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 ELE729‐(10, 20, or 40) eyeBall‐A
GENERAL INFORMATION A powerful fixture in a compact body, the elektraLite eyeBall‐A is ready to solve your solutions both big and small. At the heart of the elektraLite eyeBall‐A are seven 12‐watt 5‐in‐1 LED’s, consisting of a red, green, blue, amber, and white component. The 5‐in‐1 LED uses diffraction lensing, eliminating “rainbow” color spots which are typical when individual LED’s are exposed in lighting a cyc or similar background. By mixing color internally, the eyeBall‐A’s sophisticated diffraction lensing system provide true, blended, single‐color output. Because of this, the white is perfectly blended and balanced, so as not to emit a blue‐
white so often seen in LED fixtures. More than a stage and key/highlight fixture, the elektraLite eyeBall‐A can also be used as a truss warmer or a shin kicker just as easily and effectively. With a convenient and compact strong double‐yoke, mounting options are limitless. FEATURES A user‐friendly onboard control interface allows for multiple control options in addition to DMX, including RGB, strobe, and console‐free master/slave operation. Plug‐and‐play functionality is built right in! ‐
5‐in‐1 LED technology; utilizing seven 12‐watt 5‐way LED’s ‐
compact design fits perfectly in 12” box truss ‐
flicker‐free on camera operation ‐
strong double yoke allows for floor mount or hanging, with low‐profile adjustment handles for a slim, tight contour ‐
variable adjustable speed strobe effect, from 0.3 to 25 FPS ‐
variable, adjustable fans can be set to run automatically, manually, turned off, or controlled via DMX ‐
RGBW 5‐in‐1 LED’s, including 5600K white, for crisp, bright, balanced white light ‐
compact, lightweight design ideal for a variety of locations, including small spaces and portable applications ‐
up to eight fixtures can be connected on one 20A circuit, and can be run in stand‐alone or master/slave configuration, all with or without a control source, for fast, effective, and efficient operation The eyeBall‐A has both power in and thru for easy “daisy chaining”, and includes an interconnect jumper cable. The DMX connectors (both in and thru) are 5‐pin XLR, however 3>5 pin and 5>3 pin turnarounds are provided for maximum flexibility. (7) 12W RGBAW 5‐in‐1 LED ORDERING INFORMATION ELE729‐10 ELE729‐25 ELE729‐40 ELE735 ‐W eyeBall Quad LED with 10° Beam Spread eyeBall Quad LED with 25° Beam Spread eyeBall Quad LED with 40° Beam Spread eyeBall Four‐Leaf Barn Door (black) White Finish (add to end of fixture part number) elektraLite ∞ Professional LED Ligh ng 70 Sea Lane ∞ Farmingdale, New York ∞ 11735 ∞ 631.396.0184 ∞ MyElektraLite.com PAGE 1 OF 2 ELE729‐(10, 20, or 40) eyeBall‐A
(7) 12W RGBAW 5‐in‐1 LED SPECIFICATIONS ACCESSORIES Power Consumption ‐ 85 watts (0.9A) Electrical ‐ multi‐voltage; AC 100‐240V – 50/60Hz ‐ IEC power (in and thru) connectors Accessories Included with each eyeBall‐A are as follows: (1) double‐yoke Housing ‐ high temperature black polycarbonate (1) 24” IEC power cable with Edison connector Materials ‐ corrosion resistant hardware (1) 108” IEC extension cable Yoke ‐ rigid flat steel (1) 108” 5‐pin DMX extension cable Light Engine ‐ seven 12‐watt 5‐in‐1 LED emitters (1) 3>5 pin DMX turnaround Refresh Rate ‐ >400Hz (1) 5>3 pin DMX turnaround CRI ‐ 86 Optics / Lensing(s) ‐ Diffraction Lensing Control ‐ DMX‐512A (in and thru) via 5‐pin XLR ‐ 3>5 & 5>3 pin turnarounds included Ratings / Certifications ‐ ETL listing to UL1573 DMX PROFILE Depending on personality chosen, the eyeBall‐A can be set for operation from 4 to 11 channels of DMX. Consult the User Manual for further details. CH
PHOTOMETRICS Photometric data was taken with all channels at full, and reflects the output of the fixture with the lens installed as noted. Comparisons between fixtures should only be made with photometric data that incorporates the lensing system to be used. Beam Angle 11° 22° 39° Lens 10° 25° 40° Field Angle 19° 36° 53° Candela (cd) 74,221 74,103 73,639 Field Lumens 1498 1383 1369 Lumens
per Watt 21.4
Linear Dimmer Speed (DIM=OFF) Nonlinear Speed 1 (DIM1) Nonlinear Speed 2 (DIM2) Nonlinear Speed 3 (DIM3) Nonlinear Speed 4 (DIM4) VALUE
* = consult manual for full DMX Profile details
DIMENSIONS CHART Lens 10° 25° 40° Beam Size at Beam Size at Beam Size at
10’ Throw (d) 20’ Throw (d) 30’ Throw (d) 6’‐3” 11’‐9” 19’‐2”
8’‐4” 15’‐3” 23’‐4”
10’‐9” 21’‐10” 28’‐1”
Physical Dimensions Length Width Height 8.6”
6.5” Shipping Dimensions
Width Height
15” 9”
WEIGHTS CHART To determine illumination in footcandles (fc) at any distance, divide 2
candlepower (cd) by distance squared (fc=cd/(d ). For Lux, multiply footcandles (fc) by 10.76. Weight
kgs 2.0 Shipping Weight
lbs kgs
8.0 3.6
elektraLite ∞ Professional LED Ligh ng 70 Sea Lane ∞ Farmingdale, New York ∞ 11735 ∞ 631.396.0184 ∞ MyElektraLite.com In a policy of continual improvement, specifications are subject to change. 11/14 PAGE 2 OF 2 
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