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Widex Clear FAQ
FAQ About Compass V5.x & Programming the
Q: What do I need to be able to program Clear440?
A: You will need the following: Compass V5.x, a NOAHlink+nEARcom, OR a Widex
USBLink. You cannot program Clear with a NOAHlink alone, HiPro or the iP5.
Q: Why is cable fitting not an option with CLEAR440
A: Cable fitting requires more space in the hearing aid. This will not permit enough
space within the smallest models to include cable fitting and the wireless technology.
Q: How does the nEARcom communicate with the fitting computer and the
hearing aid?
A: To be able to use the nEARcom you must first choose the nEARcom as your
interface in Compass. Compass will then activate the nEARcom and the Tech Module.
The fitting information is sent via Bluetooth to the NOAHlink, which must be have a
nEARcom Module. Since NOAHlink is still the unit used for connection to the
computer this is still a Bluetooth connection.The nEARcom communicates with the
wireless hearing aids via the Tech Module which is used to control the hearing aids.
The fitting data between the Computer and the Widex wireless hearing aids is sent
using the WidexLink protocol for a safe wireless transmission.
Q: The nEARcom removes the need for specific cables to be used with different
styles of products. Are there any other advantages to the nEARcom?
A: The nEARcom can be used in all fittings since current cables can be attached to
the nEARcom for fitting hearing aids that still rely on cable fitting. The dispenser
does not need to shift between using nEARcom and traditional NOAHlink when
shifting between fitting different instruments.
Q: Can the Clear440 be programmed by the Widex Hand Held iP5?
A: No, the processing in the Clear440 required a much more complex and
sophisticated chip than the iP5 can handle.
A: Wireless fitting by Widex is a leap into the future allowing for a hassle free fitting
of the CLEAR440 products. Switching to Compass fitting will allow you to offer your
customers the newest products in the market with wireless technology the
CLEAR440 with DEX accessories.
Q: Can I use the nEARcom+ NOAHlink, the Widex USBLink, NOAHlink alone or
HiPro box alone on the same computer without having to unplug or deactivate
anything due to interference?
A: Yes. These interfaces can all be on the same computer.
Q: Can I use ChildFit for an adult?
A: Yes CHILDfit can be used for adults as well as child. It is, however, only available
for Passion 440 and the mind products at this point. It is also available for the CLEAR
Q: What are some of the differences between PrecisionFit and ChildFit?
A: The Child Fit target allows a choice between the Widex proven, proprietary fitting
FAQ About Clear Features
Q: What is the ReverseFocus program and when would a patient use it?
A: The ReverseFocus program enhances the sounds coming from behind the patient
while reducing those that come from the front. This program is especially useful
when the hearing aid user is in the front seat of a car and wishes to hear
conversations from the back seat. This program may also be useful for a patient in a
wheel chair who wishes to hear the caretaker from behind.
on listed as an available program option in
A: The Acclimatization setting is now built into the Master program using a 4-step
slider handle. Step 4 is 100% target gain settings.
Q: What is the Service Reminder?
A: The Service Reminder is a verbal message designed to remind the hearing aid
user that it is time to return for hearing aid(s) service. It is not an indication that
something is wrong with the hearing aid. By default, the Service Reminder is off, but
can be changed in the Acoustic Indicators screen to generate a message in 1 month,
3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.
remote control/Dex. Can I order a custom Clear440 product without the
wireless coil?
A: No, the wireless coil is required for programming and is standard in all Clear440
Q: What are Compound Programs that I see in the Clear family?
A: Compound programs are listening program options that allow the right and left
ears to assume different identities at the push of the program button (versus the
same identity for right and left ears in traditional listening program).
A: In a Clear440 binaural fitting, WidexLink technology will notify the patient if one
hearing aid has lost communication from the other. This could be a lost hearing aid,
a soon-to-expire battery in a hearing aid, or electromagnetic interference from
nearby sources that affects the communication between hearing aids. There will be
an alert tone and the SmartSpeak will say PARTNER CHECK to alert the patient.
Q: How can I see the target gain settings in the Fine Tuning screen for the
A: Click the button that looks like an Orange Target, the target gain numbers will
appear in white for the IGloud/Normal/Softs.
one aid is now lost do they have to go back to their Audiologist/Dispenser for
continue to function, but in a monaural manner. When the partner hearing aid is
recovered, matching between the two aids is done automatically. .
Q: What happened to the Loudness Master in the fine tuning screen for
A: The Loudness Master feature has now been consolidated with the IG gain adjust
matrix to allow IG gain change at each input level (soft, normal and loud) for up to 15
on the left side of the gain settings.
Q: Can I switch OFF or ON the InterEar communication functions?
A: Yes, you can turn off selected InterEar features. You will see controls for this by
Q: Can you modify the step size for the volume control adjustment in the
hearing aid for Clear440?
A: Yes you now have the option via Compass for different step sizes (1, 1.5 or 2dB
v/c step control)
Q: When you do adjust the step size of the volume control, will this change also
affect the VC adjustment when using any of the 3 Dex accessories?
A: Yes. The change is universal.
A: It allows the Audiologist/Dispenser to set the Play time duration for the specific
Zen+ program anywhere from 5 to 80 minutes. Afterwards, the Zen tones (and
custom products?
A: Digital Pinna technology applies only to the BTE/RIC styles Clear440 hearing aids
to help restore natural localization cues
Q: Is the Zen in the Clear440 different than the Zen in the Mind440?
A: Yes, the Zen in the Clear440 is the InterEar Zen version which creates a stereolike experience when listening in a binaural arrangement. The IE Zen is now
distributed between the hearing aids for a fuller and complete relaxation experience.
One can, however, revert back to the mind440 Zen by deactivating the IE-Zen or
choosing monaural Clear440 fittings.
-free hearing aid batteries for Widex
A: Yes depending on the manufacturer of the battery. RayOVac has recently
introduced their second generation mercury-free battery that has a 1.45V supply
voltage. Widex has tested that and found it is substantially equivalent to a Zinc-Air
Q: If I turn off all of the Widex InterEar features in Clear will this give me more
battery life?
A: No. The Clear440 hearing aids are constantly in a transmit/receive mode even
though the IE features are deactivated. Thus, no saving in battery life is expected.
A: No.
Q: If I give my patient a MT or T program in Clear440 and the patient holds up
the phone to one side of their head will they hear the conversation in both ears
with the InterEar technology?
A: No. IE technolog
wearers will also hear in both ears with the M-Dex because the wireless transmission
from the M-Dex to the hearing aids is non-specific. In the MT/T mode, only the MT or
T in the intended ear is activated.
Q: Is the Clear440 chip the same as the Mind440 chip?
A: No. The Clear chip is a brand new chip that has more gates and more processing.
This allows us to realize C-ISP technology that allows communications between
Q: Is it possible to have different Clear models on opposite ears? Will the inter ear features still be available?
A: Yes, but depending on the models being used, not all options may be available, i.e.
T-coil, phone +, access via remote & Dexes, etc.
Q: Are any of the DEX products compatible with FM systems?
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