1Q2016 3.3 MB - Quilts and Lace LLC

1Q2016 3.3 MB - Quilts and Lace LLC
Quilts and Lace News
1ST Q T R 2016
In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away. So many of us find the too infrequent touch of awe in
our lives; from colorful sunsets to a beautiful hymn. We need to be more aware of
time passing. Even the mundane, like an unexpected hug from an old friend, or the
realization that “Me, yes, I sewed that”, can be an awe filled moment. Those moments of awe. Seek them out, with every breath this New Year.
It is a busy, busy first quarter in Central Florida. Big, big, big quilting shows from AQS in
Daytona to Mancuso in Orlando plus our local Seaside Piecemakers here in Melbourne — all happen 1st Quarter 2016.
We encourage you to go and see the copious amounts of stitchcraft, from talented people sharing your
hobby. Moments of awe. Our supplier/ manufacturers will be there too, offering seemingly incredible
deals on the machine products we sell everyday.
So be sensible. Stop and think. My local shop is here, every week of the year, offering classes, service and
support. These guys float in for a day or two and sell machines at 50% discount on MSRP. Wait a cottonpicking moment. They set the MSRP so it’s easy to discount from it!!! Before you buy at an event, just stop
by your local shop and talk value over price. Local shops probably cannot match the machine price as
just a machine (we buy from the same manufacturer). If you compare what you really get for your purchase, local wins hands down. Value over price.
We have limited our in-house repertoire of special events in 1st Quarter. We have a hugely popular 2day AnitaGoodesign in mid-February: already over half booked. We also have Judy Lilly coming the first
week of April. This is a not to be missed opportunity to see and sew with a thread artist extraordinaire.
Aira just loves this woman’s work. Then on mid-April, Serge-A-Thon, a 3 day retreat using Baby Lock 8thread sergers.
We will pay homage to Floriani and Brother by attending classes in late January.
Sincerely Aira Kekäle and Allan Reid
PS: The store will be closed on New Year’s Day, January 1st
Calendar of Special Events
FEBRUARY 19 & 20
Time: 9:30am - 4:00pm both days
Fee: $99 - includes lunch, etc...
Register early, since seating is limited!!!
APRIL 1 & 2
Judy Lilly Event
We are very excited to
have Judy Lilly from
Myrtle Beach, SC in our
She will teach a landscape quilt class on
Friday, April 1st and present a trunk show on
Saturday, April 2nd.
More details of this
event will be provided
in January.
Baby Lock® & Brother® MACHINE CLASSES
Baby Lock® and Brother® Sewing Machine Owner’s Classes
These classes are for current models of Baby Lock® and Brother® Computerized Machines —
Call the store to schedule classes for non-computerized or older models.
 Owner-classes provide you handson instruction for your
Lock® & Brother® machine. In
addition to learning all the great
features that your new machine
has, we will also teach many
sewing techniques, so that you
can take a full advantage of all
the capabilities available.
 You can take these classes in any
order, once you have taken class #1.
 These classes are FREE, if you
purchased the machine from
’Quilts and Lace LLC’ (and you
can take them as many time as
you want). Otherwise the fee is
$50 per class.
 We ask that you register for the
class (even if it is free), so that we
will have enough supplies
Register via email:
([email protected]), phone
(321-622-8602), or in person.
 We provide the fabric kits and
class notes (FREE!) used during the
class. So, all you need to bring is:
your sewing machine / serger with
its accessories (including power
cord, knee lever, etc…) and the
manual, as well as scissors, thread,
and a pen/pencil, (optional:
notepad and highlighter).
MACHINE Sewing Machine Basics, Memory
Class 2: PRACTICAL SEWING Seams, Hems, Buttons, Buttonholes, Zippers,
Mending, Directional Sewing
Class 3: DECORATIVE SEWING Heirloom techniques: gathering, pintucks,
lace insertion, piping
(10a – 1p)
(10a – 1p)
(10a – 1p)
(4 – 7p)
(10a – 1p)
(10a – 1p)
(4 – 7p)
(10a – 1p)
(10a – 1p)
Class 4: MORE DÉCOR. SEWING Patchwork, Quilting, Appliqué, and
(2 – 5p)
Class 5: From Baby Lock Esante to Destiny &
Symphony to Crescendo & Brother Innov-is
1500 to THE DM; NX-2000 to DreamWeaver
Setup, Review of screens, s/w updates, etc
(10a – 1p)
Destiny and THE Dream Machine Extras
IQ Designer / My Design Center
Ellisimo and Quattro Extras
(4 – 7p)
(2 – 5p)
(10a – 1p)
(10a – 1p)
(2 – 5p)
Tuesday, 1-MAR (10a - 1p)
Baby Lock® and Brother® Embroidery Machine Owner’s Classes
Stabilizers, threads, needles, designs,
hooping, on-screen editing
(10a – 1p)
(10a – 1p)
(4 – 7p)
(10a – 1p)
(10a – 1p)
(10a – 1p)
Baby Lock® Sashiko Machine Owner’s Classes
Mon 18-JAN (10a – 12n)
Tue 29-MAR (10a – 12n)
Brother® Scan-N-Cut Owner’s Classes
Sat 2-JAN (10a-1p)
Tue 2-FEB (4 – 7p)
Thu 24-MAR (10a-1p)
These classes are for Baby Lock® Ovation, Evolution, Enlighten and Imagine sergers.
Call the store to schedule classes for other serger models.
Class 2: THREE-THREAD TECHNIQUES 3-thread overlock and flatlock, Blindstitch, Rolled
Hem, Cording
(2 – 5p)
(2 – 5p)
(10a – 1p)
(2 – 5p)
(10a – 1p)
(10a – 1p)
2-thread Flatlock, Rolled Hem, Piping, and Beads;
Wave stitch
(4 – 7p)
(2 – 5p)
(2 – 5p)
Class 4: COVER & CHAIN TECHNIQUES (for Evolve,
Evolution, Ovation, and Cover Stitch) Cover stitch, Chain stitch, Combination stitches
(10a – 1p)
(4 – 7p)
Basic Serger Operations and 4-thread Techniques
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1ST Qtr 2016
 We carry several embroidery software products: Baby Lock Palette, Designer’s Gallery,
Brother® PE Design, BES Lettering, and Floriani.
 Embroidery software classes provide you hands-on instructions on your embroidery software.
 These classes are FREE, if you purchased the software from ‘Quilts and Lace LLC’ (and you
can take them as many time as you want). Otherwise the class fee is $50 per class.
 Please, contact us to schedule your embroidery software classes (even if it is free). Register
via phone (321-622-8602), email ([email protected]), or in person.
 Please, bring your laptop computer with the software, reader box/dongle, and the manual,
as well as pen/pencil, notepad, and highlighter (optional).
 Basic PC skills are required before taking these classes. We offer also basic PC lessons
(“Windows for Embroiderers”), if you need a refresher.
 If you do not see your s/w listed below, call to schedule a special class.
We want to help you with any of your embroidery computer / PC questions; talking to the
World Wide Web; etc. Just let us know how we can be of an assistance.
Floriani “Total Control Pro” & FTC-U - Embroidery Software Lessons
 Allan will teach a series of Floriani software classes. He will cover basics, editing of
designs, lettering and digitizing.
Wed 6-JAN (2-5p)
Fri 22-JAN (10a-1p)
Mon 8-FEB (2-5p)
Sat 27-FEB (10a-1p)
Wed 16-MAR (2-5p)
Tue 29-MAR (4-7p)
Floriani “My Design Album” - Software Lesson
 This class will teach you how to use the new Floriani cataloging software - My Design Album.
Tue 12-JAN (10a-1p)
Tue 1-MAR (4-7p)
DG “EmbroideryWorks” - Embroidery Software Lessons
 This class will teach you how to use the wonderful embroidery editing software “Designer’s
Gallery EmbroideryWorks Everyday”
Mon 7-MAR (2-5p)
“Palette 9 & 10 / PE DESIGN NEXT & 10” - Embroidery Software
 This class will teach you how to use the Baby Lock Palette 9 and 10 and Brother PEDESIGNNEXT and 10 embroidery software.
Wed 3-FEB (2-5p)
Thu 24-MAR (2-5p)
“Windows for Embroiderers” - Basic PC Lessons
We offer basic PC lessons, too. Even though Allan is a mechanical engineer by training, he has ~40
years experience on computers (starting when computers were a size of a bus).
This class is for the beginner who is new to computers and/or would like to improve her/his computer skills for a better understanding of embroidery software. This covers Windows 7 to 10.
We will start from organizing your computer, zip and unzip files, view multiple windows, downloading and purchasing designs on the web then loading these designs into your embroidery machine.
The classes are always customized based on the needs and questions of the students :)
Wed 14-JAN (2-5p)
Please, bring your laptop computer (if available), notepad, and pen/pencil.
Fee: $40 for the 3-hour session - Includes: “Basic Computer Skills for Embroiderers” -book (valued $14.99).
Quilts and Lace News
Page 3
Embroidery Club
If you own an embroidery machine or are considering buying one, please, join us on the 3rd
Monday of most months (with some exceptions due to events and holidays) at 2-4 pm to
learn additional techniques in the world of machine embroidery.
These sessions are open for any embroidery machine brand. Since the embroidery machines
are getting bigger and heavier to haul into classes, we’ll create a project design in software
which you can stitch out later at home. So all you need to bring is your enthusiasm, laptop
and/or memory stick :)
We have special pricing on some of the supplies used in the month’s project.
Fee: $5 per session. One year FREE, if you purchased your embroidery machine or software at
‘Quilts and Lace LLC’ :)
Serger Club
If you own a serger, please, join us on the 1st Thursday of most months (with some exceptions
due to events and holidays) at 10am-12N OR 2-4 pm to learn various serger techniques, while
making a small project. We welcome any serger brand owners! Bring your serger with its
accessories and manual. NOTE! Due to the popularity of this club, we repeat the same project
on odd and even months, i.e. January project is the same as February; March and April will be
the same project, etc… NOTE: March serger clubs will be on 2nd Thursday due to the
Melbourne Quilt Show!!
Fee: $5 per session + supplies (for some projects we will have kits available). Please, check with
the store for supply list or kit availability for each month’s project. One year FREE (except
supplies) if you purchased your serger at ‘Quilts and Lace LLC’ :)
Please... register for the club meeting (even if it is free), since space is limited
and let us know which time you will be attending! And please, please let us know, if
you need to cancel, since we often have a waiting list to this club!!
Foot of the Month Club
We use several feet and accessories during the machine owners classes, but there are many
more feet and lots of additional techniques that we do not have time to explore in detail during the machine classes, this is why we offer a “Foot of the Month Club”! We will use Baby
Lock or Brother feet for demonstration, but many other machine brands have comparable
feet, where these same techniques can be used, so all machine brand owners are very
Join us on the 2nd Wednesday of most months (some exceptions due to events and holidays)
at 10am - 12N OR 2-4 pm to learn possible uses of feet and accessories, while making a small
project. Bring your machine with its accessories and manual.
Fee: $5 per session + supplies. Please, check with the store for supply list or kit availability for
each month’s project. NOTE: There will be special a price on the foot or accessory bought
during or immediately after the class!
Please, register for the club meeting, since space is limited
and let us know which time you will be attending!
Brother ‘Scan-N-Cut’ Club
We have received several requests to offer more classes on this amazing machine, so we
offer a monthly club! Join us on the 4th Tuesday of most months (with some exceptions due
to events and holidays) at 4-6 pm to learn additional techniques or make a small project.
Bring your machine with its accessories and manual.
Fee: $5 per session + supplies. Please, check with the store for supply list or kit availability for
each month’s project. One year FREE (except supplies) if you purchased your Scan-N-Cut at
‘Quilts and Lace LLC’ :) NOTE: January club will be on 3rd Tuesday due to dealer mtg!!
Please, register for the club meeting, since space is limited!
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1ST Qtr 2016
“Tahoe Tote” - by Margaret Taylor
This easy-to-make tote is a great size for carrying all kinds of items. It has 6 inside pockets,
21 inch straps that can be made any length and optional snap or flap closure. Make it for
yourself or as a gift for that special someone! Skill level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
Class fee: $40 (one session). Does not include supplies – contact the store for details. Bring
your own brown bag lunch or use one of the great restaurants in our shopping center.
Fri 15-JAN (10a-2:30p)
“Stitcher’s Garden #2” Quilt
This is a series of classes that will teach you tons of techniques, how to use various sewing machine feet, decorative stitches, and features of your machine. The entire class
consists of 6 sessions (approximately 2 blocks per class), however, you can attend just
some of the sessions, if you want to make only individual blocks and use them for a
smaller quilt or pillows. Note that you can join us at any time, since each block is independent from others.
Class fee: $40 (per session). Includes the pattern and fabric kit – contact us for other
required supplies.
If you want to make the blocks into the quilt, such as the sample, a ‘finishing kit’
(borders, lattice, accent trim, binding) is available for purchase.
Thu 21-JAN (10a-2p)
Thu 25-FEB (10a-2p)
Thu 17-MAR (10a-2p)
Thu 21-APR (10a-2p)
Thu 19-MAY (10a-2p)
Thu 16-JUN (10a-2p)
‘Design Your Own Art Quilt’ - by Dij Pacarro
Create your own little art quilt using simple geometric shapes complimented by creative stitching. You will use 3 fabrics of your choice to create a unique artistic expression, following Dij’s step by step method. Then you will add stitching, either by hand
or machine, to make your piece sizzle. Suitable for all levels.
Sewing machine with decorative stitches recommended.
Class fee: $30 (one session). Does not include supplies – contact the store for details.
Sat 23-JAN (10a-1p)
“Beginning Quilting’ - by Margaret Taylor
This all-day class is designed to teach the beginning quilter basic piecing and quilting
techniques from rotary cutting, sewing, pressing and assembling smaller fabric pieces to
create a quilt block. We will make three blocks, sew them together, then make a quilt
sandwich with backing and batting which we will quilt, trim, and finally make and sew
binding on. The project measures 36½” x 12½” and makes a delightful table runner or
wall hanging. Choose fabric with a holiday, home décor, seasonal, special occasion or
color theme. Skill level: Beginner
Fee: $50 (one session). Does not include supplies – contact the store for details.
Need minimum 4 students!!
Quilts and Lace News
Thu 28-JAN (10a-4p)
Wed 2-MAR (10a-4p)
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‘Stepping Stones’ - Quilt - by Margaret Taylor
If you love to embroider, but can’t find uses for all your embroideries, this quilt is for you! The large
blocks in the quilt provide a perfect place for embroideries. Our sample is a baby quilt, but any
theme or size will work. Or you can just use a lovely focal fabric in your blocks if embroidery is not
your thing. The pattern shows two sizes, but it is very easy to make any size you want.
Class fee: $30 (one session). Does not include supplies – contact the store for details. Need minimum 4 students!!
Mon 1-FEB (10a-1p)
‘Quilt and Finish Your Art Quilt’ - by Dij Pacarro
Bring your art quilt top from any previous class, and Dij will help you choose creative ways to
enhance your quilt with free motion quilting, embellishments, and special finishing techniques.
Class fee: $30 (one session). Does not include supplies – contact the store for details.
Tue 9-FEB (10a-1p)
“Test Drive a Serger” - Pillow Workshop - by Aira
Have you ever said “I wonder if a serger would be useful for me” or “I haven’t used my serger in
years”? If yes, then join us for this class to “test drive’ a serger”. While serging a pillow you will
learn some basic techniques and have an opportunity to experience different serger models.
The class consists of ‘quilting as you go’, rolled hem, gathering, zipper insertion and seaming
using our floor model Baby Lock and Brother sergers. No machines or supplies to carry to this
Fee: $30 (Includes kit, except the pillow form).
Thu 11-FEB (10a – 1p)
Destiny & THE Dream Machine Extras #2 - by Aira
The Dream Machine and Destiny just have too many goodies to show during our normal 8 machine lessons, so we decided to add one more! This class is just to experience the many built in
capabilities of the IQ Designer / My Design Center. We will scan images and create embroidery appliques right there in the machine - how cool is that!!!
Class fee: $10 kit fee
Sat 13-FEB (10a-1p)
‘Log Cabin’ - Quilt - by Margaret Taylor
The Log Cabin is one of America’s all-time favorite quilts and easy to make, since all blocks are constructed the same. The log cabin block has numerous variations and the blocks themselves can be
arranged in all kinds of interesting configurations. This is the perfect next-step class after beginning
quilting to advance your quilting skills. Skill level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
Class fee: $30 (one session). Does not include supplies – contact the store for details. Need minimum 4 students!!
Mon 15-FEB (10a-1p)
“Décor Pillow’ - by Margaret Taylor
This class is designed to teach how to attach an invisible zipper and make and apply piping.
Both are very easy to do, especially if you have the correct feet for your sewing machine. We
make a décor pillow in this class and the students are welcome to bring their own embroidered
square or focal fabric to use as the pillow center. Pillow size can range from 12”, 14”, or 16”.
Skill level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
Fee: $40 (one session). Does not include supplies – contact the store for details. Need miniMon 29-FEB (10a-2:30p)
mum 4 students!!
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1ST Qtr 2016
"Quilting with Embroidery Machine” - table runner
Several of Aira’s quilts have part of the quilting done by an embroidery machine —
those are the ones with perfect feathers :) While making this table runner, you will
learn how to hoop quilted fabrics, and how to join the designs to have a continuous
larger design. If you have a machine with a small hoop or do not want to make a table runner, we suggest making a pillow top instead using the same designs and techniques.
Class fee: $30 (one session). Includes the embroidery files, which was created using
the Floriani’s “My Decorative Quilter” software; but does not include other supplies –
contact us for details.
Fri 11-MAR (1-5p)
‘Quilt Your Fabric Design’ - by Dij Pacarro
Using a large print fabric or panel, you'll learn to follow the motif with free motion quilting
and thread painting. You can even use the printed fabric as your backing to make a beautiful whole cloth quilt.
Class fee: $30 (one session). Does not include supplies – contact
the store for details.
Tue 15-MAR (10a-1p)
“Free Style Strip Quilt’ - by Margaret Taylor
Strip quilts are fast and fun and a great “next-step” class after the beginner’s class. Using the
pre-cut 2 ½” strips is a great option because it eliminates spending time choosing individual
colors and cutting time to make the strips. This particular pattern offers 9 different arrangements for the blocks you create, so you can have lots of fun arranging and re-arranging to get
the perfect quilt for you. Skill level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
Fee: $30 (one session). Does not include supplies – contact the store for details. Need
minimum 4 students!!
Wed 16-MAR (10a-1p)
Heirloom Baby Cap by Serger- by Aira
This cute batiste cap has been designed especially for the baby boys in your life. Heavy cotton thread
and a cover stitch are used to create serger bridging which edges both sides of an embroidered insertion.
A boyish cap bill is topstitched with chain stitch from the wrong side, and the back is squared to complete
the masculine look. The cap is lined for a professional finish, and the ties are made of silk satin ribbon.
Class fee: $30 (one session). Includes pattern but not supplies - contact us for details.
Sat 19-MAR (10a-1p)
Pre-registration is required for all classes. Only your paid class fee reserves your spot. If our class dates or times do not meet with your schedule, and you would
like to take a class, please, let us know! We will try our best to accommodate and schedule additional classes.
For most classes we suggest you to bring your own machine, but on some classes we also rent our floor demo machines - please, reserve the machine at the
time of class registration to ‘test drive’ a wonderful Baby Lock® or Brother® sewing machine or serger!
Class fees are not refundable, if the class is held and you do not attend. You can pre-arrange to use the fee against another class or may transfer your place to
someone else. There will be a full refund if we cannot re-schedule a class that is cancelled due to weather or for some other unexpected reason. We would like
to ask everyone to please do one little thing: if you book a seat for a class, and if you have to cancel, please call the shop and let us know in a timely
manner. Sometimes we have a waiting list and that way we can let people know about available seats :)
For some classes we have kits available, and for some you need to bring your own materials. And of course, we will be very grateful, if you purchase the class
supplies from our store :) - You will receive 10% discount on the class supplies!
Register via phone (321-622-8602), email ([email protected]), via website (www.quiltsandlace.com), or in person.
Quilts and Lace News
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Quilts and Lace LLC,
7720 N.Wickham Rd. Ste 111
Melbourne, FL 32940
Phone: 321-622-8602
Fax: 321-622-8574
E-mail: [email protected] &
[email protected]
Web: www.quiltsandlace.com
Authorized Dealer for:
Store Hours:
10am…5pm Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri
12...7pm Tue
10am...2pm Sat
Closed on Sundays
Also closed on:
New Year’s Day Jan 1
“”Sew Precious Heirlooms”
‘Open Sewing’ - Tuesdays
 Do you have a project that needs a bit of help to get finished?
 Do you have a new project that you would like to get started?
 Maybe you just wanted to digitize a design for embroidery?
Join us on Tuesdays from 1-4pm for a FREE ‘open sewing’
event. Pack your supplies and tools and let’s work on your project — you can work on it on your own, with your friends, or we
will be glad to assist where we can and as much as time allows.
Our Services:
 Authorized Dealer of Baby Lock & Brother sewing,
serging, quilting and embroidery machines
 Authorized Dealer of Baby Lock , Designer’s Gallery ,
Brother , Floriani and DIME embroidery software
 Authorized Showcase Dealer of Koala sewing furniture
 Also Perfexion Designs and Tailormade cabinets
 Factory certified, full time, on-site service engineer for Baby
Lock & Brother products; older models of other brands
also serviced
 Product training (several owner’s classes) on Baby Lock,
Brother, and Floriani products
 Sewing and embroidery threads
 Embroidery design collections (Anita Goodesign, Floriani,..)
 Heirloom and quilting fabric & Heirloom laces
 Sewing, embroidery, and quilting notions and supplies
 10% off all regular priced items for 1 year w/ a machine
(>$500) purchase
 10% off regular priced fabric w/ guild membership
Come and see us at the
a Memory”
Quilt Show in Melbourne
Auditorium on
MARCH 4 & 5
APRIL 14 & 16
Three Day Hands-on Baby Lock
Ovation/Evolution Serge-A-Thon
Thu - Sat 14 - 16 APR (10:00a-5:00p)
Retreat fee: $199
Work book CD and Fabrics Included A $150.00 value!
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