Aztech | HL108E | Aztech @ China Sourcing Fair 2006

Aztech @ China Sourcing Fair 2006
Latest range of Skype DECT, ADSL2+ products, VoIP DECT, MP3 Players, Multimedia
Speaker and IP-PBX system, IP Phones and Bluetooth Carkit
Aztech HS315-S1 - Skype DECT with USB Dongle
Aztech BC1000 - Bluetooth ® Car Kit
Aztech IPX1050 - IP-PBX system
Aztech IP100 and IP200 - IP-Phones
Aztech HL108E - Ethernet HomePlug AV 200Mbps
Aztech HL105EW - HomePlug 85Mbps Wireless LAN Extender
Aztech Claris - Multimedia Speaker
Aztech SS500 - MP3 player
Aztech DSL3000RG - ADSl2+/ VoIP / DECT / Wireless 802.11g Residential Gateway
SINGAPORE, 12 April 2006: Aztech Systems Ltd, a global leader in data
communication, voice communication, multimedia, contract manufacturing and retail
distribution, will be at the CFS 2006 from 15th April to 18th April 2006. Aztech’s latest
range of products combines simplicity and style with conceptual brilliance. The company
welcomes visitors to Booth 8E02 (Hall 8) located at AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong
International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong.
Live Demonstration @ China Sourcing Fair
The company will unveil a comprehensive product display with value-added, leading-edge
design and technology. There will be presentation areas to show a variety of new
developments and its existing line of products. In addition, there will be a live demo for
the new products.
Aztech’s New Range of Products
Aztech HS315-S1 - Skype DECT with USB Dongle
Aztech Skype DECT phone with USB Dongle HS315-S1 is a
Dual-phone that allows users to make both Skype and PSTN
calls on the same handset. Aztech’s Skype phone’s innovative
design with the PC attached USB Dongle allows users to
place the DECT phone away from the computer. The distance
of the DECT phone from the PC with the USB Dongle
attached can be up to 50 metres. There is no other
requirement for a USB cable connection to the base-station of
the DECT phone. The Skype user list is clearly displayed on
the 1.5” colour display on the handset. Users just have to
Aztech HS315-S1
scroll up and down the buddy list, push the “Talk” button and
straight away be able to make a Skype call. The DECT
handset is loaded with features. The Graphical User Interface
(GUI) allows users to operate the phone with ease. IT
supports SMS sending and receiving, IrDA connectivity and
has 10 polyphonic ringtones on the handset. It also registers
up to 4 handsets to the base-station.
Aztech BC1000 - Bluetooth Car Kit
Aztech BC1000 Bluetooth® car kit, powered by the cigarette
lighter source within the automobile, and compatible with any
Bluetooth mobile phones is a Plug-and-Drive hands-free car kit
that requires no installation. Plugged into any car’s cigarette
lighter, it will automatically connect to the driver’s mobile phone
via Bluetooth, thereby offering drivers convenience, comfort and
safety and without messy or constricting wires. Aztech BC1000
Aztech BC1000
Bluetooth® car kit is compatible with all Bluetooth® mobile
phones in the market. Users need not have to purchase a new
car kit should they upgrade their Bluetooth® mobile phones, as
software updates will be available.
Aztech IPX1050 - IP-PBX system
Aztech IPX1050 IP-PBX system, based on Internet Protocol,
utilises the existing local area network, thus eliminating the need
to maintain a separate telephone network and helping companies
to enjoy significant cost savings in telephone bills. With support
for 50 telephone extensions and up to 8 PSTN connections, it is
an ideal system for small/medium-size office setup. With support
for full routing functionality, it basically functions as a Voice and
Aztech IPX1050
Data centre for the SME/SOHO. With Aztech IPX1050 IP-PBX
system, calling overseas offices/different locations within the
same organization is virtually free. Companies also enjoy
substantial savings to external calls as the calls are routed to the
closest destination or via Internet Telephony Service Providers,
who normally provide more competitive rates especially for
overseas calls than traditional telephone service providers. It uses
SIP Voice over Internet to establish connection among users. A
web-based GUI enables configuration and assigning of telephone
extensions to employees as well as managing their access rights
and policies within an organisation. It supports for IEEE802.3af
Power Over Ethernet to ensure convenient placement of IP
Aztech IP-Phones
Aztech IP100
Aztech IP100 and IP200 IP Phones are SIP based Internet Protocol
phones. Both models will have key features such as 3-party
conference call, phonebook support, call transfer, call waiting, caller
identification and name display, voice mail, hands-free
speakerphone, call hunting and DID support. Both phones come
with support of Power over Ethernet. Hence, they do not require
any power adaptor, as the Ethernet cable will supply the power. In
addition, IP200 IP Phone comes with interactive Soft keys with
navigation buttons and full 102 x 64 graphics and 6 Line LCD
enabling higher interactivity and features such as instant
messaging. The IP100 IP Phone comes with a 2 Line x 16
characters LCD Panel for basic functionality. The home enabled
versions provide support for PPPoE and NAT as well.
Aztech IP200
Aztech HL108E - Ethernet HomePlug AV 200Mbps
Aztech HL108E Ethernet HomePlug AV 200Mbps offers the higher
bandwidth performance necessary to drive next-generation home
entertainment applications including High Definition (HD) and
Standard Definition (SD) video distribution and TV over IP (IPTV).
Faster and more robust, it provides the ultimate high-speed
transmission for digital home entertainment. It is designed to
Aztech HL108E
provide the best connectivity at the highest QoS of the home
networking technology.
Aztech HL105EW - HomePlug 85Mbps Wireless LAN Extender
Aztech HL105EW HomePlug 85Mbps Wireless LAN Extender uses
HomePlug1.0 Turbo 85Mbps to transform in-house power circuit to
extend the Wireless LAN coverage. It resolves common issues of
blind spots or thick walls faced by many Wireless LAN users. When
used in conjunction with another connected HomePlug 14/85Mbps
Ethernet Adaptor that is linked to the ADSL or Cable Modem, it
enables home/SOHO users to conveniently place the HomePlug
Wireless LAN Extender at the most appropriate location in the
Aztech HL105EW
premises. It also has tight security features via 56bit DES
encryption on the power circuit and 64/128 Bit WEP and WPA
Encryption on Wireless LAN. It is easy to install and use. Just plug
it into the power socket and the wireless settings are easily
configured using the supplied installation wizard.
Aztech SS500 - MP3 Player
Score with the SS500 Soccer Digital Audio Player in this World
Cup Season!
Powered by SigmaTel, and shaped like a football, Aztech
Digital MP3 Audio player includes a self-illuminated OLED
that allows clear visibility even when viewed under the sun!
FM Radio function allows users to tune in to the "live"
Aztech SS500 MP3
commentary while on the go! Record the roar of the spectators
with the in-built microphone! The rechargeable lithium-polymer
ensures user gets up to 12 hours of music playback on a single
charge and its evenly spaced buttons give comfort during
handling and navigation of the unit.
Aztech Claris - Multimedia Speaker
Sporting a polished surface held above ground by a clear
support, the Claris is a high-performance sound system that
delivers high audio clarity with clean low bass. Setup is a
breeze with the single piece speaker system. Simply connect to
your audio source and power outlet and you’re ready to
experience high fidelity audio delivered from the 3.1 speaker
system! Designed with RCA inputs, you can always plug it
directly to your existing TV and DVD players. Superior stereo
Aztech Claris
sound expansion technology powered by pure digital audio
processing stimulates a full audio soundstage that makes
listening a pleasure. Equalizer modes help enhance the
listening experience.
About Aztech Systems Ltd.
Incorporated in 1986, Aztech Systems Ltd is a multi-national company providing
OEM/ODM design and manufacturing services, contract manufacturing and retail service.
Headquarters in Singapore and with over 2,200 employees worldwide, Aztech
manufacturing facility is located in Dong Guan, China. Aztech R&D centres are located in
Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Dong Guan, China. Its five sales offices are
located in Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Germany and Malaysia. With strong design
experience and technology focus in data and voice communication as well as multimedia,
Aztech designs and manufactures xDSL modems, Analog modems, Broadband
Residential Gateway, Wireless 802.11 b/g devices, HomePlugs, IP-PBX System, IP
Phones, VoIP Adaptors, SMS Colour DECT Phones, Digital MP3 Audio Players and
Multimedia Speakers. Aztech also provides Contract Manufacturing Service including
PCBA and box build assemblies, plastic tooling and plastic injection. For more information
on Aztech and its products, please visit its website at
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Marcom Executive
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