Raymarine | T400 | T400 Thermal Camera (320 x 240 9Hz) & Low Light with Joystick

Raymarine T400 Thermal Night Vision Camera
Raymarine E32127
Help Keep You Safe.
Powerful, flexible, and built to last, T Series is Raymarine's premium line of maritime thermal night vision cameras. Available with a variety of sensors and resolutions to meet a wide range of maritime navigation, collision avoidance, security, and search and rescue needs, Raymarine T Series thermal night vision cameras are easy to install, integrate, and operate.
Key features:
Rugged, fully marinized construction to withstand harsh conditions. to withstand harsh conditions.
Window de-ice heaters for clear vision even in ice and snow.
Proprietary, patent-pending image enhancement algorithms; Digital Detail Enhancement
(DDE) to bring out faint image details that you might otherwise miss.
Standard NTSC video outputs that can be viewed on any monitor with an auxiliary video
input. that can be viewed on any monitor with an auxiliary video input.
Mounting options; Installer can mount in either camera up or camera down orientation. that
can be viewed on any monitor with an auxiliary video input.
Pre-set gain adjustments for optimal image quality in various conditions.
On screen icons show what the camera's doing and where it's pointing.
Full 360º pan and ± 90º tilt capability.
Lowlight and Thermal Night Vision
2x zoom
320 x 240 standard resolution
Range performance (detect person) 450m
Range performance (detect small vessel) 1.2km
What Raymarine Thermal Night Vision Cameras can do for you
Raymarine T Series thermal night vision cameras create pictures by detecting and displaying small changes in heat, not light. Even the heat
left on a wall by a person's hand has enough thermal energy to show up clearly on a Raymarine thermal night vision camera.
Everything generates thermal energy, even ice! And although this energy is invisible to the naked eye, Raymarine thermal night vision cameras detect it and turn it into video that is easy to understand, allowing you to see more and see further than you could with your eyes
Raymarine's Thermal Night Vision Cameras aid:
Safer navigation
Life-saving potential in man-overboard situations
Enhanced visibility and situational awareness at night
Easy docking in low light
Iceberg detection and avoidance
Boat security and surveillance
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