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USB 4 Port Hub F5U021
USB 4 Port Hub F5U021
Q: How do I install the USB hub in Windows or Mac?
• First turn on your computer, then with nothing plugged into the hub, plug it into your
PC or Mac. The computer should automatically install the USB hub drivers. For
PCs, Windows may ask for the Win95/98 CD ROM. The four port lights should light
Q: Why use a USB hub?
• Using a USB Hub allows you to increase the number of USB devices that you can
attach to a USB port.
Q: What operating systems will the USB ExpressBus work with?
• Windows 95 Rev B, Windows 98 and Windows 2000, Mac OS 8.1 or higher.
Q: Does it require software or drivers?
• No, it not does require software or drivers. If your computer already has USB drivers
and support then all you should have to do is plug it into an open USB port.
Q: How can I tell if my computer is USB ready?
• Make sure the USB interface for your computers CMOS has been enabled (follow
instructions in your computer user’s manual on how to configure your CMOS).
• Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, System and click on Device Manager. You
should have the last device as USB Serial Bus Controller. When you click on it you
should have the USB Universal Host Controller and USB Root Hub.
• If you don’t have these 2 drivers then you need to contact your computer
Q: What is the maximum distance between each connected device when connecting
the USB hubs.
5 meters
Q. What are the specs for the power supply? Does it come with one?
It does ship with one, the specs are 7.5 Volts DC, 2.1A.
Q: How can I tell if the hub is in Self-powered or Bus powered mode?
Look on the side of the hub, there should be a switch that will move left to right.
For Bus-powered
mode, move the
switch to the left.
For Self-powered
mode, move the
switch to the right.
Q: What is Self-powered mode and Bus powered mode?
In Self-powered mode the ExpressBus is being powered by an external power source
of 6 VDC, 2.1A. This mode is used when connecting another hub, or when
connecting power hungry devices like keyboards, scanners and cameras.
• In Bus powered mode the ExpressBus gets it power from the USB ports on the
computers. Bus powered means you are not using a power supply.
• Downsteam power
Self-powered: 500mA per port.
Bus-powered: 100mA per port.
Q. What is the Data Transfer rate for the USB hub?
It supports both full speed of 12Mbps and a low speed of 1.5 Mbps.
Q: What is maximum number of device can you hook up using the USB hub.
By cascading additional USB hubs you can connect up to 127 different devices to a
single USB port on the computer.
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