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Manual abstract:
3 0.12 0.5 SP Mode SP Mode Vp-p Vp-p dB dB dB Line 0.8 0.8 40 37 30 230 1.0 1.0 45 41 36 245 1.2 1.2 SP Mode, W/O Burst SP Mode SP Mode SP Mode
SP Mode Unit Minimum Nominal Maximum Remark Note: Nominal specs represent the design specs. All units should be able to approximate these some will
exceed and some may drop slightly below these specs.
Limit specs represent the absolute worst condition that still might be considered acceptable; In no case should a unit fail to meet limit specs. 1-1-1 E9400SP [
DVD Section ] ITEM 1. VIDEO 1-1. Video Output 1-2. S-Video Output Y (Luminance) C (Chrominance) 1-3.
Component Output Y (Luminance) Cb (Chrominance) Cr (Chrominance) 2. AUDIO 2-1. Output Level 2-2. Frequency Response DVD-VIDEO LPCM Audio
CD 2-3. Signal/Noise Ratio DVD-VIDEO LPCM CD REC & Playback 2-4.
Dynamic Range DVD-VIDEO LPCM CD REC & Playback 2-5. THD+N DVD-VIDEO LPCM CD REC & Playback Input: 2 Vrms, Rec Speed: XP Input: 2
Vrms, Rec Speed: XP 1 kHz, 0 dB % % % 0.01 0.01 0.01 dB dB dB 80 80 80 Input: 2 Vrms, Rec Speed: XP dB dB dB 90 90 80 fs = 48kHz 20~22kHz fs =
44.1kHz 20~20 kHz dB dB ± 0.5 ± 0.5 Vrms 2.0 75 ohm load 75 ohm load 75 ohm load Vp-p Vp-p Vp-p 1.0 0.
7 0.7 75 ohm load 75 ohm load Vp-p Vp-p 1.0 0.286 75 ohm load Vp-p 1.0 CONDITIONS UNIT NOMINAL LIMIT NOTES: 1. All Items are measured without
pre-emphasis unless otherwise specified. 2. Power supply : AC120 V 60 Hz 4. Ambient temperature : 5 °C ~ 40 °C 1-1-2 E9400SP LASER BEAM SAFETY
PRECAUTIONS This DVD player uses a pickup that emits a laser beam. Do not look directly at the laser beam coming from the pickup or allow it to strike
against your skin.
The laser beam is emitted from the location shown in the figure. When checking the laser diode, be sure to keep your eyes at least 30 cm away from the pickup
lens when the diode is turned on. Do not look directly at the laser beam. CAUTION: Use of controls and adjustments, or doing procedures other than those
specified herein, may result in hazardous radiation exposure. Drive Mechanism Assembly Laser Beam Radiation Laser Pickup Turntable Location: Inside
Top of DVD mechanism.
1-2-1 R3NLSP IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Product Safety Notice Some electrical and mechanical parts have special safety-related
characteristics which are often not evident from visual inspection, nor can the protection they give necessarily be obtained by replacing them with
components rated for higher voltage, wattage, etc. Parts that have special safety characteristics are identified by a # on schematics and in parts lists. Use of a
substitute replacement that does not have the same safety characteristics as the recommended replacement part might create shock, fire, and/or other hazards.
The Product's Safety is under review continuously and new instructions are issued whenever appropriate. Prior to shipment from the factory, our products are
carefully inspected to confirm with the recognized product safety and electrical codes of the countries in which they are to be sold.
However, in order to maintain such compliance, it is equally important to implement the following precautions when a set is being serviced. I. Also check
areas surrounding repaired locations. J. Be careful that foreign objects (screws, solder droplets, etc.) do not remain inside the set. K. Crimp type wire
connector The power transformer uses crimp type connectors which connect the power cord and the primary side of the transformer. When replacing the
transformer, follow these steps carefully and precisely to prevent shock hazards. Replacement procedure 1) Remove the old connector by cutting the wires at
a point close to the connector.
Important: Do not re-use a connector. (Discard it.) 2) Strip about 15 mm of the insulation from the ends of the wires. If the wires are stranded, twist the
strands to avoid frayed conductors. 3) Align the lengths of the wires to be connected. Insert the wires fully into the connector. 4) Use a crimping tool to crimp
the metal sleeve at its center. Be sure to crimp fully to the complete closure of the tool. L. When connecting or disconnecting the internal connectors, first,
disconnect the AC plug from the AC outlet.
Precautions during Servicing A. Parts identified by the # symbol are critical for safety. Replace only with part number specified. B..
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