High-Performance, High-Speed Multifunction Printer for Retail
Epson TM-H6000IV
Multifunction Printer
Epson’s latest high-performance multifunction printer is
faster and more reliable than ever before. The TM-H6000IV
features everything retailers need from fast receipt printing
and check processing to best-in-class reliability.
The features you need
Lower power consumption
The TM-H6000IV offers retailers,
supermarkets and pharmacies all the
qualified and has the lowest power
functionality you need. With high-speed
consumption in its class.1
receipt and graphics printing, the
industry’s fastest check processing and
superior forms handling, the TM-H6000IV
increases productivity and keeps customer
Reduce costs with paper saving options
Epson’s TM-H6000IV paper-saving
options allow you to realize significant
savings of up to 30%. Unlike other POS
•Fastest printing in its class up to
lines moving.
•Fastest check processing speed in
the industry
Fastest printing in its class
printers reduce paper usage by reducing
With receipt printing speeds up to
the white spaces and lower margin on
printers that offer paper savings, Epson
300mm/second, the TM-H6000IV
the receipt. This means you can still use
•Industry-leading 99.9% plus MICR
features blazing speed and it prints text
standard 80mm receipt paper and the
and graphics at the same high rate.
print quality, readability and font size are
•Best-in-class reliability
Reliability you can count on
•ENERGY STAR® qualified
With an MCBF of 96 million lines, the
Backed by the leader
•Special print options reduce
paper usage up to 30%
TM-H6000IV is the most reliable in its
The TM-H6000IV features the quality
class and all components are designed to
and reliability that Epson is known for
last the lifetime of the printer.
and is backed by Epson’s world-class
•Two-year limited warranty
Industry-leading MICR accuracy
Epson’s TM-H6000IV leads the industry
with over 99.9% MICR accuracy and
now reads more of the check area,
ensuring the highest number of readable
not affected.
service and support programs. For more
information on Epson’s high-performance,
high-speed TM-H6000IV printer go to
High-Performance, High-Speed Multifunction Printer for Retail
All the features you need
General information
Character set95 Alphanumeric, 37 International, 128 x 12 Graphic,
Simplified and Traditional Chinese
InterfacesBuilt-in USB; Connect-It™ including Serial, Powered USB,
WiFi, Parallel and Ethernet
Data buffer
45 bytes or 4 KB (up to 384 KB for graphic files)
Supply voltage
24 VDC ± 7%
D.K.D. function
2 drivers
SensorsCover open, Top of form, Bottom of form, Slip eject,
Roll paper near end, Roll paper end
Factory optionsEndorsement printer, validation printer, 58mm width
paper guide PG-5811, DM attachment DPR-6000, connector cover OT-CC6000
Overall dimensions 7.32 x 10.95 x 7.13" (W x D x H)
Approx. 4.4 kg (9.7 lbs)
ColorEpson Dark Gray (EDG), Epson Black (EBCK)
Environmental standards WEEE, RoHS compliant
OS supportMicrosoft® Windows® 2008, 2000, XP, Vista; WEPOS;
Two-year limited warranty
Fastest printing in its class up to 300mm/second
Fastest check transaction speed in its class
Industry-leading 99.9% MICR accuracy
Best-in-class reliability with MCBF of 96 million lines
Special print options reduce paper usage up to 30%
ENERGY STAR® qualified
Receipt printing
Print method
Thermal line printing
Print speed
Up to 300mm/sec (94 lps, {1/8"} conversion)
Print font
9 x 17 / 12 x 24
Column capacity
56 / 42 columns
Character size
0.99 x 2.4mm (W x H) {1.41 x 3.39mm (W x H)}
BarcodeOne- and two-dimensional
Paper dimensions79.5 ± 0.5 x diameter 83.0mm
{3.13 ± 0.02 x diameter 3.27"}
Paper thickness
0.06 to 0.09mm
Current consumption
Approx. 1.8 A (mean)
360,000 hours
96,000,000 lines
Slip printing
Print method
9-pin serial impact dot matrix
Print speed
Up to 5.7 lps (40 columns, 17.8 cpi)
Print font
Column capacity
60 / 45 columns
Character size
1.56 x 3.1mm (W x H) {1.24 x 3.1mm (W x H)}
Paper dimensions70 to 148 x 150 to 210mm
{2.76 to 5.82 x 5.91 to 8.27"}
Paper thickness
0.09 to 0.47mm
Copy capacity
One original & three copies
Inked ribbon
ERC-32B (black)
Ribbon life
4,000,000 characters
Current consumption
Approx. 1.7 A (mean)
180,000 hours
29,000,000 lines
Control board
EMI standardsFCC part 15B subpart B Class A; CAN/CSA-CEI/IEC
CISPR 22 Class A
Safety standards
UL60950-1; CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1
What’s in the box
Ribbon cartridge (ERC-32)
Ribbon cartridge (ERC-43) – endorsement models only
Cable connector cover
AC adapter w/AC cord (ENERGY STAR® SKUs)
CD (User‘s Manual, Technical Manual, drivers, utilities)
Sample roll paper
Power switch cover
Endorsement Printing2
Print method
Print speed
Print font
Column capacity
Character size
Paper thickness
Copy capacity
Inked ribbon
Ribbon life
Current consumption
Serial impact dot matrix
Up to 4.0 lps
40 columns
1.1 x 2.42mm (W x H)
0.09 to 0.2mm
One original single-ply & 2 copies
ERC-43B (black)
3,000,000 characters
Approx. 1.7 A (mean)
180,000 hours
65,000,000 lines
For more information go to
Endorsement printer not available on validation-enabled versions.
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