Philips | SC3136N | 36" Philips Multimedia Television

36" Philips Multimedia Television
36" Philips Multimedia Television
with XGA®, SVGA®,VGA®, and Mac®
Computer Display Capability
(screen size measured diagonally)
SmartCard Integrated Expansion Capability
Digital Display Compatibility up to 2048 x 1536
Refresh Rate: 40-150Hz
Separate Audio Input for Use with Computer,
S-Video and Composite Video Inputs
• Net1 System Television Network Control Capability
• Includes ScanCard III with Net1 Receiver Functions
• Clone Interface Port
• Front Audio/Video Jacks
• Automatic Mode Detection
• Exclusive Pan and Zoom
Professional TV Software
with use of Setup Remote
• Tamper-Proof Setup
• Front Control Lockout
• ESP™ (Energy Saving Programmability)
• Audio/Video Muting
• Volume Management
• Marquee Channel™
• SmartSound™
• SmartMute™
• Closed Captioning
ProPlus Performance Package
• Stereo-dbxTM Sound System
• Digital Comb Filter
• Event Programming
• Easy A/V Switching
• 24-hour Clock
- 15 ft. VGA Cable
- Active Loop-Thru Cable
- Remote Control - ScanCard III
- Features One-Button Access to:
- S-Video
- Aux.Video
ScanCard III
cards optional
36" Philips Multimedia Television
The SC3136C is a full-featured television with an integrated multimedia SmartCard. It is designed and manufactured for use in a variety of multimedia applications, including education,information display, business, computer training, etc. It is compatible with a wide
array of PC and Apple® Macintosh® computers. Improved picture
quality yields state-of-the-art conversion from XGA/SVGA/VGA
to NTSC.
Technical Specifications:
• System: 525 lines per picture, 60 fields per second, interlaced for
NTSC 3.58 systems
• Power Source: 90-150Vac, 50/60Hz
• Power Consumption: 110W (avg.)
• Picture Tube: 36" Diagonal, 110°
• Speaker Size:Two 2" x 5" oval speakers
• Resolution: RF - 440+, CVBS - 680+, S-Video - 680+, RGB - 700+
TV lines (per picture width - horizontal)
• Digital Display Resolution up to 2048 x 1536 compatible with virtually
any PC or Mac display adaptor
• Digital Comb Filter
• Operating Temperature: 32°F - 104°F (0°C - 40°C)
• Operating Humidity: 5% - 100%
• Weight: 152 lbs.
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 33" x 29" x 24"
• Power Cord: 13', 3 Prong Polarized
• Closed Captioning: Compatible with all FCC recognized modes
• Channel Capability: 181 channels
• Audio: 2 x 3 Watts @ 16Ω, @ 10% THD, 50Hz - 12kHz
frequency response
Input/Output Capabilities:
Antenna Input: 75 ohm VHF/UHF
SmartCard Interface: 32-pin Molex®
Clone Interface Port: RJ11 Type Connector
Video Input (front): 1 input, phono type connector
Audio Input (front): 2 inputs (4R), phono type connector
VGA Digital Display Input (DB-15 connector)
VGA Digital Display Audio Input (phono type connector)
S-Video Input
S-Video Stereo Audio Input (phono type connector)
Composite Video Input (phono type connector)
Composite Video/Audio Input (phono type connector)
Accessories: (optional)
Exclusive Pan and Zoom
Scroll through oversized graphics and text with the convenience of pan
and zoom. When the Zoom button is pressed, smart technology allows
the user to select the zoom area to be magnified using the remote control
and then stores the zoom location in TV memory. Then, you can pan left
or right through the rest of the document using the cursor buttons
( ).
Advanced 2-Dimensional Flicker Filter
Advanced filter results in improved computer-generated graphics display
and higher resolution, and is continuously adjustable.
Tamper-Proof Setup
Requires setup remote (RG4172BK, not shipped with unit) to gain access
to TV menu features.
Front Control Lockout
This innovative feature locks all front controls, preventing unauthorized
persons from adjusting any television setting.
ESP™ (Energy Saving Programmability)
Energy saving system that powers television off after a specified period of
use. A simple countdown clock can be selectively set to operate from
0-99 hours with automatic clock reset at each power-up.
Audio/Video Muting
Automatically detects loss of signal and mutes both audio and video.
Marquee Channel™
Forces to specified channel when television turned on.
Event Programming
Built-in software provides scheduling capability by time and day of week.
Unit can be programmed to power up, tune to a specified channel, and
power down automatically.
Automatic volume leveler. Automatically detects variations in audio and
adjusts to acceptable levels.
Automatically displays closed caption service whenever the user activates
the mute function.
Built-in Closed Caption Decoder
Compatible with all FCC recognized modes
• Setup Transmitter - (RG4172BK) use to customize TV to application
• Mounting Brackets - Various types available
• Future Upgrade Cards - As technology advances, the TV is upgradeable
to meet future applications.
• Smart Loader for cloning (CLON99BK)
Special Features
Net1 System Television Network Control Capability
• Adds Net1 Daughter Board
• Simple Plug & Play addition to existing ScanCard III (pre-installed)
• Adds networking capability to television
• Allows groups of televisions to be controlled from a central location via
RF distribution system (7.5 mHz carrier frequency)
• Sets can be controlled individually, in groups, or all at once
• Controllable functions include power, volume, channel, and front
panel lockout
Automatic Mode Detection
Detects up to 8 different video modes,“learns” screen geometry, and
automatically recalls screen settings.With the ability to adjust horizontal
and vertical scaling, the SC3136N makes your display compatible with most
current computer software platforms.
* Marquee Channel, ESP, SmartSound, and Smart Plug are trademarks of Philips Consumer Electronics
Co. VGA and SVGA are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corp. Apple,
Macintosh and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Molex is a registered trademark of Molex, Inc. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of
their respective owners.
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UL listed for commercial use
Philips Institutional TV (ITV)
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