IFS WMC251-1W-2T-150 Quick Start Guide

IFS WMC251-1W-2T-150 Quick Start Guide
IFS WMC251-1W-2T-150 Quick Start Guide
Package Contents 1
Physical Introduction 1
Hardware Installation 2
Wired Network Connection (Windows 7) 2
Web Management 3
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More Information 3
Contact information 3
Users MUST use the “Power cord and PoE Injector”
shipped in the box with the WMC251-150. Use of other
options will cause damage to the WMC251-150.
Physical Introduction
Rear Panel Description – LED Indications
This is the IFS WMC251-1W-2T-150 Quick Start Guide. This
document provides basic instructions for installing and using
the IFS WMC251-1W-2T-150.
Package Contents
Thank you for choosing IFS WMC251-150. Before installing
the AP, please verify the contents inside the box.
The WMC251-150 should contain the following items in the
The IFS WMC251-1W-2T-150 x 1
Quick Installation Guide x1
PoE Injector and Power adapter x1
Plastic strap x 1
Bottom Panel Description – Ports
If any item is found missing or damaged, please contact your
local reseller for replacement.
Installation Precautions
Users MUST use a proper and well-installed surge
arrestor and grounding wired with the WMC251-150;
otherwise, a sudden lightning could cause fatal damage to
the WMC251-150. (Lightning) DAMAGE IS NOT
P/N 1073052 • REV A • 11SEP15
Reset: Press and hold the button for more than 10 seconds to
reset to the factory default settings.
Hardware Installation
Follow the steps below to install the WMC251:
Push the latch on the bottom of the WMC251-150 to
remove the sliding cover.
Plug the RJ45 Ethernet cable into the PoE LAN Port of the
WMC251-150. Then, slide back the cover of the WMC251150 to finish the installation.
Wired Network Connection (Windows 7)
Plug the power cord into the DC port and the other side
into the AC socket. Then, plug the RJ45 cable (as shown
in picture 4 under Step 1) into the POE port of the PoE
Pole Mounting
Connect the WMC251-150 with your PC by an Ethernet cable
plugging in LAN port of PoE injector in one side and in LAN
port of PC in the other side. Power on the WMC251-150 by
PoE from PoE injector.
Click “Start” button located at the lower-left corner of your
Click “Control Panel”.
Double click “Network and Sharing Center” icon.
Click “Change Adapter Settings”.
Double click “Local Area Connection”.
Select “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)” and click
Select “Use the following IP address”and then click “OK”
button twice to save the configuration. For example, as the
default IP address of the WMC251-150 is
and the router is, you may choose from to
Place the strap through the slot on the back of the WMC251150 and then around the pole. Tighten the strap to secure the
IFS WMC251-1W-2T-150 Quick Start Guide
Web Management
Default Settings
Default IP Address:
Default Username: admin
Default Password: admin
Default SSID: WMC251-150
After you enter into the Web User Interface, click on
Smart Setup Wizard to configure your wireless network.
For security reasons, strongly recommended to configure
the Encryption Method and Passphrase of your wireless
The following steps show how to start up Web Management
of the WMC251:
The Web management allows you to access and manage
the Wireless AP easily. Launch the Web browser and
enter the default IP address
More Information
The above steps introduce simple installations and
configurations for the WMC251-150. For further configurations
of LAN, Wireless, Access Control, etc, please refer to the
user’s manual in the CD. If you have further questions, please
contact the local dealer or distributor where you purchased this
Contact information
www.interlogix.com or www.utcfssecurityproducts.eu.
When the login window pops up, please enter the User
Name and Password. The default User Name and
Password are both “admin”. Then click OK button to
For customer support, see www.interlogix.com/customersupport .
© 2015 United Technologies Corporation
Interlogix is part of UTC Climate Controls & Security, a unit of
United Technologies Corporation. All rights reserved.
IFS WMC251-1W-2T-150 Quick Start Guide
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