Middle East’s Leading Platform
for Wood and Woodworking
Dear Exhibitor,
We are pleased to welcome you to the Dubai International Wood & Wood Machinery Show (DWS)
The purpose of this Exhibitor’s Manual is to make your participation in DWS 2016 as smooth and
simple as possible. Please read the information contained herein carefully. We have included only
information that is essential to your participation, however, if you require assistance on any other
matters, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Certain services are provided by official appointed contractors, and these contractors have already
been informed of your participation and will be contacting you separately with specific information.
Please be advised that all forms and related requirements should be completed & submitted to us
before their deadline dates so we can provide the best possible service in all aspects.
We wish you success at the Dubai WoodShow 2016.
Kind regards,
WoodShow Organising Team
Exhibition Time Table
Main Contacts
General Information
Essential Information
Visitors Admittance and Invitations
Exhibitor Badge
Dress Code
Exhibitor Party
General Provisions
Payment Procedure
Indemnity and Waiver
Logistics / Freight Forwarding
Regulations of Events and Promotions during Exhibition
Onsite Services
Flowers and Plants
Fax Services and Photocopying
Public Address System
Restaurants Onsite
Onsite Facilities on Exhibition Complex
Fire & Accident Procedures
Fire Alarm
Telephone Numbers in Case of Fire
Telephone Numbers in Case of Personal Injury
Food and Beverages in the Exhibition Halls
Press Office
Additional Stand Services
Stand Cleaning
Temporary Personnel
Audio Visual Equipment / Computer Equipment & Supplies
Shell Scheme Stands
Shell-scheme & Deluxe Shell Scheme : Services & Regulations
Stand Fitting & Electrical Contractor
Electrical Supply
Shell-scheme Options
Deluxe Shell Scheme
Contractor Badge Policy
Moving Machinery
Rigging Rules & Charges
Mandatory forms for Shell & Deluxe Stand
Exhibitor Main Contract
Exhibitor’s Badges Request
Visitors Invitation Request
Catalogue Editorial
Mandatory forms for Open Space
Exhibitor Main Contract
Exhibitor’s Badges Request
Visitors Invitation Request
Catalogue Editorial
Notice of Intention (Contractor Details)
Electrical Supply (During Build-Up)
Electrical Supply (3 days event)
Electrical Grid Plan
Optional Forms (Alphabetically arranged)
Audio Visual
Carpet Order
Catalogue Advertising
Catalogue Editorial & Branding
Compressed Air
Data & Telecom Services
Electrical Supply for Ceiling
Electrical Items
Furniture Form
Graphic Form
Rigging, Brands & Graphics
Stand Catering
Stand Cleaning
Stand Security
System Form
Water Supply & Drainage
Exhibition Time Table
Saturday, 02 April 2016
08:00 AM All open space contractors can start build-up.
Sunday, 03 April 2016
01:00 PM
All shell scheme exhibitors can access their stands.
10:00 PM
Build-up should be completed.
Contractors and exhibitors will be asked to leave.
Monday, 4 April 2016
Tuesday, 5 April 2016
Wednesday, 6 April 2016
Thursday, 7 April 2016
10:00 AM
Official exhibition opening.
06:00 PM
End of exhibition timing.
10:00 AM
Exhibition opens.
06:00 PM
End of exhibition timing.
10:00 AM
Exhibition opens.
06:00 PM
End of exhibition timing.
07:00 PM
Contractors can start dismantling the stands.
06.00 PM
Contractors should evacuate the halls.
Please note:
All exhibitors who do not clear their stands or surrounding aisles by the deadline date and/or who dump their
discarded materials at the Dubai World Trade Centre complex including the marshalling yard will be charged
a fine as deemed appropriate by DWTC authorities.
The Organizer’s Office will be located at the main entrance of Hall 7 and will be operating from 8:00am to
6:00pm starting April 2 until April 7, 2016 (during build-up days the opening hours are till 8.00pm). For more
information or clarifications, please call +971 4 392 3232.
Strategic Marketing & Exhibitions Office
908 Apricot Tower, Dubai Silicon Oasis
PO Box 10161, Dubai, UAE T: +971 4 392 3232
F: +971 4 392 3332
W: www.dubaiwoodshow.com
Ms. Cherrie Sanao
Business Development Manager
M: +971 56 445 7194
E: cherrie.s@dubaiwoodshow.com
Ms. Sarka Svobodova
Business Development Manager
M: +971 56 403 4042
E: sarka@dubaiwoodshow.com
Mr. Rahul Ranka
Business Development Executive
M: +971 56 403 4058
E: rahul.ranka@dubaiwoodshow.com
Ms. Florence Bacerra
Event & Marketing Coordinator
M: +971 56 403 4043
E: florence@dubaiwoodshow.com
Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Dubai World Trade Centre
Sheikh Zayed Rd., Trade Centre 2
P.O. Box 9292, Dubai, U.A.E. T: +971 4 3321000
W: www.dwtc.com
Al Fajer Information and Services
P.O. Box 11183, Dubai, UAE
T: +971 4 340 6888
W: www.alfajer.net
Mr. Mohammad Sameer, Project Coordinator
M: +971 50 645 6793
E: Sameer.m@alfajer.net
3B United Advertising LLC
Mr. Mohamed Jaber – General Manager
T: 04 2655561
F: 04 2655571
E: info@3bunitedgroup.com
Mr. Fahd Khater - Managing Director
T: 04-3924446
F: 04-3924447
E: fahd@skyhighadv.net
Boundless Events
Ms. Pinky Lou Garcia - Client Services Manager
T: +971 4 3860336
F: +971 4 3890339
E: services@boundless.ae
Space Makers Interiors Decoration LLC
Mr. Aslam S. Talkhani – Managing Director
T: 043272308
F: 043272309
E: aslam@smintex.com
Creative Builders LLC
Ms. Jocelyn Aguilar – Operation and Project Manager
T: 04 2655561
E: info@3bunitedgroup.com
Novotel World Trade Centre & IBIS World Trade Centre
Contact Person: Rashmi Hazarika
T: +971 4 3108112
E: H5261-SL8@accor.com
W: www.novotel.com / www.ibis.com
Agility Fairs and Events
P.O. Box 36683 Dubai, UAE
Mr. Abuturab Kuvawala
Business Development Manager
M: +971 50 5549926
T: +971 4 813 1485
E: AKuvawala@agilitylogistics.com
Exhibition Timings
The Exhibition will be open on the following days:
4th April, 2016 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
5th April, 2016 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
6th April, 2016 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Event Access
Visitors Admittance & Invitations
Dubai WoodShow will be open from April 4 to 6, 2016. Admittance to the exhibition is free of charge for
professional and public visitors who may re-enter at any time during the open days of the exhibition. All
visitors must complete a registration form or present their business card to receive a badge. Visitors are
required to wear this badge at all times during the exhibition visit.
Please note that children under 16 years old will not be admitted to the exhibition.
Each exhibitor will receive a number of invitations prior to the event to send them to the clients he wishes to
invite to the show. Additional invitations may be requested from the Organiser free of charge.
Exhibitors Badge
Only employees and official representatives of the Exhibitor are authorized to work at the Exhibitor’s stand.
All stand-attendants must have Exhibitor badges issued by the organizer. The Exhibitor badges provide
admittance to the Exhibition pavilion during build-up/break-down and exhibition periods. The Exhibitor
badges are individual and shall not be handed over to another person. The Security of the Exhibition Centre
shall be entitled to inspect at random rightfulness of the Exhibitor badge and in case of revealed violation the
Security shall be entitled to the Exhibitor badge requisitioning.
Each exhibitor is requested to submit a list of the names and designation of the staff on his stand within the
specified deadline (See the Badge Form in the E-manual).
Dress Code
The dress code throughout all days of the exhibition is business casual, national dress for both males and
females from respective countries is also a welcome option.
Networking Reception
On the evening of the 2nd show day (April 05, 2016), Dubai WoodShow will be hosting an Exhibitor
Networking Cocktail. The details of the party will be sent to each exhibitor by email and the invitations will
be distributed with the collection of the exhibitor badges at the Exhibitor Welcome Desk during build up.
Other General Information
Use of Mobile Phone
Visitors and exhibitors are required to keep their mobile phones on silent mode throughout the conferences
and forums happening in the venues.
The Exhibition is a ‘smoking free’ event, therefore smoking in any of the venues is not allowed.
Alcohol will not be served throughout the event; and delegates are kindly requested to abstain from bringing
alcoholic drinks to any of the venues.
Emergency Numbers
Department for Tourist Security: 800 4438 (to report a loss or theft)
Getting Around
With seven companies and some 6,000 vehicles, taxis in Dubai are abundant and can be hailed from the street
or booked to arrive at your hotel or conference venue.
Cars Taxi – 04 269 3344
Dubai Transport – 04 208 0808
Safer Driver – 04 268 8797
National Taxi – 04 339 0002
City Taxi – 04 333 1110
Emirates Taxi – 04 339 0002
Metro Taxi – 04 267 3222
Hire Cars
International hire car companies are many plus there are several local firms in Dubai, but be warned that
driving can be a challenge, with erratic conditions and clogged roads. Also make sure the company offers
comprehensive insurance.
Some of the better-known companies are:
Avis – 04 295 7121
Diamond Lease – 04 343 4330
Hertz – 04 282 4422
Thrifty Car Rental – 800 4694
Budget Rent-a-Car – 04 295 6667
EuroStar Rent-a-Car – 04 266 1117
National Car Rental – 04 284 2020
The Dubai Metro, at 75 km, is the world’s longest fully automated metro rail network in the world. Among
the system’s 56 stations open thus far is World Trade Centre Metro Station 1, making it easily accessible and
convenient for both visitors and exhibitors.
Payment Procedure
The Exhibitor shall be allowed to participate against the Contract with the Exhibition Organiser and shall be
bound by the conditions, rules and regulations and requirements for holding events at DWTC. The
participation charges are determined by the contracted exhibit space specified in the Contract.
Make sure to settle all your payments before April 01, 2016!
Exhibitors with outstanding payments will not be allowed inside the exhibition halls.
The payment for Additional services shall be effected 100% advanced payment in accordance with the tariffs
set forth in the Exhibitor Manual for services provided by DWTC or the official contractors.
Note: All bank charges are the responsibility of the exhibitor along with any charges related to the transfer
of these funds. In order that you may not incur a double charge by the bank, we advise that you pay the
amount due in full. Please acknowledge the receipt of the invoice by returning a signed copy.
Indemnity and Waiver
The Organisers may be held responsible by the Authorities in Dubai for the payment of any customs levy, tax,
fine or other monies due from an exhibitor. Accordingly, exhibitors must undertake to indemnify the
Organisers from any payment they are called upon to make to the Authorities on the Exhibitor's behalf.
The Exhibitors also waive any and all claims that they may have against the Organisers and Dubai World Trade
Centre (L.L.C.) of any kind whatsoever, in anyway related to the storage and display of exhibits/equipment at
International Property Show whether during, before or after regular show hours.
The Organisers have appointed AGILITY Fairs & Events as the official freight forwarder and on-site handling
contractors. Please see contact details on main contacts page.
The Official freight forwarder will, through their agents worldwide, coordinate the movement of exhibits from
their various points of origin through to either the Port of Dubai or Dubai Airport. Full details will be forwarded
to each exhibitor individually advising the name of the agent in the particular country from which the
consignments are shipped.
Failure to comply with these dates may result in additional charges being incurred over and above the general
handling tariff.
DOCUMENTATION: Full details of the documentation requirements for the UAE and consignee details will
be circulated to all exhibitors by AGILITY Fairs & Events. Please note however, that goods require legalized
certificates of origin and must be forwarded with the shipping documents to enable clearance to be effected
without delays.
Exhibitors, who are in doubt as to whether the export of their goods to Dubai is restricted, should contact
the relevant Government or Trade Office of the country of origin. Additionally, any goods of a hazardous
nature and/or containing radioactive materials should be separately listed on invoice forms and full
particulars should be supplied to the official contractor so that suitable storage can be arranged. UAE import
customs duty will be liable on all items not re-exported again at the close of the exhibition and will be invoiced
at the prevailing rate.
Exhibitors are entitled only to organise events approved by the Exhibition Organiser. The Exhibition Organiser
has the right to revoke the approval at any time and demand abolish of the event in case of violations of the
Exhibition terms and in case the event attracts visitors in excess in the hallways or if other exhibitors are being
Following the Event schedule set forth by the Contract the Organiser shall ensure the due time closing of the
Event and compliance with the regulations in force at the DWTC.
Flowers & Plants
Will be available for sale and hire at Concourse 1, next to Hall 3 during the build-up to the Exhibition.
Blooms Florist
Tel: +971 (0)4 332 1255
Fax: +971 (0)4 331 7289
Fax Services and Photocopying
Available on-site at the following rates
- UK/Europe/Indian sub-continent: 10 Dhs. per A4 page
- Gulf States/ Arab world: 5 Dhs. per A4 page
- USA/Far East/Australia: 15 Dhs. per A4 page
Photocopying: 1 Dhs. per copy
An official exhibition photographer will be in attendance during the exhibition to cover the event.
Public Address System
The public address system will be used for Exhibitors' messages during build-up and break-down. During the
exhibition, its use has to be restricted for emergencies only.
Restaurants Onsite
Cafe Bars are located within the Exhibition Halls and cafes and restaurants throughout the Exhibition
concourse. Other food outlets are within walking distance. An on-site service will also deliver daily to stands.
Onsite Facilities on Exhibition Complex
Banks, Business Centers, Post Office, Travel, Freight Forwarders, Optical, Car Hire, Mobile Telephones, Photo
processing, Jewelers. Also, chemists, supermarket and stationers are all within walking distance of the
Exhibition complex.
Action in Case of Fire and Personal Injury:
Fire Alarm
Set off a fire alarm. There is one adjacent to each goods and exit/entry door inside the Halls and others are
located around the perimeter of the Halls as well as at strategic positions within the Centre, which are clearly
Try to quench the fire or confine it by the use of extinguishers and/or removal of goods, etc. in the vicinity.
Avoid doing anything likely to create panic or danger to yourself or others.
Telephone Numbers In Case of Fire
Either dial 6299 on the nearest internal telephone (located adjacent to the goods and entry/exit doors as well
as strategically placed around the Centre) or dial 997 on a public telephone, and afterwards notify a Security
Officer or call Command Control Centre on +971 4 306 4600 / +971 4 308 6112 for assistance, giving the
location of the fire to enable the security staff to direct the Fire Brigade by the most direct route.
Telephone Numbers In Case of Personal Injury
The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) station is located in the main concourse (Concourse 2) between
Exhibition Halls 4 and 5. If you need assistance during your time at DWTC, please call +971 (0)4 306 4040 to
speak to the on-duty medic or call the Command Control Centre on +971 (0)4 306 4600 / +971 (0)4 308 6212
for assistance. If you have no telephone, you can speak to the nearest member of the DWTC security staff
who will assist you.
The EMS team is available from 08:00 to 22:00 during build-up and tear-down. During event days, this service
is operational from 1 hour prior to the start of the event until 1 hour after the event closure.
The Organisers control the general security arrangements for the Exhibition together with the DWTC and the
local authorities.
Whilst the Organisers make all reasonable arrangements for security coverage, they decline responsibility for
any loss or damage that may occur and the responsibility for stand security, its exhibits and contents
(including personal property) is that of the exhibitor, and suitable insurance cover should be affected. To
order stand security services, please complete the Stand Security Form in the E-manual.
The Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) is the sole concessionaire for food and beverage services within the
Centre Exhibition complex.
According to the licenses issued by the Ministry of Health and health and safety regulations, all food to be
consumed during the open hours of the exhibition must be supplied by the Dubai International Catering
Centre only. The opening hours of the exhibition are defined from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm on April 4 until
April 6 2016. For your catering requirements, you can contact them by telephone +971 4 308 6333
or email: Exhibitors@dwtc.com and/or fill out the Stand Catering Form in the E-manual.
During build-up and breakdown of the exhibition, outside hours stated above, stand contractors and stand
personnel may bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks into the exhibition.
Please ensure that all your staff is aware of these regulations.
A comprehensive visitor promotion campaign is being mounted with the objective of bringing the Exhibition
directly to the attention of importers/exporters, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, architects and all
other industry professionals related to the wood, construction and furniture industry.
The campaign will include advertising and direct mailings, full details of which are contained in the Visitor
Promotion Program, sent automatically to the Exhibitors.
Press Office
A Press Office will be maintained during the Exhibition to pass on information, news items, and photographs
to the Press. Exhibitors are invited to supply suitable materials in English and/or Arabic, together with
suitable captioned photographs for display and distribution. 10 press releases will be sufficient.
Stand Cleaning
Exhibitors must also complete the Stand Cleaning Form to arrange for their stands to have a master clean
prior to the opening of the exhibition, and daily throughout the exhibition. The official Contractors will be
cleaning the shell-scheme and deluxe shell scheme stands only once before the opening ceremony. To order
additional stand cleaning, please complete the said form in the E-manual.
Stand catering can be ordered only through the Exhibition Centre. It is strictly NOT allowed to bring food and
beverages from another supplier. To order catering, please complete the Stand Catering form in the Emanual.
Temporary Personnel
The Organisers can supply hostess and translators (Arabic/English/Russian/Chinese). To order, please
complete the Promoters / Translators form in the E-manual. Payment should be settled in full before the
Audio Visual Equipment/Computer Equipment & Supplies
A comprehensive list is available provided by DWTC. To order, please complete the Audio Visual form in the
E- manual.
DWTC can provide telephone and fax at local, national (UAE) or international levels. Please indicate your
requirement on Data & Telecom Form in the E-manual. All phones can be locked to prevent unauthorized
 Orders through PABX. Charges must be paid in full in advance. This payment covers installation,
connection, line rental, equipment rental and purchase of units for line usage. If line usage exceeds
deposit during exhibition, additional units can be purchased. (After the exhibition, a statement will
be sent to you showing line usage, and a refund where appropriate). No service will be provided
without payment in advance.
 Orders received less than 21 days / 3 weeks before the start of the exhibition will be subject to a
100% surcharge and may not be processed.
 Devices attached to Etisalat line require being “type approved” by Etisalat. Devices, which are not
“type approved”, cannot be guaranteed to operate. Installation of exhibitor-provided equipment is
entirely at the exhibitor's risk and DWTC is unable to take any responsibility for malfunction or
failure to operate.
 DWTC will only provide telecommunication lines to exhibitor's stands. DWTC is unable to provide
any modem (dial-up and ISDN) or set-up support. If the exhibitor wishes to order an ISDN Line, an
ISDN Modem or a terminal adaptor is a must.
 All line and equipment usage during the period of hire is the responsibility of the exhibitor
 Once handed over, the equipment becomes the responsibility of the hirer and must be returned to
the Organizer’s office within 1 hour of the close of the last day of the show.
 It is advisable that the Exhibitor insures the equipment hired.
 Remember to order a power point for the fax machine
 Tell your stand contractor that you have ordered telecommunications.
 It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to cancel their Internet account at the end of the exhibition.
 Missing or lost telecommunication instruments will be charged accordingly.
 Order requirements on Data & Telecom received after the deadline will be subject to surcharge and
cannot be guaranteed.
Services and Regulations
All Shell Scheme stands are provided with 1x13 Amp 3 pin socket and 4x100W spotlights mounted on one
track per 12 sq. meters. Lights will be fitted behind the fascia or to the roof support beams and one 13 Amp
socket outlet at the floor level on the rear wall. Additional lighting or power points may be ordered using the
Shell Scheme Electrical Order Form in the E-manual.
All electrical work on a Shell Scheme stand should be carried out by our Electrical Contractor and items not
supplied and fitted by our official Electrical Contractor may be removed from your stand.
All additional stand fitting and display must be contained within the Shell Scheme structure and may not
exceed 2.40 meters in height.
No projection into gangways will be permitted; neither may additional display materials be fitted in to the
Shell Scheme options.
Exhibitors who book a Shell Scheme Stands, and then get their own contractor to build a special stand within,
must advise the Contractor that the total height of the stand must not be more than 2.4 meters.
Proposed stand designs must be submitted to the Organiser for approval before March 03, 2016.
Electrical installations of shell scheme stands require special fastenings, clips, and brackets to fit the
aluminum extrusions. Under no circumstances may exhibitors modify this work or carry out their own
The official contractors offer for rent, furniture such as counters, shelf units, display panels and plinths, for
the duration of the exhibition. Full details and costs are available in the forms in the E-manual. Please ensure
that all stand fittings and furniture are ordered only through official stand fitters.
The cost for providing single-phase mains supply and connection, including energy consumed for Shell
Scheme stands, is covered by stand rental cost. Installation of three-phase supplies and connections on 24hour supply however, will be charged extra (See Electricity Supply Form in the E-manual).
Stand Fitting and Electrical Contractor
The Official Stand Fitting and Electrical Contractor for DWS 2016 is Al Fajer Information and Services. They
are responsible for stand servicing and maintenance of Shell Scheme stands throughout the period of the
Electrical Supply
The standard electrical mains supply at the exhibition is a single-phase main 220 Volts 50 Hz and three-phase
main 380 Volts 50 Hz. General lighting is provided in the Halls. The official Electrical Contractor will be solely
responsible for the installation of electrical cables and necessary switchgear between the mains supply and
each individual exhibitor’s requirements. The Organizers reserve the right to disconnect any installations,
which, in their opinion is dangerous or likely to cause annoyance to visitors and/or other exhibitors. Should
action be required by the official Contractor to render and installation safe for use, the exhibitor may be
charged for this service.
Furniture Breakdown per Shell Scheme Size:
12sqm to 22sqm 1 new line table, 1 lockable counter, 2 leather chairs, 1 waste basket, 3 spot
lights, 1x13 Amps socket + power supply, needle punch carpet in stand area.
24sqm to 35sqm 2 new line table, 2 lockable counter, 4 leather chairs, 2 waste basket, 6 spot
lights, 2x13 Amps socket + power supply, needle punch carpet in stand area.
36sqm to 47sqm 3 new line table, 3 lockable counter, 6 leather chairs, 3 waste basket, 9 spot
lights, 3x13 Amps socket + power supply, needle punch carpet in stand area.
48sqm to 59sqm 4 new line table, 4 lockable counter, 8 leather chairs, 4 waste basket, 12 spot
lights, 4x13 Amps socket + power supply, needle punch carpet in stand area.
60sqm to 71sqm 5 new line table, 5 lockable counter, 10 leather chairs, 5 waste basket, 15 spot
lights, 5x13 Amps socket + power supply, needle punch carpet in stand area.
Furniture Breakdown per Deluxe Shell Scheme Size:
12sqm to 22sqm 1 round table, 1 lockable counter, 3 white chairs, 1 waste basket, 4 spot lights,
1 magazine rack 1x13 Amps socket + power supply, needle punch carpet in
stand area.
24sqm to 35sqm 2 round table, 2 lockable counter, 6 white chairs, 2 waste basket, 8 spot lights,
2 magazine rack 2x13 Amps socket + power supply, needle punch carpet in
stand area.
36sqm to 47sqm 3 round table, 3 lockable counter, 9 white chairs, 3 waste basket, 12 spot lights,
3 magazine rack 3x13 Amps socket + power supply, needle punch carpet in
stand area.
48sqm to 59sqm 4 round table, 4 lockable counter, 12 white chairs, 4
4 magazine rack 4x13 Amps socket + power supply,
stand area.
60sqm to 71sqm 5 round table, 5 lockable counter, 15 white chairs, 5
5 magazine rack 5x13 Amps socket + power supply,
stand area.
waste basket, 15 spot lights,
needle punch carpet in
waste basket, 18 spot lights,
needle punch carpet in
The following regulation has been introduced by DWTC Protocol and Security Department as required by the
Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department.
Contractor Badge Policy
All contractor staff must obtain a DWTC contractor badge in exchange of a valid proof of identity.
Temporary Contractor Badges
Local Contractors (UAE Based)
Individual Application
 All contractor staff must report to the cashier's cabin at the EO land entrance gate (located on the
right- hand side when entering road number 5) to receive a temporary contractor badge in
exchange of a valid proof of identity. This can either be a UAE labour or UAE national ID card, UAE
driving license or a UAE government organisation ID card which will be kept at the cashier's cabin
until the contractor badge is returned.
 Each contractor badge costs AED 20.00 and is valid for one day only (from 00:01 to 24:00). A fee of
AED 250.00 will be charged for any lost contractor badge.
Group Application
 A contractor may also apply for DWTC’s contractor badges for the company’s entire team one hour
before the build-up/tear-down starts. A representative of the company should submit the
application at the cashier’s cabin at the EO land entrance gate along with each staff’s original proof
of identity (UAE labour or UAE national ID card, UAE driving license or a UAE government
organisation ID) which will be kept at the cashier's cabin until the contractor badges are returned.
 Each contractor badge costs AED 20.00 and is valid for one day only (from 00:01 to 24:00). A fee of
AED 250.00 will be charged for any lost contractor badge.
International Contractor Badges (non-UAE based)
 All contractor staff must report to either the cashier’s cabin at the EO land entrance gate (located
on the right-hand side when entering road number 5 or at Al Wasl reception (next to Al Multaqua
Ballroom on concourse 1) to obtain a temporary contractor badge in exchange of a passport copy.
The badge will be valid for a maximum of 15 days. A charge of AED 200.00 per badge applies; these
AED 200.00 represent an entrance fee of AED100.00 and a refundable deposit of AED100.00. The
refundable deposit can only be claimed upon returning the badge within 15 days from the date of
 DWTC contractor badge holders enter the venue at their own risk. DWTC does not hold
responsibility for any injuries caused or for any damage to a vehicle or property.
 Access for contractors is restricted to the tenanted hall(s) during build-up and tear-down.
This covers, for example, cranes, forklifts, boom lifts, MEWP’s etc. An inspection will be carried out prior to
the machinery being used on site and in addition the exhibition centre requires that the following documents
are produced:
• Third party test certificate
• Competent operator valid driving license
• Operator training certificate
• Preventive maintenance records (3 months)
• Lifting tackles test certificate (if applicable)
• Banksman Details and certificate
• Driver should wear the harness (if applicable)
Failure to comply with DWTC Rules & Regulations will result in work being stopped. The appropriate
documentation will be required before work can recommence.
DWTC has recently issued a new regulation regarding rigging works at the exhibition halls. For Dubai
WoodShow 2016, all rigging work will be done only through DWTC against certain charges. Please submit
complete the Rigging Form for your rigging requirements. Please find below the necessary procedures:
Rigging Plans
 All rigging plans submitted must be clear and concise.
 Rigging points must be plotted with metric measurements between each rigging points and from
each side of the stand.
 Precise weight of each individual rigging point must be clearly mentioned in kilograms along with
the total weight of structure.
 The stand orientation must be clearly shown by the direction of the main entrance and by the
stands or the walls on the neighboring three sides.
 The desired metric height from the floor to the bottom of the structure when fully suspended must
be shown.
 Type of structure along with the metric measurements of its width, length and height must be
clearly stated.
 Any rigging plans that do not match the above criteria will not be accepted.
 Any bottom rigging, lifting equipment or lifting eyes that are not stamped, rated and approved with
a valid test certificate will not be accepted.
 Rigging points that have to be changed due to incorrect submitted rigging plans will be charged at
the surcharge rate.
Contractors will be able to choose from the following four options:
Drop Wire – 6 mm wire rope fitted with a quick term connector. Wire will be left for the contractor
the item and set to desired height. (For banners, light weight set pieces, truss weighing 30 kg or less).
Drop Wire (Hoist & Fix) – 6 mm wire rope fitted with a quick term connector. DWTC will hoist and fix
your trussing, banners or set pieces to the desired height and later will be responsible for the tear down.
Roof Point (30 kg to 250 kg) - For heavy items weighing more than 30 kg. DWTC will supply a roof
point anywhere in the venue for the contractors to attach their own lifting equipment, either a manual or
electric hoist.
Roof Point with Lifting Equipment - DWTC will supply one roof points and an electric or manual chain
hoist. DWTC will be responsible for lifting the bottom rigging to the desired height. All roof points will be
installed at approximately 40 cm below the bottom roof truss within the halls. Any request for a change of
standard height will be classed as a (special roof point)
Storage of all Posters and Artwork
 All posters, banners etc., will be disposed of immediately after the last day of tenancy unless prior
arrangement for collection of the same has been made and mutually agreed upon.
 Where the clients provides their own graphics / signage for installation by DWTC whilst exercising
all care, DWTC cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to graphics incurred during
transportation, storage, installation or de-rig.
 DWTC rigging is not responsible for secondary rigging installed by constructors.
Additional Information
 All DWTC Rigging hardware is inspected and tested by Municipality approved agents and caries
valid certification.
 All DWTC Rigging personnel are certified in both rigging and the use of Access Equipment.
 No stand structure is to be attached to DWTC ceiling (even as a Precautionary or added safety
The stand must be self-supporting and under no circumstances is the structure to be attached in any way to
the ceiling of the exhibition hall.
Working Hours
Rigging working hours are between 08:00 and 17:00, Saturday to Thursday. Any requests out with these
times are subject to availability and surcharge. Rigging not ready for installation by 17:00 on the last
day of build-up will be the responsibility of the contractor.
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