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355 Old Road • Clacton on Sea • Essex • CO15 3RH • United Kingdom
For years photographers
could only dream of taking
studio quality images on
location assignments or in
remote environments.
Now, that dream has
become reality.
Bowens have developed a
system with advanced
technology which allows
photographers the complete
freedom to use studio
lighting anywhere.
The Esprit Gemini range
powered by its unique
Travel-Pak system offers
the complete go-anywhere
package for today's
photographer on the move.
© 2004 Photo by Reeve Banks Photography
Esprit Gemini
“the perfect go-anywhere lighting solution...”
Location, location, location.
The heart of the Gemini system.
If you are a busy photographer working in the
studio or out on location, the Esprit Gemini
offers the perfect lighting solution. Designed to
operate from either mains or battery, the Gemini
offers consistency, reliability and quality to
ensure stunning results in any environment.
Designed and developed to operate the Gemini
system anywhere. The Travel-Pak provides
portable power, 200 shots per charge at full
photographer needs it.
Advanced technology and precision
Quality and Durability.
The Gemini range includes four models,
125Ws, 250Ws, 500Ws, and the 750Ws
version. The advanced circuitry in the Gemini
can now offer power calibration in exact stops
and 1⁄3rd stops, ideal for the digital photographer.
Esprit Gemini units can offer a range of power
from full to 1⁄32 - that’s a five stop power range!
(See page 13 for exact specifications) Being
part of the Esprit range means you can be
assured of the reliability and ease of use that
the name ‘Esprit’ has become known for.
Like all Bowens products, the Gemini system is
designed to withstand the rigours of studio and
location work. The Esprit Gemini features larger
handles and rotary dials for ease of use and the
sturdy Travel-Pak is designed to work, even if
standing in 75mm (3”) of water! As for weight,
this is no problem either as the Gemini weighs
just 3.4kg (Gemini 250 weighs 2.9kg) and the
Travel-Pak only weighs 4.1kg, a winning
Esprit Gemini GM125
Esprit Gemini GM500
More than powerful enough for small portrait
use the Gemini GM125 features fully variable
output offering precise exposure control. This
model is also useful in larger studios as a top,
back or hair light, being triggered from the main
flash via the built in photo-cell.
The 500Ws Gemini GM500 offers the
photographer total versatility for product or
portrait work. With a safe sync voltage of 5V
and precise power calibration across the five
stop range, the digital user can work in the
knowledge that
they will achieve total
consistency and reliability. BW-3610
Compact, Lightweight, Portable Power.
Everything offered by the Bowens Travel-Pak.
Esprit Gemini GM250
Esprit Gemini GM750+
With the Gemini GM250 we can now offer a
250Ws unit with a 5 stop power range, from full
to 1⁄32 power offering the same versatility as the
rest of the Esprit range. With this wide power
range it can be used as a main light with a
softbox or as a fill light, with a grid reflector and
a honeycomb. The low sync voltage of only 5V
makes this light the perfect tool for digital users.
The Gemini GM750+ is the top of the range in
terms of power delivering an impressive 750Ws
and featuring an amazing flash duration of just
1/2380 sec. This compact powerhouse can
recycle to full power in just 1.2 secs. ideal for
high fashion shoots. BW-3630
Thanks to this handy battery pack, your Bowens
Esprit Gemini lights can leave the studio to go
on location anytime, anywhere!
Able to power two monoblocs simultaneously
with a total power of up to 1500Ws, the TravelPak is capable of bringing a 500Ws unit to full
charge as fast as 4.5 seconds, and can offer in
excess of 200 flashes on a single charge.
With a fast/slow charge option to prolong battery
life as well as a stylish carry bag offering
protection from the elements and up to 3 inches
of water, no location photographer should be
without this unique power pack.
Dimensions - 180(l) x 120(w) x 175(h)mm
Weight - 4.1kg
Esprit Digital DX Series
“setting new standards in accuracy and repeatability”
Esprit Digital DX - Perfect, precision lighting.
The Esprit Digital DX Series was designed and engineered for
the photographer who needs an increased level of lighting
precision. Whether it’s the fine power-output adjustments for
a crucial transparency shot or the refined repeatability that’s
so important with today’s digital imaging tools, the Digital DX
Series offers top performance and exceptional value for
• Precision light-output adjustments to an accuracy of 1/10 f-stop.
• Power-control range of six f-stops, from full to 1/32.
• A huge selection of reflectors and light control accessories.
• A choice of three different models: 250, 500 and 1000Ws.
• A built-in and switchable slave cell.
• Units fire at 100% recharge for complete accuracy.
Available in Three Models
All three models feature variable power adjustments and
completely interchangeable reflector and accessory mounts.
This makes them an amazingly versatile lighting system, no
matter how you combine them.
• Full Infra-Red remote-control capabilities.
• Three position modelling lamp settings: off, on at 100%
brightness or in proportion to the flash power selected.
• User-replaceable flash tubes.
Esprit Digital DX250
Esprit Digital DX500
Esprit Digital DX1000
Perfect for small studios, location work or for
portraits, the Digital DX250 is capable of
delivering plenty of light for the portrait
photographer. It also has the advantage of an
extended power range for the highest level of
creative control. At minimum power the Digital
DX250 is capable of delivering just 7Ws of
power. As well as being a perfect portrait light,
the controllability of the unit makes it a great hair
light or background light. Although compact and
lightweight, the DX250 is designed with a strong
steel casing to resist the rigors of studio life. The
advanced circuitry delivers fast recycling times
(1.2 sec.) and a very fast flash duration (1/1100
sec.). In short, the DX250 is an exceptional flash
unit that can prove invaluable in many studios.
The 500Ws monobloc has been our most
popular size for decades. The evolution of the
DX500 brings a level of control and precision to
what has always been our best-selling product.
Whether you need power for commercial
applications or the finesse of 1/10 f-stop accuracy
for complete control, the DX500 is the perfect
lighting solution. The DX range benefits of
power accuracy, repeatability and full IR remotecontrol capability are all found on the DX500,
which also boasts good flash duration and
excellent recycling speeds. No larger than the
DX250 and weighing only a fraction more, the
DX500 is the perfect complement to any studio
and the foundation of a first-class lighting system
- whatever your photographic specialisation.
The DX1000 is the heavyweight in the range - in
performance (it’s actually quite lightweight for it’s
power level) the unit is capable of delivering
considerable amounts of power with precision
and control. Two f-stops brighter than the
DX250, it is still capable of delivering flash of just
28Ws - a gentle giant indeed! The DX1000 is
perfect where high light output and hard work are
the order of the day. Fan cooled, the DX1000
can deliver shot after shot, keeping up with the
most demanding studio environments. With
resilient circuitry and robust design, this will be a
classic workhorse flash unit for years to come.
The DX1000 is fitted with a three electrode flash
tube giving impressive performance and flash
duration at full power is just 1/1700 sec. The unit
can also recycle to full power in just over two
seconds. If you are looking for power and
controllability, the DX1000 could be the perfect
flash unit for your studio.
Track & Field.
To put the Gemini system through its paces we
went to a railway museum for some really
challenging locations.
The shot of Emma in the railway carriage was
taken from the opposite platform. Because we
couldn’t trail sync leads across a live railway
line, Pulsar was used to trigger the lights in the
carriage. Two Gemini 250’s powered by TravelPaks lit the model one with a Soft Box 60 and
one with a Grid Reflector.
More stunning results achieved by using Gemini
and Travel-Pak can be seen on other pages.
Setup for photo on Page 1.
Esprit Gemini 250
Wafer Strip
Zip Disc
Setup for photo on Page 6.
2 x Gemini 250
2 x Travel-Pak
Soft Box 60
Grid Reflector
Barn Doors
Kodak DCS 760
Chris Reeve
Emma Jones
Hannah Marshall
Jodie Trip
Tamarindo Models
The next location, a field in the middle of the
Essex countryside.
The shot requires Rachel to sit under a tree
listening to music, but a fill light is required.
With no power outlet for miles around the Esprit
Gemini and Travel-Pak provide the ideal
solution to achieve the perfect image with no
distracting shadows.
Setup for photo on Page 29.
Esprit Gemini 250
Wide Angle reflector
Silver/White Umbrella
Kodak DCS 760
Chris Reeve
Rachel Hirst
Hannah Marshall
Jodie Trip
Tamarindo Models
© 2004 Photo by Reeve Banks Photography
Esprit Digital 750PRO
“a superior level of lighting for today’s digital world”
Esprit Digital 750PRO
Esprit Digital 750PRO.
The Digital 750 PRO represents a major advance in
photographic lighting, offering unprecedented precision and
repeatability to compliment today’s sophisticated imaging
tools. Perhaps what makes it stand out from the competition
is not just that it’s a great flash, but that it offers such
tremendous value.
The 750PRO has been designed and crafted to deliver a level
of output accuracy and colour consistency that is
uncompromised. We wanted to achieve an overall
performance level that would perfectly suit the demands of
today’s working professional and set new standards in the
performance of monobloc flash units.
This amazing unit excels at both.
Special Digital 750PRO Features:
• Advanced colour consistency.
• Precision power control in 1/10 f-stop increments.
• 71/2 f-stop power range.
• Instant power switching from 750 to 500 to 250Ws.
• Multi-voltage circuitry for use anywhere in the world.
• Very fast recycling - as fast as 0.8 sec.
• Action-stopping flash durations - as fast as 1/3250 at 250Ws.
• Variable auto-bracketing facility.
• Fully stabilised to within ±0.05 f-stop within each range.
• Full microprocessor control over flash and modelling circuits.
• Auto-bracketing - 1/10 to 9/10 f-stop.
• Full Infra-Red remote control.
• Two-year warranty.
Critical Colour Temperature and Consistent Output.
The most revolutionary engineering aspect of the Digital 750 PRO is it’s
multi-capacitor circuitry. This advanced technology produces consistent
colour temperature over an extended power range - an extremely important
factor while working with digital imaging. Since Bowens manufactures to
the strictest tolerances, colour consistency extends from unit to unit,
making it possible and practical to illuminate a subject or scene with
several units, each producing the same colour temperature. This is a
significant benefit to digital photographers, saving immeasurable amounts
of post-production time.
Control Flexibility.
Another benefit to the Digital 750 PRO’s unique multi-capacitor circuitry is
its ability to be switched from 750 to 500 to 250Ws. Switching out banks
of capacitors increases the overall power range of the unit to more than
seven f-stops or from 750 to just 7Ws. Our triple-electrode flash tube
design produces faster flash durations at such action-stopping speeds as
1/3250 sec. at 250Ws. Coupled with recycle times as low as 0.6 seconds,
this makes the Digital 750 PRO perfect for fashion assignments as well as
other high-speed applications.
Precision digital power control
Exceptional Performance Around the World.
Photography is an international profession and the Digital 750 PRO was
created to work anywhere in the world. Its advanced voltage-seeking
system ensures constant performance from 90-240V. The recycling speed
at all power levels is astonishing, taking only 0.8 sec. to recycle to 750Ws
on 240V. On lower voltages the performance is equally impressive, making
it significantly faster than many single-voltage units.
Convenient Remote Control.
The RC-1 Infra-Red Remote-Control Handset,
dedicated to Bowens Digital 750 PRO and DX
Monoblocs., provides the option of remotely
operating all principal functions from distances up
to 10m (35’). This handy device offers eightchannel operation as well as power output
up/down, photo cell on/off, capacitor switching,
bracketing, modelling lamp functions, test/open
flash, sounder on/off and function selector.
BW7500 - Esprit Digital 750PRO
BW7520 - RC-1 Remote Handset.
- 10 -
Remote Triggering
“the fashion photographers compact powerhouse”
Esprit 1000
Esprit 1500
The original Esprit
Pulsar Radio Trigger System
The Esprit monobloc represents a successful evolution of four decades of monobloc excellence and development and, in that
tradition, still provides the best value available in high-quality lighting for the professional photographer.
As with the entire Bowens system, Esprit monoblocs are compatible with one of the world’s most diverse selections of reflector
systems and light control accessories. This fact alone makes the Esprit system one of the safest investments you can make in
your photographic future. It’s a system you will never outgrow.
Whether you are triggering flash heads for complicated lighting setups or
cameras for remote control nature shots or special effects, this system is
for you.
Esprit 1000
Esprit 1500
The Esprit 1000 offers a high level of power without compromising
portability of convenience. The specially designed flash tube has three
electrodes to ensure short flash duration - at full power the Esprit 1000 fires
at 1/1700 sec. The units 1000Ws is suitable for commercial/industrial
photography as well as larger portrait studios photographing family groups
and team pictures. As with other Esprit units, the output can be controlled
from full to 1⁄32 and the power-to-weight ratio is excellent for the location
photographer. The unit features an audible recharge signal, a switchable
slave cell and a highly efficient cooling fan for dependable operation.
The Esprit 1500 is really three exceptional units in one. A selector switch
allows it to be set to 500, 1000 or 1500Ws of total power. Since the total
flash power is adjustable from full to 1⁄32 power, the Esprit 1500 offers
photographers and amazing 71⁄2 f/stop power range. A three-electrode clear
flash tube mounted behind a UV-balanced Pyrex dome guarantees fast
flash durations and the best colour consistency over the life of the tube.
Combine this with a fan-cooled 650W modelling lamp and auto power
dumping and you have a most impressive specification.
- 11 -
Each Pulsar unit can be either a transmitter or receiver and is capable of
sending or receiving signals beyond 100m (333’). Unlike IR triggering
systems, the radio-transmitted Pulsar operates around corners and
through walls.
The Pulsar has four separate channels, enabling the photographer to
isolate up to four light sources or to combine them and fire all of them at
once without leaving the camera. Additionally, the Pulsar has a studio
selector switch, which provides isolation from other Pulsar units using the
same channel, and allowing up to six different systems to operate
independently in the same space or studio.
Other Pulsar features include:
• Long battery life up to 200 hours of continuous use from two AAA
• Low voltage operation of just 3V making it ideal for use with sensitive
digital cameras.
• Compact and lightweight design allows the units to be mounted directly
onto your camera’s hot shoe or to your generator, or monolights.
Pulsar Twin Pack
Pulsar Single Unit
- 12 -
Esprit Gemini 125
Esprit Gemini 250
Esprit Gemini 500
Esprit Gemini 750+
Esprit 1000
Esprit 1500
Esprit DX250
Esprit DX500
Esprit DX1000
Esprit Digital 750 Pro
117V Product Code
Stored Energy
Selectable: 1500, 1000, 500Ws
Selectable: 750, 500, 250Ws
Guide Number (m/100 ISO)
160 at 1500Ws
102m at 750Ws
Recycle time to full power
0.9 secs.
0.8 secs.
1.5 secs.
1.4 sec
2.3 secs.
1.1 secs. at 500Ws
1.2 secs.
1.4 secs.
2.3 secs.
0.8 sec. (230V 50Hz)
230V Product Code
Flash Duration to t=0.5
1/1700 sec.
1/925 sec.
1/700 sec.
1/2380 sec.
1/1500 sec.
1.9 secs. at 1000Ws
1.4 sec. (120V 60Hz)
2.9 secs. at 1500Ws
1.9 sec. (100V 60Hz)
1/2200 sec. at 500Ws
1/1100 sec.
1/700 sec.
1/1500 sec.
1/1500 sec. at 1000Ws
1/2240 sec. (500Ws)
1/1100 sec. at 1500Ws
Flash Power Variation
Full to ⁄4
Full to ⁄32
Full to ⁄32
Full to ⁄32
Full to ⁄32
1/1700 sec. (750Ws)
Full to ⁄32 at each power
Full to ⁄32
Full to ⁄32
Full to ⁄32
1/3250 sec. (250Ws)
Full to 1⁄32
Stepless Power Variation
In 1/10 f-stops
In 1/10 f-stops
In 1/10 f-stops
In 1/10 f-stops
User Replaceable Flash Tube
BW1074 (UV)
BW1075 (Clear)
BW2032 (UV)
BW2030 (Clear)
BW2032 (UV)
BW2030 (Clear)
BW1079 (UV)
BW2980 (Clear)
BW1079 (UV)
BW2980 (Clear)
BW2981 (UV Cover Dome)
BW2980 (Clear)
BW2032 (UV)
BW2030 (Clear)
BW2032 (UV)
BW2030 (Clear)
BW1079 (UV)
BW2980 (Clear)
BW2981 (UV Cover Dome)
BW2980 (Clear)
Recommended Modelling Lamp
275W Photoflood
or 250W Halostar
275W Photoflood
or 250W Halostar
275W Photoflood
or 250W Halostar
275W Photoflood
or 250W Halostar
275W Photoflood
or 250W Halostar
650W Halogen
275W Photoflood
or 250W Halostar
275W Photoflood
or 250W Halostar
275W Photoflood
or 250W Halostar
650W Halogen
Model Lamp Variability
Full only
Full to 1⁄32
Full to 1⁄32
Full to 1⁄32
Full to 1⁄32
Full to 1⁄32
Full to 1⁄32
Full to 1⁄32
Full to 1⁄32
Full to 1⁄32
Colour Temperature (+/- 300K)
Voltage Stabilisation
to 1%
to 1%
to 1%
to 1%
to 1%
to 1%
Flash Inhibit Circuit
Ready Light Indication
at 100% charge
at 100% charge
at 100% charge
at 100% charge
at 100% charge
at 100% charge
at 100% charge
at 100% charge
at 100% charge
at 100% charge
Audible Recharge Confirmation
Operating Voltage
190 - 250V 50Hz
190 - 250V 50Hz
190 - 250V 50Hz
190 - 250V 50Hz
190 - 250V 50Hz
190 - 250V 50Hz
190 - 250V 50 or 60Hz
190 - 250V 50 or 60Hz
190 - 250V 50 or 60Hz
90-130 50Hz or 190-253V 60Hz
Sync Voltage
15V DC
15V DC
Slave Cell
Travel-Pak Compatible
Circuit Protection
Yes 5A(F) Fuse
Yes 5A(F) Fuse
Yes 5A(F) Fuse
Yes 5A(F) Fuse
Yes 5A(F) Fuse
Yes 10A(F) Fuse
Yes 5A(F) Fuse
Yes 5A(F) Fuse
Yes 5A(F) Fuse
Yes 15A(F) Fuse
EM Noise Suppression
Width (Including Bracket)
- 13 -
- 14 -
“extra-value lighting kits for every type of photography”
Studio & Location Lighting Kits
A. Gemini 250/250 Kit. BW4300
Two Head Kits
Contains: 2 Esprit Gemini 250 monolights, 2 Bowens compact lighting
support stands, 1 Bowens 90cm Silver/White Umbrella, 1 60cm Bowens
Softbox, 1 Wide-Angle Reflector, 1 kit Bag, Power Cords, Sync Cord,
Modelling Lamps & Flash Tubes.
Our most popular kit configurations are the two-head kits. These appeal
to photographers buying studio lighting for the first time as well as
photographers looking for exceptional value for money. Typical twohead kits include two Esprit Gemini monolights with two Bowens lighting
support stands. To control the light we include a Bowens Softbox and a
silver/white umbrella, together with a wide-angle umbrella reflector.
B. Gemini 250/250 Travel-Pak Kit. BW4315
As Kit A with the addition of a Bowens Travel-Pak Battery, with universal
mains charger and connecting leads.
In our experience, this creates a very easy-to-use and effective two-light
setup. The Softbox and umbrella are perfect for portraiture and many
still-life applications. The kits include a sync lead for camera connection
and all the power cables, modelling lamps and flash tubes. Everything
is then packed into a single lightweight yet sturdy carrying case, with
casters, for easy transportation.
It is said that two heads are better than one. Well, when it comes to lighting,
the more heads the better the result. Three heads and stands are the
foundation of these popular sets. For lighting control we include a Bowens
Softbox with two Bowens Silver/White Umbrellas and a pair of wide-angle
reflectors designed to give a great degree of creative flexibility.
Our Esprit Digital DX monolights are also available as money-saving
two-head kits. These value kits contain two Esprit Digital heads with two
compact lighting stands. For lighting control we include a Bowens
Softbox, a Silver/White Umbrella and a Wide-Angle Reflector. The kit
together with Power Cords, Sync Lead, Lamps and Flash-tubes comes
in a robust carry case for portability.
G. Gemini 250/250/250 Kit. BW4345
J. Esprit Digital DX 250/250 Kit. BW4270
D. Gemini 500/500 Travel-Pak Kit. BW4320
As Kit B with the monolights replaced by 2 Esprit Gemini 500Ws units.
H. Gemini 500/500/500 Kit. BW4350
E. Gemini 750+/750+ Kit. BW4310
As Kit G with the monolights replaced by 3 Esprit Gemini 500Ws units.
The Softbox is upgraded to 100cm and the Umbrellas to 115cm.
K. Esprit Digital DX 500/500 Kit. BW4275
I. Gemini 750+/750+/750+ Kit. BW4355
L. Esprit Digital DX 1000/1000 Kit. BW4280
As Kit H with the monolights replaced by 3 Esprit Gemini 750Ws units.
As Kit J with the monolights replaced by 2 Esprit Digital DX 1000Ws
units. The Softbox is upgraded to 100cm and the Umbrellas to 115cm.
As Kit A with the monolights replaced by 2 Esprit Gemini 500Ws units.
As Kit A with the monolights replaced by 2 Esprit Gemini 750Ws units,
the Softbox is upgraded to 100cm and the umbrella is bigger at 115cm.
Two heads kits are also available complete with a Bowens Travel-Pak
Battery, able to power two Esprit Gemini units simultaneously out on
Two Head Digital DX Kits
Contains: 3 Esprit Gemini 250 monolights, 3 Bowens compact lighting
support stands, 2 Bowens 90cm Silver/White Umbrella, 1 60cm Bowens
Softbox, 2 Wide-Angle Reflectors, 1 kit Bag, 1 Stand Bag, Power Cords,
Sync Cord, Modelling Lamps & Flash Tubes.
C. Gemini 500/500 Kit. BW4305
Two Head Travel-Pak Kits
Three Head Kits
F. Gemini 750+/750+ Travel-Pak Kit. BW4360
Contains: 2 Esprit Digital DX 250 monolights, 2 Bowens compact lighting
support stands, 1 Bowens 90cm Silver/White Umbrella, 1 60cm Bowens
Softbox, 1 Wide-Angle Reflector, 1 kit Bag, Power Cords, Sync Cord,
Modelling Lamps & Flash Tubes.
As Kit J with the monolights replaced by 2 Esprit Digital DX 500 units.
As Kit E with the addition of a Bowens Travel-Pak Battery unit.
- 15 -
- 16 -
120° Wide Angle Umbrella Reflector
Designed as a spill-kill or to be used with and to
support umbrellas, this 15cm (6") reflector has a
very wide, even coverage, making it perfect to
spread light over broad areas. Its very small
diameter creates hard shadows and highcontrast lighting.
50° Keylite Reflector
This is a very high output 24cm (91/2") reflector
that creates a highly specular result. It’s the
perfect reflector to be used where maximum light
output is required. It’s also a superb reflector for
bouncing light off ceilings or simply to give the
maximum possible depth of field. BW1886
75° Softlite Reflector
This 15" matt-finished reflector is supplied with a
double diffuser cap that covers the flash tube
and modelling lamp for added softness. The
softest of Bowens’ direct reflectors, it is perfect
for portraiture, beauty and small product
photography. The diffuser cap can be removed,
making it an excellent large-diameter direct
reflector. BW1899
Reflector Kit
An innovative lighting control outfit composed of
a reflector, snoot and four-leaf barn door, the
Bowens Reflector Kit represents exceptional
value for studio and location photographers. The
efficient reflector is optimised for light spread and
has a 60° coverage. The interchangeable snoot
and barn door attachments bayonet quickly onto
the main reflector, providing instant light control.
Grid Diffuser
This is an accessory to the 75° Softlite Reflector
that creates a unique lighting effect by including
a Perspex outer diffuser with a honeycomb grid
in the centre. The Grid Diffuser gives a pool of
direct light in the centre, surrounded by softdiffused light. The ratio between the centre and
edge is 3:1 - ideal for portrait applications.
- 17 -
High-Performance Reflector
This 32cm reflector achieves the maximum
amount of light output possible for lighting large
groups and bouncing light off of high ceilings.
The efficient parabolic design delivers a narrow,
bright beam of light with intense shadows and
high contrast. A must where sheer power is
required. BW1878
Supersoft 600 Diffuser for Sunlite 40
Here is the ultimate soft beauty light. The
Supersoft 600 mounts directly into the front of
the 40° Sunlite Reflector. Its super-large 600mm
(231/2") front diameter reflector and unique threelayered diffusion design creates a large, soft light
source that is completely even and delivers
perfectly round catch lights for fashion and
beauty applications. The internal baffle is printed
with a precision designed light distribution
pattern to reduce the centre brightness of the
reflector. A double-layer front diffuser completes
the softening effect. BW1884
Supersoft 600 Kit
This complete kit includes the 40° Sunlite
Reflector as well as the Supersoft 600 Diffuser,
front diffuser screen and inner baffle.
40° Sunlite Reflector
A 43cm (17") white-painted reflector designed to
replicate sunlight for photographing items such
as architectural models. The white-painted
interior of the Sunlite reflector helps to ensure
that an even light is delivered. BW1868
Backlite Reflector
With its 20 x 30.5cm (8 x 12") elliptical shape,
this reflector produces an oval pool of light that
can be used to create a natural vignette on a
background or other areas. Two fitted spring
clips allow colour gels to be fitted. BW2560
• A set of colour gels including seven popular
colours, a neutral-density filter and two diffusers
for heightened lighting creativity is also available
for the Backlite Reflector. BW2552
- 18 -
60° Grid Reflector
A good general purpose direct reflector with an
efficient pebble finish. With its rolled rim and
indent, this medium-angle reflector will hold an
18cm (7") honeycomb. BW1863
• The 60º Grid Reflector can also be purchased
as a kit containing a set of three honeycombs.
Set of Three Honeycombs
This set is designed to be used with the Grid
Reflector. The three sizes offer 1/8” (3.175mm),
/8” (9.525mm) and 1/4” (6.35mm) hole sizes, each
with increasingly wide-angle spots of light.
Studio Essentials
65° Maxilite Reflector
This is a good general-purpose direct reflector with
an even coverage and a high light output. Since it
has a small 20cm (8") diameter, the light it produces
is moderately high in contrast. The stippled surface
ensures a smooth and even light distribution.
Gel Filter Holder for Maxilite
Allows light to be gelled or coloured. BW2368
• Maxilite Gel Set for BW2368. BW2364
Four-Way Barn Door & Gel Holder
Also designed for use with the Maxilite to give
greater control of light output. BW2363
Maxilite Honeycombs
These fit on to the front of the Maxilite Reflector and
deliver a very tightly controlled pool of illumination,
creating a highly efficient spot effect
BW1891 - A 3/8” (9.525mm) hole creates a wider
angle spot effect.
Universal Honeycombs
These are designed to fit a wide range of
Bowens reflectors. The adjustable fittings clip
over the rim of the reflector.
BW1861A - A /8” (9.525mm) hole creates a wider
angle spot effect.
BW1892 - A 1/4” (6.35mm) hole creates a narrower
angle spot effect.
BW1861B - A 1/4” (6.35mm) hole creates a
narrower angle spot effect.
- 19 -
Universal Clip-On Barn Doors
These are a must for anyone using direct
reflectors to enable the spread of light to be
precisely controlled. BW1869
15° Snoot
For creating a simple spot effect, this 10cm (4”)
cone can also be used as a hair light, creating a
pool of illumination on the hair without spilling on
to the face or background. BW1888
Honeycomb for snoot
When even tighter light is required this clips
simply to the front of the snoot. BW1862
Invaluable to all photographers, the multiclip has
thousands of uses around the studio. BW1826
Bowens Jetstream Wind Machine
Fresnel 200 Spot Attachment
Universal Spot Attachment
The variable-speed Jetstream Wind Machine
makes special effects a breeze and adds a
sense of motion to your shots. It’s great for
glamour shots or for controlling the smoke or fog
on a set. For maximum gusts, turn the control to
full power and you’ll create 2500 RPM (940
C.F.M) of controllable wind! Its remote operating
cable enables you to control speed levels from
up to 6m (20’) away, so you can go from a light
draft to a gentle breeze to an intense bluster
without leaving your camera. The Jetstream
features a 5/8” mount to fit most light stands.
This 200mm Fresnel lens produces that classic
Hollywood-style of lighting unique to Fresnel
spots. A built-in iris gives very tight control of the
light pool, making it ideal for product
photography. This versatile light is also good for
classic portraits and for precise control in
commercial work.
This unique light-head attachment features a
high-quality optical system that allows the
projection of gobos, patterns and cut-outs on the
background or onto the subject. It can also be
used as a focusing spot to light very specific
parts of the subject. The gobo holder (included)
accepts standard M-size gobos.
A Set of 12 M-size
gobos is available.
Length: 30.5cm (12”)
25cm (10”)
Weight: 6.3kg (13.5lbs)
Jetstream (240V) - BW2550
Jetstream (117V) - BW2550B
- 20 -
Bowens Lighting Support
Light Shaping
Bowens Lighting Support Stands
Quick and Easy
Handy Stand
Designed for lightweight ultra-portability, yet durable enough to withstand
the daily rigours of studio and location work. The Handy Stand has a
maximum height of 195cm and closes to 85cm. BW6605
Bowens Silver/White Umbrella
This innovative, collapsible disc system offers two reflector options from one tool.
These dual-purpose umbrellas feature a white interior surface
backed by a removable silver fabric with a black exterior.
This provides a soft but highly efficient bounced light source.
For close-up lighting, the silver/black backing can be removed,
allowing you to get closer to your subject by lighting through the
umbrella like a softbox.
Bowens Reflector Discs are available in three sizes with a double-sided warm gold
or silver fabric. The disc panels can be flipped or reversed instantly so you always
have the right tool on hand.
The worlds best lights deserve the worlds best support.
Bowens lighting support stands represent exceptional value.
Constructed from black anodised aluminium for a sturdy, attractive and
non-reflective appearance. Bowens stands feature high quality
aluminium locking clasps for ultimate stability and maximum safety.
Compact Stand
This portable and lightweight entry level light support stand reaches
303cm and closes to 87cm. BW6610
Bowens Reflector Discs
Aluminium Locking
Aluminium Tubes
Portable Stand
A superb all-purpose light support stand, essential when extra height is
needed, it reaches 355cm and closes to 100cm. BW6615
Heavy-Duty Stand
This ultra-durable light support stand easily withstands the demands of a
busy studio, with a maximum height of 390cm, the stand closes down to
115cm for portability. BW6617
- 21 -
Reflector Discs are extremely lightweight, easy to use and do not require any
assembly. Their carbon-steel frames are welded to withstand rigorous use and
provide years of dependable performance. When not in use, they fold effortlessly
into small circles one-third of their open size.
A telescopic holder is available for convenient positioning.
Telescopic Disc Holder.
BW3225 81cm (32”)
This telescopic arm is universal to
take all sizes of Reflector Disc and
attaches to any Bowens light
support stand or most other makes
of stand. BW3275
Gold/Silver Oval Reflector Panel.
BW3265 122 x 92cm (48x36”)
BW4046 - 115cm Silver/White Umbrella
BW4060 - 140cm Silver/White Umbrella
Gold/Silver Reflector Disc.
BW3245 107cm (42”)
BW4036 - 90cm Silver/White Umbrella
- 22 -
The Wafer Light Bank System
Wafer Accessories
The Wafer is probably the most
innovative light bank on the market,
producing a beautiful quality of light and
offering a degree of control unmatched
by similar products. Its range of shapes
and sizes is almost as big as its range
of accessories, making the Wafer
suitable for a variety of work in all
Oval Diffuser
A translucent fabric diffuser with
black oval mask that converts
rectangular light banks into ovals.
Perfect for those shots where a
rounded highlight or catch light is
Wafer light banks produce a crisp,
smooth quality of light while their
narrow profile and silver/white interiors
with two interchangeable graduated
inner baffles deliver unparalleled
flexibility and control.
The Wafer is supplied in a stowage
pouch for convenient portability and
includes the flash adaptor speed ring.
Brand specific flash adaptor rings are
available for every leading studio
lighting system.
Wafers are available as rectangles,
which are by far the most popular and
Hexagonal Wafers are
especially good for portraiture whilst the
strips, which produce much sharper
cut-off, are popular with fashion
For Wafer 100
For Wafer 140
Wafer Honeycombs
For Wafer Hex 100 BW1194
A lightweight, aluminium
honeycomb on a frame is fitted
into the recess at the front of the
Wafer soft box. Ideal for product
photography, giving a soft,
controllable pool of illumination.
For Wafer Hex 140 BW1185
For Wafer 75
For Wafer Hex 180 BW1186
For Wafer 100
Hex Oval Diffuser
These shaped diffusers for the
Hex Oval soft boxes create a
rounded catch light.
The Wafer design is supplied with two
internal Mylar baffles or screens, each
printed with a special pattern to ensure
the light distribution on the front cloth is
absolutely even over its entire surface.
These baffles also assist in controlling
the colour temperature: one is white
and the other is blue for more neutral
The front cloth of the Wafer is recessed
to help control light spill. The resulting
internal edge has a hook-and-loop
honeycomb to be fitted to the front for
additional directional control.
For Wafer 75
Strip Wafers
Hexagonal Wafers
Rectangular Wafers
Wafer Strip 100
100 x 38 x 25cm (75 x 15 x 11”)
Wafer Hex 100
100 x 70 x 30cm (39 x 27 x 12”)
Wafer 56
56 x 25 x 28cm (22 x 10 x 11”)
Wafer 140
140 x 100 x 50cm (53 x 40 x 193/4”)
Ideal where more contrast and a sharper edge to
the shadows is required. BW1180
Ideal for single head-and-shoulder portraits or for
greater contrast on 3/4-length shots and fashion.
Here is a compact soft box for small still life,
either as a main or rim light. It also provides an
exceptionally good hair light. BW1894
For full-length portraits and fashion, also good
for larger sets. This unit is extremely soft
because of its size. BW1897
Wafer Hex 140
140 x 95 x 37cm (55 x 371/2 x 141/2”)
Wafer 75
75 x 50 x 28cm (30 x 193/4 x 11”)
Wafer 200
200 x 140 x 65cm (76 x 53 x 251/2”)
BW1953 - Bowens L Type
For single portraits or small groups where a
natural vignette is required. BW1182
This medium-sized soft box is great for still life,
single portraits or for more contrast lighting in
larger sets. BW1895
An enormous soft light that is still lightweight
enough to hang on Hi-Glide tracking or boom
arms, the Wafer 200 is beautiful for full-length
work, group portraits and large products.
BW1956 - Multiblitz Large
Wafer Strip 140
140 x 35 x 50cm (55 x 133/4 x 193/4”)
For longer coverage than the 100 Strip. BW1181
Wafer Strip 200
200 x 70 x 62cm (195 x 271/2 x 241/2”)
Full-length fashion with hard-edged lateral
Good overhead light source to
separate subjects from background. BW1184.
All Strip Wafers are supplied with one full-width and
one half-width front diffuser. The half-width diffuser
provides an even sharper cut-off and harder edge to
the shadows.
- 23 -
Wafer Hex 180
180 x 135 x 52cm (71 x 53 x 201/2”)
A broad beautiful light for almost any subject.
great for larger groups. BW1183
Wafer 100
100 x 75 x 35cm (40 x 30 x 14”)
Flash and Light Head Adaptor Rings
Wafer soft boxes can be used with most major
studio lighting systems. Simply attach the
appropriate adaptor to the mounting rings
BW1954 - Bowens/Calumet/Redwing
BW1955 - Balcar
BW1961 - Multiblitz Small
BW1957 - Elinchrom
BW1958 - Broncolor Impact
BW1959 - Broncolor Pulso
Our most popular size, this soft box is suitable
for full-length portraits, small groups and product
illustration. Still compact enough for location.
BW1960 - Broncolor TA
BW1962 - Courtnay
BW1997 - Hensel
- 24 -
Bowens Professional SoftBox Series
Bowens SoftBoxes
The Bowens range of softboxes has been
developed to offer photographers the very
highest-quality light source at a very modest
cost. Their silver interior and shallow
construction offers a high degree of
efficiency while a translucent diffuser
ensures even light distribution.
If absolute evenness is critical for the larger
sizes, internal diffusers are available as an
accessory, as are carry bags for storage and
location work.
Each softbox comes supplied with a casting
and Bowens ‘S-type’ Adaptor. Each will
accept all Wafer adapters and can be used
with most popular flash systems.
Softbox 60x60
Softbox 140x100
60 x 60cm (231/2 x 231/2”)
Ideal for the small portrait or still life photographer.
140 x 100cm (55 x 391⁄2”)
Ideal for large group shots and commercial
photography as well as room sets and general
photography where a very soft light is required.
Softbox 60x80
60 x 80cm (231/2 x 31”)
Rectangular shape perfect
Softbox 100x80
100 x 80cm (391/2 x 31”)
For larger portraits or when a softer light is
required. BW1667
Softbox 100x100
100 x 100cm (391/2 x 391/2”)
Our most popular size, suitable for a wide range of
photography. BW1680
- 25 -
SoftStrip 100
100 x 40cm (391/2 x 153/4”)
The narrow profile of the strip gives a much
sharper cut off, making it ideal for fashion and
beauty. BW1670
SoftStrip 140
140 x 40cm (55 x 153/4”)
Perfect for full length fashion and beauty
photography. BW1690
Soft Box Accessories
Octo 150
Internal Diffuser
Octo 150 is a unique large softbox which offers several nontraditional softbox features that will be of particular interest to
portrait photographers.
Clips into the centre of the softbox to give
absolutely even illumination across the
front diffuser.
BW1662 - For Softbox 60x60
BW1667 - For Softbox 60x80
BW1672 - For Softstrip 100
BW1677 - For Softbox 100x80
BW1682 - For Softbox 100x100
BW1687 - For Softbox 140x100
BW1692 - For Softbox 140x140
Unlike other large octagonal softboxes on the market, the Octo
150 features a perfectly round front diffuser for perfectly round
catch lights which are cleaner and more pleasing. Another
difference is that the light is mounted in the unit facing the rear
cloth, away from the subject. This offers two distinct
advantages over traditional softboxes. The first advantage is
that the Octo 150 does not have extra layers of diffusion fabric
between the light source and the front diffusion fabric making it
an extremely efficient softbox that can be used even with small
flash units such as an Esprit 500.
Carry Bags
The other significant advantage of this design is the interior
silvered and white surfaces which have been designed to
ensure optimum evenness of illumination on the cloth and
because of this can be used close to the subject to produce
maximum softness as well as maximum light output. BW1650
Keep your Softbox protected when on
location work.
BW1765 - For Softbox 60 & SoftStrip
BW1770 - For Softbox 100 & 140
- 26 -
Pioneer Portable Flash System
“location-friendly convenience with studio-control savvy”
Whether you shoot commercial, industrial, architectural or social events,
the Pioneer offers amazing power options, versatility and creative light
control possibilities for the photographer on the go. This portable
rechargeable flash system offers many advantages over conventional
portable, on-camera flashes.
Pioneer SI Kit
Rugged, Powerful & Portable
At the heart of any portable flash system is a
dependable battery and the Pioneer offers a choice
of two. Both are sealed lead-acid batteries, noted
for robust and trouble-free performance and none
of the memory limitations that plague alternative
types. For added convenience, and no surprises,
the voltage stabilised batteries feature a charge
level indicator that shows the state of charge.
SI 2.5Ah Battery
SII 5.0Ah Battery
The smaller of the two batteries, the SI is by far the
most popular. It weighs in at 2kg (4.4 lbs.) and
delivers 210 shots per charge at full power with an
impressive recycle time of 2.9 seconds.
For those big, high-volume jobs, the SII delivers
up to 430 flashes at full power and recycles in just
1.9 seconds. It's the ideal battery when the
maximum number of shots per charge is needed.
Pioneer S-70 Flash Head
Pioneer SI Kit
Pioneer SII Kit
• Pioneer flash head with 3m power cable.
• SI 2.5Ah battery pack with shoulder strap.
• SLA500m battery charger (UK or Euro).
• Short sync lead.
• 65º stippled reflector.
• Camera bracket.
• Hard, moulded kit case.
• User Guide.
• Pioneer flash head with 3m power cord.
• SII 5.0Ah battery pack with shoulder strap.
• SLA 1.5m global battery charger (110/230V).
• Short sync lead.
• 65º stippled reflector.
• Camera bracket.
• Umbrella/Light Stand Attachment Bracket.
• Protective cover for flash tube.
• User Guide.
A portable flash doesn't need to be strictly utilitarian. It can have some panache and style, and this system
has a smartly designed head to lead the way. Pioneer's portable head is first and foremost practical for all
flash purposes. With its ability to rotate 270° and tilt 45°, it can be used directly or bounced just as easily.
Its ability to go bare-bulb or accept a range of interchangeable reflectors gives this head its multi-lighting
For safety and comfort, it features a secure hand strap and a sure-grip soft housing.
The threaded base facilitates fixing the unit to a camera bracket, light stand or tripod for creative offcamera shots. BW1200
Pioneer SII Kit
- 27 -
Pioneer S-70 Head Specifications
Stored Energy
Guide Number (m/100 ISO)
Flash Duration
Power Range
Ready Light Indication
Audible Ready Confirmation
1/800 sec
Full to 1⁄4
50° Reflector.
65° Reflector.
Narrow-Angle Reflector.
Snoot & Honeycomb.
Barn Door Set.
Accessory Holder.
Prismatic Diffuser.
Honeycomb Grids.
Soft Box 30.
Umbrella/Light Stand Adaptor.
Car Charger.
Belt Attachment for S1 Battery.
SLA 1.5m 110/230V Global Charger.
SLA800m 230V Charger.
SLA500m 230V Charger.
Stored Energy
Recycle Time to
Full Power
Minimum Recycle
Full-power shots
per charge
Car Charger
Charge Time
Pioneer SI
2.5 Ampere-hours
2.9 sec.
1.9 sec.
1.5 hrs.
2kg (4.4lbs)
Pioneer SII
5.0 Ampere-hours
1.9 sec.
0.8 sec.
3.0 hrs.
3.5kg (7.7lbs)
- 28 -
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