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June 2015
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about you
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• “ConnectedWomen”
• Indoorelectricheaterswith
• Riskassessmentprocedurein
– T90/TWN75 & RW90/RWU90
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You told us what you wanted in a junction box. We listened.
Based on your feedback, we’ve added features to make the installation
and use of a junction box faster and easier. The frustrations are gone no more worries about positioning a gasket, over-tightening a cover
screw or locating and aligning conduit entry holes. The Scepter JBox is
the easiest box you’ll ever use.
Available in sizes 4” to 12” | NEMA Rated 1, 2, 3R, 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 12 & 13
UL 50 / CSA C22.2 No. 94.1 | UL 50E / CSA C22.2 No. 94.2
CSA C22.2 No. 40 | CSA C22.2 No. 85
*Only available on sizes 6” and larger.
Products are manufactured by IPEX Electrical Inc. JBox™ is a trademark of IPEX Branding Inc.
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from the editor
So where is “World Electrical Day”?
I would love to see
us get the ball
rolling on
a “Canada
Electrical Day”...
ack in March, I received word of something called
“World Plumbing Day” (March 11), which got
me thinking... where is “World Electrical Day”?
So I googled. And I sent some emails. I made
some calls. I could not find anything called World Electrical Day.
There’s “National Lineman Appreciation Day” in
the United States (April 18) and some would say our
industry has “Earth Hour” (the electrical industry, in all
its various disciplines, deserves so much more attention
than just the act of turning off the lights for one hour
once a year!).
There’s also “National Day of Mourning” (April 28)
and 2015 is the “International Year of Light”. Sure, there’s
probably something like an Energy Week, but that’s
for all forms of energy, including natural gas and crude.
There is simply no Day devoted to just electrical power.
After not being able to find anything myself, I called
the IBEW-1st District and, after they did some poking
around themselves, they admitted they could not find a
“Day” that was specifically dedicated to “Electrical”. And
they don’t have one themselves.
Same result with the Canadian Electrical Contractors
Association. I couldn’t find anything on the
International Electrotechnical Commission’s website or
IEEE, either.
My resolve in finding (or founding) a Day for the
electrical industry was recently bolstered by comments
made Harald Henze, the former VP and GM of Wesco
Distribution Canada LP. Granted, he was speaking as an
electrical distributor to his peers and manufacturers, but
I believe the sentiment still applies:
“We work in an industry that has such an enormous
role to play in the development of our country... the
infrastructure of that country. The products that we sell
create societies and build societies.”
And those products mean nothing without the
professionals who spec and install them. Henze’s
sentiment was echoed by last year by Electrical Safety
Authority chair Charlie Cipolla:
“It’s miraculous the things that we can do with
electricity, and shame on us for not telling that story and
making people more aware.”
I would love to see us get the ball rolling on a
“Canada Electrical Day” with the hope of seeing it
expand into a “World Electrical Day”. This industry of
society-builders has earned it, and deserves it.
P.S. If something like this does exist,
please drop me a line
Industry news
eBmag spoke with michelle Branigan about the launch of
“Connected Women”—a new national mentorship program
aimed at attracting women to (and keeping them in) the
electricity sector. and, yes, men have a role to play.
electrical safety 360
10 Reflections from OEL’s 2015 annual conference
20 Products & solutions
8 Attracting and keeping women
Stock Photo
in the electricity sector
On the Cover
and Page 16
What are they saying
about you online?
In an age where online
reviews websites allow
customers to share their
opinions with the masses,
residential service providers
must do all they can
to provide memorable
customer experiences
that encourage positive
eBmag recently returned from Ontario electrical League’s
annual electrical Industry Conference—a great forum for
networking with peers and regulators, and learning from
industry experts about everything from Working at Heights
training requirements to succession planning.
Pushing the risk assessment
procedure in Csa Z462
15 Personalities
21 Calendar
22 Code File
no easy answer to generator
22 Code Conundrum
12 Interior, mounted electric heaters with
purposeful style
the fourth article in our ongoing series “House of Unlimited
Budget” explores the hot opportunities in the world of indoor
mounted electric heaters... no plug-ins permitted!
GutenberG would be proud!
page 20
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industry news
Acuity “to help shape retail shopping” with ByteLight acquisition
Acuity Brands Inc. (www.acuitybrands.com) has acquired certain assets—including the patent portfolio
and all other intellectual property rights—of ByteLight Inc., a provider of indoor location software for
LED lighting.
ByteLight (www.bytelight.com) exploits Visible Light Communication (VLC) and Bluetooth lowenergy (BLE) technologies—in combination with smartphone apps and cloud services—to transform
LED lighting into indoor location waypoints. These waypoints provide shoppers with indoor navigation
and allow retailers to create a personalized shopping experience for their customers by communicating
digital content to a shopper’s smartphone.
June 2015 • Volume 51 • Issue 6
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industry news
Prompt Payment legislation:
What’s Canada waiting for?
asks NTCCC
“Trade contractors have a
high dependence on cash flow
and, right now, the money isn’t
trickling down to pay people
who’ve completed work—even
when there is no dispute about the
work that’s been done,” said John
Blair, director with the National
Trade Contractors Coalition of
Canada (www.ntccc.ca).
Representatives from Canada’s
trade contract communities came
together at the Prompt Payment
Summit in Ottawa to discuss
the “urgent need for federal and
provincial governments to adopt
prompt payment legislation”,
reports NTCCC.
Trade contractors perform
more than 80% of all construction
work in Canada, insists NTCCC,
yet they “routinely receive
late payments from general
contractors, which has resulted
in cash flow problems that
discourage hiring, investments in
capital and, in some cases, even
Due to prompt payment issues,
NTCCC says fewer contractors
can bid on projects, thereby
driving employment down and
keeping apprentices from training
opportunities. The adoption of
prompt payment legislation would
stimulate the construction sector
at no direct cost to government,
adds NTCCC, “while bringing
Canada in line with all other
comparable jurisdictions”.
IPO for Hydro One, and Christmas comes early for
Toronto-area LDCs
The Government of Ontario
announced it intends to “broaden
ownership” of Hydro One (www.
hydroone.com) through an initial
public offering (IPO), after
which it would be the largest
shareholder (remain in control)
and, by law, no other shareholder
or group thereof would be
permitted to own more than 10%.
The government has appointed
a new Hydro One chair, David
Denison, and will review the
membership of the board before
the process of broadening
ownership to the public.
The government plans to
enhance the governance of the
company through specific controls
over board membership, including
the ability to nominate 40% of
the board’s members, and even
remove the board as a whole.
But that’s not all! The
province intends to proceed
with a merger of Hydro One
Brampton with Enersource,
PowerStream and Horizon
Utilities to create what it calls
the second-largest electricity
distributor in Ontario. The
merger will also help catalyze
Photo coURtESy hydRo oNE
CO Series
Meter sockets
Meet code requirements
for above-ground
main breaker access.
In response to changes in the Canadian Electrical Code and the
increasing demand for outdoor, above-grade electrical service
disconnection, Thomas & Betts has expanded the Microlectric®
CO Series combination meter socket and breaker unit family.
With the addition of four new units, the Microlectric® CO Series
now includes a full range of single- and multiple-position models
with main breaker options of 60, 70, 100, 125, 150 and 200 A.
All units are manufactured in Canada and are CSA certified for
use in all Canadian provinces.
Download the brochure at www.tnb.ca or simply scan the QR code.
Microlectric® CO Series.
The most complete range of combination
meter sockets and breaker units.
Microlectric ®. The solutions you need, the quality you trust.
w w w. t n b . c a
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local distribution company
(LDC) consolidation for the
benefit of ratepayers, added the
The opportunity to buy
into Hydro One will be made
available in stages, says the
government, to “maximize
return to taxpayers”.
www.EBMag.com • 2015-05-27
June 2015
2015-05-27 12:43 PM
industry news
Techspan expanding its footprint to serve
Western Canada
“Techspan is committed
to supporting the ongoing
growth of our distributor
customers in British
Columbia and Alberta,” said
Frank Dunnigan, president
and CEO, as he announced
Sean Dunnigan Techspan will be setting
up a full-scale packaging,
sub-assembly and warehousing facility in
Vancouver, B.C.
“Speed-to-market with next-day delivery
is a keystone of our business model,” he
said, adding, “While some manufacturers
are shrinking their Canadian-based service,
Techspan continues to invest in Canadian
facilities and employment.”
The new facility will inventory over 8000
SKUs of connector, wire management, control
and automation products, as well as “hard-to-get
C and D items”. The facility is expected to be
fully operational by the end of October 2015.
Effective June 15, 2015, Sean Dunnigan
(photo) will be promoted to the new position
of general manager Western Operations, and
will be based in Vancouver.
AD member sales up 7% in Q1
Sales for Affiliated Distributors (AD) members
grew by 7% in Q1 2015 to $7.9 billion, AD
(www.adhq.com) reported.
“Our members hired 638 new employees,
opened over 32 new locations and made
12 acquisitions,” said Bill Weisberg, chairman
and CEO. “Additionally, we added 12 new AD
members with 51 branches, and expanded into
the bearings and power transmission market with
27 charter members. 2015 is off to a strong start.”
By division, first quarter sales grew as follows:
• Canadian Electrical up 12%
• Industrial up 5%
• PVF up 2%
• HVAC up 7%
• Building Materials up 12%
Nova Scotia releases electricity system review results
The final results of the Nova Scotia Electricity
System Review (tinyurl.com/p567oml) are now
in and available to the public. After a year of
consultation and input from more than 1300 Nova
Scotians, the provincial government says the review
will help shape the upcoming electricity plan.
As part of the review, experts, interested groups
and the public considered emerging technologies,
trends in market supply and demand, and how the
system is administered and structured.
The province’s new electricity plan—slated to be unveiled this fall—is to outline how
government will support economic development and innovation through technology and
other solutions such as storage and in growth areas, including tidal.
BC Safety Authority releases 2014 State
of Safety Report
BC Safety Authority
(BCSA) released its 2014
State of Safety Report,
which also includes
information on as-found
observed by BCSA
officers during physical
assessments “where
intrinsic hazards are not suitably controlled”.
The report is an overview of BCSA’s
activities and information analysis,
including data on installation and operating
assessments, incident investigations, as well as
research and enforcement activities.
In addition to summarizing information on
installation and operating permits, physical
assessments and incident investigations, the
report also highlights longer-term trends on
specific types of incidents (e.g. uncontrolled
refrigerant ammonia releases, carbon
monoxide leaks).
Voith Hydro Mississauga celebrates
25th anniversary
Voith Hydro Mississauga in Ontario—which the
company calls its “centre of excellence for coil
production”—celebrated its 25th anniversary.
The history of Voith Hydro (voith.com)
in Canada dates back to 1904 with the
installation of the first turbines at Decew
Falls, Ont., more than 100 years ago.
Voith Hydro Mississauga has been serving
customers and Voith Hydro locations worldwide.
BC Hydro, SaskPower, Manitoba Hydro
among Canada’s Best Diversity
A number of industry players were among
those listed for the 9th year of Canada’s Best
Diversity Employers competition.
The contest recognizes the leading
organizations when it comes to creating
inclusive workplaces for employees from five
diverse groups: women; visible minorities;
persons with disabilities; Aboriginal peoples;
and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
(LGBT) peoples.
Congratulations to:
BC Hydro (www.bchydro.com)
Home Depot Canada (www.homedepot.ca)
Manitoba Hydro (www.hydro.mb.ca)
SaskPower (www.saskpower.com)
SaskPower invests in renewing grid;
impacts 2014 income
SaskPower (www.saskpower.com) says it
invested $1.279 billion into Saskatchewan’s
electrical grid in 2014, as “aging infrastructure,
increasing demand and changing environmental regulations” continued to be a challenge.
SaskPower reported an operating income
of $43 million in 2014 on over $2 billion in
revenue, after tabling its 2014 Annual Report
in the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly.
“Our province is focusing on investing in
infrastructure to keep Saskatchewan strong,
and that includes our electrical grid,” the
minister responsible for SaskPower, Bill Boyd
said. “Those investments do have an impact on
SaskPower’s annual income...”
Be responsible and switch off your LED lighting
Starting last month, and in every issue this year, we explore electrical technologies, products and
systems for the discerning homeowner... where cost is not an issue! This month we look at highend outdoor lighting solutions that are guaranteed to light up your clients’ nights... and lives.
tapping into the sex appeal of
outdoor lighting
Renée Francoeur
oonlight is sculpture,” wrote Nathaniel Hawthorne, but it has its limits.
And for those clients wanting to draw
attention to the ornamental bonsai
tree in the front yard, or highlight the garden pathway after the sun goes down, a little help from
artificial lighting is most definitely called for.
Exterior lighting today has left the single-bulb,
porchlight concept in the dust. From crystalized
torch-like wall sconces to beaming tape outlining
the hot tub, lighting systems can bathe a property
in an elevated and ritzy guise.
“At night time, light is a very powerful element
that we can play with to create ambiance that
just adds a quality of life to outdoor living or
night time activities,” said Sean Bourquin, the
managing director at First Light Technologies in
Victoria, B.C.
“Light has this attractive, sexy kind of appeal,”
echoed Jesse Lilley, vice-president of marketing
at Lumenpulse Lighting Inc. in Montreal. “It’s
definitely something that makes a property look
more attractive.”
Endless possibilities with LEDs
For GE, the first thing any electrical contractor
should do when it comes to outdoor lighting is
pretty straight-forward: use or convert all existing
bulbs to LED.
“That has the benefit of tremendous energy
efficiency, a very long life, great lighting
output and a couple colour temperature variations,” said Linda Pastor, GE’s consumer LED
product manager.
In turn, some of GE’s LEDs, such as the Link
Connected PAR38 spotlight bulbs (retail for about
$24.99), allow consumers to remotely control
their outdoor lighting from their smartphones.
With Bluetooth and GE’s Wink app, the
driveway’s carriage lights, for example, can be
programmed to turn on as the owner approaches,
said Tom Boyle, GE’s chief innovation leader.
“You can run scheduled groups and lighting
themes so you can start to automate turning lights
on and off in a way you weren’t able to do before
Link,” he added.
LEDs, which are “just begging to be controlled,” really amped up the calibre of exterior
lighting offerings, Lilley said.
Grazing is one example where directional
LEDs, such as Lumenpulse’s Lumenfacade, are
placed very close to a wall.
“It literally grazes that surface. It’s very precise.
Like a lot of those residential buildings made of
red brick; grazing the brick is a wonderful effect,”
Lilley said, because it accentuates all the detail.
While Lumenpulse primarily handles commercial lighting projects, its 14W Lumenbeam Small
can be used to illuminate sculptures and foliage
in a variety of colours and optics (wide or narrow)
with dimming control.
As for what to put along outdoor railings, eaves
and gazebos, Jesco Lighting Group unrolled its
rope-like Infina flexible LED in late 2014 and will
be introducing a hardwired version this spring.
Retailing at $48.50 US/ft, the Infina is made
of optically clear thermoplastic and emits 550
lumens from 4.95W/ft, said Andrij Burchak, marketing manager at Jesco.
“You just plug it into one outlet and, with a run
of 150 ft, you can run it around the house and
you’re ready to go,” Burchak said, noting no additional power source or LED drivers are required.
Jesco also recently introduced its WW2
LED series aimable outdoor wall-washers and
“Most tend to buy these for colour-changing
purposes because these have a built-in controller inside and you can set a series of colours the
lights can switch through over a period of time,”
Burchak said.
18 • April 2015 • www.EBMag.com
EB_April2015.indd 18
2015-03-27 1:51 PM
Just a comment on the “Tapping into the sex appeal of outdoor lighting” article
(EBMag April 2015, page 18). I understand LED lights have brought efficiency to our
outdoor lighting, but I’ve seen homes leaving these lights on all night long. I’m not
sure it is wise to even install outdoor lighting, for most. If everyone has LED outdoor
lights and leave them on because of their efficiency, this could potentially offset the
power savings. In future, please be responsible and encourage people to turn their
lights off when not in use.
— Philip F.
For taking the time to write, we’re sending Philip some new toys from our friends at Milwaukee Tool
(www.milwaukeetool.com). We always welcome your Letters to the Editor. Email [email protected]
killed the
radio star!
If video is king, then we are the
power behind the throne. Onsite
or in our studio, we provide fullservice corporate video filming
and production.
Cue the red carpet!
Contact John MacPherson
(905) 713-4335
[email protected]
6 • June 2015 • www.EBMag.com
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2015-05-27 12:43 PM
electrical safety 360
Mike Doherty
Pushing the risk assessment procedure in CSA Z462
y this time, you’ve hopefully had a chance
to use CSA Z462-15 “Workplace electrical safety” for a few months, so now is
a good time to take a closer look at a few
of the new definitions and some of the terminology used in the standard. (Tip: Don’t dismiss
the “Preface”, as it contains an excellent overview of the changes in this edition.)
Why are definitions importance?
A new definition has been added for the
term hazard, which is defined as “a source
of possible injury or damage to health”.
Meantime, hazardous is now defined as
“involving exposure to at least one hazard”.
Take note of these two other definitions in
Clause 3:
• Risk: a combination of the likelihood of
occurrence of injury or damage to health,
and the severity of injury or damage to
health that results from a hazard.
• Risk Assessment: an overall process that
identifies hazards, estimates the potential
severity of injury or damage to health,
estimates the likelihood of occurrence of
injury or damage to health, and determines
if protective measures are required.
A Note directly after the new definition for
Risk Assessment states that: “As used in this
standard, arc flash risk assessment and shock risk
assessment are types of risk assessment”.
So when planning electrical work, it is
important to realize that arc flash and shock
are two (2) distinct risk assessments (this
distinction becomes more apparent as you
move into Clause 4).
Untitled-5 1
EB_June2015.indd 7
While redefining definitions (or adding new
ones) may seem like a pointless exercise, it was
done deliberately to bring Z462 into technical
alignment with CAN/CSA-Z1002-12 “Occupational health and safety: Hazard identification
and elimination and risk assessment and control”
and also Z1000-14 “Occupational health and
safety management”. This alignment is a leading-edge concept, as we can now reference the
top OH&S safety standards in Canada as “due
diligence best case practices”. These safety standards make it easier to ensure that federal and
provincial health & safety legislation can be met
effectively in the workplace.
Before you start: Clause
Before any electrical work can start, Clause requires the electrical safety program
to include a risk assessment procedure that
guides a worker’s assessment and treatment of
electrical hazards:
a) identify hazards
b) assess risks
c) implement risk assessment procedure
(see below)
The Notes that follow the risk assessment
procedure provide guidance on the hierarchy
of risk control methods identified in CSA
Z1002 (from best to last resort):
a) Eliminate the hazard
b) Substitute other materials, processes or
c) Engineering controls i.e. designs or
modifications to plants, equipment, processes,
etc., that reduce the source of exposure
d) Systems that increase awareness of potential
e) Administrative controls e.g. training and
procedures, instructions and scheduling
f) PPE (personal protective equipment),
including measures to ensure its
appropriate selection, use and maintenance.
The same Notes section also provides these
two gems:
• For an example of a risk assessment
procedure, see Annex F in CSA Z462-15.
• The risk assessment procedure may include
identifying situations where more than one
person is required to be part of the process,
as well as the training and equipment that
should be provided to evaluators.
Incorporated as a best practice into CSA
Z462, this hierarchy of risk control methods
serves as an excellent tool while planning
comprehensive electrical work, and will lead
to safer workplaces for those on the tools. As
always, it is crucial you use Z462 in its entirety
when making any decisions regarding actual
work in the field.
A subject-matter expert on electrical safety, Mike
Doherty is the director of learning & continual
improvement at Shermco Industries Canada Inc. He
is a licensed electrician and an IEEE senior member,
and has served as the Technical Committee chair for
CSA Z462 since its inception. His specialties include
electrical safety and health & safety management,
maintenance, consulting, training, auditing and
electrical incident investigations. Mike can be reached
at [email protected]
4/15/11 11:59:45 AM
www.EBMag.com • June 2015 • 7
2015-05-27 12:43 PM
“Connected Women”
national mentorship program
EHRC aims to attract
and keep women in
electricity sector
Anthony Capkun
Men need not apply?
When asked whether men have any role in
Connected Women, Branigan explained that—
at EHRC’s most recent Steering Committee
Photo © EhRc.
e’re building on the work of our
Bridging the Gap program, [which]
looked at the challenges in getting
women to enter and stay in the electricity sector,” explained Michelle Branigan of
Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC)
to EBMag. “One of the recommendations that
emerged from Bridging the Gap centred around
mentorship and developing mentorship models.”
Enter EHRC’s newest initiative...
“Connected Women” is a national mentorship
model for women seeking to enter or advance
in the electricity and renewable energy industry.
“Over half the jobs in this sector are in trades,
technology or the engineering field, and we’re
still—in 2015—woefully underrepresented in
those technical and trades jobs,” added Branigan.
Funded by Status of Women Canada, the
program will be piloted with graduates of Algonquin College’s Women in Electrical Engineering
Technology (WEET) program. “We’re developing it, at this stage, for women who are working
to enter or to advance in the sector. So that
means women who are currently studying in a
trade, or they’re actually working in the sector
and looking for support,” Branigan said.
“So we partnered with [WEET] on this
project, and we’re going to use that cohort as a
pilot; so they will be the mentees, and we will be
partnering them with women who are working in
the industry, in the utilities,” explained Branigan.
She added that Connected Women will also
include a number of women who are already
working in the sector as mentees, too, “who are
going to be looking for support internally as they
advance in the sector”.
“We always have to remember there are
two challenges to getting more women in the
industry: first of all, we have to attract them to the
sector and, then, once we get them in, we have to
make sure that we keep them,” noted Branigan.
Photo (left to right): Samantha Evelyn, Hydro Ottawa; Kellie Leitch, minister of Labour and Status of Women;
Michelle Branigan, CEO EHRC; Jenna Van Vliet, Hydro Ottawa; Lana Hughes, Hydro Ottawa. Photo taken at
Hydro Ottawa, April 23, 2015, when the Government of Canada announced funding for Connected Women.
meeting—is was decided to include men as
mentors in the program.
“In the same way that you don’t want a sector
discounting 50% of the population as a potential
source of supply, potential workforce, neither do
we as part of this project want to exclude 50% of
the workforce as a valuable support mechanism
for women who are looking to enter and stay in
the sector; because there are a fantastic number
of men out there who are fantastic champions.
But, overwhelmingly, the discussion led to the
fact that, absolutely, men are part of the solution...
men play a huge part in that role of ensuring we
have a diverse workforce,” noted Branigan.
How does it work?
EBMag asked Branigan how the program will
unfold, using a WEET graduate as an example.
“So we have a mentee from Algonquin College
who is looking to get into a job in the sector...
what we will do is have a list of mentors who have
volunteered to participate in this program. What
we will be developing will be a process, an actual
model, that will allow us to match the mentor to
the mentee,” Branigan explained.
“As part of that, we will be developing a tool, a
handbook, for both the mentor and the mentee
that outlines [their] roles and responsibilities.
We’ll also be doing some training with the
mentors as to the types of things you should be
“We always have to remember there are two challenges to
getting more women in the industry: first of all, we have to
attract them to the sector and, then, once we get them in,
we have to make sure that we keep them.”
— Michelle Branigan
working on, types of discussions that you should
be having with your mentees, to support them.
And then what we’ll do is roll out a 6-monthlong mentor-mentee relationship. [Depending
on geographical location], some of these
relationships may be face-to-face, where you go
out for a coffee, you meet up maybe once every
couple of weeks, once a month, or they may be
via Skype and via telephone,” she added.
“For us, the whole goal also is to have these
women—who are acting as mentees—then
themselves become mentors to other women, so
it’s almost like a passing of the torch,” she said.
Utility companies across the country—along
with women who would like to be considered
as mentors—are encouraged to participate by
contacting EHRC.
The not-for-profit EHRC is a source of
human resources information and tools to
help the Canadian electricity industry match
workforce supply and demand.
Partners of Connected Women include Hydro
One, Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Manitoba Hydro and Hydro Ottawa, along with
Women in Nuclear-Canada (WiN), IBEW,
Power Worker’s Union (PWU), University
of Toronto, Electro-Federation Canada and
expose yourself
ebMag.com boasts well over 25,000 page views
per month. That’s a whole lot of good online
exposure for very reasonable rates!
Contact Scott Hoy
(905) 726-4664 • [email protected]
8 • June 2015 • www.EBMag.com
EB_June2015.indd 8
2015-05-27 12:43 PM
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See the Difference a bushing can make on your next job.
BRID_ElectBusin_SB Family_OCT2014.indd 1
9/9/14 3:52 PM
2014-09-25 12:43
1:21 PM
reflections fr
ontario eelectrical league’s 2
Anthony Capkun
ith the theme of “The Great Canadian
Adventure”, the 90+ year-old Ontario
Electrical League (OEL) hosted its annual
Electrical Industry Conference in Huntsville,
Ont., at Deerhurst Resort at the end of April.
While serving as a great opportunity to learn from
industry experts about everything from Ontario’s
new Working at Heights training requirements
to succession planning, the conference also brings
together contractors from various parts of the
province to not only talk shop with each other, but
with Ontario’s inspection authority—Electrical
Safety Authority—and utilities... not to mention the
solutions providers found on the tradeshow floor.
The Elgin & District Chapter is hosting OEL’s next
Electrical Industry Conference May 11-14, 2016, at
the Best Western Plus Stoneridge Inn. Stay tuned to
Electrical Business Magazine and EBMag.com for
delegate registration, sponsorship opportunities, etc., as
they become available. Meantime, visit www.oel.org.
The Richard Cullis Leadership Award of Distinction recognizes a member
for their leadership, commitment and passion toward the industry, as well
as their outstanding efforts in volunteering personal time and energy for the
betterment of our members. The winner of this coveted award for 2015 is
Glenn Sturdy of Sturdy Power Lines.
More oeL conference
photos at eBMag.coM
Photos and more photos... we love taking pictures to
help give you a feel for the events we’ve attended.
Visit tinyurl.com/n68b9g5 to go straight to our
online photo gallery of OEL’s annual conference in
Huntsville. The gallery contains photos of speakers,
the tradeshow and the awards dinner.
The Electrical Inspector Recognition award honours a current or senior inspector
for their exceptional contribution to the industry. Kudos to ESA’s Victor Becker.
oeL wiLL turn 95 in 2017
Ontario Electrical League traces its back to 1922 when, in January, a meeting was held to promote the formation of an Electric Home
League. Soon thereafter, the Electric Service League of Ontario was incorporated under The Ontario Companies Act by Letters Patent.
OEL didn’t get its current name until April 1966, when the Electric Service League of Ontario and Electric Heating Association of Ontario
amalgamated as one corporation under the name “The Ontario Electrical League”.
10 • June 2015 • www.EBMag.com
EB_June2015.indd 10
2015-05-27 12:43 PM
s 2015 annual conference
Mauro Di Tullio of Federated Insurance provided an
insurer’s general perspective on the underground
economy (which has increased 56% between 2001
and 2011), and the problems that can be associated
with unlicensed contractors, including the obvious—
such as tax avoidance—but also illegal labour, subpar
materials, lack of permits and being underinsured
(if insured at all). He asked attendees to explain
these risks to their employees, “as they may be
in the underground economy after they finish the
workday with you”. Di Tullio also warned contractors
to ensure any subcontractors they use provide proof
of insurance, otherwise you may be on the hook for
their mistakes.
James Wong, vice-president and business
owner specialist with RBC Wealth Management,
explained that succession planning is the process
of transferring both the management and the
ownership of a business, and it cannot be done
overnight. A good succession plan promotes
business efficiency and family harmony but,
to get started, you must have a vision and set
goals... and involve your family (note the family
theme?). Part of involving your family means
evaluating the aptitude of the next generation:
your kids. Are they capable business owners? Do
they even have an interest in taking over?
New this year was “Lunch with the Experts”, where
each table was set up with a designated topic and
subject-matter expert leading the discussion. Topics
ranged from codes & standards to working with
Do you know your profit break-even? Do you know
what that is? If not, you may be an electrical contractor
who’s pricing himself out of business. Andrew Houston
explained that your break-even amount is the money
you need to cover your hard costs—which include
your own salary—before you make any sales; your
profit break-even, meantime, is the money you need to
cover your fixed costs plus your desired profit margin.
Using a simple chart, Houston showed delegates
how decreasing your margins can actually kill your
business, as you now have to sell a ton more work just
to make up the shortfall.
Solutions providers, like Bob Campbell from IPEX
Electrical, were on hand to explain the latest innovations
for industry. Work smarter, not harder.
Delegates also heard from OEL’s Safety Communications Committee during the “Safety Panel”
discussion. Included on the panel were Stan Pokrywa of SP Safety Solutions (left) and Electrical
Safety Authority’s chief public safety officer, Scott Saint (right). Among ESA’s safety priorities,
Saint explained, is targeting the electrical worker throughout his life cycle, which means
teaching CSA Z462 “Workplace electrical safety” at the first-year apprenticeship level.
Pokrywa, meantime, warned delegates that, as of April 1, 2017, all of their employees who
work at heights have to be trained. “As of today, there are 14 trainers approved by the Ministry
of Labour [and] there is not one trainer in Eastern Ontario,” Pokrywa warned, meaning you
should start booking your training now (classes are for a maximum of 12 students). He also
encouraged owners to take the training so “they know what their employees will be asking for,”
and reminded them that employers still need to conduct site-specific training.
Also part of the panel was Diane Laranja with Sherrard Kuzz LLP, who warned that, on the
horizon, we could be seeing mandatory training for anyone entering the construction industry.
We are also likely to see mandatory powered access training.
www.EBMag.com • June 2015 • 11
EB_June2015.indd 11
2015-05-27 12:43 PM
We continue to explore electrical technologies, products and systems for the discerning homeowner...
where cost is not an issue! This month we find out what’s hot in the world of indoor mounted electric
heaters—no plug-ins permitted.
turning up the
[electric] heat
Interior, mounted electric heaters
with purposeful style
Photo coURtESy StELPRo.
Renée Francoeur
Stelpro’s Silhouette
electronic convector,
known as SIL, is the
company’s “high-end”
residential convector.
In the name of design
Stelpro’s Silhouette electronic convector, known as SIL, is the company’s
“high-end” residential convector, according to Paquet.
This product can be installed throughout the home—below windows,
on the sides of counters, in children’s bedrooms—for a uniform feel,
Paquet explained.
“It’s totally silent and has a built-in thermostat with LCD display,” he
said, adding there is a backlight that can be used as a nightlight.
The SIL has over 225 models (low, high, standard) available in various
colours and sizes. Prices range from around $364 to $566.
Stelpro’s architectural baseboards (such as the DB, SPDHA, ALC1B,
SPDH, ALC3A and PDH) also feature trendy designs and surprising sizes
(the smallest one is only 2-in. wide and 4.5-in. high) to cater to budget-less
clients, Paquet said.
The DBI draft barrier baseboard stands apart from the list because it
boasts a 9-gauge aluminum front pane and has blank sections available for
peripheral heating.
“Blank sections are sections that we make along the baseboard that don’t
have heating in them so the baseboard has a continuous look but you
don’t have every part emitting heat because obviously in some cases, you’d
overheat the room,” Paquet said. He explained that a 20 ft baseboard, for
example, could be built so that only 7 ft of it work as a heater, the rest
being “for design and looks.”
Prices for the DBI range from $369 to $669.
Convector or fan?
Ouellet’s Hybrid OHY, a 2000W convection and forced-air wall heater,
offers clients a two-in-one deal.
Photo coURtESy coNvEctAIR.
rom built-in thermostat features to chic colours and finishes (think
champagne or stainless steel), electric heaters—and we’re not talking
about the plug-in type here—can offer up a viable solution for many
of your clients shivering in finished basements or drafty bathrooms.
In a Canadian climate, heaters make a big difference in a home’s comfort level, said Richard Paquet, director of marketing at Quebec-based
Stelpro, especially if that home is large.
Fan heaters, convectors, baseboards and draft barriers take heating up a
notch, he continued, because the system is now zoned.
“You can bring the heat down in the room that is less used; bring it up
in the room that is over the garage or the baby room or the one facing
north. Those are big plusses.”
Convectair displays its Impresario line for living spaces
in white lily and copper brown colours for a Montreal
show opening to appeal to designers last year.
“It’s our highest high-end bathroom heater,” said Louis Beaulieu, Ouellet’s national sales manager. “First of all you have an electronic, digital
control and a cast-aluminum cover in front so it’s super steady and visually
the design is nice.”
OHY’s dual mode means the fan can be programmed to kick in for a
heat boost before a shower, for example, but will use the convector the
rest of the time. This creates less noise overall, which is desirable for bathrooms near bedrooms, Beaulieu noted.
Wireless advantage
Over at Dimplex, it’s the wireless technology that’s making waves.
The company’s Precision Comfort Heater (PCH) is the top product
when it comes to fan-forced heaters, said Jeremy Ballard, Dimplex product
manager, and retails for about $230.
The company markets it as its “quietest fan-forced heater.” It has a
built-in digital thermostat, a “boost function” to emit “quick, instant heat,”
and is “very accurate, within 0.2F,” Ballard said.
But, “what makes it high-end is the wireless Connex technology; that’s
exclusive to Dimplex”.
Dimplex’s Connex technology does away with the need to run a wire to
a thermostat on a wall. Instead, a Connex controller (either single-zone or
multi-zone) mounts on the wall (or it can sit on a table) and sends a radio
frequency to the heater.
While it works like a thermostat, it’s really just a controller, Ballard
explained. The heater maintains itself with built-in temperature sensors,
“so it will adjust itself if it needs to get hotter or if it’s already warm
12 • June 2015 • www.EBMag.com
EB_June2015.indd 12
2015-05-27 12:43 PM
Gets the work done.
No matter which road you take.
Our family of Sprinter Cargo Vans is growing.
From ice to asphalt, Mercedes-Benz has the right cargo van for any situation. With the
addition of Canada’s only 4-wheel drive commercial van, the Sprinter 4x4, we’ve added
a go-anywhere work van that can safely keep you on the job – no matter the season,
the site, or the conditions. See what they’re made of at Mercedes-Benz-Vans.ca.
©2015 Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc.
2015-05-27 10:20
12:43 AM
Photo coURtESy dImPLEx.
enough, it will shut itself off,” he continued. “As opposed to if you had a
thermostat in a different location and it doesn’t know temp of that room,
you’re potentially wasting energy.”
One controller can manage different kinds of heaters within multiple
zones in the home, added Dimplex’s marketing communications manager
Lauren Redman. She noted that the next generation of Connex technology with app control is set to be released later this year.
For baseboard heaters, Dimplex’s linear proportional convector (LPC)
is Connex-enabled as well and was selected for the TV show Colin &
Justin’s Cabin Pressure, Redman said. In this show, the interior designers
were gutting a cabin for a luxurious renovation and installed eight of Dimplex’s LPCs with a controller.
Ouellet also has wireless technology, in the form of NeviWeb communications controls, launched this past December.
Up to 300 controls can be connected with one interface, Beaulieu said, and
unlike other systems, the controls are not constantly “talking” to one another.
“Once instructions are sent to a thermostat, there is no more communication whereas others are constantly checking each other. These act
The system does monitor the use of each unit however, allowing homeowners to see how often they are in use and during which times of the day.
The Precision Comfort Heater (PCH) from Dimplex is Connex-enabled, doing away
“For someone worrying about which room is costing them more or
with the need to hardwire it to a thermostat.
which of their tenants is using more power, this application works awesome,” Beaulieu said.
Dimplex provides material to its distributors, such as commercial catalogues and spec sheets, which are also available via mobile app to contractors, Redman said.
Heater, heater on the wall...
Additionally she recommended contractors use the company’s heat loss
Electric heating has transcended the basic baseboard concept at Convectair,
on its website where a home’s dimensions can be input and the
the North American brand of Europe’s Muller Group, say company staff.
then determined. These numbers could open up the conTheir units are all about “high-quality heat” with upscale visual appeal,
about feasible heating solutions.
said vice-president of sales and business development Michel Roy.
says showrooms at its 150 distributing locations
“Years ago, when we were talking to designers about our products, you
the sale.
were talking about a white unit that stuck out of the wall and the designers
have four, five, six—sometimes 10
were not interested. They wanted to hide it because there wasn’t a design
up for contractors originin it,” Roy said.
more; we changed our
That changed two years ago with the launch of Convectair’s Impresario,
clients into these
a radiant heater with a tempered glass exterior.
Now designers “want to show” the heater off and incorporate it into the
With high-end heating, it also comes down to personal style and preferences.
room’s composition, Roy said.
“People are generally willing to pay a bit extra if they really like the look
Impresario, available in 1000 to 2000W, consists of two heating eleof
a particular baseboard and it comes in a colour that matches their furniments, an electronic backlit thermostat, which is precise to 1/10C, said
or floors for example,” Paquet said.
Roy, and a thermal sensor, located 6 in. from the floor.
electric heating is more economical than perceived, accordThe line has been selling well in Europe for the past 16 years, Roy coning
tinued, but is slower in the North American electric heat market, which
“From the research that we’ve seen, the overall cost is less, when you comhas largely been focused on “a typical, low-profile baseboard,” he said.
it to gas or oil,” he said, touching on the lower installation and main“We decided to launch the Impresario line at $1500 instead of going
price points. He noted no particles or sheens are left on walls and
towards the $100 product because we wanted to position Convectair even
compared to oil.
further in terms of quality, design and so on.”
the safety aspect also; it’s very safe,” Paquet added.
Roy doesn’t recommend radiant heaters in the bedroom but said they
contractors to simply propose the idea of electric heat.
are well suited for high ceiling areas as they keep the heat on ground level.
know about it as an option or haven’t considered it,” he
Convectair’s Opéra radiant heater (which also boasts a model to fit
which cost is not an issue, electric heat should be
snugly into tight corners) is another higher-end option as it features an
absence detector, which gradually lowers heating hour by hour when it no
in regards to addressing the financial concerns.
longer detects human activity in the room.
and New Brunswick, “heating an entire
“There’s plenty of thermostats that are programmable,” Roy said. “But
Beaulieu said, as it’s cheap
what we’ve noticed over the years is that the button that is used the most
gas emissions. In
is the overwrite button... With this motion detector, people don’t have to
heating can be used
play with their thermostat.”
Another component that stands out for Convectair is a little purple cable.
“People have preconceived ideas an electric heater will cost you a fortune
“All of our units have a communication cable or what we call a pilot
if you use it to supplement heat in a couple rooms, you’ll possibly be
wire and this can take signals from a home automation system for
to reduce the cost of heating the whole house.”
instance,” Roy said, meaning units can be shut off (or turned down to the
he added, you’ll be a lot more comfortable.
frost protection mode) along with lights, blinds, etc.
According to Roy, Convectair is the only company in North America
that includes this fourth cable in all its products (in addition to the standard black, red and green ones).
educate at the speed of now!
Pitching tips
Show, don’t tell, are Paquet’s words of wisdom when it comes to marketing
electric heaters to clients.
“Your marketing tools should have photos of previous heaters in
homes,” he said. “I always find that speaks volumes.”
What better way to show off your expertise than by having us
orchestrate your very own webinar, or sponsoring a subject
matter expert? That’s quality education for a fast-paced world.
Contact John MacPherson • (905) 713-4335 • [email protected]
14 • June 2015 • www.EBMag.com
EB_June2015.indd 14
2015-05-27 12:43 PM
“I dropped out of
university after one
year—I was bored
stiff—and started in
the warehouse and
ended up running a
$2-billion business,”
Harald Henze said Harald Henze,
the recently retired vice-president
and general manager of Wesco Distribution Canada LP (www.wesco.
ca) while accepting Electro-Federation Canada’s (www.electrofed.com)
2015 Industry Recognition Award.
See the video at tinyurl.com/oea5egr.
Joel S. Spira—credited with inventing
the first solid-state
electronic dimmer
and founder of
Lutron Electronics Co. Inc. (www.
Joel Spira
away at his home April 8, 2015, at
the age of 88. Spira started Lutron
in 1961 with his wife Ruth in a
spare bedroom of their apartment
on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Lutron will remain in the
Spira family, according to president
Michael W. Pessina.
Étienne Guay has
joined Stelpro as
vice-president of
innovation and product development.
Guay possesses a
Bachelor’s degree
Étienne Guay in Industrial Design
and, before joining Stelpro (www.stelpro.com), held the position of director of design and innovation at BRP.
The president and CEO of EPCOR
Utilities Inc. (corp.epcor.com),
David Stevens, is retiring, but will
remain in his position as the board
initiates the recruitment process for
his replacement. “David has accomplished a significant amount in his
tenure with EPCOR, achieving solid
financial and operational results, and
growth in our business,” said board
chair Hugh J. Bolton.
Carlo Gavazzi Inc.
has appointed Vinesh
Kumar as account manager
for the Alberta region.
Kumar, who “brings over a
decade of sales experience
Vinesh Kumar with electrical and
automation products,” also holds a diploma
FLIR Bonus
Buys Ind Technology.
EB Jun15_6.375x9.75
Walter Surface Technologies—a
provider of abrasives, power tools,
cleaners, degreasers and lubricants,
etc.—has appointed Michael
Christodoulou as president and
chief operating officer. Prior to
joining Walter (www.walter.com),
Michael served as president of
Cummins Eastern Canada LP, the
1:38 PM
for Page
MARCH 1 - JUNE 30, 2015
Bonus Buys!
Spend over $200 on
FLIR products and
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• FLIR E6 Thermal Imager with MSX +
Apple iPad Air® 32GB/Wi-Fi
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FLIR EX-Series, VP50 Voltage Detector)
need help
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CASL-compliant subscribers, and it
does so every week!
Contact Scott Hoy • (905) 726-4664
[email protected]
Purchase a new FLIR thermal camera(s) or a new FLIR test instrument(s) from FLIR Systems Limited, its affiliates, or an authorized distributor or representative between
March 1, 2015 and June 30, 2015. Some conditions apply. See promotion brochure for details. Images/content are for illustration purposes only.
Flir_EB_June.indd 1
EB_June2015.indd 15
www.EBMag.com • June
• 15
2015-05-27 12:43 PM
Arling JU
are they
about you
Stock Photo
n an age where online reviews websites
allow customers to share their opinions
with the masses, residential service
providers must do all they can to provide
memorable customer experiences that
encourage positive feedback.
Field service management functions like work
order histories and intuitive scheduling and
dispatching can have direct impacts on customer
service, but there’s still the question of how
customers share their experiences with others
online, and what effect these reviews have.
To learn more, Software Advice surveyed
residential service customers to determine
how they use online reviews sites to select
residential service companies. The findings,
along with commentary from industry experts,
will help these companies better understand
the impact of reviews sites and how they can
maximize their online presence to attract the
business of both new and existing customers.
Word of mouth... online
Consulting online reviews has become an
integral part of the modern consumer’s buying
process. A recent study from Dimensional
Research found that the buying decisions of
90% of respondents who read online reviews
were influenced by positive reviews, while
86% were influenced by negative reviews.
“With the rise of social media and online
reviews sites, consumers are talking about local
businesses on the internet more than ever before,”
says Morgan Remmers, manager of local business
outreach at Yelp, an online reviews player.
Though Remmers points out the lack of
control that businesses have with online reviews
sites, there are still best practices for recruiting
more (and better) reviews, as well as for creating
and managing an online presence for your
business. This report will outline some of these
best practices and help residential service business
owners realize the importance of cultivating a
positive presence on online reviews sites.
Paying more for well-reviewed provider
Our most compelling finding for business
fIGuRE 1
fIGuRE 4
fIGuRE 2
fIGuRE 5
fIGuRE 3
owners is that an overwhelming majority
of respondents say they would pay more
for a service provider with higher rankings
and better reviews versus paying less for a
provider that did not (Figure 1). In all, 86%
of respondents said they would pay more, to
some degree, for a service provider with more
positive reviews.
fIGuRE 6
“Consumers highly value their dollars
spent and are typically willing to pay a higher
price for what they believe is a better service
or product,” explains Chris Sullens, CEO of
Marathon Data Systems. “Word of mouth has
[been], and always will be, one of the strongest
points of persuasion for consumers...”
In understanding how customers use online
16 • June 2015 • www.EBMag.com
EB_June2015.indd 16
2015-05-27 12:43 PM
Arling JUNE2015_ElecBus pg 5/11/15 5:13 PM Page 1
r Perfo
Large lange
Made in USA
Our CSA/UL Listed Box Extenders extend set back metal
or non-metallic electrical boxes up to 1-1/2".
Arlington’s ONE-PIECE
fixture box is the
fastest, easiest way to
install light fixtures or
receptacle on siding.
Made of heavy-duty, non-conductive plastic, they level and
support the wiring device. Plus, there’s no need to tape the
sides of a receptacle to prevent arcing in a metal box.
• Easy to install before
or after siding
© 2007-2011 Arlington Industries, Inc.
• Ground clip for
fixture installations;
NM cable connector
• UV rating for long
outdoor use
• Textured,
paintable finish
No extra cover to
lose or store
w larger
Cost 1
as BE
Oops...miscut opening
View Video
800/233-4717 • www.aifittings.com
It costs the same as our
‘regular’ single gang BE1
so if you normally use a
midi plate this is the
box extender for you!
• 2-hour fire rating
covers it
• In single and multiple gangs;
and round for round or
BE1X Now Trimmable to
octagonal boxes
fit standard wall plates
800/233-4717 • www.aifittings.com
© 2014 Arlington Industries, Inc.
Made in USA
• Complies w/ NEC 2014
(314.20) for set back boxes
Made in USA
Our newest box extender, the BE1X, has a slightly larger
flange that covers miscut wall material and accommodates
midi, maxi – or standard cover plates.
Made in USA
• Fast, easy press-on
• Holds tight as
cables are pulled
• Protects cable
from abrasion
Also for rigid,
rigid conduit
• Less expensive alternative to costly fittings
when used just for wire
In a variety
of sizes for
1/2" to 4"
©2001-2011 Arlington Industries, Inc.
- Rigid
Listed for
Air Handling
with CED130 cable entry device
800/233-4717 • www.aifittings.com
Made in USA
ONE-BOX mounts directly
to a wood or steel stud for an
extra-secure installation.
Arlington’s PLASTIC recessed combination power and low voltage boxes – TV BOX™ and
Indoor IN BOX™ – offer the secure, easy way to mount flat screen TVs flush against a wall.
• Angled screws INSIDE
attach ONE-BOX to stud
The job looks great because plugs and connectors stay inside these
Listed boxes without extending past the wall.
• Fast, easy to install
Box set too far forward or
back? Back the screws out
and reposition.
• Extra-large 22 cubic inch
capacity (single gang)
NM cable connector supplied
not the drywall
Single gang
17 1
800/233-4717 • www.aifittings.com
© 2005-2010 Arlington Industries, Inc.
OLD Secure mounting to stud
© 2008-2013 Arlington Industries, Inc.
View T V BOX
Available in 2-, 3- and 4-gang styles for retrofit or new work.
Each offers power and/or low voltage in one or more of the
other openings. There’s a box to fit nearly any application!
• Non-metallic box with paintable white trim plate
• RETROFIT Mounting wing screws pull box against wall
NEW WORK Box screw-mounts to stud
• Includes ground clip;
optional covers available
For Power
Low Voltage
for Power and/or Low Voltage
Patented. Other patents pending.
www.aifittings.com Scranton, PA 18517 800/233-4717
2015-05-27 11:37
12:43 AM
reviews to find residential service providers, we
thought it prudent to determine just how valuable
these reviews are to customers (Figure 2).
It turns out that a majority of respondents do
indeed value reviews when evaluating and selecting
a residential service provider. In fact, 25% find the
reviews “extremely valuable” for this purpose and
43% find them “very valuable”. Another 28% of
respondents find reviews “moderately valuable”.
Sullens says the value of these online reviews
stems from the snapshots they provide of businesses’
relationships with their customers.
“Putting an emphasis on customer relationships
can certainly help,” he says. “If a business consistently
provides high-quality services, competitive pricing
and quote accuracy, positive word of mouth from
satisfied customers will come easily.”
To see if there is a difference in how males and
females perceive online reviews, we broke down
Figure 2 by gender (Figure 3).
While there are some similarities in how the two
demographics value online reviews, a much larger
percentage of women find online reviews “extremely
valuable” compared to their male counterparts (36%
versus 17%, respectively). As such,
business owners should strive to
include positive reviews in any
advertisements targeted to women,
and should make an effort to recruit
reviews from this demographic.
Customers primarily seek
quality and cost
Now that we know the value potential customers place in online reviews,
we next wanted to know what specific
information they seek when evaluating residential service providers
(Figure 4).
Among respondents in our sample,
87% look for information on the
quality of services provided, while
78% seek pricing and cost information. These are two crucial elements
that could sway potential customers
toward or away from choosing to do
business with a given provider.
While business owners cannot control what information people choose
to include in their reviews, they can
control what information is listed
on their company profile on online
reviews sites. According to Remmers,
when it comes to what businesses can
do to improve their online profiles,
the more information a consumer has
when making a buying decision, the
“Be sure to add your website and
business hours, as well as a 3000-character description about the services
you offer. Adding photos is highly
recommended. In fact, people searching Yelp stay on a business page with
photos two-and-a-half times longer
than one without. Photos of your
friendly staff and before [and] after
photos of work you’ve completed are
a good start,” says Remmers.
Maintain a good online presence
We began our survey by asking
respondents how they found their
most recent residential service
provider. From this, we filtered
out those who didn’t use online
reviews so that those answering the
remaining questions had their online
reviews experience fresh in their
minds. Thus, Figure 5 represents
every respondent who participated,
whereas the rest of this report only
refers to those who used reviews sites
to choose their last provider.
We found that 56% used online
resources, such as reviews sites,
search engines and Craigslist to
find their most recent residential
service provider. The other 44% used
traditional resources, such as asking
family and friends for referrals. Given
a majority are using online resources,
it’s crucial for businesses to develop
an online presence, especially as it
pertains to reviews sites.
Continues page 20
• June 20151• www.EBMag.com
2015-05-22 1:46 PM
EB_June2015.indd 18
2015-05-27 12:43 PM
Her decision to cut energy
costs by 70% with LED
lighting was a great idea.
And a great start.
Once your clients start seeing the benefits of our incentives
for LED lighting, they will want to look into making other
parts of their business like HVAC, refrigeration and building
automation systems more efficient too. When they do,
they’ll be joining thousands of organizations across Ontario
who are already enjoying the savings that our programs
Take a look at their stories and our incentives at
Subject to additional terms and conditions found at saveonenergy.ca. Subject to change without notice.
Official Mark adopted and used by the Independent Electricity System Operator.
OPA_10232590_14_B2B_Electrical_Bus_Comm_Recessed.indd 1
IESO_EB_June.indd 191
5/12/2015 4:30:33 PM
2015-05-15 12:43
2:09 PM
Continued from page 18
Next, we drilled into those respondents that used online resources to
select their most recent service provider. Search engines are the most
popular means of selecting service providers online, cited by 56%.
Online reviews sites came in at 38% (Figure 6).
It’s important to note that while search engines are the most popular
online means of selecting providers, many of the results these engines
return are for online reviews postings and websites.
To explore this further, we decided to examine how often online
reviews sites appear on the first page of Google searches. We searched
the term “plumber [city]”, inputting the 30 most populous U.S. cities.
Out of 300 results, 127 (42%) were for general reviews sites or for
specific postings within those sites.
This finding indicates that not only are online reviews beneficial in
and of themselves, but that having a strong online reviews presence can
capture many potential customers searching for providers through other
online channels, as well.
Remmers says the best way for businesses to leverage online reviews
is to thank positive reviewers and encourage them to refer their business
to friends. Meantime, it is also important to communicate with reviewers
who leave negative reviews. Businesses should provide these unsatisfied
customers with some restorative solutions to their pain points, while
keeping in mind that, sometimes, there is simply no pleasing some
This article is an abridged version of “Use of Online Reviews to Select
Residential Service Providers: IndustryView” published in January 2015 by
Justin Guinn, a market research associate with Software Advice (tinyurl.
com/mn9jl2e). He can be reached at [email protected]
Best electrical product, industrial
of MCEE: T&B Helix
Greenlee adds GTSD-1930
to Saber line
Thomas & Betts’ Helix cable tray
fitting received the award for “Best
New Electrical Product-Industrial
Applications” at the recent MCEE
tradeshow held in Montreal. “The
Helix fitting was developed specifically for use in confined areas,”
said T&B’s Claudine Cromp. “It
allows installers to transition from
horizontal to vertical cable tray in
less time while using significantly
less space.” The Helix is available
in left or right configurations in
aluminum, pre-galvanized steel and
stainless steel, in 12-in. and 24-in.
widths, with 6-in. side rails.
Never fish wire again with GoConex
Key survey findings
Key findings
86% of respondents would pay more for a residential
service provider with higher ratings and reviews.
A majority of respondents (68%) say they find online
reviews to be “extremely” or “very valuable” when evaluating
residential service providers.
The most important information respondents look for in
online reviews is the quality of service provided (87%) and
cost (78%).
56% of respondents say they used online resources to
find their most recent residential service provider.
switch is 300 ft and one load controller can receive On/Off commands
from up to 10 different switches.
The GoConex switch is a “switch
without wires.” Just install a
GoConex load controller in the
junction box or an existing switch
box and the controller then receives
On/Off commands from a wireless
switch. The wireless range of the
Greenlee’s GTSD-1930 drillmounted Saber tool has a laser-etched
depth stop and a self-contained depth
gauge for wire stripping without the
danger of exposed blades. The springloaded retention pin allows the user
to pull the pin and insert specific
bushing sizes.
Arlington’s FBC4225 Rainbox
Arlington’s nonmetallic Rainbox is
a rain-tight solution
when installing a fan
or fixture exposed
to the elements, inside or outside.
Suitable applications include pool
screen enclosures, open porches,
lanais, outdoor kitchens and eating
areas, pavilions, greenhouses, barns,
etc. The oversized medallion of the
FBC4225 accommodates canopies
up to 7 in. in diameter. It is also UL/
CSA Listed.
EBMag launchEs canada-widE
ElEctrical SafEty awards PrograM
Canada’s leading electrical industry publication, Electrical Business Magazine,
has launched its Electrical Safety Champion Awards Program this year, which
aims to recognize Canadian companies and individuals who are passionate
about promoting the health & safety of Canadian electrical workers.
The awards program recognizes this commitment across several categories
AND you are permitted to nominate yourself!
These awards recognize both individuals and organizations as evaluated against
criteria that reinforce:
• Leadership and influence
• Education, information and awareness
• Advancing knowledge or standards
Eligibility requirements, deadlines, etc., have been posted at EBMag.com/esca.
Good luck!
MEanTiME... don’t miss this
unique opportunity to be a founding sponsor
of canada’s first national Electrical safety
champion awards Program! The benefits are
many, and sponsorships are available on a firstcome, first-served basis. only a few remain!
To rEsErvE your sPonsorshiP,
PlEasE conTacT:
Scott Hoy
[email protected] • 905-726-4664
John MacPherson
[email protected] • 905-713-4335
ThanK you To our sPonsors
• June 2015 • www.EBMag.com
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in case you Missed it...
PHOtOS • Ontario
League (OEL) wrapped
up its 2015 Electrical
Industry Conference,
and EBMag was there to record
the sessions, awards dinner and, of
course, the tradeshow. Visit tinyurl.
CECA national Industry Conference
Canadian Electrical Contractors Assoc.
Sept. 16, St. Andrews, N.B.
Visit ecao.org
BICSI fall Conference & Exhibition
Sept. 20-24, Las Vegas, Nev.
Visit www.bicsi.org
Ontario Energy Industry Sunnybrook
foundation Golf tournament
Ontario Energy Network
July 16, Gormley, Ont.
Visit ontarioenergynetwork.org
Motor Control Center
Safe, flexible and centralized means to
protect and control motors.
Simpler Is Better. This straight forward design
resulted in these improvements over existing
GE equipment:
CIGRÉ Canada Conference
International Council on
Large Electric Systems
Aug. 31-Sept. 1, Winnipeg, Man.
Visit www.cigre.ca
Looking for that special
something to reach new
customers? Reach our 100%
CASL-compliant subscriber list
with one of our custom eblasts
and go directly to your prospective
customer’s Inbox.
20% Increased Density - Customers can
add more buckets and feeders in a single
30% Increased Wire Space - Evolution’s
unique design allows for more wiring space
despite its increased density
60% Fewer Parts - This translates to
greater flexibility, easier installation, and
fewer stocked parts
The Evolution Series E9000* Motor Control
Center provides a safe, flexible and centralized
means to protect and control motors. The Next
Level in Motor Control Centers.
Enhanced simplicity and safety along with
reduced size all make the Evolution Series
E9000* your natural choice in motor
control centers.
Contact us at:
[email protected]
Leading the Future of Electrification
GE_EB_June.indd 1
EB_June2015.indd 21
Flexibility that comes from a simplified design. Enhanced safety features and easier access
for maintenance and troubleshooting. Smaller footprint that minimizes electrical room space.
Using the acclaimed Six Sigma process, GE designed a motor control center
that is safe, safety, and specially efficiency.
EfC federation Cup Golf tournament
Electro-Federation Canada
Aug. 19, Milton, Ont.
Visit www.electrofed.com
Contact Scott Hoy
(905) 726-4664
[email protected]
Affiliated Distributors 2015
north American Meeting
Sept. 28-Oct. 1, Grapevine, Texas
Visit www.adhq.com
Evolution E9000
SEGE 2015
Institute of Electrical
and Electronics Engineers
Aug. 17-19, Oshawa, Ont.
Visit www.sege-conference.com
franklin Empire Customer
Appreciation Day
Sept. 9, Toronto, Ont.
Visit www.feinc.com
IAEI Canadian Section Meeting
Sept. 24-26, Regina, Sask.
Visit www.iaei.org
WorldSkills Sao Paulo
Aug. 11-16, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Visit www.worldskillssaopaulo2015.com
CAnEW 2015 - Canadian Airports
national Electrical Workshop
Sept. 27-Oct. 2, Penticton, B.C.
Visit www.canew.ca
Industrial Solutions
utility Contractors Assoc. of Ontario
2015 Convention
July 26-28, Minett, Ont.
Visit www.uca.on.ca
OEL Industry Golf tournament
Ontario Electrical League
Aug. 12, Nobleton, Ont.
Visit www.oel.org
IEEE Energy Conversion Congress
and Exposition
Sept. 20-24, Montreal, Que.
Visit ias.ieee.org
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• 21
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code file
David Pilon
No easy answer to generator bonding/grounding
was recently asked, “What is the simplest way
to hook up a generator transfer switch so that
the generator I hook up will work—regardless of whether it has a floating neutral or a
grounded neutral?”.
This is a common concern when dealing
with generators, which are intended for
backup power during an outage, and also for
construction power, camper power, etc., versus
permanently installed generators used only for
emergency backup.
But there is no simple answer to this question.
When installing a receptacle to a transfer switch
or panel, then the type of generator involved
is an important piece of information. If the
generator has a floating neutral, then the neutral
must be solidly connected to the system neutral
to ensure the system is grounded and safe.
When the generator has a grounded or bonded
neutral—and you are not able to remove this
without modifying the equipment—then you
need to ensure the neutral for the generator is
grounded at the generator and isolated from the
main system ground through the transfer switch.
Follow the manufacturer’s installation,
grounding and operation instructions. If a
single-phase 240V generator neutral is bonded
to the frame, then a 3-pole transfer switch is
required. The supply service neutral and the
generator neutral must be isolated from each
other and grounded separately.
When the power plant is used solely for
emergency backup, we first need to look at
the internal wiring of the generator and the
connections to ground. Let’s assume a 3-phase
system: if the generator has a floating neutral
and is to be permanently installed, then we
would use a 3-pole transfer switch with a solid
neutral bar for connecting the neutral from the
two supplies and the load. This configuration
uses the building ground to ground both source
neutrals one time only. Note, if the generator is
in a separate building or in an outdoor/remote
location, I recommend you install a ground rod
and a #6 ground conductor to the frame of the
generator to protect against step/touch potential.
If in this same installation the generator had
a grounded neutral, we would require a 4-pole
transfer switch to also switch the neutral. In
this instance, we need to ground both the main
service neutral at the first point of delivery and
the generator neutral. These two neutrals must
now be switched in the transfer switch to ensure
that, as per CE Code 10-204(1)(c), neither has
any connection to the neutral on the load side.
When either system is operating, the system is
using its own system ground.
Note: it is possible to use the same ground
grid to ground both systems, or to create
a new ground grid as required. If they
are in the same building, they need to be
interconnected—unless as per 10-200 there
Questions and answers compiled by the Electrical Safety Authority
Tackle The Code
if you dare!
Answers to this month’s
questions in July’s
Electrical Business.
Question 1
signs shall be located so that no part of the sign, other than
its support, is less than ___ above grade.
a)1.0 m
b) 1.5 m
c) 1.8 m
d) 2.2 m
Question 2
How did you do
with the last quiz?
Are you a...
In a high-voltage installation, lightning arresters shall be
connected to the station ground electrode by a conductor of
not less than no. 6 aWG copper.
Master Electrician ? (3 of 3)
Journeyman ? (2 of 3)
Apprentice ? (1 of 3)
Plumber ?! (0 of 3)
Question 3
a) true
b) true
Conductive racks used to support batteries’ non-conductive
cases are permitted where no rack material or other obstacle
is located within ___ of the tops of the non-conductive cases.
a) 150 mm c) 600 mm
b) 300 mm d) 750 mm
EBMag May 2015
Q-1: non-locking 15a receptacles in a
hospital shall be “hospital grade” in:
c) Basic, intermediate and Critical care
areas. Rule 24-106 and 24-114.
Q-2: Fire alarm system conductors are
permitted to be installed in electrical nonmetallic tubing only where embedded in at
least 50mm of masonry or poured concrete.
a) True. Rule 32-102(1)(d).
Q-3: the maximum standard rating for a
time-delay fuse required for overcurrent
protection to a 5.0hp, 240vdc motor is:
c) 30A. Rule 28-200, Tables D2 & 29.
is flow of objectionable current. When
this is the situation, you need to review
the grounding arrangements. First,
have you insulated all of the neutrals to
the nominal voltage? Second, have you
isolated all of the neutrals beyond the
first point of connection? Third, have all
metallic systems been bonded together to
ensure they are all at the same potential?
Be aware of the hazards of parallel
neutrals, and take all necessary steps to
keep your installation safe.
David Pilon has been an electrical inspector
with SaskPower since 2000, and is currently
the vice-chair of the Canadian Certified
Electrical Inspector (CCEI) committee of
the International Association of Electrical
Inspectors (IAEI), Canadian Section. David
can be reached at [email protected]
consult the
electrical inspection authority
in your province/territory for
more specific interpretations.
adVertiser index
ADvERtISER .............................................PAGE
AD Rewards................................................... 24
Arlington Industries........................................ 17
Bridgeport Fittings ........................................... 9
CSA Group ..................................................... 22
Electrical Safety Champion Awards ................ 20
FLIR Canada .................................................. 15
GE Industrial Solutions ................................... 21
IPEX Electrical............................................ 2, 18
Independent Electricity System Operator ....... 19
Mercedes-Benz ............................................. 13
Mersen .......................................................... 23
Nexans ............................................................ 1
Northern Cables ............................................... 7
Thomas & Betts ........................................... 1, 5
United Wire & Cable ......................................... 4
The NEW EDITION of CSA Z462 has been extensively revised and updated.
It reflects a major shift towards risk assessment, with new definitions that
harmonize with other safety standards such as CSA Z1000 and Z1002.
22 • June 2015 • www.EBMag.com
CSA_EB_June.indd 1
EB_June2015.indd 22
2015-05-15 12:07 PM
2015-05-27 12:44 PM
Reduce wire
time up to
Mersen USG Series
UltraSafeTM Fuseholders
Innovative UltraSafe class CC and midget
fuseholders with screw-less, spring pressure,
wire termination technology.
Ferraz Shawmut is Mersen
23 1
2013-08-22 12:44
2:37 PM
With AD Rewards, customers are rewarded for purchasing participating suppliers’ products from an
AD Canada Distributor. You earn one point for every dollar spent(1) at any AD Rewards Distributor(2) across
Canada. You may already have points from purchases and not even know it. It’s the best
rewards program in the industry. Isn’t it time you started rewarding yourself today?
Browse our catalogue at ADRewards.ca to find something for everyone.
(1) Points earned on purchases from participating AD Canada Distributors and participating suppliers only. (2) Rules on website apply.
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