Blaupunkt | Toronto RDM126 | THUMMEW” SYSTEM Steering-Wheel Wireless Remote Control for

THUMMEW” SYSTEM Steering-Wheel Wireless Remote Control for
Steering-Wheel Wireless Remote Control for Use With 7 Series Radios
Congratulations on your purchase of the Blaupunkt Thummer rH Steering Wheel Wlreless Remote Control System. This
versatile COntrOl Center allows you to operate Important radto (receiver) features wrthout takmg your hands off the
steenng wheel It’s placable IR sensor (recetvtng eye) ensures reception of controls from the steering wheel rn vstually
any vehicle. The Thummerru can acttvate many features tn the same way as using the controls on the 7 Series radios
themselves. In additron, the Thummer rM System allows several addrtional operational convemences in the tuner mode,
as described below In itakcs:
Slatron Scan, Seek Tunrng.
Preset Select Tunrng - Press of >>
FM Bank Selecl - Press of<<
RDS PTY Search
Travelslore Hold down of << unhl *‘T-STORE- appears
Track Scan. Cassette Search Up 8 Down. Fast Rewtnd,
Fast Forward
CD Player: Track Scan, Track Up and Down. Cue & Revrev,
Volume +I-
Source Change
CD Changer Track Scan, Track 8 DISC Up 8 Down. Cue
a Revk?w
CD Naming: Select DISC. Select Character Posmn.
Select Character
ThummerTY System Components:
The Thummerlu System comes wrth the Thummer rM (the remote control transmrtter). battery housing with two batteries,
mounting bracket. holdmg strap and spare, foam gnpprng pads, release key The Thummerru System’s recerving
apparatus mcludes the placeable IR Sensor (the recervrng “eye”) and Its cable, and Interface box/wrring harness.
The Thumme? System can be used wtth the Toronto RDM126 and Sydney RCM126 radios sold in the Americas
(In Europe. consult your dealer regardrng compatrble models )
Traffic Safetv and Precautions
Do not adjust your unit in difficult driving conditions that demand your full attention,
As the drivar 01 a motor vnhicln. it is your msnonsihility lo pay attention to the traffic situation at all times.
Never use your unit in a way that could distrncl you.
Always make sure that you are still able to hear any warning signals coming from outside of the vehicle, such as police
or fire engine sirens, so that you can react accordingly.
if your vehicle was parked in direct sunlight resulting in a considerable rise in temperature inside the vehicle, allow the
unit to cool off before operating your unit.
You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this manual could void your warranty.
General Recommendations
- If vou’re not confident that you can install the unit correctly. have it installed by a qualified Blaupunkt installation
- Drsconnect the vehrcle battery before makmg connectrons
* We recommend testrng all connectrons and operatron before rnstalkng the ThummerTM System
Preparing for Installation
Preparahon Conhrm that Ihe Jhummer TM System works properly before rnsfallatron
1 Unlock and remove mounting bracket wrth the enclosed release key or a small screwdnver or pen (See Ftg A )
2. Insert the enclosed battery housmg Into the Thummerr” (See Frg B 1
3. Before mstallatron. connect IR sensor, Interface. Thummer ‘u System ware harness and car audro system wrre
harnesses as described below In steps 16 and 16-21 and temporanly reconnect the battery.
4 Test the Thummerr” System and other car audro system componets
5. If there are malfuncbons. remove the battery houstng and short the two contacts of the remote control with the
release key. (See Ftg C 8 D) Then Insert the battery umt agarn and confrrm that It operates as it should
6 Once the tesbng is complete and v@hrcle battery drsconnected. posrtton the ThummerrM rn a comfortable locahon on
the steenng wheel
Attach the mountmg bracket to the steenng wheel usrng the holdmg strap
a Fasten the end of the strap that has only three sets of skts onto the open srde of the bracket as shown in Fug. E
b. Push the other end of the strap through the slot rn the mountmg plate, pull tight. and press the strap’s skts onto
the bracket’s grabbers (See Frg E.)
c. Make sure the holdmg strap has engaged ttghtly onto the mounttng bracket
6. Cut off excess strap. (See Ftg F ) The ends of strap must not overlap the edges of the bracket
9. Dependtng on the steenng wheel drameter, It may be necessary to attach the foam gnpping pads to Inner side of
Thummerr” (not the steering wheel) to achreve a ttght 111 and prevent rotatron. (See Frg G.) Test frrst before glurng
pads Into place. If the pads are needed, use both pads, not tust one
10 Attach ThummerTU to mountmg bracket on steering wheel as shown, engagtng It on right.. and turmng it clockwtse
Into place (See Ftg. G. arrows 1 and 2.)
11 Fmally. press down firmly and lock It onto bracket using the release key or a small screwdriver or pen. (See Frg A )
Avoid tryrng to rotate the Thummerru after It has been attached
Installation and Connection of Receivinq Apparatus - Refer to Fig. H
12. Determme optrmal dashboard locatron behrnd the Thummer rM for the IR sensor. but don’t attach the sensor, untrl Step 24
The space between the Thumme? and the IR sensor must be free of any obstacles (Frg H)
13 Route the cable from the IR sensor to the car radro cavtty
If you dnll a hole throught the dashboard, make sure not to damage any vehrcle parts and wiring, etc
14. Put the cable into posrtron.
IR Sensor (Receiving
15. Place the interface at a suitable position behind the dashboard or in the foot well.
16. Insert the IR sensor plug into the interface and twist to lock in place.
17. Route the ThummerTM System’s wire harness to the radio.
Fig. A
Fig. D
Fig. E
Fig. G
Installation et raccordement du disposltif de rkeption - reportez- vous b la Figure H
Capteur IR (044 rkepteur)
lZ.DBterminez le meilleur emplacement pour le capteur IR sur le tableau de bord derriere le ThummerTM. mais
ne fixez pas le capteur avant I.&ape 23.
L’espace entre le ThummerTM et le capteur IR ne doit comporter aucun obstacle (Fig. H).
13.Faites passer le cable du capteur IR jusqu’a la cavil& r&en&e & l’autoradio.
Si vows percez un trou dans le tableau de bord, veillez & ne pas endommager le vehicule et son cablage.
14.Placez le c8blage.
lS.Placez I’interface (Mment de connexion) & un endroit adequat derriere le tableau de bord ou dans
I’habitacle au niveau des pied%
16.lntroduisez le capteur IR dans l’interface et tournez afin de le verrouiller.
17.Faites passer I’exMmit8 de l’interface comportant le faisceau de cables en direction de la radio.
Raccordements B I’autoradio
16,DBbranchez toutes les fiches raccordbes aux compartiments sup&ieurs et infbrieurs au dos de f’autoradio.
(Si le compartiment central comporte une fiche pour cebles de haut- parleurs. elle peut demeurer
19.Raccordez le faisceau de cables du Systeme Thummer’” aux compartiments sup&ieurs et inf&ieurs.
PO.Veillez B ce que les connexions entre les sections sup&ieures et inferieures du faisceau de cables du
Systeme ThummerTM demeurent intactes.
21 .Raccordez les faisceaux de cables supBrieurs et infbrieurs du syst&me audio de votre vbhicule aux
compartlments s~tur% au dos du faisceau du Syst&me ThummeiTM.
22.Reooussez les falsceaux dans la cavltb afm d’obtenir olus de d’esoace
. Dour I’autoradio et introduisez
p&tiellement I’autoradio dans son support.
23.Faites un nouvel essai afin de verifier que le Thummer l”, I’autoradio et les autres Mments du syst&me
audio de la voiture fonctionnent correctement.
24,AprBs avoir d&ermine que tout fonctionne correctement. retire2 la bande adhesive protectrice sit&e au
dos du capteur IR et fixez le capteur au tableau de bard.
25.Terminez I’installation en introduisant I’autoradio dans son support.
A mains que cela n’ait 818 indiqub auparavant. les boutons du Thumme+ pose&dent les memes fonctions que ceux de
I’autoradio. Pour de plus amples renseignements. reportez-vous a la notice de I’autoradio.
Replacer les piles
Dans la plupart des cas described above in Features Section, les piles devront &re remplacbes au bout d’un an. Utilisez
des piles 5A 357. (Voir schbmas A.C et G et B.)
Pour de plus amples renseignements concernant le fonctionnement. reportez-vous au manuel de I’utilisateur de
l’autoradio. A mains que le manuel de I’utilisateur ne dise le contraire, les boutons de la commande correspondent aux
times fonctions que celles de I’autoradio.
Meme garantie que celle de f’autoradio. Reportez-vous aux details de la garantie.
Guide de Ddpannage: La liste de v&ifications suivante vows aidera a corriger la plupart des probl&mes que vow
risquez de rencontrer avec votre Systeme ThummerTH.
L’autoradio n’est pas elIurn&
Allumez l’sutoradlo
L’autoradio ne &pond pas
aux ordres.
Verrouillage du circuit togique du Court-circuitez les dew contacts B t’int8rieur du Thummer”” B
I’aide de la ctB de dbgagement (Voir 18 schema C et D).
Les piles n’ont pas 8t4 install&s
lnstallez tes piles correctement.
Les Thummer”” wt trap toin du Ptscer le Ttwmmer” plus pres du capteur tR.
captevr IR.
Ligne de vi&e non-8tablte entre te place* fe ~t,~,.,,,,,e, ly de fa~on B ce q”e la ligne de vtsbe du
Si les solutions mentionnks
Thummer’Y el l’oeil infrarOUge capteur tR X)1, &abile,
ci-dessus ne pawiennent pas a
r4cepteur de I’autoradio.
rbsoudre le probl8me.
Les piles doivent 6tre remplac6as. Ramplacez Ias piles avec des piles 5A 357 naves.
consultez votre distributeur
Blau@d le plus proche ou
aux Etats-Unis compose* le
Le capteur IR. I’tnterface et 0” le VBrifiez toutes tes connexions.
lalsceau de cdbles ne sent p a s
correclement mccord0s.
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