, 69.5 hours
Hawk II, PWC 11500, Ron Price, 23-1, 86.3 hours
Splash, 29965, Gary Smith, 23-2, 86.6 hours
Paladin, 24215, Don Parker, 23- , 91.6 hours
Liz Reece, 25331, Ray Feller, 23-6, 120.2 hours
Sun Room, 25454, Jim Farrell, 23-1, 120.6 hours
Family Time, 23569, John Fewer, 23-3, 133.9 hours
Delta 4, 19672, Jim Welday, 23-1, 255.4 hours
Free Spirit, 25532, Ron Price, 23-1, 298.5 hours
Connie Cosgrove
Chesapeake Chatter
Division 23
Volume 7
Issue 1
Spring 2015
Judged 5SR Runner-Up Division Publication for 2011
Chief Director Final Action on National
Board Recommendations
1. At the 2015 Auxiliary National Training Meeting
(NTRAIN) in St. Louis, MO in January, the following
recommendations were placed before the National
Board for vote. They are summarized with the
Chief Director's final determinations below:
A. Recommendation: That the National dues
for membership be raised by an amount of one
dollar per month for each member of the Auxiliary
effective in the 2016 dues cycle. In the 10 years
since the last such increase, resource challenges
have progressively continued. This dues increase is
warranted to sustain the Auxiliary's ability to
adequately address its managerial responsibilities,
maintain marginal capacity to respond to
unforeseeable surge scenarios, and develop
member training that will meet Auxiliary needs
well into the 21st century. Submitted by DNACOMS.
(1) National Board vote: For.
(2) Chief Director final action: Concur,
approved, and effective as indicated.
Recommendation: That the Auxiliary
Manual, Chapter 10, be amended to specify under
what conditions boat shoes are authorized to be
worn with the Operational Dress Uniform (ODU).
Section H.4.e on page 10-79 (AUX MAN) states in
part that boat shoes of either dark blue or brown
color are authorized for wear by Auxiliarists as an
option to 8-10 inch black safety boots while
wearing the ODU. Wearing of boat shoes with nonslip soles is a safety consideration on fiberglass
hulled vessels underway or dock side. Boat shoe
soles are non-marring and these shoes have no
cause on an OPFAC to contain steel inserts for toe
protection nor to have oil resistant soles. It is
suggested that personal safety during operational
evolutions is the main rationale behind the spirit
and intent of this authorization. However, many
Auxiliarists demonstrate no hesitation in wearing
boat shoes of various shades of the blue and
brown spectrum in public settings where that sort
of appearance looks unprofessional and does not
match the standards of our active duty
counterparts. This section of the chapter on
uniforms should specify that wearing of boat shoes
is to be limited to operational activities where
personal safety is a concern and that boat shoes
are specifically prohibited for wear in public
settings, including Auxiliary unit meetings. During
all non-operational activities, the 8-10 inch safety
boot is the prescribed foot wear while the member
is wearing the ODU.
The recommendation was amended to
read as follows: That the Auxiliary Manual, Chapter
10, sub-divisions H.3.e. and H.4.e. be amended to
provide authorization for the wear of boat shoes
only when conducting vessel safety checks, when
underway on an Auxiliary operational facility,
when commuting to or from a point of Auxiliary
patrol or safety check activity, or when specifically
authorized by a Coast Guard order issuing
authority. Submitted by DNACO-MS.
(1) National Board vote: For.
(2) Chief Director final action: Concur,
approved, and effective immediately. The Coast
Guard's pride and professionalism are conveyed
first and foremost by sharp uniform appearance.
The Auxiliary is applauded for its enduring concern
for this tenet and for taking action like this.
C. Recommendation: That the Auxiliary Manual,
Section 8.C.1.b.(2) be amended to allow AUXOP
Leadership Training credit for the Coast Guard
Leadership and Management (CGLAMS) Course.
When the current AUXOP requirements were
developed, CGLAMS was excluded. In fact, the
AUXLAMS course closely parallels and was directly
adapted from the CGLAMS course by converting
the context of role-play scenarios from CG unit
settings to flotilla settings, and eliminating the
section on enlisted performance ratings. Both
courses are considered of equal value for
The AUXLAMS course, now taught in split (A & B)
format, is in high demand, and there are not
enough courses to satisfy the students who want
it. Some have traveled long distances, at their own
expense, to attend.
Continued on pg 10—see recommendation
Chesapeake Chatter
Division 23
Volume 7
Issue 1
Spring 2015
Judged 5SR Runner-Up Division Publication for 2011
Recommendation—continued from page 9
23-6 holds safety booths
The Coast Guard has been reserving three seats in
each CGLAMS class for Auxiliarists, but they have
gone unfilled because there is no AUXOP credit.
Approval of this recommendation would end an
unnecessary and wasteful practice. Submitted by
(1) National Board vote: For.
(2) Chief Director final action: Concur,
approved, and effective immediately. Leadership
training provided in CGLAMS is excellent, but as
noted above it is nonetheless delivered in a much
more active duty than Auxiliary context. Approval
is therefore not a precedent under which other
courses may become alternatives for AUXOP
program, Auxiliary C-school, Auxiliary Specialty
Course, or other Auxiliary training program credit.
Appropriate changes to AUXDATA will have to be
Bill Smith, FSO-MT is a strong supporter of
recreational boater knowledge. To kick of the
2015 season, Bill contacted the manager at the
Wal-Mart in Prince Frederick & Dunkirk and
arranged to have a safety booth outside their
The safety booth in Prince Frederick was set-up for
17 April. About 100 people stop by the booth.
Even though it was a windy day on 24 April in
Dunkirk 50 people stopped by the booth. Boating
Class information was passed out and several
signed up for a Vessel Safety Check.
Members who participated were Bill Smith, Bill
Noyes, and Ray Feller from 23-6 and Theresa Gray
from 23-2.
Connie Cosgrove
Editor’s Note: The above information was received in an
email from the Chief Director’s List Server on 10 Feb 2015
VSC Weekend at
Willie Witters, FSO-VE,
23-6 was contacted by
Tom Costello, Fleet
Captain of Herring Bay
Yacht Club to once
again perform VSC at
Herrington Harbor North and South this year. Two
separate weekends were scheduled in May and
The first event was held on 2 and 3 May . Four
vessel examiners completed 67 safety checks
during the two day period. Examiners were Willie
Witters, Bill Smith, John Cosgrove from 23-6 and
Chris Jensen from 23-7.
Connie Cosgrove
Pictured above at Wal-Mart in Prince Frederick from left to
right: Theresa Gray, Bill Noyes, Ray Feller. Front row: Ms.
Candice Powell and daughter. Photo by Bill Smith
Pictured left to
right: Bill
Noyes and Bill
Smith at WalMart in
FSO-PA 23-6
Chesapeake Chatter
Division 23
Volume 7
Issue 1
Spring 2015
Judged 5SR Runner-Up Division Publication for 2011
Thoughts and Tips on
Completing AOM Properly
Submitted by: COMO Gary Taylor
Meals: Subsistence (meals) must now be checked
manually for each member who was furnished and
consumed one or more meals while underway.
Meal periods are currently defined as:
0400-0800, Breakfast;
1000-1400, Lunch;
1600-2000, Dinner; and
2200-2359, Midnight Rations.
Are you really entitled to claim a meal just because
the underway time touches the shoulder of one or
more meal periods? There should be underway
time on both sides of any claimed meals or at least
substantial time underway prior to or after the
meal, before claiming the meal.
While it is possible to claim breakfast if you get
underway at 0800, was that meal actually prior to
getting underway at a restaurant or even at home?
Same for a patrol ending at 1600, was the meal
consumed during the patrol or afterwards? How
about a patrol starting at 0800 and ending at 1000,
is claiming any meal appropriate?
For members doing radio guard or watch standing
from their home based fixed land station, is it
appropriate to claim meals while in the confines of
your home? The whole subsistence issue is being
reviewed by both FINCEN and the CG. There may
be other changes coming in the future.
Other Expenses such as water, drinks, snacks and
food: While the CG will pay for ice on patrols,
water, drinks, snacks and food are reimbursed by
the subsistence allowance, thus are not otherwise
allowable expenses and should not be entered in
the “Other” block. OIAs have been instructed to
watch for these
charges and reject the orders so the charges can
be removed by the owner or operator.
Trailering on Non-Patrol Days:
If you trailer to or from a patrol area but do not
get underway the same day due to long travel
distances or bad weather, you must submit a
separate patrol order for each day you trailer only.
Until AOM is re-programmed to allow for mileage
reimbursement when trailering only, you need to
show a minimum underway time on those orders.
The approved workaround at this time is to show 1
to 6 minutes underway on those days when you
trailer only.
Remember, trailering time counts toward your
fatigue time. Do not try to circumvent the fatigue
time standards by submitting orders for trailering
only days and then trailering on the same day(s) as
you patrol. This would be considered falsifying
government records.
Multiple Patrol Days: If you are going on patrol for
several consecutive days, you must have separate
orders for each patrol day. Do not try to put
multiple days on one patrol order.
Offer for Use Status: If your offer for use is about
to expire, you must get the facility inspected and
submitted to your DIRAUX office in a timely
manner. Expiration date notices are generated and
sent by AUXDATA to the owner(s) and FC at least
30 days in advance of the one year expiration
date. There is also a 45 day grace period after the
expiration date before the facility is automatically
placed in inactive status by AUXDATA.
If you patrol before that expiration date and then
do not submit the orders until after the offer of
use expires, AOM will not allow the orders to be
processed, as the facility is no longer an approved
You will have to get the Offer for Use in to your
DIRAUX for approval before the orders can be
If you have orders which were approved prior to
the expiration date and then patrol after that date
without a new offer for use on file, your orders are
no longer approved for the patrol because the
facility is no longer approved for use.
Continued on page 12— AOMs
Chesapeake Chatter
Division 23
Volume 7
Issue 1
Spring 2015
Judged 5SR Runner-Up Division Publication for 2011
AOMS—continued from page 10
Conducting a patrol in an unapproved (expired)
facility is a serious violation of policy, and exposes
the member to liability, should there be a mishap.
You will have to resolve this issue with your OIA
Facilities which have been placed in “Inactive
Status” by AUXDATA will no longer show up in the
facility drop-down list until the facility is placed
back in active status
Members in REYR: Once an operator is placed in
REYR or Admin Hold status, they will no longer be
able to get orders as operator on the facility or be
part of the minimum qualified crew until the REYR
or Admin Hold is removed. The same is true for
crew members. The subject above about “Offer
for Use Status” also holds true for members who
are not currently qualified.
password will expire in XX days and allow you to
change it. You must follow the password criteria
when creating your new password.
When asked for your last password, this is the
password you used to log onto AOM. If you allow
your password to expire, forget your password, or
do not log into AOM for 45 days, you will have to
request a temporary password at the “New
Account or Forgotten Password” link on the AOM
landing page.
When you first log in with the temporary
password, you will be prompted to change your
password. AOM will ask for your last password
which will be the temporary password you just
logged in with.
If you do not log into AOM for 365 days, your
account will be deactivated.
Editor’ Note: The above article appeared in the electronic
newsletter “Responder”. This newsletter is the National
Response Directorate newsletter and was received through
the Auxiliary message system.
Facility Owners:
To accommodate multiple ownership of a facility,
you now have to select an owner from the drop
down list for that facility. There is no default
owner listed.
What’s changed in AOM?
Order Completion:
Completed orders must now have the operator
signature to submit.
Submitted by: COMO Gary Taylor
There have been several updates released in AOM
in the past several months of which you may not
Here is a recap of those changes which you may
Meals: Meals are no longer automatically checked
by AOM. If a meal is supplied and consumed
during a patrol, the coxswain or owner needs to
check the boxes manually under the appropriate
meals. AOM will activate the boxes available to be
checked based on the patrol underway start and
end times.
Passwords: All passwords now expire every 90
days. You will be notified when logging in that your
Reimburse Block: Reimburse default is now
“Select from list” instead of “Owner”.
Receipt Deletion Confirmation: Added a
“Confirming Receipts to be Deleted” message to
avoid accidental deletion.
The complete list of all AOM revisions can be
found on the AOM landing page at the “Release
Notes” tab on the tool bar. If you have problems
or questions about AOM, please submit a helpdesk ticket from within AOM. Local district help
desks will probably not be able to help you
Editor’ Note: The above article appeared in the electronic
newsletter “Responder”. This newsletter is the National
Response Directorate newsletter and was received through
the Auxiliary message system
Chesapeake Chatter
Division 23
Volume 7
Issue 1
Spring 2015
Judged 5SR Runner-Up Division Publication for 2011
Results of Coast Guard Uniform Board
#46 - Impact on Auxiliary Uniform
Policies -024/14
ALCGPSC 171/14 is an All-Coast Guard
Personnel Service Center message that was
recently released to summarize and announce the
results of Coast Guard Uniform Board #46. The
message can be viewed at the following web site:
2. Though targeting active duty and reserve
personnel, most of the message's sections are also
applicable with respect to Auxiliary uniform
policies. The following notes explain how the
sections in the message are applicable to Auxiliary
uniform policies:
1.A. Wear Foul Weather Parka (FWP) II
with Service Dress Blue Uniform: The FWP II (with
or without the liner) is authorized for wear with
the Operational Dress Uniform (ODU), Tropical
Blue (TB), Winter Dress Blue (WDB), and Service
Dress Blue (SDB). The trench coat remains an
optional item that may be worn with the SDB and
other uniforms. However, the FWP II provides
superior weather protection.
1.B. Wear Garrison Cap with Service Dress
Blue Uniform: Applicable as written except
Auxiliary unit commanders may prescribe when
the combination cap is required for Auxiliary
functions (e.g., for a Change of Watch ceremony).
1.C. Expand Wear of Optional Unit Ball
Cap: Applicable as written for Auxiliarists who are
authorized by a CG unit to wear its ball cap.
1.G. Tie Tacks: Auxiliarist may wear the
replicas of other U.S. military service miniature
officer, senior enlisted, junior enlisted or other
associated service insignia that they have earned.
Replicas of other U.S. military school insignia or
elements thereof are authorized (e.g., U.S. Naval
Academy). Auxiliarists may only wear replicas of
insignia that they have earned while in that U.S.
military service. Other tie tack specifications
1.H. Female Handbags: Applicable as
1.I. Female Hosiery Requirements:
Applicable as written.
1.J. Wear of Small Unadorned Scrunchies:
Applicable as written.
1.K. Female Shirt Seabag Options: Not
applicable as Auxiliarists do not have seabag
requirements. Female Auxiliarists remain
authorized to wear either male or female uniform
shirts that provide the best fit.
1.L. Aiguillettes: Not applicable as only
Auxiliary District Chiefs of Staff, and aides to the
National Commodore and District Commodores,
are authorized to wear an aiguillette.
1.M. Prior Service Insignia: Not applicable
as Auxiliarists are already authorized to wear
specified prior U.S. military service insignia that
they have earned.
1.D. Food Service Uniform: Applicable as
3. Applicable adjustments will be incorporated in
the next change to the Coast Guard Auxiliary
Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1 (series).
1.E. Sunglasses: Applicable as written.
Editor’s Note: The above was received by email from the
Chief Director’s list server on 8 Jan.
1.F. Wrist Watches: Applicable as written.
U.S. Department of
Homeland Security
United States
Coast Guard
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
1105 Dan Bowen Road
Prince Frederick, MD 20678
CG to release boating safety app
Chesapeake Chatter
The Coast Guard is scheduled to release its first boating safety App Saturday as the kickoff to this year's
National Safe Boating Week.
Division 23
Volume 7
Issue 1
Spring 2015
The Boating Safety Mobile app was not designed to replace a boater's marine VHF radio, which the Coast
Guard strongly recommends
all boaters
have aboard
vessels. Thefor
was mainly designed to
Judged 5SR
provide additional boating safety resources for mobile device users.
The app will be available on the Apple and Google Play online stores.
Features of the app include: state boating information; a safety equipment checklist; free boating safety
check requests; navigation rules; float plans; and calling features to report pollution or suspicious
activity. When location services are enabled, users can receive the latest weather reports from the closest
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather buoys as well as report the location of a
hazard on the water.
The app also features an Emergency Assistance button which, with locations services enabled, will call the
closest Coast Guard command center.
The app is self-contained, so personal information is stored on the phone and is not sent to the Coast
Guard unless the user chooses to send it. The Coast Guard does not track a user's location, and the app
does not track a user's location unless the app is being used.
The app was developed over a two-year period with BastayaPR, a non-profit organization in Puerto Rico.
National Safe Boating Week, which takes place May 16 - 22, is an annual event that encourages all boaters
to practice safe boating. For more information on National Safe Boating Week as well as general boating
safety information, please visit and http://
For more information on the app, please visit or contact Lt. Anastacia
Visneski at (202) 372-4648.
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