DSC | Voice Assisted Security Control Escort 4580 | Maxsys v3 Overview CDA

WLS908…Panic Pendant
WLS907…Slim-Line Transmitter
• Press 2 buttons for 2 seconds to
initiate a panic alarm
• Water-resistant
• Pendant test function
• Supervised for low battery
• Each pendant is a wireless zone
• Sealed non-replaceable battery
• May be used as a magnetic door
or window contact or terminal
connection for an external contact
• 2 reed switch contacts for ease
of placement
• Fully supervised**
• 3 AAA batteries (supplied)
WLS912…Glassbreak Detector
WLS909…Wireless Key
• Exceptional microphone frequency
range provides excellent sound
capture at low sound levels and
distances up to 25ft (7.6m)
• 4 programmable function buttons of
user’s choice, such as… STAY arm,
AWAY arm, Disarm, Fire, Auxiliary,
Panic, Command Outputs
• Detects breakage of all common
types of framed glass including plate,
wired, tempered, and laminated
• Fully supervised**
• 3 AA batteries (supplied)
• Supervised for low battery
• 3 A76 batteries (supplied)
WLS910…Handheld Keypad
• Performs most hardwired keypad
functions, including entry of access
code to arm/disarm system
WLS914…Dual Element Pet-Immune PIR
• Multi-level signal processing (MLSP)
• Keys 1-4 are programmable function keys
• Two dual element low noise sensors
• Separate F, A, P, keys
• High white light immunity
• Supervised for low battery
• Temperature compensation
• 3 AAA batteries (supplied)
• Fully supervised**
• 40'L x 50'W (12.2 x 15.2 m) coverage
• 4 AA batteries (supplied)
• For a pet weighing up to 85lbs (38 kg)
WLS904…Passive Infrared Motion Detector
• 4 interchangeable lenses : wall-to-wall,
corridor, curtain, and pet alley
WLS915…Door/Window Contact
• Coverage up to : 50'L x 60'W (15.2 x 18.3m)
• A magnetic door or window contact
• High traffic shutdown
• Complete with surface-mount
• Fully supervised**
• Fully supervised**
• 4 AAA batteries (supplied)
• 1 lithium battery (supplied)
North American # 29003516 R001
WLS904P… Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector
WLS906*…Photoelectric Smoke Detector
• Vertical Beam Shaping lens***
• 90° smoke detection pattern
• Coverage up to: 40'L x 40'W (12.2 x 12.2m)
• Automatic self test
• For multiple pets - 60lbs (27.3 kg) total
• Manual test button
• Good false alarm immunity
& catch performance
• Fully supervised**
• Loud 85dB alarm horn
• 6 AA batteries (supplied)
• High traffic shut-down
• Fully supervised**
• 4 AAA batteries (supplied)
** Supervised for tamper, device fault, low battery
*** Patent pending
Printed in Canada 08/00
International # 29004918 R001
* for residential applications only
PC4108A/4116… 8/16-Zone Expansion Modules
PC4632/4664… Point/Graphic Annunciators
• PC4108A… 8-zone input module
• PC4116… 16-zone input module
• 30 programmable zone types…
- all zones programmable as NC, EOL, and DEOL
• 250mA, 12VDC auxiliary power for local devices
• Add up to 112 zones on PC4020/4020CF
Remote system annunciators for point or graphic display of zone,
partition, and system status information…
• Display up to 144 points per system with multiple annunciators
• Connect anywhere on the Combus
• Egg-crate backplane for flexible indicator location
• Red, yellow, and green LED assemblies
• Pre-printed point display transparency
• Clear transparencies (2) for custom graphics
PC4632… 32 point - 8.5" x 11" (21.6 x 27.9 cm) display area
PC4664… 64 point - 11" x 17" (27.9 x 43.2 cm) display area
PC4612 / PC4612A… 12 Zone Fire Annunciators
• Point annunciation of…
- 10 fire zones
- 2 supervisory zones
- common zone trouble
- common bell trouble
- system trouble
PC4216… 16-Zone Low Current Output Module
16 programmable outputs
Outputs rated for 50mA @ 12VDC
59 programmable output options
Up to 9 modules/system for 144 total outputs on all systems
• PC4612… matches LCD4500
style keypads
• PC4612A… matches LCD4501
style keypads
PC4204 Power Supply/4-Relay Output Module
PC4401… Serial Interface Module…
• Up to 1.0A @ 12VDC power for…
- Combus power
- local input devices - local output signals
• 4 form 'C' programmable relays
- contacts rated for 2A @ 30VDC
• 59 programmable output options
• Supervised for…
- AC power fail - aux. supply fault - low/disconnected battery
• PC4020… up to 16 modules per system for 64 relays total
• Multiple Uses:
• Printer interface
- print time and date - stamped
report of… alarms, openings,
closings, diagnostic messages
- supports 300, 1200, 2400, and
4800bps serial printers
PC4204CF Power Supply/4-Relay Output Module
Packaged version of PC4204 for UL Listed commercial fire systems…
• Up to 550mA @ 12VDC power for…
- Combus power
- local input devices - local output signals
• PT1016 transformer…16VAC, 40VA (supplied)
• PC4052CR cabinet, red
• Space for one additional PC4108A module
• Space for two 7Ah rechargeable lead acid batteries
…all other specs the same as the PC4204
• DVACS high security
communications interface
DLS-3 SA System
Administrator Software
- Windows®-based
- user friendly
- program and control all
MAXSYS functions
from a PC
• DataLink™ data port
- RS-232 serial interface
- program from 300 to 4,800 bps
- allows integrators real-time
access to all system events and
the ability to send instructions
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.
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DSC is a registered trademark of Digital Security Controls Ltd. and may not be reproduced without permission
©2000 Digital Security Controls Ltd.
Toronto, Canada
An ISO9001 registered company
i n t e g r at e d s Y S T E M S T E C H N O L O G Y
MAXSYS meets today’s challenges with the seamless integration of
security, access control, fire alarm, automation, and intercom features
that single function systems cannot match.
Hardwired input/output expansion over a 4-wire Combus, wireless
input expansion, and 2-wire addressable input expansion all combine
for installation simplicity, flexibility, and economy.
Tomorrow’s challenges are solved today because access control, fire
alarm, Escort audio-assist and automation features are designed into the
MAXSYS security panel, ready to be implemented when you need them.
• Up to 16 hardwired and 4 wireless keypads; choose from :
- LCD4500 & LCD4501 series plain language keypads
- LCD4520 & LCD4521 series plain language keypads with red bezels
- WLS910 wireless handheld keypad
Expand Up to 128 Zones
Hardwired Expansion
• Up to 128 zones using…
- PC4108A 8-zone expansion modules
- PC4116 16-zone expansion modules
Addressable Expansion
• Up to 112 addressable zones using… DSC addressable devices on
2 addressable loops
Wireless Expansion
• Up to 64 wireless zones using… PC4164 wireless receiver and
DSC wireless detectors
1,500 User Codes
3,000 Event Buffer
Local & Remote Upload/Download
Advanced Communications
• Addressable loop expansion
- integral 2-wire addressable loops expand the system to full zone
capacity without the added cost of system expansion modules
• Combus hardwired expansion
- simple hardwired system expansion using standard, non-shielded,
4-conductor station wire to connect hardwired keypads and
modules up to 1,000ft (305m) from the main control panel
Output Expansion
Up to 20 Keypads
8 Partitions……
Ease of Installation
Supports SIA, Contact ID, and 20bps formats
LINKS1000™ UL Listed cellular communication
LINKS2150™ and LINKS2450™ long range radio communication
SKYROUTE™ Cellemetry† communication
SURE SIGNAL Mobitex packet data radio communication
DVACS†† communication using PC4401 module
Central station talk/listen-in
Event-initiated personal paging
9 account numbers and 3 phone numbers
† Cellemetry is a service mark of Cellemetry LLC
†† DVACS is a trademark of Electro Arts Limited
• Max of 144 low current outputs using… up to 9 PC4216 16-output
• Max of 64 relay outputs using… up to 16 PC4204 or PC4204CF
power supply/4-relay output modules
• Point/graphic annunciation using…
- PC4632 32-zone annunciator
- PC4664 64-zone annunciator
• Fire zone annunciation using… PC4612 and PC4612A
12-zone fire annunciators
• System printer using… PC4401 serial output module
Integrated Access Control
• 32 doors using… 16 PC4820 2-reader access control modules
• 1,500 access cards
• Multiple reader technologies… Polaris mag-stripe, ShadowProx
proximity, HID proximity, I/O Prox proximity, 26 bit standard Wiegand
Integrated Voice-Assisted Security &
Building Automation
• Escort4580… operates in conjunction with any DTMF (tone) telephone
to provide voice-assisted security and automation control for up to 32
X-10 devices
UL/ULC Central Station Fire Alarm
• All the features of the standard security versions plus special fire
system modules…
- PC4701 fire module with supervised smoke zone, waterflow zone,
and dual supervised communicator outputs
- PC4612 and PC4612A 12-zone fire annunciators
- PS4350R fire system external battery charger
- PC4204CF power supply/4-relay output panel
- LCD4520 & LCD4521 series plain language keypads with red bezels
LCD4500/4501 Plain Language Keypads
PC4020 Security Control Panel
• 16-zone main panel
• Expandable to 128 zones
• 2 addressable loops for up
to 112 addressable devices
• up to 16 LCD keypads per system
• 8 partitions
• 1,500 user codes (4 or 6 digit)
• 3,000-event buffer
• 9 account and 3 phone numbers
• 1 supervised bell zone
• PC-LINK™ for local
• Remote upload/download
with DLS-3 software
• Supervised digital
alarm communicator
• Optional attack-resistant cabinet
• Space for two 7 Ah lead-acid
rechargeable batteries
• 2-line, 32-character display
• Adjustable display brightness
and contrast
• LCD display and keys backlit for
low light viewing
• 'Backlighting Boost' on LCD4501 for
low light conditions
• Display zone and system status, trouble conditions,
event buffer, and system instructions
• Piezo buzzer provides audible feedback for correct/incorrect key
entries, entry/exit alert, and system trouble conditions
• Global or partition operation
• 4 keypad-activated alarms… panic, auxiliary, fire, and duress
• 5 programmable keypad functions
• Separate function keys on LCD4501
• Trouble and Armed LEDs on LCD4500
• Trouble, Armed, and Ready LEDs on LCD4501
• Trouble buzzer
• Tamper versions available
PC4820 Two Reader Access Control Module
Multiple Reader Technologies
• 16 modules per system
• 32 readers total
• 1,500 access cards
• Full off-line operation
• Arm/disarm partitions and postpone
auto-arm by access card or access
card and code from outside the
protected space
• 2 low current outputs per door
• 4 inputs per door… door contact,
request-to-exit input, arm,
and postpone auto-arm
• 64 access levels
• 99 seven-day schedules
• 4 holiday groups, 730 holidays
• Individual door unlock schedules
• Fully supervised
• Program via keypad, or via computer
with DLS-3 downloading software
• 1.5 A regulated power supply
• Power available per door…
reader… 125mA max. @ 5VDC
or 250mA max. @ 12VDC
lock…… 250mA max. @ 12VDC
• Auxiliary power… 125mA @ 12VDC
• Battery req’d… 12 VDC, 7.0 Ah
• Transformer req’d… 16.5 VAC, 40 VA
Polaris… Mag-Stripe Readers/Cards,
26-bit standard Wiegand
I/O Prox… Proximity Readers/Cards
PC4850 Telephone Entry Module
- integrates access control with
apartment building telephone entry
- up to 16 PC4850s to control
up to 32 doors
- 1,500-name, fast scrolling,
electronic directory
- 12-digit phone numbers
ShadowProx… Proximity Readers/Cards
HID… Proximity Readers/Cards
PC4020CF Fire Control Panels
LCD4520/4521 Plain Language Keypads
• Identical to the standard security keypads but with red bezels.
All the security features of the PC4020 plus added fire features…
• Red cabinet
• PC4701 fire module includes…
… one 2-wire ClassB/StyleB supervised smoke zone
… one ClassB/StyleB waterflow zone
… dual supervised digital alarm communicator outputs
… common fire alarm & fire trouble relays,
form 'C', 2A, 30VDC contacts
• All panel and expansion zones are configurable for waterflow,
or fire supervisory
PS4350R Fire System External Battery Charger
External battery charger c/w…
• PC4055CR cabinet, red
• PS4085 multi-rate charger module
• PT1012 transformer…12 VAC, 160 VA
• Space for 65Ah lead-acid battery
• UL/ULC Listed for Central Station Fire Alarm
Escort4580 Voice-Assisted Security
& Building Automation Module
PC4936 Audio Interface Module
PC4937 Expansion Module
PC5921 Intercom Stations
PC5904 2-Way Listen-In Station
The Escort4580(1) allows the telephone to be used as a keypad while
providing the user with plain language operational and programming
voice prompts, and system status reports.
In addition, Escort acts as an interface to X-10 automation control
devices and provides voice-assisted operation and programming of
these devices.
System Status & Control - Voice Prompt Assisted…
System status from any local or remote DTMF (tone) telephone
System control using any local or remote DTMF (tone) telephone
Global or partition access
180 word standard library and 241 word user-programmable library
Up to 6 words per voice prompt
Automation Control…
• Built-in power line interface for up to 32 X-10 control devices
• Programmable event activation using 16 event timers and 8
• Control outputs via local or remote DTMF (tone) telephone keypad
The Communiqué VPM4580 can be used in place of the Escort4580 when a Communiqué
telephone system is used in conjunction with MAXSYS
• PC4936 audio interface module
(7 ports) with PC4937 expansion
module (8 ports)… provides 15
output ports for connection of up to
15 PC5921 series intercom stations
• Local intercom functions…
- page/answer
- do not disturb
- doorbell function
- door strike release
• Listen-in broadcast … allows any
station to be programmed as a
‘broadcast station’ to which all other
internal stations in the system may
listen in
• Answer telephone calls received on a regular voice line…
- ringing programmable by station
- supports call waiting
- allows call transfer to in-house phones
• Use as sounder for fire/burglar alarms
• Audio user help…plus verbal alarms & verbal door chime
- provides plain language system status reports including verbal
alarms and door chime annunciation, as well as voice prompts
for system programming and operation when installed with
Escort4580 Voice Prompt Module and keypads mounted with
PC5921 intercom stations
• PC5904 central station 2-way listen-in station…
- control tones programmable from central station
- select zone, listen/talk, extend on-line time, hang up
Use 2-wire addressable loops to easily expand to full system
capacity without the added cost of system expansion modules.
PC4020 .......... add up to 112 addressable devices
on two addressable loops
AMA-100… Acuity Glassbreak Detector
AMB-500… Ceiling-Mount 360° PIR
• Exceptional microphone frequency
range provides excellent sound
capture at low sound levels and
distances up to 25ft (7.6m)
• Built-in tamper switch
• Detects breakage of all common
types of glass, including plate,
wired, tempered, and laminated
• AFT-100 glassbreak tester available
AMS-220 Series… Photoelectric Smoke Detectors
AMS-220… 2-wire smoke detector
AMS-220T… includes 135°F (57°C)
fixed temp. heat sensor
• Red solid-state LED indicator light
• Magnet-activated sensitivity test switch
• Continuous self-test for low sensitivity
• Manual and programmable scheduled tests for low sensitivity
and alarm operation
• Locking /non-locking mounting plate
AMB-300… Passive Infrared Motion Detector
Multi-level signal processing (MLSP)
Dual element low noise sensor
High level static and transient protection
High white light and RF immunity
Temperature compensation
Tamper switch
Up to 50'L x 60'W (15.2 x 18.3m) coverage
4 lenses available
Quad element low noise PIR
High white light & RF immunity
Multi-level signal processing
Temperature compensation
Up to 40' dia. (12.2m) coverage
AMB-600… Dual Element Pet-Immune PIR
Multi-level signal processing (MLSP)
Two dual element low noise sensors
High static and transient protection
High white light and RF immunity
Temperature compensation
Tamper switch
40'L x 50'W (12.2 x 15.2m) coverage
For a Pet weighing up to 85lbs (38 kg)
AMP-700 Series… Contact Modules
AMP-700… magnetic
door / window contact
with built-in tamper switch
AMP-701… 3 inputs to monitor AMP-702… fire point module
external NC alarm, tamper, and with 5600Ω EOL supervised
trouble contacts
loop that monitors N/O contacts
PC4164…Wireless Receiver
• Capacity … 64 wireless zones (PC4020)
… 16 WLS909 wireless keys
Distributed wireless reception…
- install up to 8 wireless receivers… cover large areas
with wireless detectors and allow wide area roaming
with wireless panic pendants, wireless keys, and keypads
… 4 WLS910 wireless keypads
(in addition to hardwired keypads)
• All detectors are fully supervised for communication integrity
• Easy sensor enroll process
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