Advantech | PCE-7127 | IPMI-1000 IPMI module, AST2300 chipset Startup Manual

IPMI module, AST2300 chipset
Startup Manual
Packing List
Before you begin installing your card, please make sure that
the following items have been shipped:
1. IPMI-1000 module x 1
2. Startup manual x 1 PN: 20061IPM100
3. Screw x 2 P/N: 19350304A0
4. Warranty Card x 1 P/N: 2190000902
5. VGA cable x 1 P/N: 1700020805
If any of these items are missing or damaged, please contact your distributor or sales representative immediately.
General Features
• Out of band (OS independent)
• User management
• Remote control
• System health
• Maintenance
SBC Support List
Note: For more SBC support list, please visit our website.
Mechanical and Environmental
• Dimensions: 68 mm x 31.5 mm
• Power supply type: 5 VSB
• Power requirements: 5 VSB @ 55mA
• Operating temperature: 0 ~ 60° C
• Operating humidity: 60° C @ 85% RH, Non-Condensing
• Storage temperature: -40 ~ 85° C
• Storage humidity: 60° C @ 95% RH, Non-Condensing
• Weight: 0.48 kg
There are four connectors on the module and one of them
is used to connect with SBC. The below table lists the functions of these connectors.
IPMI connector
VGA1 connector
Local media device
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This manual is for the IPMI-1000 Series.
Part No. 2006IPM100
Print in China
1st Edition
October 2012
IPMI-1000 Startup Manual 1
Installation Guide
1. Please connect IPMI module to the SBC BMC1
connector using the following steps.
4). Align the screw holes, and fix securely with the
1). Connector BMC1 and the screw holes on your SBC.
If your SBC is either PCE-7127 or PCE-5126WG2,
you will find two screw holes around BMC1.
Figure 4: Fixing the screws
Figure1: Locations of BMC1 & Screw holes on SBC
2). Connector BMC1 and standoffs on IPMI-1000.
2. After setting up the hardware configuration, users
should also complete BIOS settings. Please check the
information below to find out corresponding instructions
to enable the IPMI function.
Enter Server Mgmt, “BMC Support” and “Wait for BMC”
are [Enabled] as default setting.
Figure 2: Locations of BMC1 & standoffs on module
3). Connect the SBC and IPMI-1000 with BMC1
Figure 5: BMC support setting
Enter BMC network configuration, the default
Configuration Address source is [Unspecified]. Change
Address source to [Static], there is a default IP address
for user setting in the first time.
Figure 3: Assembling module
Figure 6: BMC network configuration setting
Note: At first time initialing IPMI-1000, it may take around
30~40 seconds before posting BIOS. When F/W is ready,
the LED light of module will be flashing.
2 IPMI-1000 Startup Manual
Board Layout and Dimension
Figure 7: IPMI-1000 Top side Board Layout
Figure 8: IPMI-1000 Bottom side Board Layout
IPMI-1000 Startup Manual 3
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