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Anytime, Anywhere Access and Control
of all your data center devices.
Does it sometimes feel like your
data center is running you?
IT management is more critical and more complex than ever.
Let Raritan give you control – anytime, anywhere.
The challenge isn’t getting any easier, is it?
You're dealing with multiple servers, network devices and platforms – with new devices being
added all the time.
You have multiple locations to manage and support, with limited staff and limited expertise.
You face an increasing number of hacker and virus attacks.
On top of that, you have a finite budget to handle everything. Which doesn’t change the fact
that availability of your IT resources is absolutely critical – after all, downtime eats profits – and
you’re responsible.
So, how can you reduce downtime, increase security, contain costs and respond quickly to the changing
needs of your business? With Raritan. A single interface gives you a 360° view and BIOS-level control of
all of your servers and other IT devices, whether you’re at the rack, at your desk, in the Network
Operations Center (NOC), or anywhere in the world.
In other words, you’ll be in control.
Anytime, Anywhere Access and Control
Discover Raritan’s secure
building blocks.
Engineered to fit your IT architecture, not the other way around.
Our core building blocks – KVM (Keyboard/Video/Mouse) switches, serial device control, remote access
and control, remote office management and centralized device management – let you configure a solution to meet your particular needs. Buy what you need now. Then scale cost-effectively as your company grows.
That’s the way it ought to be, don’t you think?
Centralized Device Management
CommandCenter® Secure Gateway
KVM Switches
Dominion® KX
Paragon® II
Serial Device
Remote Access
and Control
Remote Office
Dominion® SX
Remote Power Control
Fiber Reach® II
Cat5 Reach®
Dominion® KSX
Enterprise-Class KVM Switches
Enterprise-level businesses with large data centers are traditionally complex and difficult to monitor and
maintain. Raritan’s powerful KVM solutions make it easy, with KVM switches that let you manage
multiple servers and network devices from one or more centralized user consoles, each consisting of a
Keyboard, Video monitor and Mouse to reduce equipment clutter.
Raritan switches provide both secure in-band and out-of-band access to your devices. Local access via
cable, fiber or IP and remote access via IP or dial-up modem is a lot more reliable than a solution that
depends on proprietary software and a trouble-free network.
Paragon II is the second generation of Raritan's
battle-tested Cat5 enterprise-class analog KVM
solution for centralized server management.
Dominion KX is an enterprise-class digital KVM
switch, enabling secure BIOS-level control of servers
from anywhere via a Web browser.
• 4 Models provide non-blocked access for
2 to 64 simultaneous users controlling more
than 10,000 servers
• 5 models provide the most secure and highest-performing KVM over IP technology - 1, 2 and 4
remote users supported
• Cat5 SimplicityTM for easy setup and connectivity
up to 1000 feet
• Connect up to 32 servers to each switch via UTP
(Cat5/5e/6) cabling, expandable to an unlimited
number of servers
• Multi-platform control
• Stackable switches and expansion units — expand
to 128 ports per switch without cascading
• Remote power control capability for remote
server reboots
• Plug-and-play installation and configuration
• Scalable up to hundreds of users and thousands
of servers
• USTIP user station gives Paragon digital access
• Highest digital video quality with the lowest
bandwidth utilization
Paragon II System Controller
• Remote power control capability for remote
server reboots
Intelligent interface device that allows multiple
Paragon II systems to be accessed and controlled from
a centralized CommandCenter Secure Gateway management appliance.
• Secure encryption of video, keyboard and
mouse signals
• Flexible authentication options, including LDAP,
Active Directory® and RADIUS
• CommandCenter-ReadyTM
Anytime, Anywhere Access and Control
Centralized Device Management
When you’re responsible for enterprise-wide operations, you need a way to manage everything.
That’s why Raritan introduced CommandCenter Secure Gateway. It provides secure, centralized command
and control of an entire IT infrastructure. Use CommandCenter Secure Gateway to take control of one
large data center, several data centers or an entire enterprise with hundreds or even thousands of devices.
• Geographic redundancy through primary and
secondary CommandCenter Secure Gateway
deployment on different subnets and/or locations
• Support for a broad range of authentication
protocols, including LDAP, Active Directory®,
CommandCenter Secure Gateway is an appliance
that consolidates the management of Raritan’s
Dominion Series, Paragon II and IP-Reach products and
all of the servers and other IT devices connected to
Raritan equipment. It provides a single, consolidated
Web view with secure point-and-click access to all of
the connected servers and serial devices.
CommandCenter Secure Gateway offers you centralized security policy and certificate management, as
well as system-wide firmware upgrade administration.
• Secure, single point of access for managing Raritan
Dominion KX/SX/KSX, Paragon II, IP-Reach and
Remote Power Control devices
• Array of flexible logging and reporting options with
audit trails for diagnostics and troubleshooting
• SNMP traps/event support to forward critical alerts
to SNMP Manager (i.e. HP OpenView)
• Plug-and-play appliance - no server or client
software installation required
• Single sign-on to iLO/RILOE devices
External Authentication Server
(e.g. Active Directory, LDAP, etc.)
Remote (Network) Access
Dominion SX
Dominion KX
Modem Access
Secure Gateway
Wireless Access
Back-Up Data Center
Local User
Remote Power Control
Dominion KX
Dominion SX
Secure Gateway
Paragon II
Remote Power Control
MIS Office or NOC
up to 64 Users (UST)
Back-Up Data Center
Remote Power Control
Dominion KSX
KVM Servers
Serial Devices &
Headless Servers
Remote Office 2
Remote Office 1
Serial Device Control
Raritan has your secure serial console solution,
too. Count on us for fail-safe access – LAN,
WAN, SSL, SSH or out-of-band – to your missioncritical servers, routers, switches and other
devices that connect via serial ports.
Dominion SX is a secure console server enabling
serial over IP access via SSH or Web browser.
With several models, Dominion SX provides secure
remote access to serially-managed servers and
network devices, including servers running Solaris™,
Linux®, HP-UX, AIX or UNIX , routers, switches, VPN’s
and power strips.
• Encrypted (128-bit) access to servers via SSH or
SSL for up to 48 serial servers or IT devices
• SecureChat (encrypted) chat feature for
troubleshooting and training
• Flexible authentication support - RADIUS, LDAP (-S),
Secure LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory and
TACACS+; user-installable security certificates
• TCL scripting for remote monitoring and
event notification
• Integrated modem dual-power supply (AC and DC)
and dual-LAN models available
• Local port for crash-cart terminal access
• CommandCenter-Ready
• IP-Access control lists for security
• SUN Solaris Ready - No inadvertent "break"
signals that cause unintended rebooting
• Extensive logging (syslog, NFS) and comprehensive
SNMP traps
• Session-sharing between SSH and SSL users
Remote Office
Raritan gives you a single, secure solution for
managing your remote and branch office server
closets – Dominion KSX combines KVM and
serial console control over IP and all of the
features necessary to manage both Windowsbased servers and serially-controlled devices.
Dominion KSX delivers secure remote KVM access,
serial device management and power control of up to
16 servers and other network devices in a single,
consolidated view via Web browser – the ideal
solution for remote office management.
• Integrated remote power control for remote
server reboots
• 128-bit SSL encryption of all data, including
video transmissions
• Plug-and-play appliance – no external software
or servers required
• Integrated modem for emergency access
• CommandCenter-Ready
Anytime, Anywhere Access and Control
Remote Access and
Raritan offers an unparalleled array of secure remote
access solutions for extending access to servers and
other devices, whether you're controlling them
with Raritan KVM switches or some other
company’s switches. (You’ll upgrade to Raritan
switches soon enough). Take control at the rack,
at the NOC, across town or around the world.
Remote Power Control
Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (PDU) to reboot
remote servers and network devices and monitor
power in the data center through Raritan’s KVM
switches and Secure Console Servers
• Web-based GUI integrated with Paragon II,
Dominion SX, Dominion KSX, Dominion KX
and CommandCenter Secure Gateway
• True RMS current monitoring with overload
alarm buzzer and individual LED indicator for
each receptacle
IP-Reach is the fastest, most secure way for one or
more users to remotely access any analog KVM switch
with an on-screen display so you can manage multiple
servers and IT devices from any PC running a standard
Web browser. That’s right: no client or server-side
software required! Works across a corporate network
or the Internet. Choose from models with 1, 2 or 4
ports that support 1,2 or 4 digital users respectively.
Fiber Reach II extends your access up to 6 miles
(10,000 meters). Ideal for even the largest corporate
campus with data centers in multiple buildings.
It’s totally transparent to both KVM switches and
mission-critical servers.
• Leverages LDAP, TACACAS+, Active Directory®,
RADIUS remote authentication
• Wide range of current ratings (amperage) or 115
and 220 VAC models
Cat5 Reach gives access to users up to 1,000 feet
away from a KVM switch – far enough for most data
center buildings. It lets you locate servers in a clean,
secure environment to protect hardware, applications
and data.
Small Business and SOHO KVM Switches
Businesses with less than 100 servers have their own unique needs. Raritan brings the same level of
reliability, scalability and functionality to these small business and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO)
companies as we do for large-enterprise companies.
MasterConsole, another powerful switch, gives you
control of mission-critical servers in midsize data
centers. The product line includes 3 simple, yet
full-featured models.
• Advanced on-screen user interface and
security features
• Multi-platform control
• Up to 4 simultaneous users
SwitchMan is an affordable single user switch for
controlling 2 to 4 PCs. It’s the only KVM switch that
combines professional-grade technology with an
easy-to-use desktop design. Can be deployed
vertically to save space.
SwitchMan USB allows control of up to 4 USB
computers. Its built-in USB 2.0 HUB allows multiple
computers to share USB supported devices
• Up to 16 servers, expandable to 1,024 servers
with cascading
• Access from anywhere over IP with
Raritan’s IP-Reach
• Connects with Raritan’s ultra-thin, easy-to-manage
coax cables – almost as thin as Cat5
CompuSwitch is a single user switch for controlling
2, 4 or 8 computers, expandable up to 64 computers.
Ideal for server rooms and computer test labs.
Rack-mount chassis available for 4 and 8-port models.
Anytime, Anywhere Access and Control
Your solution comes with extra value
built-in: The Raritan advantage.
Reliability, security, flexibility – why settle for anything less than Raritan?
Raritan brings you the industry’s leading technology, with years of service in the field, and innovations
based on proven products. Count on Raritan for:
• 128-bit SSL data encryption
• Multi-level user and supervisor authorization
• Compact devices support high-density rack
installations and save precious space
• Support for LDAP, Active Directory®, RADIUS,
TACACS+ and other industry-standard
authentication protocols
• ”Lights out” control to save on personnel costs
• Backward compatibility to leverage your current
• Reduces the downtime that destroys productivity
• Modular architecture: the Raritan building blocks
Easy installation and maintenance
• Control up to 10,000 servers
• Plug-and-play for fast setup
• Up to 75 users with non-blocked access
• Hot-plug capability for hot swapping network
• Multi-platform compatibility
• Flash upgradeable for easy functional
• Full backward compatibility for easy integration
with existing systems, now and for future Raritan
• Easy-to-manage cables: either Cat5 or Raritan’s
own ultra-thin coax, almost as thin as Cat5
• Wide range of product options and switch sizes –
no need to buy more capacity than required
Ease of use
Superior performance
• Allows control of servers from a distance – slashes
walk-around time
• High quality video at greater distances
• Intuitive interface and single sign-on for multiple
• Optimized bandwidth consumption over IP
• Powerful, yet simple administrative tools
• Tight mouse synchronization for multiple users
over IP – annoying delay is virtually eliminated
Proven reliability
• More than 20 years of customer satisfaction and
profitable growth
• Products battle-tested in a wide range of
environments with a large base of users
• Systems installed in over 50,000 data centers
• Two-year standard warranty with advanced
• Sold and serviced in over 75 countries worldwide
• Analog access via Cat5, fiber or Raritan’s ultra-thin
coax cables; digital access via IP or dial-up
• ISO 9001 certified
Use Raritan’s building blocks to
create your solution.
From server room to data center to global
enterprise, Raritan keeps you in control.
Here’s where it all comes together. Raritan’s
powerful, flexible building blocks are designed to
work together to make it easy to assemble exactly
the solution you need (of course, we’ll be delighted
to help). The Raritan solution that’s right for you will:
• Help you manage multiple devices from a
single console
• Give you access wherever and whenever you
need to work
• Accommodate multiple users as needed
• Provide seamless scalability for growing needs
Whether you need digital KVM-over-IP solution,
an analog solution or a mixture of both, Raritan’s
powerful building blocks allow you to mix and match
technologies seamlessly to fit your particular
architecture and topology.
Server room solutions: Power up for today and
Even server rooms with fewer than 100 servers and
other IT devices can have big management
requirements. Raritan gives you total control.
Data center and Enterprise solutions:
Managing large data centers can mean large
headaches – but not with a Raritan solution.
Take control of your entire server base and other
IT equipment with Raritan’s Dominion Series of digital
KVM, console access and connectivity solutions.
With the Dominion Series, you can centrally manage
your NOC, data centers, server rooms, back-up data
centers and remote offices – across a corporate
campus, across the country, or around the world.
We have your high-quality analog needs covered as
well, with Paragon II, Raritan's powerful enterpriseclass analog KVM solution for centralized server
management. And, both the Dominion Series and
Paragon II work with Raritan’s CommandCenter
Secure Gateway, giving you secure point-and-click
access to all of your servers and serial devices from a
single point of access.
Server Room Solution
– Dominion KX
External Modem
Modem Access
Local Access
(optional per rack)
Remote (Network) Access
Anytime, Anywhere Access and Control
Primary Data Center Solution
Dominion SX
Paragon II
Single Base Plus Stacking Unit
Up to 10,000 Servers
Remote (Network) Access
Modem Access
User Station With
Wireless Access
External Authentication Server, e.g.
Active Directory
Secure Gateway
16 User Stations
Back-up Data Center Solution
Dominion SX
Dominion KX
Remote (Network) Access
Local Access
Modem Access
External Authentication Server, e.g.
Active Directory
Wireless Access
CommandCenter Secure Gateway
About Raritan
Raritan is a leading supplier of solutions for managing IT infrastructure equipment and the mission-critical applications and services that run on it. Raritan was founded in 1985, and since then has been making products that are
used to control millions of servers at more than 50,000 network data centers, computer test labs and multi-workstation environments around the world.
From the small business to the enterprise, Raritan's complete line of compatible and scalable KVM and remote connectivity products offers IT professionals the most reliable, flexible and secure in-band and out-of-band solutions to
manage data center equipment applications and services, while improving operational productivity. More information on the company is available at
North American Headquarters
400 Cottontail Lane
Somerset, NJ 08873 U.S.A.
Phone: 1-732-764-8886
Toll Free: 1-800-724-8090
Raritan NC
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Phone: 1-919-277-0642
Raritan Canada
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Mississauga, ON L4Z 1S1 Canada
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Raritan Netherlands
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Japanese Headquarters
Raritan Japan
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Raritan Shanghai
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Chaoyang District
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Raritan India
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Block B, Gurgaon 122 002 Haryana India
Phone: +91 124 510 7881
Raritan OEM Division
Peppercon AG, Raritan OEM Division
Scheringerstrasse 1
08056 Zwickau Germany
Phone: +49-0-375-27-13-49-0
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