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waves system Multi1player Specifications
I.D. AL - MultiPlayer - Audio and Vidéo player - Manual
Audio vidéo
® Waves System
V 1.1 - 2008
I.D. AL - MultiPlayer - Audio and Vidéo player - Manual
A - Safety instructions ............................................................................ P1
B - Products information ......................................................................... P3
1 - Product presentation ......................................................................... P4
2 - Functionnalities ................................................................................. P4
3 - Installation ........................................................................................ P5
4 - Operation mode and naming of files .................................................. P7
5 - Infrared remote control .................................................................... P10
Annexe A : Specifications ..................................................................... P19
Annexe B : Functions .......................................................................... P19
ID-AL products are exclusively manufactured by Waves System
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E-mail : info@id-al.com
Web site: http://www.id-al.com and www.wsystem.com
Technical department : support@wsystem.com
Technical support :
For a detailed list of the technical support options, we suggest you to visit our site
Information in this manual is subject to change without notice and do not represent any commitment from
Waves System. The equipment described in this manual is supplied under condition of the terms of
license specifying the legal use conditions. This manual can’t be reproduced or used, in whole or in part,
in any form and by any mean, for other use than private, without the written permission from Waves
ID-AL is a trademarks of Waves System.
® Waves System
V 1.1 - 2008
I.D. AL - MultiPlayer - Audio and Vidéo player - Manual
Unplug the power cord before any intervention!
A.1 CE marking
The CE marking is on the ID plate, at the back of the product. It means this product complies with the low
voltage CE directive, according the EN 55022 standard, and the EMC directive 61000-4-x.
A.2 Directives
• Electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) and low voltage directive requirements are satisfied.
A.3 Overview
• The user’s manual forms an integral part of the unit. It must be kept close to the unit. Precise observance
of these instructions is a pre-condition to use the unit for the intended purpose and for its correct
This user’s manual must be passed on to any future purchaser or operator.
The staff would receive instructions concerning the correct use of the product.
• Safety for the operator as well as trouble-free operation of the unit is only ensured if use is made of
original equipment parts. Moreover, use may only be made of those accessories that are specified in the
technical documentation or that have been expressly approved by the manufacturer. The manufacturer
cannot guarantee for the safety or proper functioning of the unit in the case where accessories or
consumables are used which are not supplied by the manufacturer.
• The warranty doesn’t cover damages caused by use of accessories or consumables which are not
supplied by the manufacturer.
• The manufacturer only regard himself as being responsible for the equipment with regard to safety,
reliability and proper functioning if assembly, re-settings, changes or modifications, extensions and
repairs have been carried out by the manufacturer or a company authorized by the manufacturer and if
the equipment is used in conformity with the operating instructions written in this manual.
• The MultiPlayer complies with the applicable technical safety standards at the date of print. All rights
reserved for electrical diagrams, procedures, mentioned names and equipments.
• No reproduction, in whole or in part, without the written permission from Waves System.
A.4 General safety instructions
This equipment left our facilities in perfect conditions of operation. In order to maintain these conditions,
for safety and to avoid any risk of injury, the user must imperatively follow the safety instructions and
read the ´Warning!´ notes in this manual.
This equipment, manufactured by Waves System, has been so designed that any danger is virtually
excluded provided it is used according to its purpose. However, for safety reasons, we are obliged to
point out the following measures:
® Waves System
V 1.1 - 2008
I.D. AL - MultiPlayer - Audio and Vidéo player - Manual
• When operating this appliance, observe all local rules and enforced regulations!
The homologation shall be invalid if any modification or alteration is made on the appliance. Operating
modified appliances may lead to a penal suit. In the interest of the safety of work, the manager and the
operator will be responsible for respecting the instructions.
• Retain all packing material in case the device must be shipped. Take care that it does not fall into the
hands of children. Only the original packing guarantees optimal safety of the appliance during transport.
Should it be necessary to ship the product during the guarantee period, Waves System will not accept
claims for damage arising during the transport from using incorrect packing material!
• This product is dedicated to broadcasting music. It may only be operated by trained or knowledgeable
personnel who can handle the device correctly.
• Before every use, the operator must check the functional safety and the condition of the appliance.
• The operator must be knowledgeable in the operation of the appliance.
• This device must not be used in places with potential explosion risk. Moreover, it must not be used in an
environment favouring combustion neither in a wet or excessively hot or cold place.
A.5 Safety instructions against risks pertaining to electrical current
• The appliance must be connected to a grounded AC power outlet or a correctly wired CEE AC outlet.
• Before connecting the appliance, verify that the power supply voltage and frequency match the
specifications indicated on the appliance.
• Before powering, check that the appliance and the cables are not damaged. Damaged cables and
connections must be immediately replaced.
• Never leave power cords enter in contact with other cables! Handle the power cord and all the cables
connected to a power supply with extreme care.
• Always connect the power supply last. Check that the power switch is ´off’ before connecting the
appliance to mains supply. The mains outlet must be accessible after installation.
• Check the appliance and its power cord from time to time.
Unplug the power supply if you don’t use the appliance anymore or for maintenance.
• Always grasp only the plug on the power supply cord. Never pull the cable to unplug.
• Power supply, repairs and maintenance must be done by qualified personnel.
• Do not switch the appliance on and off in short intervals, as this may reduce its life, especially
concerning the hard disk.
® Waves System
V 1.1 - 2008
I.D. AL - MultiPlayer - Audio and Vidéo player - Manual
A.6 - Conditions of use :
• This product has been designed for indoor use only.
• If the device has been exposed to drastic temperature fluctuation (e.g. after transportation), do not
switch it on immediately. The arising condensation water might damage your device. Leave the device
switched off until it has reached room temperature.
• Do not shake the device. Avoid brute force when installing or operating the device.
• When choosing the installation-spot, please make sure that the device is not exposed to extreme heat,
moisture or dust. There should not be any cables lying around, for your own safety and that of bystanders.
B.1 Correct usage
The player is designed for automatically broadcasting music or audio files.
Correct usage implies observation of the instructions in this manual as well as observing the requirements concerning installation.
B.2 Incorrect usage
Any other use beyond this is considered as incorrect usage. The manufacturer will not be liable for any
damage resulting from incorrect usage. The operator carries all risks.
Player Multiplayer
External power supply
Audio/video cable
Infrared remote control
User manual
Audio and video player - Model MultiPlayer
Voltage (V) : 5V direct
The apparatus must be set up in a dry and dust-free room.
Do not install the player too close to a wall. To avoid overheating, the ventilation holes must
be kept clear and an air circulation gap must be left above the unit.
Before use, compare mains voltage with that specified on model plate.
® Waves System
V 1.1 - 2008
I.D. AL - MultiPlayer - Audio and Vidéo player - Manual
1 - Product presentation
The MultiPlayer reads audio and video files stored on a USB stick or external USB hard disk.
Playback can be automated to read files in loop.
The MultiPlayer is a versatile player designed for installations where broadcast of sounds, music and
video clips are required such as museums, exhibitions, POS displays...
2 - Functionnalities
Autoplay: This function is available on the MultiPlayer (for video files only). When the Autoplay is
activated, the player will automatically start playing the selected file or directory on powering on.
Updating: by updating the USB memory storage device on a computer.
Audio/video output: Audio and video outputs are grouped onto a 3.5 4 points mini jack. A RCA cable is
supplied with the MultiPlayer for connection to a TV or any screen providing a Composite Video input.
1 - Audio/Video output
2 - Power supply input
3 - USB socket
Audio in
Video in
Memory storage: USB stick or external HDD... maximum capacity 32Go
Note: there is no power switch on the MultiPlayer. The player is powered as soon as connected.
® Waves System
V 1.1 - 2008
I.D. AL - MultiPlayer - Audio and Vidéo player - Manual
4 - Operation mode and naming of files
The first stage is to copy files onto the USB storage device.
Connect the USB stick to a personal computer and copy the files at the root of the stick. Any name can
be chosen except special characters.
Depending on the «Autoplay» mode selected, the files read on powering on will be the audio or the video
The files are read in the same order they were copied onto the stick
It is not possible to combine different file formats for a continuous playback
Supported file formats:
- MPEG-2
- MPEG-1 layer 2
- MP3 128kpbs to 32kbps - 32kHz / 44.1kHz / 48kHz
- Xvid (.avi)
- MPEG-1 (.mpg / .mpeg)
- MPEG-2 (.mpg / .mpeg)
Recommanded maximum bit rate: 10mbits/s
Format: 4/3 and 16/9
Norme: PAL and NTSC
Use in audio player mode:
Select «music» in the Setup menu (see next chapter)
Audio files are played back in loop one after the other.
The remote control allows change of track, move forward and reverse at various speeds.
Use in video player mode:
Select «movie» in the Setup menu (see next chapter)
Video files are played back in loop one after the other.
The remote control allows change of track, move forward and reverse at various speeds.
5 - Interface and configuration
Pressing the «menu» key on the remote control, gives access to the configuration page.
The four file formats read by the player are displayed as 4 icons at the top of the screen:
Photo: to display still images as a slide show (under development)
Music: to listen to audio files
Photo + music: to display slide shows and listen to music at the same time (under development)
Movie: to watch video files
Select the type of file to be broadcast using the arrow keys on the remote control and confirm the choice
with the «play» key.
® Waves System
V 1.1 - 2008
I.D. AL - MultiPlayer - Audio and Vidéo player - Manual
When «Music» is selected, the list of audio
files is displayed.
® Waves System
V 1.1 - 2008
I.D. AL - MultiPlayer - Audio and Vidéo player - Manual
Configuration menu - Setting of parameters:
Select the «Setup» icon with the remote control and press «Play» to confirm the choice.
A setting menu of 5 icons is displayed on the left side of the screen ; each icon opens up a list of
options .
To move inside menus, use the «Arrow» keys on the remote control. To confirm a choice, press the
«Play» key.
® Waves System
V 1.1 - 2008
I.D. AL - MultiPlayer - Audio and Vidéo player - Manual
Photo Menu
(under development) :
The first setting concerns the display parameters of still images/photos.
Interval time: defines the display time of each photo. Just select the number of seconds.
Transition effect : defines the way photos follow up from each other.
® Waves System
V 1.1 - 2008
I.D. AL - MultiPlayer - Audio and Vidéo player - Manual
Browse: Thumbnail mode, images are displayed in miniature and it is possible to move and select a
specific file. In File Manager mode, images are displayed one after the other.
AutoPlay Menu:
This menu defines which type of file will be played automatically on powering on the player. Select Photo,
or Movie, only one option must be «ON». The 2 other modes must be «OFF». (Autoplay for audio file is not
® Waves System
V 1.1 - 2008
I.D. AL - MultiPlayer - Audio and Vidéo player - Manual
Display configuration menu:
This menu presents options to set the TV norm output, brightness and contrast.
Select the parameter to be adjusted and set the desired value.
Custom configuration menu:
Set the paramaters for user interface language, encoding mode, interface style, repeat mode and default
settings selection.
® Waves System
V 1.1 - 2008
I.D. AL - MultiPlayer - Audio and Vidéo player - Manual
Language: Choose the language for user interface
Encoding: Define the regional code
Style: Change the colors of user interface
Repeat Mode:
- Off: Read files once and stop
- Single: Keeping repeting the same file
- Folder: Read the folder and loop
- All: Read all files in al directories and loop
Default:: Go back to default settings
To quit, select the last icon
6 - Infrared remote control handset
The MultiPlayer is controlled by a card format infrared remote ; the infrared sensor is positioned in the
front of the player.
Switch player ON / OFF
Zoom +/- / Information / Repeat mode
Menu access
Stop , back
Pause / Play
The remote control allows :
- Commands: Play / Stop / Next file / Previous file
- Depending on the type of file, zoom, rotation of still images, fast forward and reverse...
- Setting of parameters
If the pressed key is not operational, a «hand» symbol is displayed on the screen.
® Waves System
V 1.1 - 2008
I.D. AL - MultiPlayer - Audio and Vidéo player - Manual
Appendix A - Characteristics
Power supply :
• Nominal voltage: 5V DC / 2A
• Length 120mm - Width 50mm - Height 25mm
• 80g
Video Output:
• Composite (CVBS)
Audio Output:
• 2 channels (stéréo)
• Infrared sensor -Play, Stop, Next, Previous, Zoom, Rotate, Forward, Reverse ...
• External power supply connector DC 2.1/5.5
• Output Video/Stereo on mini-jack 3.5 - 4 points
• USB 2.0 High speed - Host connector
® Waves System
- 19 -
V 1.1 - 2008
I.D. AL - MultiPlayer - Audio and Vidéo player - Manual
Note :
® Waves System
V 1.1 - 2008
I.D. AL - MultiPlayer - Audio and Vidéo player - Manual
® Waves System
V 1.1 - 2008
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