Motorola | M900 | Motorola m900 Fixed Mount

Motorola m900 Fixed Mount
Union Activated Price: $249.99 (price with activation)
Union List Price: $349.99 (price without activation)
Fixed mobile car phone with voice activated name and number dialing,
full duplex hand-free phone with excellent audio quality along with high
resolution display designed for easy reading in the vehicle environment.
Key Features:
 Visual and vocal indicators for the battery, microphone and
power supply
 High resolution illuminated graphical display 96 x 65 pixels
 Adjustable blue backlight and contrast display setting
 Large, illuminated, well-spaced tactile keypad
 Voice activation button – one touch operators
 500 internal personal storage list of names & numbers
 Send and receive e-mails, faxes and files using Motorola Phone Tools 4.0
 Main bag internal dimension: 170 x 340 x 100 mm
 Accessory pouch internal dimension: 170 x 320 x 60mm
 Net weight: 10lbs.
 Provides up to 270 minutes of continuous talk time
 Provides up to 10 hours of standby time
Core Accessories:
 Car Charger:
 Home Charger:
 Cases:
 USB Cable:
 Battery:
Part Number: 98741. (MPT version 4.0)
Included, replacement not sold at Union.
Optional Accessories:
Part Number: ASPRDM1994T
 Magnet Antenna:
 Install Antenna: $35.99 + $25.99 Part Number: ASPDM1965 + KEX166
 DC Power Cable
 On Glass Dual-Band Antenna
 Privacy Handset 1.5 meters
 External Handset International 3 meters
 Mounting cradle
 External Speaker
 Power Cable 5 Wires
 Power Cable 5 Wires
 Octopus Cable
 External Microphone
 Mini-USB Data Cable
 Data Cable
If you are having a problem with a phone picture messaging or getting on the internet you will
need to make sure to delete any previous settings from the phone and then proceed with the OTA.
If you OTA a phone without deleting the previous settings the OTA may not work properly and will
cause more problems than you previously may have had. Please follow these instructions for
deleting the settings in the phone and then OTA the phone.
Deleting WAP and MMS settings from Motorola phones:
1. Go to Menu Key → Web Access → Web Sessions
2. Delete all internet profiles. There are usually UNIONMMS and UNIONWAP
internet profiles to be deleted, but there may be many copies of these to delete.
3. Move on to OTA programming.
OTA programming:
1. Open the OTA page by clicking on the link found under the “CC” tab on the UTC
intranet page: http://utc/CC.aspx?page=Customer-Care
2. Enter the full phone number in the first space (i.e. “+13071234567”)
3. Click on the “WAP” Settings option and then select the PIN type as “Pin”.
4. Enter an easy to remember four digit number (usually “1111”).
5. Click the “Submit” button and then click “Continue”.
6. Click on the “MMS” Settings selector and click “Submit” and then click
7. The phone will receive the messages and ask if you would like to install. Select
“Yes” on the phone and then enter the passcode of “1111”.
8. The phone is now programmed for WAP.
9. The phone will immediately ask if you would like to install for the MMS. Select
“Yes” on the phone and then enter the passcode of “1111”.
10. The phone is now programmed for MMS.
11. You should now test to ensure that you can access the internet and send/receive
a picture message.
Manual Programming Instructions:
Configuring Motorola M900BP for WAP and MMS
A. Go to Menu Key → Web Access → Web Sessions
1. Select [New Entry]
a. Select Name and set Name = WAP
b. Select Homepage and set Homepage =
c. Select Gateway IP 1 and set Gateway IP 1 =
d. Select Port 1 and set Port 1 = 9201
e. Select GPRS APN and set GPRS APN =
2. Highlight WAP and Select Menu Key → Set Default
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