Sharp AR-M317 User manual

Sharp AR-M317 User manual
AR M 257
AR M 317
Raise the bar
on productivity.
The new Sharp AR-M257 and AR-M317 Digital IMAGER™ MFPs deliver everything
you need to raise office productivity to a whole new level. With 25/31-ppm printing,
convenient networking, and integrated multifunction capabilities including scanning and
faxing—these top-notch performers are all ideal for busy workgroups. Standard features
include a 100-sheet reversing document feeder, duplexing, 1,200-dpi (enhanced) laser
output, and a large 8.1" (measured diagonally) touch-screen LCD display that makes
operation easy and intuitive. And best of all, the modular design makes it easy to add
functionality to adapt to your changing business needs. Advanced multifunction
capabilities include PCL6 and Postscript®3™ compatible network printing, network
scanning and Super G3 faxing. Embedded software delivers advanced web-based
management tools as well as state-of-the-art security features that help your business
protect intellectual property and meet regulatory compliance.
Enhanced Paper Handling
The AR-M257/M317 Digital IMAGER MFPs were designed
with advanced paper-handling capabilities to help maximize
productivity. With a fast 25/31-ppm copy/print speed, standard
100-sheet RSPF, electronic sorting, and auto-duplex capability,
these versatile systems take the hassle out of the most sophisticated
jobs. The large 8.1" (measured diagonally) animated touch-screen
LCD display simplifies operation with easy, step-by-step
guidance—so using the AR-M257/M317 Digital IMAGER MFPs
is virtually effortless.
Convenient ID Card Shot
The Sharp AR-M257/M317 Digital IMAGER MFPs can
duplicate both sides of an ID or insurance card by holding the
first side of the card in memory and then capturing the reverse
side. Automatically, both sides are duplicated onto one side of
paper—minimizing resources and saving valuable time through
improved workflow efficiency.
and control of producing professional, high-quality
documents—without the cost of outsourcing. Integrated software
also enables you to track print usage for cost accounting and
audit purposes, making the AR-M257/M317 Digital IMAGER
MFPs incredibly simple to manage.
Scan, Save and Send
Transform the AR-M257/M317 into centralized document
distribution hubs with the optional Network Scanning Kit.
Advanced features include Scan to E-mail, Scan to Desktop,
Scan to FTP, and Scan to URL. Scanning allows you to minimize
costs associated with couriers and send documents instantly for
optimum efficiency. Documents can be saved in today’s most
widely used file formats including PDF and TIFF. For added
security, the Sharp AR-M257/M317 Digital IMAGER MFPs
support User Authentication, so you can restrict network scan
access to authorized users.
Speedy Super G3 Faxing
Optional Network Printing
For even more performance and functionality, Sharp’s optional
PCL6 compatible Print Controller with standard networking
provides 64 MB standard memory, 1,200-dpi (enhanced)
resolution and 10/100baseT networking for ultra-crisp network
printing right from the convenience of your desktop. And, with
features that include Carbon Copy Print mode, cover pages, proof
printing and optional form/font downloads, you get the ease
The AR-M257/M317 Digital IMAGER MFPs
double as powerful Super G3 workgroup faxes with lightning-fast
speed. With advanced features including Duplex Scanning,
F-Code Communication, and Ledger-Size Reception, the
AR-M257/M317 can easily keep up with the requirements of
busy workgroups. Designed for moderate-to-heavy usage, you
can broadcast up to 200 destinations, as well as store up to
500 auto-dial numbers—all of which can be managed through
the intuitive touch-screen display.
A large 8.1" (measured diagonally) LCD touch-screen display makes using
the ARM-257/M317 Digital IMAGER MFPs a breeze.
The 1,100-sheet standard
on-line paper capacity can
be expanded to 2,100 sheets.
AR M 257
A R M 3 1 7 s p es cpi fei cca ti i fo in sc
a t i o n s
AR-M257/M317 Digital IMAGER MFP Main Specifications
JBIG Speed-Enhanced Printer Function (standard)
Super G3 Fax Kit (optional)
Standard Functions:
Optional Functions:
Print Speed:
Transmission Mode:
Modem Speed:
Compression Methods:
Scanning Method:
Max. Transmit
Transmission Speed:
Auto Dialing Methods:
Group Dialing:
Department Control:
Timer Functions:
Copy System:
Original Size (Max):
Copy Size:
Copy Speed:
Continuous Copy:
First Copy Out Time:
Warm Up Time:
Zoom Range:
Fixed Zoom Mode:
Exposure System:
Original Feed System:
Paper Feed System:
Paper Type:
Memory (total):
Electronic Sort:
Copy Resolution:
Exposure Modes:
Copy Features:
Department Control:
Job Programs:
Output Tray Capacity:
Offset Stacking:
Power Requirement:
Power Consumption:
Digital Multifunction System
Copy, PC Print
Network Printing, Network Scanning,
Super G3 Fax, Application Integration
Dry electrostatic transfer system
Sheets, bound documents
11" x 17"
Min. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Max. 11" x 17"
25/31 copies per minute (8 1/2" x 11")
18/24 copies per minute (8 1/2" x 11"R)
15/20 copies per minute (8 1/2" x 14")
13/17 copies per minute (11" x 17")
Maximum 999 copies
AR-M257: 4.8 seconds
AR-M317: 4.5 seconds
AR-M257: 23 seconds
AR-M317: 25 seconds
25% to 400% in 1% increments
(with RSPF 50%-200%)
25%, 50%, 64%, 77%, 100%, 121%,
129%, 200%, 400%
Fixed optical source, slit exposure
(stationary platen) with automatic exposure
Standard: 100-sheet reversing single pass
document feeder (RSPF) with stream
feeding mode, mixed letter/legal size
original detection, and mixed (lateral feed)
letter/ledger original size detection.
Standard: (2) 500-sheet paper cassettes
Standard: (1) 100-sheet manual bypass tray
Optional: (1) 500-sheet paper feed unit or (1)
1000-sheet paper feed unit (500 x 2)
Paper Cassettes: 15-21 lb. standard or recycled
bond, or 21-28 lb. special paper.
Bypass Tray (multi-sheet feed): Up to 100
sheets 14-21 lb. standard or recycled bond
paper, up to 40 sheets for OHP film and
labels, up to 30 sheets for 21-54 lb. thick
paper, up to 5 sheets for envelopes (#10).
Bypass (single-sheet feed tray): 14-34 lb.
standard or recycled bond paper, OHP,
labels, and thick paper up to 54 lb.
32 MB total (includes electronic sorting),
up to 1,024 MB option
Up to 100-sheet electronic sorting (shared
memory), group copy, rotation copy, 2-in-1
copy / 4-in-1 copy, edge erase, center erase,
and margin shift
Scan: 400 dpi; Copy output: 600 dpi
Photo mode: 600 dpi
Auto exposure: 600 dpi
256 gradations/2 levels
Scan-Once Print-Many, electronic sorting, Auto
Paper Sensing (APS), Auto Magnification
Sensing (AMS), auto tray switching, manual
zoom, job build, split scan, booklet copy,
multi-shot, reverse image, cover page,
department control, job programs,
auditor/coin vend ready, toner save mode,
and total counter
100 profiles
10 profiles
Main output tray 500 sheets (face down),
100 sheets in optional Job Separator Tray,
and 1,000 sheets in optional finisher
(output tray is user selectable)
Standard paper shifter for main output tray
AC 120 V, 60 HZ, 12 Amps
Maximum 1450 W, pre-heat 90 W,
sleep mode 1.2 W
Approximately 121 pounds
24" (w) x 25" (d) x 31" (h)
Operating Systems:
PC Interface:
Sharp SPLC host-based with JBIG compression
600 dpi, 1200 x 600 dpi (enhanced)
15 pages per minute (single print mode),
25/31 pages per minute (ROPM mode)
Windows® 98, Windows Me, Windows XP,
Windows XP x64, Windows NT® 4 (SP5 or
later), Windows 2000, Windows Vista™,
and Windows Vista x64
Two sided printing, N-up printing, paper source
selection, output tray selection, fit to page,
image adjustment, watermarks, smoothing,
photo enhancement, and ROPM
Standard: IEEE 1284 (ECP) parallel port,
USB 2.0 port
Network Print Controller (optional)
Print Speed:
Operating Systems:
RIP-Once Print-Many:
PC Interface:
PCL6 (XL)/PCL5e compatible
1200 x 600 dpi (enhanced), 600 dpi,
300 dpi
25/31 pages per minute
Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows XP,
Windows XP x64, Windows NT4 (SP5 or
later), Windows 2000, Windows Vista, and
Windows Vista x64, MAC OS® 8.6 through
9.x, MAC OS 10.1 or later
Print driver, Printer Status Monitor,
Printer Administration Utility, PC fax driver 1
64 MB standard, expandable to 320 MB
Yes (managed by host machine)
Binding edge, N-up printing, different cover
page/last page, transparency inserts, carbon
copy print mode, continuous printing, overlay, fit to
page, watermarks, PIN printing, print hold, proof
print, print auditor, print smoothing, offset print,
font/form downloads, and direct print function 2
Standard: IEEE 1284 (ECP) parallel port, USB
2.0 port
Network Support
Hardware Interface:
Network Operating
Network Protocols:
Printing Protocols:
Network Security:
RJ-45 Ethernet connection
10/100 BaseT
Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows XP,
Windows XP x64, Windows NT 4 (SP5 or
later), Windows 2000, Windows Vista, and
Windows Vista x64, Windows Server® 2003,
Sun™ Solaris 2.3 to 2.5/2.6, HP-UX
9.x/10.x, AIX 4.xx, BSD Linux, Unix®, Novell®
Netware® 3.x/4.x/5.x/6.0, MAC OS
TCP/IP for Windows, IPV4/IPV6,
Apple®/Macintosh®, and Unix environments,
IPX/SPX for Novell environments, and
AppleTalk® for Macintosh® environments
LPR, IPP, Raw TCP (port 9100), HTTP, Novell
NDS/ PServer/Rprinter (Bindery)/ NDPS
IP/Mac Address Filtering, protocol
enable/disable, SSL Encryption, IPsec
Network Scanning Kit (optional) 4
Original Feed System:
Image Format:
Scan Destinations:
Destination Profiles:
Network Protocols:
Network Security:
Flat bed monochrome scanning system
Platen/document feeder, simplex/duplex
with RSPF
200 dpi, 300 dpi, 600 dpi
TIFF 6.0, ITU-T G3/G4 TIFF, G3/G4
single/multi-page PDF
E-mail, Desktop, FTP, URL
Up to 200
TCP/IP, IPV4/IPV6, (includes SMTP, LDAP, FTP)
E-mail server user authentication
Sharpdesk Document Management
Software (10-user license included)
Approximately 2 seconds with JBIG 4
500 auto dial/group dial destinations
Up to 200 destinations
Up to 200 destinations
8 profiles
100 profiles
2 MB standard/10 MB max. (8 MB option)
256 levels
Up to 50 jobs
F-Code transmission/reception, confidential
communication, quick on-line transmission,
anti-junk fax reception, out of paper
memory reception, and PC faxing
Optional Equipment
500-sheet x 1 drawer paper feed unit
500-sheet x 2 drawers paper feed unit
1,000-sheet Finisher/30-sheet stapler
Saddle Stitch Finisher
Hole Punch Unit
Job Separator Tray
PCL6 Compatible Print Controller with
network interface
Postscript 3 Compatible Expansion Kit 3
Network Scanning Kit 3,5
Application Integration Module 6
Super G3 Fax Kit
8 MB fax upgrade memory
Bar Code Font Kit 3
Commercial Data Security Kit (AR-M257)
Commercial Data Security Kit (AR-M317)
Low Stand (use with 3 or 4-tray configuration)
High Stand (use with 2-tray configuration)
Toner Cartridge
Drum Cartridge
Requires optional AR-FX7 Super G3 Fax Kit.
Requires AR-PK1N.
Requires AR-P27 Print Controller.
Based on ITU Test chart #1 in standard resolution,
actual transmission time will vary based on line conditions.
Requires 128 MB memory upgrade on AR-P27.
Requires AR-P27 and MX-NSX1 + 128 MB memory upgrade.
This product has been evaluated for conformance with US
government Section 508 legislation regarding accessibility.
For additional information visit
Design and Specifications subject to change without notice. Sharp, Sharpdesk, My
Sharp and all related trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sharp
Corporation and/or its affiliated companies. Windows, Windows NT, Windows Server
and Windows Vista are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ 07430-2153
1-800-BE-SHARP •
© 2007 Sharp Electronics Corporation. All rights reserved.
Super G3, G3
33.6 KBPS 4
Sheet fed simplex or duplex or book
400 dpi (ultra-fine)
Printed in U.S.A.
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