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HP t510 Flexible Thin Client Data sheet
HP t510 Flexible Thin
Clever, powerful, simple
A Windows-friendly PC performance, with a punch
Built with dual-core processors1, the HP t510 Thin Client helps your business create smart,
simplified client virtualization desktops with powerful, PC-like deployment. With 2GB DDR31066
MHz RAM memory capacity2, this impressive multimedia solution delivers a more robust,
dependable thin client experience.
The HP t510 maintains Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7, Microsoft Windows Embedded
Standard 2009, Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0, HP ThinPro operating systems as well as
configuration supporting the new HP Smart Zero Technology Service. Combined with today’s
familiar software, the latest protocol support, firewall protection and full-featured
browser—the HP t510 is ideal for maintaining your virtualized computing environments.
Connectivity, flexibility, productivity and security
Connect to the display technologies your business uses the most with native dual-digital monitor
support or the integrated DVI-I to VGA adapter. The HP t510 also comes standard with 6 USB 2.0
ports (two are located in a secure USB compartment), a serial port, parallel port and power cord
retention slot.
Sustain wireless connectivity anywhere your network reaches with enterprise-ready integrated
Wi-Fi3 models. The thin and sleek profile compliments workspaces without sacrificing space, and
easily mounts on a wall or monitor with HP QuickRelease4.
Store critical data and applications on a secure, centralized server. Control access permissions
with local user and administrative logins, or implement Smart Cards for added security. You can
also use industry-leading connection brokers with the HP t510 for quick and easy access to a
variety of virtual desktop solutions.
February 2013
HP recommends Windows.
Data sheet | HP t510 Flexible Thin Client
A feature rich thin client with significant performance, smart
design and easy set-up to support and protect your virtualized
Easy set up and management
With HP Easy Tools, a new wizard-based set of utilities for t510 running ThinPro, you can connect
to a wide variety of remote applications and desktops with ease, including Microsoft, Citrix, and
VMware. Similarly, for t510 running Smart Zero Core, the Smart Client Services provide the for “set
up once and apply to many” that simplifies the configuration. With the Smart Client Services, you
can also configure t510 running Smart Zero Technology to detect and install new software
updates. The HP t510 provides an improved end-user performance, backed by the industrystandard reliability and design of HP Thin Client products.
The WES 7-based HP t510 thin client allows administrators to simplify deployments and manage
thin clients with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. Now, with the HP Imaging
Plug-In for Microsoft Windows Embedded Device Manager 2011, customers can easily manage
HP’s WES 7 based thin client.
HP Velocity for your network
Prevent poor network connectivity in densely populated work environments with integrated
HP Velocity, a new HP feature. As network conditions change, HP Velocity reacts to maintain
the highest quality multimedia performance and remote protocol user experience.
HP service and eco-design
HP Thin Clients are backed by HP global service and support through our network of over
50,000 IT professionals. Select from a range of HP Care Pack5 Services for support beyond
standard warranties. The HP t510 Flexible Thin Client is ENERGY STAR® qualified with EPEAT® Gold
registered7—saving you energy and reducing your environmental impact over time.
HP recommends Windows.
Data sheet | HP t510 Flexible Thin Client
HP t510 Flexible Thin Client
Hardware Specifications
Operating systems
Preinstalled with HP ThinPro, HP Smart Zero Technology, Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7, Microsoft
Windows Embedded Standard 2009 or Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 depending on
VIA Eden X2 U4200 (1 GHz, 2 cores); VIA VX900 chipset
System memory7
2 GB DDR3 1066 MHz
Flash memory6
1 GB for configurations using HP Thin Pro or HP Smart Zero Technology.
1 GB for configurations using Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0
2 GB for configurations using Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 2009
16 GB for configurations using Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 77
VIA Chromotion HD 2.0 Integrated Graphics Processor
Monitor support
Built in dual monitor support (DVI-I and DVI-D native, with DVI-I-to-VGA adapter included in packaging)
Internal amplified speaker, 1/8-inch mini jack out, full 16-bit stereo, 44kHz sample rate, 1/8-inch mini jack
microphone in
10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
Ports and connectors
6 USB 2.0 (two in front, two in rear, two in secure USB compartment); 1 Serial; 1 Parallel; 2 PS/2; 1 RJ-45; 1 DVII; 1 DVI-D; 1
Broadcom 802.11a/b/g/n WIFI adapter on select models
DVI-I to VGA adapter included in carton
Input devices
Standard keyboard and 2-button optical scroll mouse included (USB or PS/2)
65 W worldwide auto-sensing 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz; energy-saving automatic power-down; surge tolerant
Energy Star® qualified and EPEAT® Gold registered where applicable/supported. See epeat.net for registration
status by country.
Dimensions (WxDxH)
With stand:
Without stand:
2.3 x 8.5 x 8.65 in (5.84 x 21.5 x 21.9 cm)
2.3 x 8.5 x 8.25 in (5.84 x 21.5 x 20.9 cm)
With stand: 3.3 lbs (1.49 kg)
Without stand: 3.2 lbs (1.45 kg)
HP Total Care Warranty and Services: limited three-year hardware warranty in most regions. HP Care Pack
Services5 extend service contracts beyond your standard warranties. For more details visit
HP recommends Windows.
Data sheet | HP t510 Flexible Thin Client
HP t510 Flexible Thin Client
Software specifications
Windows Embedded
Windows Embedded
Windows Embedded
Standard 7
CE 6.0
Standard 2009
HP ThinPro
HP Smart Zero
Client protocol support
Citrix ICA HDX MediaStream
VMware Horizon 5.0
Microsoft RDP/RFX
VDI brokers
RDP 8.0 / RFX
Free RDP support
for RDP 6.0/RFX
RDP 7.0
FreeRDP support for
Free RDP support
for RDP 7.1/RFX
HP Remote Graphics Software
HP TeemTalk Terminal
Local browser
Microsoft Internet
Explorer 9
IE 8
Media player
PDF Reader
ThinPrint .print client (TCP/IP)
Terminal emulation
Adobe Acrobat
Available directly
from vendor
Available directly
from vendor
X Windows (X11R6)
API compatibility
Ubuntu Linux
File protection
Enhanced Write filter
or File-based Write
Enhanced Write
filter or File-based
Write Filter
Read only file system
downloaded at
Locked configuration/accounts
downloaded at
Microsoft Firewall
Microsoft Firewall
Microsoft Firewall
HP Device Manager
HP Easy Tools
Data sheet | HP t510 Flexible Thin Client
1. Dual core processing is designed to improve performance of this system. Given the wide range of SW applications available, performance will vary.
2. Maximum memory capacities assume Windows 64-bit operating systems or Linux. With Windows and Linux 32-bit operating systems, memory above 3 GB may not
all be available due to system resource requirements.
3. Wireless access point and Internet service is required and is not included. Wireless features, performance and support may vary depending on environmental
variables such placement, settings and firmware of your access points. Please contact your wireless vendor for support of your wireless environment.
4. Optional accessories sold separately.
5. Service levels and response times for HP Care Pack Services may vary depending on your geo-graphic location. Service starts from date of hardware purchase.
Restrictions and limitations apply. HP Care Pack Services extend service contracts beyond the standard warranties. To choose the right level of service for your HP
product, use the HP Care Pack Services Lookup Tool at hp.com/go/lookuptool. Additional HP Care Pack Services information by product is available at
6. Should not be used with PCIe/PCI Expansion Module. The secondary storage drive is not supported as a primary boot drive for the thin client OS image or in a
hardware or software RAID configuration. Remote Management tools may manage content on the secondary storage drive, but cannot be used to install the thin
client OS image onto this drive. Additional HP OS Image tools including but not limited to ThinState Capture, RAMDisk Manager, and the write filters will not function or
support the secondary storage drive. Page files are not supported in a primary or secondary drive environment.
7. EPEAT® Gold where HP registers commercial desktop products. See epeat.net for registration status in your country.
For more information visit
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