Exhibitor Manual

Exhibitor Manual
Exhibitor Manual
The 50+ Show: HALL 3, SECC, Exhibition Way, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G3 8YW
Show open days: Wednesday 11 - Thursday 12 November 2015
Tuesday 10 November
Space Only Shell Scheme 10am – 8pm
3pm – 8pm
Open Days
Wednesday 11 November
Open to Exhibitors Open to Visitors Post-show drinks & networking - Climbing wall area
7.30am - 9.30am
9.30am - 4.30pm
4.30pm onwards
Thursday 12 November
Open to Exhibitors Open to Visitors 8.30am - 9.30am
9.30am - 4.30pm
Thursday 12 November
Show breakdown 4.45pm - 9.00pm latest
No breakdown may take place before the last visitor has left the hall.
Welcome to The 50+ Show Glasgow 2015 at the SECC. We are pleased to welcome back exhibitors returning after
the success of our previous shows, and also to greet those of you who are exhibiting with us for the first time.
To build on the success of the previous shows and for you, the exhibitors, to gain as much as possible from this opportunity, we have compiled all the information you need to know in order to prepare yourself for the exhibition,
to have a successful show and to have a smooth and stress-free show breakdown.
Here’s to a happy and successful 50+ Show!
The 50+ Show Team
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
These are the latest dates - feel free to act earlier!
(Forms are at the end of this document)
Food sampling
22 October
Special license
22 October
(Risk assessment, copies of qualifications and copy of insurance)
[email protected]
[email protected]
Space-only stand details
22 October
(Risk assessment, copies of qualifications and copy of insurance)
[email protected]
Additional services
Electrical applications
Furniture ordering
AV equipment
23 October
28 October
26 October
Havills Exhibitions Ltd
Europa International
Remote AV
50+ Show Magazine - Use form at the back of this manual for additional orders
Advertisement booking
29 October
[email protected]
Advertisement material
29 October
[email protected]
Augmented company profile
29 October
[email protected]
Competitions/Offers information
29 October
[email protected]
Seminar PowerPoints
Visitor bag inserts
Stand staff registration
Book hotel rooms (Hilton Garden Inn)
1 November
1 November
6 November
ASAP [email protected]
Communicate Mailing Solutions (page 5)
Contact Details:
Show Director
Rob McCaffrey
[email protected]
Sales Executive
Danni McCaffrey
[email protected]
Tel: 01698 421942 Mobile: 07410 441940
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
Opening times and Welcome
Deadlines and organiser contact details
Before the show
Venue maps
Planning your stand
Checklist – aide memoir
Arriving at the show
General information
Close of show
Hotels - where to stay
Extra services
SECC rules and regulations
Health and safety information
Order form for additional marketing (ads, augmented company profile, bag inserts etc)
Forms for AV services, furniture and electrical equipment
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
Before the show
Exhibitor company logo
The exhibitor list is on The 50+ Show web site at http://www.50plusshow.com/Glasgow/exhibitors/
Please check to make sure that you are happy with your logo and link. If not, please send your preferred
logo (as an RGB jpg or TIFF file) and any corrected link to [email protected] Please note that this is
an additional service that The 50+ Show offers as a benefit. This does not form part of your contract and
logos and website links will be added to the website as quickly as resources are available.
The 50+ Show Magazine
The full-colour glossy visitors 50+ Show Magazine will be A4 size and will contain a complete floor plan,
including exhibitor locations, a detailed seminar programme and details of all other 50+ Show attractions and sponsored activities. The 50+ Show Magazine will be handed out to all visitors upon arrival at
the show.
Augmented company profile
Exhibitors who have booked and paid for an augmented company profile in the 50+ Show Magazine are
required to submit an 80 word (maximum) company profile (designed for visitors), including your company contact details (company name, address, telephone and fax numbers, email and web addressesthis DOES NOT count towards the 80 word limit) for inclusion in the Visitors’ 50+ Show Magazine. Please
send this information to [email protected]
Competition and show offers information
Exhibitors should send details (40 words maximum) of any offers, competitions, prize draws etc, which
are taking place at The 50+ Show to [email protected], by 29 October at the latest - free inclusion.
All offers and competitions must be exclusive to The 50+ Show and must end/be drawn at the show.
The 50+ Show Magazine advertising
The following options are available for advertising in the 50+ Show Magazine: Full page, half or quarter
page (both vertical and horizontal), opposite editorial and opposite inside front and back covers.
274mm x 397mm
303mm x 428mm
297mm x 210mm
274mm x 184mm
303mm x 216mm
1/2 page Vertical Horizontal
274mm x 89mm
134mm x 184mm
1/4 page
134mm x 89mm
64mm x 184mm
To book advertising, contact [email protected], or Tel: 01698 421942, Mobile: 07410 441940 or use
the booking form at the end of this manual. Advertising material must be supplied as CMYK, 300dpi with
all fonts embedded. Please send advertising material to [email protected] with the subject line ‘The
50+ Show Glasgow (your company name) Magazine Advert’.
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
Visitor bags
Each visitor to The 50+ Show will receive a free ‘Visitor Bag’ when they enter the show. Exhibitors are able
to book and pay to include leaflets, samples and other promotional material inside the visitor bags.
All materials for The 50+ Show bags must be delivered directly to:
The 50+ Show Visitor Bag Inserts
Communicate Mailing Solutions Ltd
3 Clydemill Place
Clydemill Business Park
G72 7ZT
Tel: 0141 643 3360
Fax: 0141 643 3361
All materials must be delivered by the close of business on 1 November for inclusion in the bags.
Venue Map - The 50+ Show is in Hall 3
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
Planning your stand: shell scheme stands
Most Exhibitors have a Shell Scheme stand (if you are unsure please contact your sales contact for details). This comprises of the ‘walls’ of your stand, the carpet on your stand, the fascia board, a name board,
your stand number, two spotlights and a 500W plug socket (enough for a laptop but not enough for a
kettle, for example).
The facia board is 30cm in height if you wish to attach your own logo or banners to it (Velcro must also
be used - no glue or other fixative may be used).
The Shell Scheme walls are made up of panels which fit together to form a flat wall. Each panel is approx
1m wide and 2.44m high. The panels are made of a grey felt-type material which is compatible with the
‘spiky’ side of Velcro tape. Exhibitors must not use any other method to fix posters/pictures/banners etc
to the shell scheme walls: Exhibitors will be charged for any damage caused to shell scheme.
The fascia board is a flat board which goes around the top outside of the stand and is used to display the
exhibitor name and the stand number to help visitors identify each stand. The fascia name board and
number are supplied as part of the Shell Scheme package - as text only. Fascia text will be as provided on
your stand booking form. The facia board is 30cm deep if you wish to attach your own logo or banners to
it (Velcro must also be used here). If exhibitors would like to have their logo displayed etc it is their own
responsibility to organise.
Please contact AIM Exhibitions (http://www.aimexhibitions.co.uk/) for details of extras available including
Raised platform, locking cubicles, muslin ceiling, alternative colour wall covering, A4 leaflet holders, flat
or sloping shelving and Velcro fixings. Stand modifications/additions are at the exhibitor’s own cost.
Graphics dimensions for a 3 x 2m shell scheme stand.
Exhibitor chill-out room
A quiet area will be provided for exhibitors only, where tea and coffee will be available.
Post show drinks after first show-day
Post-show drinks & networking will take place around the climbing wall area, from 4.30pm onwards on
Wednesday 11 November - wear your exhibitor badge for access. There will be £500 behind the bar, after
which it will be up to you!
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
Checklist for arriving at the show – aide memoir
The actual Exhibit (it has been known!)
Invoice / Insurance details
Business Cards
Stationery (pens/stapler/paper-clips etc.)
Note pads / printer paper
Your lead sheets / Inquiry forms
Your marketing materials (brochures/t-shirts, etc)
Equipment (computer/printer etc)
Comfy footwear
Hand wash
Wet wipes
First aid kit
Energy sweets
Pain relief
Confirmation details / telephone numbers
Money / credit cards
Mobile Phone
Packing tape
Strong tape
Replacement bulbs
Extra screws/bolts etc
Tool box
Extension lead
Bin bags
Cleaning materials
Sewing kit
Velcro Dots __
Double Sided Sticky tape ( if for floor use tape must be Sellotape Double Grip 4415 or Stikatak B7
Exhibition Tape)
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
Arriving at the show
Contractors and Exhibitors Build Up / Breakdown
Contractors must report to the Gate House which is located to the west of the site near Hall 3, they will
be cleared and checked by the on-site Security personnel who will instruct the driver to the nearest available parking location in / next to or in the vicinity of the Hall (designated Vehicle Doors), dependent on
the nature of the build / breakdown they are carrying out. Once the contractor is finished they will be
directed back to the Gate House or to the exit barrier at Hall 5 to egress,. If they need to remain on site
they will be directed to park in Car Park 5.
Exhibitors, like contractors, will report to the Gate House. All exhibitors must collect their Exhibitor Car
Parking pass on the first day of build. They then must display this pass on their windscreen / dash of their
vehicle for the duration of their stay and show the pass to Security on every entry onto site.
All vehicles will be instructed were to park by the In- House Security Stewards on site. Once the available
parking around the Halls and immediate vicinity reaches capacity the remaining traffic will stay in Car
Park 5 until instructed to make their way from there to an available car parking space.
Open Periods
Restocking can only occur during the designated timings as discussed with the SECC Campus Event
Manager, prior to the opening and / or after closing the Hall to the public and only when the area is clear
of patrons and any persons under the age of sixteen even if they are with an Exhibitor. The Guards on the
Vehicle Doors will be instructed when it is safe to proceed by the Venue Service Manager for the event.
Any exceptions to this rule will must be at the Venue Service Managers discretion.
At the start of the show
Staff working on stands must pre-register online and must wear an exhibitor badge at all times when in
the exhibition hall, to identify themselves to visitors and for security. Persons under 16 years old are not
permitted to access the show floor on the build-day, nor after 4.30pm on the last day of the show.
All exhibitors must visit the reception desk (at the front of the hall) when they arrive at the exhibition hall,
to collect exhibitor badges and parking passes. Exhibitors who have parked in the traffic staging area and
who have to transit the hall on their way to the registration area will be able to do so with a temporary
sticker collected from security on the door. No badge or sticker means no access! This is for your security
and safety!
Please see the front cover for opening and closing times.
Delivery and collection
Any deliveries must be clearly marked with your stand number and company (See page 1 for address).
Deliveries can be made to Hall 3 between 9am to 8pm on the build day only (10 November), and materials will be held in the storage area next to the gate. Materials delivered are at your own risk: The venue or
organisers cannot take responsibility for any deliveries.
Trolleys are not provided at the venue so please ensure that you bring your own if required.
Trolleys cannot be used whilst the show is open to the public.
Deliveries are not permitted outside of show tenancy (10-12 November) and will not be accepted by the
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
Your stand
Exhibitors who intend to play music on their stand during the course of the exhibition are required by
law to obtain a music license (PPL / PSL): exhibitors are solely responsible for obtaining the license required. Apply online via http://www.ppluk.com/I-Play-Music/Businesses/
Special features
Exhibitors who wish to include any of the features listed below on their stands are required to provide
the following, where required, to [email protected], by 22 October at the latest:
• A risk assessment;
• Public Liability Insurance documents;
• Relevant qualifications and certifications.
Special treatments – massage, body piercing, tattooing, etc.
Over-height stands
Food sampling
Unusual activities
Motor vehicles
Special effects
Water features – eg, Spas
Stand catering
The SECC has strict rules on what can and cannot be given to show visitors. Essentially, sampling is not
a problem (food – bite size, drinks – 3 fl.ozs / 85ml): selling food or drink or feeding visitors will result in
charges being applied. In both cases, you must receive permission from the venue. The 50+ Show organisers are not involved in this process.
Exhibitors who wish to have food or drink sampling on their stand, or who wish to sell food or drink, must
make their application BEFORE Wednesday 4th November in order to obtain consent from venue management.
Exhibitors who wish to sample alcoholic drinks, must provide details of the personal license holder who
will be responsible for the sampling. Please supply copies of the license to [email protected]
Under no circumstances may exhibitors distribute leaflets or flyers anywhere around the venue on tables,
chairs or open areas. Exhibitors are required to stay on their stands and are not permitted to leaflet in the
aisles. Leaflets found anywhere outside an exhibitor’s area will be collected and disposed-of immediately.
All stand staff must remain on their stand whilst talking to visitors and must not block aisles or gangways,
either themselves or with literature stands and furniture.
All exhibitors must hold public liability insurance providing cover of at least £10,000,000 injury or damage (see terms and conditions of contract).
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
General event information
Animals – If you are planning to have animals on your stand then please let the organisers know and
provide the relevant documentation. The SECC Campus welcomes visitors with assistance dogs. We
would ask that assistance dogs are clearly identifiable around the Venue(s).
Baby Changing - Baby changing and feeding facilities are available in the SECC Campus. For locations,
please visit www.secc.co.uk
Balloons - All balloons must be secured by some means. Lighter than air balloons are not permitted in
the exhibition hall. There is a substantial charge payable by the exhibitor if balloons are used and have to
be retrieved from the roof voids.
Coaches - The main coach drop off point is located at the East Entrance to the building.
Dilapidations - The use of nails, screws or bolts as fitting to the hall floor and walls is strictly forbidden.
The Exhibitor will be charged for the cost of making good, restoring or renewing any dilapidations to the
hall or site e.g. marks made by paint and adhesive tape.
Demonstrations and displays - All demonstrations and displays that are designed to attract crowds
must be set back 1m from the gangway to avoid congestion in the gangways. Exhibitors intending to use
televisions or any other noise generating appliances for stand demonstration purposes or who wish to
hold live demonstrations must must ensure that crowds do not block the aisles.
Disabled facilities - Blue badge holders will be accommodated in the MSCP with 66 spaces available.
These are located on the south side of the car park near exits & lifts and split across all four floors. Entrance doors at east and west entrances are automatic. Inside the main building, all public areas are
accessible by lifts situated at two points on the main concourse. The direct link to the Crowne Plaza Hotel
from the main SECC Campus is fully accessible to wheelchair users via various lifts.
Fabrics - Textile fabrics used for interior display purposes on events must be flame-proofed or already
treated with an approved chemical when purchased, in accordance with BS5348 / BS5852. Certain fabrics
such as wool, twill, or felt need not be proofed. Textile fabrics used for interior decorative purposes within
stands must be fixed taut and/or in light pleats (not draped) to a solid backing and secured 3” above floor
level, not touching light fittings.
First aid
The medical centre is located on the concourse at the East Entrance to the building. The contact number
for the Medical Centre is 0141 275 6338.
Food - There are cafes and restaurants available in the exhibition hall throughout the duration of the
show. There are also several restaurants and cafes near the venue on the main road.
Floor Tapes - All contractors must used approved Stikatak B7 or Sellotape Double Grip 4415 exhibition
tape and ensure that it is lifted before they leave the hall at the end of the show. Any contractors who
leave the tape on the floor after the event will be subject to a dilapidation charge.
Open Frontages - All Space Only stands are advised that each open frontage must be at least 50% open.
A frontage is where one stand faces another.
Plastics - Plastics must conform to BS476-Part 7-Class 1. Lexan and Macralon are acceptable. Perspex
must not be used.
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
Platform Floors - The general height of a platform should be 100mm and should provide a ramp enabling disabled visitors and visitors with pushchairs access to the stand. Platforms must be of a strength
and stability to carry and distribute the weight of the stand fittings and exhibits with regards to the
loading limits of the floors. A platform may be necessary to cover some electrical installations and is the
responsibility of the exhibitor.
Shared Walling - If a wall is marked on the plan between two exhibitors by a solid line, Space Only exhibitors must construct a wall of at least 2.5m and dress both sides to the satisfaction of the Organisers.
The tops of stands must be finished tidily where they are visible from the balcony, escalators or rooms
overlooking the hall.
Smoking - In accordance with Legislation, the venue operates a NO SMOKING policy in ALL enclosed
Stand Dressing - Artificial plants and flowers are combustible and give off fumes and must not be used.
Silk type flowers are acceptable providing they have been fireproofed to BS476-Part 7 and are marked as
such. Cellulose paints are flammable and must not be used in stand dressing.
Close of show - Breakdown
On the morning of breakdown as many small vehicles as possible will be parked in the parking bays
around the hall in use (this will be done on a first come basis and controlled by our in-house security
team). Contractors’ vehicles other than light vans will not be permitted to park in the area around the
Exhibition Hall until space becomes available.
The show is open to visitors until 4.30pm. It is expressly forbidden for any exhibitor OR contractor
to start to pack up any part of their stand before 4.30pm. This will be strictly enforced by the Floor
Breakdown of the show will be announced once the hall is completely clear of visitors and the venue
duty manager has deemed it safe. Vehicles are not allowed into the hall until after this point.
Please maintain adequate surveillance of your company’s portable items during the breakdown period.
Exhibitors who leave any exhibits or valuables on their stand after the first evening of breakdown do so
at their own risk.
All stand electrical supplies will be switched off no later than 30mins after the close of the show.
Shell Scheme exhibitors must vacate their stand by 5.30pm on the last day of the show. Space Only exhibitors must clear their area by 9pm on the last day of the show.
It should noted that it is the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre’s policy (SECC) that no one under
the age of 16 years of age will be allowed into the “work” area during this time. Door stewards are instructed to refuse access.
Under no circumstances can any items be left in the hall or at the venue. All promotional materials and
stands must be collected on the last day of the show. Any items not collected will be disposed of by the
venue at the exhibitor’s expense. It is the standholder’s responsibility to remove from the venue any
wooden pallets that have been used in dropping off stand/promotional material to their stand. You will
be charged £50 for the disposal of any pallet left at the venue.
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
The SECC Campus has 3 on-site hotels with one that can be accessed via a link corridor directly from the
building (Crowne Plaza Hotel). The two further hotels are within walking distance from the venue and are
the Hilton Garden Inn (see below) and The Campanile.
Exhibitors are recommended to stay at the local approved hgh-quality hotel:
Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow City Centre (4*) (5 minutes walk from the show)
Finnieston Quay,
G3 8HN
For full details and booking, please use the following link:
Use this website to book at a specially-negotitated rate (£119, includes breakfast and VAT):
Further to this, the venue is only a short distance from Glasgow City Centre where there are many further
hotels available (please see Travel for details of how to get to and from the SECC Campus and Glasgow
City Centre). Details of other hotels within Glasgow can be found at www.seeglasgow.com
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
Extra services
Your Shell Scheme exhibition space includes carpet, lighting (2 spotlights per stand), one power socket
and a fascia with your company name.
All additional services must be ordered directly with the approved contractors detailed below.
Please use the relevant order form for each additional service required for your stand. These must be
returned directly to the individual contractor and NOT to The 50+ Show.
Electrical contractors
Order form at the end of the Exhibitor Manual.
Havills Exhibitions Ltd
1, Woodland Road, Woodland Trading. Est. Torquay, TQ2 7AT
Telephone: (01803) 314 000 Fax: (01803) 311 910
[email protected]
Contact: Jacqui Horsfall, [email protected]
Electricity will be available from 9am each day and then will be switched off at 5.00pm (half an hour after
the show closes). Don’t forget to order 24 hour power if required.
Furniture contractors
All additional furniture should be ordered through
Europa International, Europa House, Meaford Way, Glasgow, SE20 8RA
Telephone: 0208 676 0062
Fax: 0208 676 9976
[email protected]
Late orders will incur a minimum 10% late order surcharge.
Please use the form at the end of this Exhibitor Manual.
Catering contractor
Levy’s is the venue’s catering contractor and provides all stand catering and hospitality. If you would like
to provide refreshments such as tea/coffee/water on your stand please contact Levys Hospitality who will
be able to assist you. If you would like to provide catering for your stand staff this can also be arranged
through Levys.
As the official caterers at the SECC Campus, Levy Restaurants (sister company of Compass Services) has
the sole right to provide food and drink, alcohol or otherwise, for consumption on stands and in offices.
No company or individual may bring any food or drink into exhibitions for distribution, except with written permission from Levy Restaurants. Restaurants, buffets and snack bars where meals and refreshments
can be obtained at varying prices will be open at the discretion of the caterers.
Catering Furniture Depending on the menu selected, furniture may be included or additional items; poser tables, patio sets etc, can be hired. All catering serving tables / set up are supplied by Levy Restaurants.
For all catering enquiries, please contact Levy Restaurants on 0141 576 3140.
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
Audio visual
If you require any audio visual equipment for your stand please contact Remote AV who will be able to
provide LCD screens, plasma screens, laptops, PCs, CD and DVD players, small PA systems etc.
Remote Audio Visual Ltd, 2 Tonbridge, Bury, Lancs, BL8 1YH
Tel: 0161 763 7713
Fax: 0161 763 7713
Contact: Marc Self
[email protected]
Applications for AV equipment must be placed by 26 October.
Please use the form at the end of this Exhibitor Manual.
Schell scheme contractor - additional fittings/ stand modification
AIM Exhibitions Ltd, Unit 12/14 Dinan Way Trading Estate, Exmouth, Devon, EX8 4EZ
Tel: 01395 222040
Fax: 01395 274822
Contact: Mike Bowering
[email protected]
Option 1 – High Bandwidth Internet Connection
· Exhibitors can use the SECC’s Technical Services (see details below) to purchase hard wire internet connections.
This service allows for internet access, internet browsing, video streaming, fast download and is a hardwire connection. It is supported by the venue’s IT Team.
· Early Bird rate is £311 and late order is £414.67, additional connections are £74.04 each .
Option 2 – Standard Wi-Fi (0.5Mb)
· There is free wifi across the venue, visitors just need to input their email address.
· Standard Wi-Fi may not be suitable for large data transfer and therefore is not recommended for use by exhibitors.
Option 3 – Enhanced Wi-Fi (1.5 Mb)
· Enhanced blanket coverage packages are available for the duration of the event and are priced at £233.26 + VAT
for the first connection and £69.30 + vat for additional connections. This service allows for internet access, browsing and video streaming. It is supported by the venue’s IT Team.
All orders can be placed through Technical Services:
Technical Services Department Tel: 0141 248 3000
E-mail: [email protected]
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
SECC (‘the Company’) rules and regulations
This is a shortened version of the full SECC rules and regulations document: Please contact the SECC directly for the full document.
The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, subsequent legislation and amendments, updates and revisions thereto shall be complied with to
ensure that safe working conditions and practices are established and maintained at the Centre.
The Company accepts no liability for property introduced into the Centre by Hirers, Licensees and its or their contractors, sub-contractors or
agents who must make their own insurance arrangements.
All Licensees exhibiting jewellery should have a block insurance policy covering their goods wherever situated. Any person detailed to
remain on a Stand outwith the open period of an Event shall be deemed to be a servant or agent of the Licensee.
Lost Property
All property found at the Centre and surrendered to the Company will be delivered to Police Service of Scotland if it cannot be restored to
the owner within fourteen days.
Food, Drink and Tobacco
No person shall sell or otherwise distribute in the Premises or in any other part of the Centre, whether by automatic machine or otherwise,
any tobacco, smokers’ requisites, beverages, alcoholic drinks, food, ice cream, sweets and confectionery or any other consumable refreshments of any nature whatsoever (other than free samples of products of the Hirer or any Licensee) without the prior written consent of the
Company. Any request for such consent shall be lodged with the Company at least two months prior to the start of the Hire Period. Any
person who intends to provide food or drink for public consumption must comply with all regulations governing such provision.
Betting and Gambling
The Centre shall not be used for the purposes of betting or gambling, without the prior written consent of the Company.
Vehicles on the Concourse
No vehicles, hand propelled or motorised, are permitted to traverse the Concourse without the prior approval of the Company and then
only those fitted with rubber or similar tyres and with an axle loading of less than 10 tons will be authorised.
Vehicle Entry Doors
All vehicle entry doors to the Halls and The SSE Hydro shall be operated only by the Company’s security staff or such other persons as the
Company shall designate in writing. This does not apply to the emergency exit doors set into the lower section of the vehicle entry doors.
Wheeled vehicles, whether motor driven or hand propelled, shall not be taken through any of the emergency pedestrian exit doors set in
the lower section of the vehicle entry doors.
Delivery, Unpacking, Storage and Removal
Unloading and loading of delivery and service vehicles may be carried out in the service yards adjacent to the Halls, provided that no undue
obstruction is caused to the free flow of traffic. When unloading has been completed, vehicles must be removed from the service yards.
Those remaining at the Centre must be parked in the designated area for that purpose and/or as directed by the Company’s security staff.
All private cars must be parked as directed by the Company’s security staff when loading and unloading.
When unloading has been completed, vehicles must be removed from the Service Yards. Those remaining at the centre must park in the
area designated for that purpose and/park as directed by the Company’s security staff.
Delivery or service vehicles will only be permitted to enter the premises with the Company’s approval and under the direction of its security
staff. Delivery or service vehicles will not be admitted into the Premises whilst the Premises are open to the public. Exhibits and similar
materials may only be delivered and unpacked at times outwith the open period. Motor vehicle used to deliver exhibits or stand fitting
materials will not be permitted to remain in the Halls overnight. Vehicles remaining at the Centre overnight must be parked as directed by
the Company’s security staff.
Empty crates, cartons, boxes, shavings or other packing materials shall not be stored on, under or behind any Stand. Storage for packing
cases, if provided within the Premises, shall be to the satisfaction of the Company and the relevant Authorities; packing cases thus stored
must be complete with lids nailed back into place and must be stored at least 3 metres away from any Stand. The Company will not permit
deliveries to the Premises of exhibits, stand fitting or any other materials required for the staging of an Event prior to the first day of the Hire
Period except in accordance with specific arrangements made in writing between the Company and the Hirer. Such arrangements will be
made only with the Hirer, who will also be responsible for any charges the Company may make for extending the Hire Period and for any
additional services provided.
Floor Loadings
No load in excess of 5 tons per square metre shall be placed on the floor of the Halls at the Centre. No vehicle having an axle load in excess
of 20 tons shall be brought into the Halls at the Centre. Floor loadings in excess of the above may be permitted on application to and with
the approval of the Company.
Protection of the Public
All machinery and other apparatus intended to be operated during the Event when the Public is in the Premises shall be fitted with guards
or other means of protection to the satisfaction of the Company and the relevant Authorities. The operation and demonstration of such
machinery or apparatus shall be the sole responsibility of the authorised and duly qualified representatives of the Licensee who must be in
attendance throughout the demonstration. All machinery and apparatus should be well maintained and in good working order. Mainte-
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
nance records should be available for inspection if required by the Companies Representative or relevant Local Authority.
At the hour appointed by the Hirer and advised and approved by the Company prior to start of the first open period of an Event, all work in
the nature of construction or erection of Stands, displays, features and all other temporary structures within the Premises for the Event must
be completed. All vehicles, plant, ladders, trestles, scaffolds, trolleys, contractors’ huts, spare materials and other items used in connection
with the construction and erection of Stands at the Event shall be removed from the Premises. At the same time, all exhibits and materials
required for the Event shall be removed from the Gangways in the Premises to allow the Company’s cleaning contractor to sweep the Gangways and general circulation areas and to clear refuse from the Premises prior to the commencement of the open period of the Event.
At the close of the Event on each open day other than the last, Licensees shall place any dry mixed recyclates, residual food and general
waste from their Stands into the appropriate receptacles provided by the Company. On close of the last day of the event, receptacles will
be positioned in the Gangways in readiness for event breakdown. Licensees shall place any dry mixed recyclates, residual food and general
waste from their Stands into the appropriate receptacles provided by the Company for removal by the Company’s cleaning contractor. Under no circumstances shall refuse be placed in the Gangways other than in the receptacles provided as stipulated above.
Washbasins and WCs within the toilets throughout the Centre shall not be used for disposing of tea leaves, waste food, paint etc.
Petrol Fuelled Motor Vehicle Exhibits
The exhibiting within the Premises of petrol fuelled vehicles or other petrol engined equipment shall be subject to the following conditions:
the fuel tanks of such motor vehicles must be fitted with a locked cap and the fuel content must not exceed a quarter of the capacity of the tank; and
batteries on such vehicles must be disconnected on all terminals before and throughout the time that the Public is admitted to the
Laser Beams
The use of laser beams will only be permitted with the prior written approval of the company. The application for such approval must be
accompanied by full details of the equipment to be used and a layout plan identifying the location of the equipment within the premises.
Fumes, Exhaust and Smoke
The Halls are equipped with smoke detectors and a sprinkler system. The following procedure shall be complied with in all cases where
exhibits emit fumes, smoke or dust particles. Any exhibit or process which emits noxious or toxic fumes, exhausts or smoke shall be so
arranged as to have an effective exhaust system to the outside atmosphere and if required by the Company shall be sited adjacent to an
external wall of the Hall adjacent to one of the extract louvers. Full details of the exhibit or process and proposed exhaust system shall be
submitted to the Company for approval. Any attachments or fixings to the building structure or openings through the fabric of the buildings
for the flue shall be made by the Company at the expense of the applicant requesting the service.
The use of compressors, sprayers, auto trucks and similar plant powered by internal combustion engines is prohibited during periods when
the Public is being admitted to the Premises.
At any time when the use of internal combustion engines is permitted, all such vehicles and plant shall be fitted with a fire extinguisher of
the type stipulated by the Company or the relevant Authorities.
Vehicles and plant using liquid fuel must be refuelled in the open air and well away from buildings at the Centre.
Boilers, Stoves, Furnaces, etc.
Where an exhibit comprises boilers, stoves, furnaces and similar equipment in operating conditions, the Licensee shall take precautions to
prevent the transmission of heat to any combustible part of the Stand and the floor of the Premises. A suitable non-combustible insulating
material of sufficient thickness shall be inserted between the equipment and the Stand. If in the opinion of the Company the floor surface of
the Premises is liable to be or is damaged by such equipment, the Company will be entitled to protect and/or reinstate the floor surface of
the Premises at the expense of the Licensee.
Full details of the proposed equipment shall be submitted to the Company for approval prior to any such demonstration under working
conditions. It shall be at the discretion of the Company and the Authorities to determine if fire extinguisher(s) will be located in the area of
such demonstration.
Dangerous and Noxious Substances
No substances which, in the opinion of the Company, are of a dangerous, explosive or objectionable nature shall brought onto the Centre
without the prior approval in writing of the Company. Where it is proposed to use toxic material or fluids the disposal of which requires
notification to regulatory authorities, the Company shall be advised in writing at least two months prior to the start of the Hire Period of the
nature of the material or fluid and the quantities involved. Not more than one day’s supply of any such approved substance shall be stored
on the Stand or within the Premises at any time; the remainder shall be stored in accordance with the Company’s instructions. Toxic wastes
shall be placed in closed containers, marked accordingly and special arrangements made with the Company regarding their disposal. Under
no circumstances shall chemical substances which are assessed as hazardous to health be deposited in ordinary waste containers at the
Users of such substances must comply in full with the obligations contained in the COSHH Regulations and all other relevant regulations.
Toy Balloons
The sale, distribution or use of gas-filled balloons at the Centre must be approved by the Company and will normally be conditional on the
balloons being weighted down. Hirers will be responsible for costs incurred by the Company in repairing air handling units and other equip-
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
ment within the Premises, damaged by gas-filled balloons released within the Premises being drawn into the said units and equipment.
Costs incurred by the Company in recovering balloons from within the roof structure of the Premises will also be charged to the Hirer [and
will be passed on to the exhibitor in question].
Radio Transmission
Persons proposing to use radio transmitting equipment at the Centre, either for two-way speech communication or for any other reason,
shall submit details of the equipment to the Company, giving the frequency and power of the signal and a copy of the transmitting licence
issued by the regulatory authority. Radio transmitting equipment shall not be used without the prior written approval of the Company.
Broadcasting of Music
Licensees or other persons requiring music, whether live or from tapes or discs, to be broadcast through the public address system or to be
played on Stands or other areas at the Centre shall inform the Hirer who will in turn inform the Company in writing at least 60 days before
the commencement of the Hire Period. The Hirer shall pay to the Company upon demand all and any fees which may become due by the
Company to the Performing Rights Society Limited in respect of such broadcasting or playing at an Event.
Unless the above procedure has been fully complied with, the Company will not permit the broadcast or playing of music at the Centre.
Action in Case of Fire
The procedure on outbreak of fire is as follows:
set off a manual (break glass) call point. Inside the Halls, these are located adjacent to each vehicle entry door and the access doors
from the concourse;
dial 444 on the nearest of the Centre’s internal telephones and notify a member of the Company’s security staff, giving the location
of the fire to enable the security staff to direct the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to the scene of the fire by the most direct route;
try to quench the fire or confine it by the use of a hose reel or extinguisher and/or removal of goods, etc. in the vicinity;
avoid doing anything likely to create panic;
report to nearest fire assembly point located at car park 1 at the east of the building and between car parks 5 and 7 at the west of
the building.
Action in Case of Personal Injury
In case of personal injury:
dial 333 (medical centre), or 290 (control room) on the Centre’s internal telephone system; or
dial 999 on any public telephone and afterwards notify a member of the Company’s security staff on 0141 248 3000 extension 290,
giving the location of the incident; and
remain with the injured person until the arrival of the medical staff.
Any person displaying materials or equipment which require specific fire protection arrangements to be implemented shall submit details
of such materials or equipment to the Company, in order that advice may be given as to the most suitable type of extinguisher required. The
use of fire hose reels other than for fire fighting in an emergency is prohibited.
Flammable Oils
Fuel oils used in connection with any burning equipment shall have a flash point of not less than 54°C (130°F) and shall be in accordance
with BS 2869 1970: “Petroleum fuels for oil engines and burners” and or any amendments, updates or revisions thereto. Paraffin and other
mineral oils shall not be used in any lamps, stoves or other appliances or exhibits without the prior written consent of the Company and the
relevant Authorities.
In particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing the consent of the Company and the relevant Authorities shall not be
given unless the following conditions are satisfied:
a detailed specification of the working of such appliances, together with a plan showing their location in the Premises or on a
Stand, shall be submitted to the Company at least two months prior to the beginning of the Hire Period;
not more than one appliance of each model or type containing oil may be exhibited in a working demonstration;
each working appliance shall be filled with oil sufficient for one day’s use only;
each appliance shall only be replenished with oil at times when the Public is not present in the Premises;
no oil may be stored on the Stand other than that already in the working appliances;
each working appliance shall be firmly fixed or placed in such a position that it cannot be overturned;
where working appliances are within reach of the Public, notices shall be displayed stating that the appliance is working and
should not be touched; and
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
each stove shall be manufactured in accordance with BS 3300 1963 (Superseded): “Kerosene (Paraffin) Unflued Space Heaters,
Cooking and Boiling Appliances for domestic use” and any amendments, updates or revisions thereto.
Oil needed for replenishing the working appliances and its issue and distribution shall be as directed by the Company. Persons wishing to
use this facility shall apply in writing to the Company, giving details of the quantity of oil to be stored and the expected daily use.
Flammable Liquids and Gases
No flammable liquid or liquid petroleum gas shall be used within the Centre without the prior written consent of the Company and the Fire
Safety Enforcement Officer. Persons proposing to use these materials shall:
make application to the Company at least two months prior to the start of the Hire Period, giving details of the materials, quantity
and purpose for which the materials are required;
comply with the Highly Flammable Liquids and Liquefied Petroleum Gases Regulations 1972 and the Petroleum Regulations Acts
1928 and 1936 and any amendments, updates or revisions thereto;
where flammable spirits are used for cleaning machinery and other apparatus, provide metal bins with firm fitting metal lids for
the disposal of cleaning swabs and other such materials after use, and arrange for the bins to be emptied when full and at the end
of each day of the Event, separately from the normal waste collection service;
only provide on the Stand sufficient of the flammable materials for one day’s usage and arrange for all materials in excess of daily
requirements to be stored as shall be directed by the Company; and
provide warning notices on the Stand (as may be required by the Company or the Fire Safety Enforcement Officer), drawing attention to the flammable nature of the materials.
Compressed Gases
Compressed gas cylinders shall be constructed in accordance with BS EN 1964-1:2000 “Transportable Gas Cylinders” and any amendments,
updates or revisions thereto.
Vessels containing liquids or gases under pressure (other than compressed gas cylinders complying with the recommendations of the regulatory authority) shall be fitted with safety valves of an approved type and a certificate in respect of a recent pressure test of each vessel shall
be available for inspection on each Stand where such a vessel is used.
Compressed gas cylinders or vessels containing liquids or gas under pressure shall be stored as directed by the Company and only those
cylinders required for immediate use shall remain on a Stand.
Cylinders may only be connected or disconnected during times when the Public is not being admitted to the Premises.
All exhibitors proposing to use compressed gases must submit details to the Company identifying the gases or liquids to be used and size of
cylinders or vessels and their working pressures.
Construction and Decoration of Stands
All stands and other temporary structures, including signs erected thereon, to which the Public has access, shall confirm to the requirements
of the relevant Authorities.
Electrical installations
All electrical installations on Stands, features, displays or exhibits shall comply with;
the “Wiring Regulations 17th Edition” (BS7671) issued by the Institution of Engineering and Technology and with any amendments
any special requirements of the Authorities;
the Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974 and;
the Electricity at Work Act 1989.
the Association of Event Venues Association (AEV) “Regulations for Stand Electrical Installations”. (copies of which are available
from the “Building Services Manager”)
The Company will not supply electricity to any installation which does not comply with these Regulations or any statutory or other regulations or orders of regulatory bodies.
24 Hour Electrical Supplies
All Stand electrical circuits other than 24 hour supplies shall be switched off as soon as possible after the close of each day of an Event.
Stand electrical supplies will be switched off by the Company after the close of each day of an Event at a time agreed between the Company
and the Hirer or failing such agreement at the discretion of the Company. Where a 24 hour supply of electricity is required for battery chargers, refrigerators or other equipment, the applicant shall advise the Company of this at the time of placing the order for the Stand electrical supply. The Company will notify the applicant of the means by which the 24 hour supply will be provided. If this should necessitate a
separate electrical supply, the applicant will be required to bear the cost.
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
Electric Cookers, Kettles, Irons, Radiators, etc.
Any apparatus which has a hot surface and all electrical appliances such as electric kettles, radiators, irons, etc. shall be guarded where necessary and stood or mounted on non-combustible material. All appliances under this heading which are liable to exceed a surface temperature of 70°C shall be supplied from a socket outlet having a pilot lamp indicating whether or not the appliance is switched on. Kettles, irons,
radiators and similar appliances shall not be connected to the lighting circuit. They shall be separately connected to the electrical supply
and in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations. All Portable Appliances must have current Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certification/ labelling. Electric cookers shall be wired on an independently fused final sub-circuit. Electric kettles shall be fitted with an automatic
safety device which will automatically disconnect it from the mains supply in the event of the kettle boiling dry. Walls adjacent to all electric
cookers, irons, kettles, hotplates, etc. shall be protected with non-combustible material. Shelves are not allowed immediately above any
such appliances and adequate ventilation shall be provided.
Water, drainage and compressed air piped services
The provision of water, drainage and compressed air piped services from the Centre’s distribution systems to the point of supply on Stands
etc. in the Premises and the installation of appliances connected thereto, shall confirm to the regulations and bylaws of the relevant Authorities and to these Regulations made by the Company.
The supply pipework to Stands, etc. will be installed by the Company before or immediately after the commencement of the Hire Period. At
the commencement of the Hire Period, the Hirer, its Licensees and its and their contractors shall check with the Company to confirm that
the supply pipework has been installed and, if not, shall only occupy areas of the Premises or the Stand site permitted by the Company until
such time as the installation shall have been completed.
A piped services supply for water or compressed air will be terminated by the Company with a stop cock or a single connection to the Stand
installation, or piece of apparatus, as the case may be. Where a single service supply to a Stand is to be sub-divided to serve more than one
item of equipment, this can be carried out by the Company at extra cost, or by a contractor appointed by and at the expense of the Exhibitor. A water supply will only be provided where a drainage system is also installed. Where Stand platforms are installed, all stopcocks or
valves on piped services must be above the platform in accessible positions.
Each and every discharge into the drainage system from a wash basin or sink must be made through a water-sealed trap at least 75mm
deep. Water connections to machines must have a vacuum breaker fitted at the inlet end. If this is not a normal fitting on the machine, the
Company can supply a vacuum breaker at the end of the supply at extra cost. Drainage from machines must have a minimum break of 4”
between machine and drain and a trap or “S” bend immediately after the break. This can be supplied and fitted by the Company if required,
at extra cost. All water-containing exhibits and ancillary equipment shall be carefully drained down at the end of the Event, in such a way
that no water is discharged onto the floor of the Premises. Any costs involved in dealing with water discharged onto the floor of the Premises, or into the service trenches set into the floor of the Premises, or any damage caused to the electrical services or telephone services in
the service trenches, or the service tunnels under the Premises by such discharge, will be the responsibility of the Hirer.
Discharge of Noxious Wastes
No paint, oils, spirits, chemicals or other noxious substances shall be discharged into the Centre’s drainage system. These materials shall
be discharged into closed containers manufactured of materials suitable for this purpose. The Company will make arrangements for the
disposal of such wastes, with the Hirer or Licensee as the case may be, bearing the costs. Full details of such wastes shall be submitted to the
Company prior to the commencement of the Hire Period.
The cost of clearing or repairing the drainage system or making good any other damage caused as a result of failure to comply with these
Regulations shall be recovered from the Hirer.
Bathing Pools, Ponds and Other Large Vessels
Full details of all vessels containing 250 litres (50 gallons) or more of water or other liquids shall be submitted to the Company for approval.
All vessels of this type containing water shall be fitted with either a connection in the base to a waste pipe ordered from the Company or to
a suitable connection incorporating a pump connected to a wastepipe ordered from the Company. This is to ensure that means are easily
available to drain down the vessel in case of emergency and at the end of the Event.
The Company will undertake to fill and empty any vessel where the construction of the vessel will not permit the fitting of such pipework
by means other than via a piped water supply and drain. Enquiries regarding the supply of water and draining down of vessels of any type
must be made to the Company at least three weeks prior to the services being required. The provision of this service will be charged by the
Company to the applicant, who will be advised of the cost before the work is put in hand.
The Company reserves the right at its sole discretion to require the applicant seeking an approval in the context of this Regulation to meet
the costs associated with laying waterproof protective sheeting to the floor of the Premises and for sealing the floor trenches and service
tunnels in the floor of the Premises which may be affected by water spillage or leakage from the said vessel.
All of the above are a summarised guide. For full details on any particular aspect you must seek professional advice.
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
Health and safety
The 50+ Show organisers are committed to providing, maintaining and promoting, as is reasonably practicable, the highest standards of Health, Safety and Welfare at The 50+ Show. All exhibitors and contractors at The 50+ Show are expected to ensure that they provide a safe place and system of work.
Under Health and Safety legislation exhibitors and their main contractors are responsible for all activities
that take place on their stand throughout the event. This includes providing risk assessments and method statements (where applicable) as well as briefing and controlling all contractors and subcontractors
who work on their stand.
As an exhibitor, it is your legal and moral responsibility as far as is reasonably practicable to ensure the
health, safety and welfare of everyone sharing your work site at the show. This section of the manual
includes key recommendations made under the Health & Safety at Work, Act, etc 1974 and outlines your
responsibilities as an exhibitor.
• Ensure that you and anyone manning your stand understand the Fire and Evacuation procedures and
locations of the hall exits.
• Ensure your contractor is a member of the British Exhibition Contractors Association or any other recognised trade association.
• Ensure that any contractor working for you has a Health and Safety policy statement and has good
safety practices.
• Ensure that measures are taken to minimise the impact of your operations on the environment.
• Ensure that contractors are working safely. Time constraints are no excuse for not adhering to safety
• Ensure that operators of equipment are fully trained and properly certified on the equipment being
• Ensure all electrical work is carried out by an IEE qualified electrician.
• Ensure that before the show opens, all rubbish and packing from your stand is removed from site. It
must not be stored on or behind your stand during the show as it is a fire hazard.
• Ensure that hazardous waste is disposed of safely.
• Ensure that the insurance cover provided in your contract is sufficient – see Insurance.
• Do not use flammable materials as part of your displays. Some combustible materials may be acceptable if treated with correct materials.
• Do not use overloaded or insecure displays. Stands and displays can be knocked by visitors and therefore must be safe and secure.
• Do not bring children into the hall during build-up and breakdown. The hall is regarded as a building
site during these periods.
• Do not overload trolleys.
• Do not block the gangways with your stand fitting, plants, rubbish or exhibits.
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
The exhibitor employs or contracts out work on their stand; under Health & Safety legislation this means
that they are the ‘employer’ and they have certain duties to abide by. They are directly responsible for
the activities of their employees and contractors working on their stand (the workplace) and for the safe
use and maintenance of equipment. This duty applies during the build-up, open period and breakdown.
Similarly, the retailer is responsible for defining their areas of responsibility with the contractors they may
hire in. The exhibitor must check that their contractors are competent and have undertaken the necessary risk assessments of their activities whilst working in the exhibitor’s workplace. It is the exhibitor’s
responsibility for ensuring that the contractor’s documents are accurate, valid and are being abided by
during the tenancy. If there is an accident caused by any part of the stand construction failing, then the
exhibitor and contractor must be aware that this is their responsibility. Hence the need for exhibitors to
gain their own approvals/certification, rather than relying solely on the Organisers.
Contractors Responsibility
Contractors appointed by retailers must ensure the health, safety and welfare of any person (including
their sub contractors) who may be affected by their activities. This includes persons who may be on adjacent stands, gangways or public areas.
Drugs and Alcohol
Misuse of drugs or alcohol can severely affect judgment and physical response to given situations in the
workplace; this can result in safety performance being impaired and accidents occurring. Any person
found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the site immediately.
Items of Special Risk
The Organisers are required to submit details to the venue and local authority of any exhibitor proposing
to have items of special risk on their stands. As such it is imperative that you clearly identify any areas of
high-risk activities on both the Health & Safety Declaration and/or on your stand plans. You must ensure
you cover these suitably in your Risk Assessment and actively carry out control measures on site.
Manual Handling
The law requires that, as far as reasonably practicable, you should avoid the need to undertake manual
handling operations which involve a risk of injury and appropriate steps are taken following a risk assessment to reduce any chance of injury to the lowest level reasonably practicable.
• Think before lifting.
• Stand as near to the object as possible.
• Bend your knees and keep back straight.
• Grasp the load firmly.
• Lift with your legs.
• Hold the load closely to the centre of your body.
Waste Disposal
Contractors are responsible for the disposal of waste generated by your own activities. Please do not
block the gangways with your rubbish or equipment. The work area must be kept free from general
waste materials, which should be disposed of in the proper manner. Never leave rubbish or packing materials on or behind your stand. Any chemicals and flammable liquids must first be notified to the Organisers before bringing them to site.
The 50+ Show, Glasgow 2015
Please complete and return signed form to The 50+ Show Company Ltd.,
50 Reaver House, 12 East Street, Epsom, Surrey, KT17 1HX, UK,
or Fax to +44 (0) 1372 743838 or email to [email protected]
INVOICING DETAILS (if different)
Company name:
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Purchase Order No.
Stand no.
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Shell scheme
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50+ Show Magazine Advertising
Includes Shell scheme, fascia with company
name, carpet, lighting and one power socket.
Ad size
Cost excl VAT
VAT @ 20%
Full page
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Quarter page
Enhanced listing
Pre-show email
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Speaker slots
£295 per sqm + VAT (min. 6 sqm)
Cost: £255/sqm + VAT (min. 18 sqm)
There is a 10% surcharge for corner stands.
There is a 25% surcharge for Island stands.
Contact us for charity, hobbies, craft and
goods sellers’ discounts.
Full Page - £1620 + VAT
Quarter Page - £560 + VAT
Half Page - £1060 + VAT
Enhanced exhibitor listing - £195 + VAT
£995 + VAT for 6000 inserts
Bag Inserts
Quantity: 6000
£195 + VAT per email shot
(subject to provision of acceptable text)
£500 for 2 x 25 minute slots (one per day),
timing by arrangement.
The 50+ Show Company Ltd
Registered office: 46 East Street, Epsom,
Surrey KT17 1HQ
Company No. 09327126
England and Wales
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The 50+ Show Glasgow
Audio Visual Services
Show Dates:- 11th & 12th November
Contact Name:
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32" LED Monitor & Stand
42" Plasma Monitor & Stand
50" Plasma Monitor & Stand
60" Plasma Monitor & Stand
42" Touchscreen & Stand
DVD Player
Data/Video Projector
Projector Stand
Mini PC
IPad Floor Stand
IPad Table Stand
Radio Microphone
Cable Microphone
PA System
Stand No:
Tel No:
Delivery & Collection is free of charge
24 hour back up for the show duration
* Insurance optional
Fax No:
from £45.00
INSURANCE @ 12.5% *
VAT @ 20%
We can offer a complete range of Audio Visual, Video & Data presentation equipment. If you have
not found the equipment you require above please contact our hire department on 0161 763 7713.
All payments are required on or before installation of the equipment
Please return to:
Remote Audio Visual Ltd
Unit 34 Peel Mills Industrial Estate, Chamberhall Street,
Bury, Gtr. Manchester, BL9 0LU
Tel: 0161 763 7713 • Fax: 0161 763 7713
e-mail: [email protected]
50+ Show
11-12th November 2015
SECC Glasgow
Deadline: 28th October 2015
Please state colour preference where applicable.
You must insure against loss or damage 5 times hire cost
Furniture £
You are an EU Company outside the UK, a VAT number is required
Non-EU companies must provide letterhead or proof of business
This must be supplied at the time of order.
VAT @ 20%
Contact Name
Invoice Address
*Total £
Please complete the following if you wish to pay by credit card:
Please debit my Maestro, Delta, Amex, Mastercard or Visa
Expiry date
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Fax no. ………………………………………………………..….…………..........
P.O No [if required]…..…………………………………………………………
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I have read and accepted the conditions of hire overleaf
Cardholders Name. ………………………………..……………………………
Company Name..…………...…..……………………………………………….
Bank details: HSBC Bank plc, 141 High St, Beckenham, Kent BR3 1BX
Sort code: 40-09-25
Account no. 31466844 Swift code: MIDLGB 22
IBAN NO GB70MIDL40092531466844
UK VAT No.205 3716 90
Registered Office:
Unit 1 Woodland Road, Woodland Trading Est
Torquay TQ2 7AT
TELEPHONE: (01803) 314000
FAX: (01803) 327412
[email protected]
The 50+ Show
SECC Glasgow
Wednesday 11 – Thursday 12th November 2015
*Failure to comply with this may result in a 20% surcharge.
500w Socket (2amp max)
1000w Socket (5amp max)
2000w Socket (10amp max)
3000w Socket (13amp max)
5ft Fluorescent Fitting
Track (for Spotlights)
100w Spotlight (for Track)
150w Floodlight (for Track)
Light Support Beam
Connection to Client’s Own Equipment
up to 1kw
Bond to Metal Structure
Compulsory Test & Inspection Fee
UK VAT No.908 713 320
VAT is payable on all orders delivered with the UK
Bank details: Natwest Bank plc, 108 Union Street, Torquay TQ2 5YJ
Sort code: 55-70-01 Account no. 74572091
Swift code: NWB KGB 2L
IBAN NO GB 47 NWBK 557001 – 74572091
Please advise if paying by Bac’s and send remittance
For a 24hr supply please contact us to discuss your requirements so
we can provide a separate quote
Credit Card Charge 3.5%
*20% Late Order Surcharge
Sub - Total
OTHER (Please specify)
Credit Card Holder’s Name
Credit Card No
Expiry Date
Security Code
Address card registered to
if different to above
Please show location of all sockets and lighting required by drawing a rough plan of your
stand in the box below and return to us with this form.
NB. Please note that as standard sockets are attached to the shell walling of your stand and the lighting to the rear of the fascia. If you
require lighting within the stand a lighting bar may be required. Please contact us for further advice.
The 50+ Show
Venue SECC Glasgow
Stand No
Print Name
Spotlights – 100w to 300w / 0.42 to 1.26amps
Photocopiers – 2000w to 3000w / 8.4 to 12.6amps
Computers/Refrigerators – 250w to 500w / 1.05 to 2.10amps
Kettles/Coffee Machines – 3000w / 12.6amps
Supply 230 volts single phase, 400 volts three-phase 50 cycles alternating current (AC).
The charges detailed on the price list include for the supply ON HIRE and installation from the electricity power supply, a
proportion of the necessary mains cable, overhead/underground network, switch fuse and control gear, together with all
necessary circuit wiring and fittings and for taking down and removing at the close of show and standby.
ALL SUPPLIES will be TURNED OFF AT NIGHT. Should 24hr supply be required you must contact us to arrange before the
order deadline date shown OR follow instructions given on the order form.
The electrical supply will be terminated at the nearest point on the stand to the distribution board. Exhibitors requiring a
different termination point should give details on a separate sheet and attach it to the application.
It is strictly understood that ONE item of equipment only is to be connected to each point. THE USE OF ADAPTORS IS
Exhibitors will be held responsible for any materials, etc, which are damaged or missing at the end of the show AND IT IS THE
Applications for the supply must be received by us NOT LATER THAN THE DATE SHOWN ON THE ORDER FORM ABOVE,
after which date no guarantee will be given that the work will be carried out, but if it is carried out the cost will be as price list
plus the surcharge for modifications to our supply network.
We reserve the right to refuse to connect to the supply any faulty equipment. Any work carried out on equipment to bring it to
the required standard will be charged on a time and material basis and payable in advance.
Supply of electricity should normally be available to most stands from mid-day on the day prior to the show commencing until
the official closure of the show. However, should this not be possible, for whatever reason, this Company cannot be held
responsible and will NOT accept any claims for loss of earnings or otherwise.
Refunds for cancellations will only be given if notice of cancellation is received by the Company prior to the deadline for
ordering date as stated on the Order Form above. Where written cancellation is received later than this date the services
ordered will be charged at the full rate, as the work is prepared in advance.
Any portable electrical appliance intended for use at this event must display a valid PAT (Portable Appliance Test) certificate,
otherwise power will not be connected.
Any exhibitor making connections themselves to the network or multiple connections from one stand to the stand of another
exhibitor will be immediately cut off from the original supply point and service denied to them.
Positions of points on your stand will be at a mutually agreed practical position. Alterations may result in further charges.
All electrical equipment fitted to the stand is on hire and will remain the property of Havills Exhibitions Ltd after the exhibition.
HAVILLS EXHIBITIONS LTD 1 Woodland Road, Woodland Trading Est
TELEPHONE: (01803) 314000
FAX: (01803) 327412
www.havillexhibitions.co.uk [email protected]
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