SA History.txt - CD/DVD Kopiersysteme

SA History.txt
Rev 2.001a (08/19/03)
1.Support added for 52X Plextor writer.
2.API support added.
Rev 2.001b (09/02/03)
1.Macro upload for EC loader.
Rev 2.001c (09/03/03)
1.Added support for RW functions of 48X Plextor.
Rev 2.001d (09/04/03)
1.Added support for SigPro printer.
2.Improved PRN load error reporting.
3.Option to use existing PRN file added for PRINT ONLY operation.
Rev 2.001e (09/09/03)
1.Fix for "USE EXISTING PRN" in copy and print mode.
Rev 2.001f (09/17/03)
1.Fix for opening drives trays.
Rev 2.001g (09/22/03)
1.Support for DVD+R ( A06 only)
Rev 2.001h (09/29/03)
1.Audio verification fix for 52X Plextor.
2.Stamp info recorded on data cd's (52X plextor).
Rev 2.001i (09/29/03)
1.WATERMARK word replaced by STAMP;
Rev 2.001j (09/30/03)
1.RECORD STAMP option added for Plextor recorders.
Rev 2.001l (10/02/03)
1.Fix for the first bad disc (52X Plextor).
Rev 2.001m (10/29/03)
1.52X plextor firmware updated automatically.
2.Support for 52X BTX drive added.
Rev 2.001n (10/29/03)
1.Improved caching.
Rev 2.001o (11/04/03)
1.BTC support added.
2.52X Plextor performance improved.
Rev 2.001p (11/04/03)
1.52X Plextor burnproof fix.
Rev 2.001r (12/03/03)
1.Automation recording performance improved.
Rev 2.001s (12/15/03)
1.PRN import bug fixed.
Rev 2.001t (12/23/03)
1.DVD lockup bug fixed.
Rev 2.001u (1/1/04)
1.Bug on reject from OPTI printer fixed.
2.New Plextor 52X firmware (1.03).
3.Ejct retries added for A06 towers.
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SA History.txt
Rev 2.001x (1/28/04)
1.Ink level warning support ( OPTI EC only)
Rev 2.001z (2/05/04)
1.Message added when detecting loader( to avoid ) .
2.A07 support added.
3.Audio playback window placement bug fixed.
Rev 2.002a (2/09/04)
1.New macro for EC loader.
Rev 2.002b (2/10/04)
1. Delays added for Spectrum printer.
Rev 2.002c (2/12/04)
1. More Delays added for Spectrum printer.
Rev 2.002d (2/18/04)
1.First version working with 5906 LIVE.
Rev 2.002e (2/19/04)
1.Lockups in compare mode due to the loader errors eliminated.
Rev 2.002f (2/20/04)
1.Fix for SaClient UDF large file bug.
Rev 2.002g (3/09/04)
1.Loader is always detected on the highest COM port.
Rev 2.002h (3/29/04)
1.DVD compare bug fixed.
2.DVD speed display MAX.
4.Import PRN bug fixed in loader configuration.
5.New macro for EC loader(2.006).
6.Import PRN bug fixed. (loading problem after comparing XA format).
Rev 2.002n (3/29/04)
1.New style SaClient ( Embedded application must be upgraded before connecting with the new network control application)
2.Frame accurate audio recording with PIONEER A07 .
3."Get Image" and "Send Image" bugs fixed in the SaClient.
Rev 2.002p (4/28/04)
1.Bugs in SaClient fixed( launching multiple unit jobs)
Rev 2.002r (4/30/04)
1.Disconnect button added.
2.Abort job bug fixed.
Rev 2.002s (5/04/04)
1.New macro for EC loader.
Rev 2.002u (6/30/04)
1.Adjustments for PRISM printer.
Rev 2.002w (7/07/04)
1.Bugs in SaClients fixed(sending ISC image).
2.Fix for Rimage printing.
Rev 2.002w (7/13/04)
1.Bug fixed in SaClient (sending image larger than 4GB).
2.Bug fixed in SaClient (when submitting Print Only job).
Rev 2.002y (7/14/04)
1.Fix for Spectrum2 COPY&PRINT.
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SA History.txt
Rev 2.002z (7/20/04)
1.Fix for OptiEC false change ink cartridge report.
Rev 2.003a (7/23/04)
1.Bugs in Audio editing of SaClient fixed.
Rev 2.003b (7/29/04)
1.Fix for OptiEC printing bug (introduced in 1.002z also present in 1.003a).
Rev 2.003c (8/06/04)
1.Z6 support added( unlike all previously supported printers this one needs
driver installed because it is USB device).
2.Bug in UDF creation module fixed ( video DVD without video_ts.vob).
Rev 2.003d (8/09/04)
1.Rimage status reading improvement.
Rev 2.003e (8/10/04)
1.Change for 59xx LIVE.
Rev 2.003f (8/12/04)
1.Bug when using ISC image for starting job fixed.
Rev 2.003g (8/19/04)
1.Added support for A08.
2.Bug fixed in SaClient when starting job with ISC image file.
Rev 2.003i (8/30/04)
1. Network performance improvement.
Rev 2.003j (9/02/04)
1. Rimage fix.
Rev 2.003k (9/03/04)
1."DiscLive" fix -"Record" button enabled.
Rev 2.003l (9/07/04)
1.Bootable Udf support added to SaClient.
Rev 2.003m (9/17/04)
1.Performance improvement for PIONEER 108.
2.Bug in SaClient fixed ( only ISC image files worked when submitting multiple unit jobs)
Rev 2.003n (9/23/04)
1.Fixed bug Plextor support introduced in 2.003m
Rev 2.003o (9/30/04)
1.OPC handling change for PIONEER 108.
2.Pioneer 108 firmware exe file in the firmware folder added.
Rev 2.003p (10/06/04)
1.Changes introduced for better network performance.
2.Lockup of Spectrum printer on small prn files fixed.
Rev 2.003r (10/08/04)
1.Change in LIVE recorder allowing changing recording limit on the fly.
Rev 2.003s (10/13/04)
1.Fix for Rimage lockup.
Rev 2.003t (10/15/04)
1.Bugs fixed when submitting multiple unit jobs from SaClient.
Rev 2.003w (10/27/04)
1.Performance improvement for DVD recording.
Rev 2.003y (10/28/04)
1. Rimage lockup(when testing printing status) eliminated.
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SA History.txt
Rev 2.003z (11/05/04)
1. Async mode performance improvement.
2. Support for integrated loader/display controller added.
3. Support for USB display controller added.
Rev 2.004a (11/05/04)
1.Automation speed limit 8X(DVD).
Rev 2.004b (11/05/04)
1. Bug in creating image fix.
Rev 2.004c (11/17/04)
1. OptiEC lockup bug fixed.
2. Compare lockup bug fixed.
3. 5906 DVD lockup bug fixed.
Rev 2.004d (11/22/04)
1. Bug not allowing 5906 ( IDE based) work with loader fixed.
Rev 2.004e (11/22/04)
1. Display bug fixed (not clearing remaining characters).
Rev 2.004f (12/06/04)
1. OptiEC pro big fixed.
2. Support for USB DKI card added in Updater.exe
Rev 2.004g (12/07/04)
1. Fix for printer alignment.
Rev 2.004h (12/13/04)
1. SaClient Verify only job submission bug fixed.
2. Fixed bug causing Embedded application crash when submitting a job from SaClient.
3. Bug in SaClinet causing problem starting job with ISC image file fixed.
Rev 2.004i (12/14/04)
1.Support for Plextor PREMIUM added.
Rev 2.004j (12/15/04)
1.Verification lockup bug fixed.
2. "Pure virtual function call error" fixed.
Rev 2.004l (12/31/04)
1.Fix for LCB display/keypad controller.
2. Increased buffer size of sync recording in 5906 tower.
Rev 2.004n (12/21/05)
1. Change in leadout for PIONEER 106 & 107. drive.
Rev 2.004o (2/1/05)
1.Support for DKI on loader controller board.
2.Bug in SaClient "Get Image" function(not displaying main menu after image upload).
Rev 2.004p (2/1/05)
1.Bug in loader controller DKI support fixed( error starting embedded.exe ( new updater.exe).
Rev 2.004r (2/08/05)
1.TEAC CD-W552G support added.
2.Bug in SaClient WAV field extension fixed.
Rev 2.004t (3/14/05)
1.Plextor 716 support added.
2.CD Compare mode performance improvement.
3.Lockup in printer alignment procedure eliminated (Prism printer).
Rev 2.004w (3/24/05)
1.Solved synchronization issues causing lockups at the end of jobs.
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SA History.txt
Rev 2.004z (3/29/05)
1.Changes for loaders running at 38Kb.
Rev 2.005a (3/31/05)
1.Fix for USB version of DKI card causing lockup when loading firmware.
Rev 2.005b (4/1/05)
1.Fix for 109 CD recording problem.
Rev 2.005c (4/4/05)
1.Reduced audio verification speed for Pioneer 109(16X).
Rev 2.005d (4/7/05)
1.RImage printer bug in CD-4 and CD-7 loader.
Rev 2.005e (4/13/05)
1.Fix for 109 CD recording.
Rev 2.005f (4/21/05)
1.Added support for Plextor PX-230A.
Rev 2.005g (4/24/05)
1.Added support for NEC 3540A.
Rev 2.005h (4/24/05)
1.Fix for IDE automated systems.
Rev 2.005i (4/27/05)
1.Fix for inkjet printers on Fusion loaders.
Rev 2.005k (5/2/05)
1.Fix for NEC CDDA verification issue.
Rev 2.005k (5/9/05)
1. Bug in submitting print only job form SaClient.
2.Reset active spindle bug fixed in relay mode.
Rev 2.005L (5/11/05)
1.Change for Plextor 716 DVD recording.
Rev 2.005m (5/13/05)
1.Support for USB2.0/Plextor 716A.
Rev 2.005p (5/25/05)
2.Header and ECD now verified in CD-I.
Rev 2.005s (5/27/05)
1.OPC change in 109 CD-R recording.
Rev 2.005t (6/1/05)
1.109 support for 1.50 Pioneer 109 firmware.
Rev 2.005x (6/8/05)
1."Separate CD/DVD spindles" feature added.
Rev 2.005y (6/16/05)
1.Changes made for PicoJet and MT loader.
Rev 2.005z (6/16/05)
1.More changes for PicoJet printer (lockup at startup when printer is not initialized).
Rev 2.006a (6/30/05)
1.NEC 3540 DVD recording improvements.
Rev 2.006b (7/11/05)
1.Fix for unintentional open/close tray by pioneer drives in automation systems.
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SA History.txt
Rev 2.006c (7/13/05)
1.SaClient database and pdf printing support ( for PDF printing Adobe Acrobat 7.0 must be installed on the PC running SaClient).
Rev 2.006d (7/14/05)
1.Delays at the end of job eliminated.
Rev 2.006e (7/15/05)
1.Ink level bug fixed for PicoJet.
Rev 2.006f (7/19/05)
1.GOOD/BAD count reporting bug fixed in SaClient .
Rev 2.006g (7/20/05)
1.Fix for (MT LCB)/(PicoJet).
Rev 2.006h (7/20/05)
1.Fix for TOC compare.
Rev 2.006i (8/3/05)
1.Fix for Spectrum2 printer.
2.PicoJet printer moved to the front of the printer selection menu.
3."TEST" percentage bug fixed in SaClient.
Rev 2.006j (8/9/05)
1. Bug in SaClient ImageEditor when toggling the media type(CD/DVD).
2.CD/DVD media support for ISO images in SaClient.
Rev 2.006k (8/15/05)
1.Added support for Pioneer 110 recorder.
Rev 2.006L (9/1/05)
1.Fix for audio cd analysis bug.
2.COPY protection option removed from the menu.
3.List of NTSA servers kept in registry and they connection to them can be restore in SaClient.
4.New firmware fro XP loaders.
Rev 2.006m (9/9/05)
1.New XP loader firmware.
2.Click detection removed from menu.
3.Long delays in response time in alignment utility eliminated.
Rev 2.006n (9/12/05)
1.Fix for 2 drive XP loader firmware(reject command).
Rev 2.006p (9/12/05)
1.New firmware fro XP loaders.
Rev 2.006r (10/05/05)
1.Fix for alignment.
1.New firmware fro XP loaders(4.22).
Rev 2.006s (10/14/05)
1.Lockup after printer alignment eliminated.
2.New firmware fro XP loaders(4.23).
3.Improvement in async algorithm.
Rev 2.006t (10/17/05)
1.Multitrack DVD compare fix.
Rev 2.006u (11/03/05)
1.New firmware fro XP loaders(4.23).
.Fix fro UDF verification.
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SA History.txt
Rev 2.006w (11/10/05)
1.New firmware fro XP loaders(4.32).
2.Support for NEC 3550A added.
Rev 2.006y (11/23/05)
1.New firmware for XP loaders(4.34).
Rev 2.006z (12/08/05)
1.Fix for ink level warning.
2.DVD DL support for JUMP address.
Rev 2.007a (12/15/05)
1.Fix for SaClient multiple unit job count.
Rev 2.007b (12/23/05)
1.Fix for SaClient multiple unit job completion status.
Rev 2.007c (1/25/06)
1.NEC 3550 update.
Rev 2.007d (3/15/06)
1.Fix for DL DVD-R recording (Pioneer 109 and 110).
Rev 2.007e (3/25/06)
1.Fix for DL DVD-R recording (Pioneer 109 and 110).
2.Support for Pioneer 111 added.
Rev 2.007f (4/6/06)
1.Smaller delay for PicoJet reading ink level.
Rev 2.007g (4/25/06)
1.Simple and detailed view in file list control added in image editor in SaClient.
Rev 2.007h (5/3/06)
1.Changes in Pioneer 109 CD recording.
2.Fixed compare problem when using DDP images.
Rev 2.007k (6/20/06)
1.FIx for Rimage color printing.
Rev 2.007L (6/26/06)
1.Fix for small color rimage PRN's.
Rev 2.007m (6/28/06)
1.Another Fix for small color rimage PRN's( clamping after printing eliminated) .
Rev 2.007n (7/03/06)
1.1.Another Fix for small monochrome rimage PRN's( clamping after printing eliminated) .
Rev 2.007p (7/13/06)
1."Quick erase" before copying.
Rev 2.007r (8/10/06)
1.Fix for Audio tab in SaClient(crash when right clicking and audio file).
Rev 2.007s (8/27/06)
1.Fix for DVD-RW drives ready status.
Rev 2.007t (8/28/06)
1.Fix Acard blue screen crash.
Rev 2.007u (9/8/06)
1.Support for LC0B14.
Rev 2.007w (9/10/06)
1.Fix for LCB14.
Rev 2.007y (9/13/06)
1.New firmware for LCB14.
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SA History.txt
Rev 2.007z (9/15/06)
1.New version for ScrLdr.dll for LCB14 firmware update.
Rev 2.008a (10/09/06)
1.Fix for verify after copy option (plextor drives).
Rev 2.008b (11/1/06)
1.Support for dual loader.
Rev 2.008c (11/1/06)
1.New firmware for Dual loader LCB-14
Rev 2.008e (1/25/07)
1.LCB-14 firmware(5.18).
2.FIx for keypad lockup.
Rev 2.008f (1/25/07)
1.1.Wrong date in version info fixed.
Rev 2.008g (2/1/07)
1.Fix for LCB firmware update.
Rev 2.008h (2/8/07)
1.Support for Pioneer DVDR-112 added.
Rev 2.008i (2/8/07)
1.Removed LCB-14 firmware uodate.
Rev 2.008j (6/20/07)
1. MF-DIgital removed form SaClient window.
Rev 2.008k (12/03/07)
1.Added support for Pioneer DVR 212 ans BDR-202.
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