4 Input HDMI Switcher
4 Input HDMI Switcher
With PIP Function and MHL Input
4 inputs / 1 output
Model: AC-1708
AC-1708 Switcher can expand HDMI input of your HDMI® display device up to 4 HDMI inputs.
The Switcher offers single cable connection solution to TV; instead of connecting 4 HDMI cables to
your HDTV. You will find this is a useful application when you try to hang a TV on wall.
The switch box can support HDMI 4K2K signal and compliant with your 3D enable devices. You
can enjoy the convenience of 4K2K & 3D features without the interruption from switch box.
For the best performance of this switch box, please read this manual carefully and keep it for
further information.
 HDMI® 4K2K , 3D video format & CEC supported
 SiliconImage® InstaPrevue & InstaPort supported
 Expand 4 HDMI sources on your HDTV devices or home theater system
 Support 4K2K and 1080P/12-bit deep color HDTV
 Support HDMI port Pixel clock rate up to 300 MHz
 Support MHL port up to 1080p @24Hz
 HDCP compliant
 DTS® HD, Dolby® TrueHD lossless compressed digital audio compliant
 Gold plated connectors
 One input port located at front panel for portable devices
 IR remote control
Content of Package
 5V DC 1A power adaptor
 Remote control unit
 HDMI 4-IN-1-OUT switcher
 User’s Manual
3D Blu-ray
Satellite Receiver
4K2K & 3D HDTV
Smart Phone
※If you want to watch MHL sources, please make sure the source device supports the MHL format as your Smartphone.
The image cannot be delivered to TV which do not support MHL video format.
Step 1: Connect the HDMI cables from the HD sources devices to the input ports of the Switcher.
Step 2: Connect the HDMI cable from your HDTV (or projector) to the output port of the Switcher.
Step 3: Connect the 5VDC power adaptor to the HDMI Switcher.
Step 4: After you finish the connection, the power indication LED (red), and port 1 input indication LED
(green) will be lighted on.
1. Under standby mode, the HDMI switcher will memorize the latest input port. At your next use, the HDMI
switcher will detect and connect the latest input port first.
2. To reset the switcher, please unplug the power adaptor, or unplug the power cord from DC jack for a short
while; and then plug it back.
3. HDMI 3D video format
Frame packing: [email protected]/24Hz
[email protected]/60Hz
[email protected]
Side-by-Side (Half): [email protected]/60Hz
[email protected]
Top-and-Bottom: [email protected]/24Hz
[email protected]/60Hz
[email protected]
IR Remote Operation
 Use the power key on the IR remote to power on the HDMI switcher,
the power indication LED on the front panel will be lighted on.
Press the power key one more time to turn the switcher to standby.
 Use number buttons to switch between sources.
 Use the View button and Press OK key to Preview input sources.
 Use the PIP buttons and Press OK key to switch Picture in Picture sources.
※View / PIP function supports all 2D video formats , the 4k x 2k resolution
is not supported , The 3D resolutions are supported in frame-packing mode only.
Manual Operation
The “POWER/SELECT” key is a multi function key. Press the button for 2 seconds to turn off the power
(Standby). Press the “POWER/SELECT” key once to turn on the switcher.
If you want to change the input channel manually, you can only press the key once. There will be a LED for
channel indication.
The procedure is a cyclic function
When you selected the channel, there will be a LED on to present the channel. If you select channel 1, the
CH1 LED will light on.
1. When there is no picture presented, please:
 Make sure the direct connection from the source device to the display device without the HDMI
Switcher is working.
 Check if all connectors are connected well; and check if all cables can support the transmission speed.
High Speed HDMI cables are recommended.
 Check the power of HDMI Switcher (or reset the switcher)
2. When there is only picture displayed and without sound:
 Check the cable connection to see if it fits properly.
 Check your cable to see if it supports video transmission only (DVI) or it is damaged.
 HDCP may not match very well at first connection; please reset your HDMI switcher.
 Do you connect any output to your video recorder? HDCP will lock up audio part.
3. When resolution could not show in 4K2K.
 Make sure your sources and displays are fully supporting 4K2K.
 Make sure your HDMI cables are capable of transmit 4K2K video signal.
4. When 3D content could not be shown on your display.
 Please make sure your sources and display are 3D supported devices and also support the same 3D
 Please check if the Blu-ray player has been set 3D or AUTO play-mode for video output.
 Please make sure the video content is 3D content.
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