Tender Notice for purchase of Medical Equipments. size

Tender Notice for purchase of Medical Equipments. size
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Phone no.- 040-27173315
Tender Enquiry No.799-U-SS-16-11/ESIC/NR/14-15
Medical Superintendent, ESIC Model Hospital, Nacharam, Hyderabad, invites
sealed tenders from eligible and qualified tenderers for supply of following Medical Equipment's
for ESIC Model Hospital, Nacharam, Hyderabad.
Description of Item
Operating Microscope
01 No.
Rs. 75,000/2
CTGMachine (Cardiotocogragh)
01 No.
Rs. 12,000/3
Vaccume Extractor
01 No.
Rs. 9,000/4
Harmonic Knife
01 No.
Rs. 45,000/(Ultrasonic cutting and coagulation
device with advanced bipolar facility)
C-pap Machine
01 No.
Rs. 12,000/6
Anaesthesia Work Station
01 No.
Rs. 42,000/7
X-Ray Machine 300MA
01 No.
Rs. 45,000/8
CR System with Dry Imager
01 No.
Rs. 45,000/9
Manual Rotatory Microtome
01 No.
Rs. 18,000/
Automatic Tissue Processor
01 No.
Rs. 51,000/
The schedule for different activities are as below:
Tender documents available at ESIC From dt: 13-01-2016 to dt:03-02-2016
Last date and time of submission of Up to 2.00 P.M.on dt:03-02-2016
completed Tender forms
Date and time of opening of Tender
At 3.00 pm on dt:03-02-2016
Tenderer to download the tender enquiry documents from the web site www.esic.nic.in
and submit its tender by utilizing the downloaded document,
Tenderers shall ensure that their tenders, complete in all respects, are dropped in the
Tender Box located at the office of Medical Superintendent, ESIC Model Hospital,
Nacharam, Hyderabad,on or before the closing date and time indicated above, failing which
the tenders will be treated as late tender and rejected. The tenders sent by post/ courier must
reach the above said address on or before the closing date & time indicated above, failing which
the tenders will be treated as late tender and rejected.
1. Definitions and Abbreviations
1.1 The following definitions and abbreviations, which have been used in these documents shall
have the meanings as indicated below:
1.2. Definitions:
(i) “Purchaser” means the organization purchasing goods and services as incorporated in the
Tender Enquiry document.
(ii) “Tender” means Bids / Quotation / Tender received from a Firm / Tenderer / Bidder.
(iii) “Tenderer” means Bidder/ the Individual or Firm submitting Bids / Quotation / Tender
(iii) “Supplier” means the individual or the firm supplying the goods and services as incorporated
in the contract.
(iv) “Goods” means the articles, material, commodities, livestock, furniture, fixtures, raw
material, spares, instruments, machinery, equipment, medical equipment, industrial plant etc.
which the supplier is required to supply to the purchaser under the contract.
(v) “Services” means services allied and incidental to the supply of goods, such as transportation,
installation, commissioning, provision of technical assistance, training, after sales service,
maintenance service and other such obligations of the supplier covered under the contract.
(vi) “Earnest Money Deposit” (EMD) means Bid Security/ Monetary or financial gaurantee in
the form to be furnished by a tenderer along with its tender.
(vii) “Contract” means the written agreement entered into between the purchaser and/or
consignee and the supplier, together with all the documents mentioned therein and including all
attachments, annexure etc. therein.
(viii) “Performance Security” means money or in the form of D.D to be furnished by the
successful tenderer for due performance of the contract placed on it. Performance Security is also
known as Security Deposit.
(ix) “Consignee” means the Hospital/Dispensaries/Institute/Medical College/ person to whom
the goods are required to be delivered as specified in the Contract. If the goods are required to be
delivered to a person as an interim consignee for the purpose of despatch to another person as
provided in the Contract then that “another” person is the consignee, also known as ultimate
(x) “Specification” means the document/standard that prescribes the requirement with which
goods or service has to conform.
(xi) “Inspection” means activities such as measuring, examining, testing, gauging one or more
characteristics of the product or service and comparing the same with the specified requirement
to determine conformity.
(xii) “Day” means calendar day.
2. Language of Tender
The tender submitted by the tenderer and all subsequent correspondence and documents
relating to the tender exchanged between the tenderer and the purchaser, shall be written in the
English language, unless otherwise specified in the Tender Enquiry. However, the language of
any printed literature furnished by the tenderer in connection with its tender may be written in
any other language provided the same is accompanied by a notarised English translation and, for
purposes of interpretation of the tender, the English translation shall prevail.
The tender submitted by the tenderer and all subsequent correspondence and documents
relating to the tender exchanged between the tenderer and the purchaser, may also be written in
the Hindi language, provided that the same are accompanied by notarised English translation, in
which case, for purpose of interpretation of the tender etc, the English translations shall prevail.
3. Eligible TenderersThis invitation for tenders is open to all suppliers who fulfil the eligibility
criteria specified in this documents.
5. Documents Comprising the Tender for each system are as below.
5.1 The Two Tender System, i.e. “Techno – Commercial Tender” and “Price Tender” prepared
by the tenderer shall comprise the following:
A) Techno – Commercial Tender (Un priced Tender)
i) Earnest money furnished in accordance with TE document
ii) Tender Form
iii) Tenderer/Agent who quotes for goods manufactured by other manufacturer shall furnish
Manufacturer’s Authorisation in the prescribed format as per Annexure-II
iv) Power of Attorney/Authorisation in favour of signatory of TE documents
v) Performance Statement along with relevant copies of purchase orders and end users’
satisfaction certificate.
vi) Price Schedule(s) at Annexure -IV & Annexure- V filled up with all the details including
Qty., Make, Model, Country of origin, etc. of the goods offered with prices blank (without
indicating any prices).
vii) Checklist as per Annexure - I
B) Price Tender:
The information given at clause no. 5.1 (vi) above should be reproduced with the prices
1. All pages of the Tender should be page numbered and indexed.
2. It is the responsibility of tenderer to go through the TE document to ensure furnishing all
required documents in addition to above, if any.
5.2 The authorized signatory of the tenderer must sign the tender duly stamped at appropriate
places and initial all the remaining pages of the tender.
5.3 A tender, which does not fulfil any of the above requirements and/or gives evasive
information/reply against any such requirement, shall be liable to be ignored and rejected.
5.4 Tender sent by fax/telex/cable/electronically shall be ignored.
6. Tender currencies
6.1 The tenderer supplying indigenous goods or already imported goods shall quote only in
Indian Rupees.
6.2 For imported goods if supplied directly from abroad, prices shall be quoted in Indian rupees.
As regards price(s) for allied services, if any required with the goods, the same shall be quoted in
Indian Rupees only if such services are to be performed /undertaken in India.
6.3 Tenders, where prices are quoted in any other way shall be treated as non-responsive and
7. Tender Prices
7.2 The tenderer has the option to submit its quotation for any one or more item (s) in the List of
Requirements. However, separate sealed cover to be used for each item for price bid.
7.3 The quoted prices for goods offered from within India and that for goods offered from abroad
are to be indicated separately in the applicable Price Schedules.
The price quoted by the tenderer for indigenous goods shall not be higher than the lowest
price charged for the goods of the same nature, class or description to an individual/ firm/
organisation or department of Govt. of India.
For imported goods, the price quoted shall not be higher than the lowest price charged by the
tenderer for the goods of the same nature, class or description to a purchaser, domestic or foreign
or to any organisation or department of Govt. of India.
7.4.1 For domestic goods or goods of foreign origin located within India, the prices in the
corresponding price schedule shall be entered separately in the following manner:
a) the price of the goods, quoted ex-factory/ ex-showroom/ ex-warehouse/ off-the-shelf, as
applicable, including all taxes and duties like sales tax, CST VAT, CENVAT, Custom Duty,
Excise Duty etc. already paid or payable on the components and raw material used in the
manufacture or assembly of the goods quoted ex-factory etc. or on the previously imported
goods of foreign origin quoted ex-showroom etc;
b) any sales or other taxes and any duties including excise duty, which will be payable on the
finished goods in India if the contract is awarded;
c) charges towards Packing & Forwarding, Inland Transportation, Insurance, Loading/Unloading
and other local costs incidental to delivery of the goods to their final destination as specified in
the List of Requirements and Price Schedule;
d) the price of Incidental Services, as mentioned in List of Requirements and Price Schedule
e) the price of CMC, as mentioned in List of Requirements, Technical Specification and Price
8. Indian Agent
8.1 If a foreign tenderer has engaged an agent in India in connection with its tender, the foreign
tenderer, in addition to indicating Indian agent’s commission, if any shall also be furnished.
a) The complete name and address of the Indian Agent and its permanent income tax account
number as allotted by the Indian Income Tax authority.
b) The details of the services to be rendered by the agent for the subject requirement.
c) Details of Service outlets in India, nearest to the consignee(s), to render services during
Warranty and CMC period.
9. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)
The bidder shall furnish, as a part of his bid, Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) (unless exempted
from payment of E.M.D. as per General Financial Rules 2005 as amended/ESIC Rules) along
with the tender by way of Demand Draft issued by a scheduled Bank and drawn in favour of ESI
saving Fund A/c. No.1, ESIC Model Hospital, Nacharam, Payable at Hyderabad. No interest
shall be payable by the purchaser on this amount.
Unsuccessful tenderers’ earnest money will be returned to them without any interest,
after expiry of the tender validity period, but not later than thirty days after conclusion of the
resultant contract. Successful tenderer’s earnest money will be returned without any interest,
after receipt of performance security from that tenderer.
Earnest Money is required to protect the purchaser against the risk of the Tenderer’s
conduct, which would warrant the forfeiture of the EMD. Earnest money of a tenderer will be
forfeited, if the tenderer withdraws
or amends its tender or impairs or derogates from the tender in any respect within the period of
validity of its tender or if it comes to notice that the information/documents furnished in its
tender is incorrect, false, misleading or forged without prejudice to other rights of the purchaser.
The successful tenderer’s earnest money will be forfeited without prejudice to other rights of
Purchaser if it fails to furnish the required performance security within the specified period.
10. Tender Validity
The tenders shall remain valid for acceptance for a period of 120 days (One hundred and
twenty days) after the date of opening of techno-commercial tenders prescribed in the TE
document. Any tender valid for a shorter period shall be treated as unresponsive and rejected.
TE document seeks quotation following two Bid System, in two parts. First part will be
known as ‘Techno - Commercial Tender’, and the second part ‘Price Tender’. Tenderer shall
seal ‘Techno - Commercial Tender (along with envelope containing EMD)’ and ‘Price
Tender’ separately and covers will be suitably super scribed.
Both these sealed covers shall be put in a bigger cover and sealed.
The tenderers are to deposit the tenders in the tender box kept for this purpose at the office of
Medical Superintendent, ESIC Model Hospital, Nacharam, Hyderabad.
The tenderers must ensure that they deposit their tenders not later than the closing time
and date specified for submission of tenders. It is the responsibility of the tenderer to ensure that
their Tenders whether sent by post or by courier or by person, are dropped in the Tender Box by
the specified clearing date and time. In the event of the specified date for submission of tender
falls on / is subsequently declared a holiday or closed day for the purchaser, the tenders will be
received up to the appointed time on the next working day.
A tender, which is received after the specified date and time for receipt of tenders will be treated
as “late” tender and will be ignored.
12. Opening of Tenders
The purchaser will open the tenders at the specified date and time and at the specified
place as indicated in the TED. In case the specified date of tender opening falls on / is
subsequently declared a holiday or closed day for the purchaser, the tenders will be opened at the
appointed time and place on the next working day.
Authorized representatives of the tenderers, who have submitted tenders on time may
attend the tender opening provided they bring with them letters of authority from the
corresponding tenderers.
The Techno-Commercial Tenders are to be opened in the first instance, at the
prescribed time and date as indicated in TED. These Tenders shall be scrutinized and evaluated
by the competent committee/authority with reference to parameters prescribed in the TE
document. During the Techno -Commercial Tender opening, the tender opening official(s) will
read the salient features of the tenders like brief description of the goods offered, delivery period,
Earnest Money Deposit and any other special features of the tenders, as deemed fit by the tender
opening official(s).
Thereafter, in the second stage, the Price Tenders of only the Techno-Commercially
acceptable offers shall be opened at a later date which will be notified to such tenderers. The
prices, special discount if any of the goods offered etc., as deemed fit by tender opening
official(s) will be read out.
Purchaser’s Right to accept any tender and to reject any or all tenders
The purchaser reserves the right to accept in part or in full any tender or reject any or more
tender(s) without assigning any reason or to cancel the tendering process and reject all tenders at
any time prior to award of contract, without incurring any liability, whatsoever to the affected
tenderer or tenderers.
13. Notification of Award
Before expiry of the tender validity period, the purchaser will notify the successful
tenderer(s) in writing, by registered / speed post or by fax/ telex/cable (to be confirmed by
registered / speed post) that its tender for goods & services, which have been selected by the
15. Publication of Tender Result
The name and address of the successful tenderer(s) receiving the contract(s) will be mentioned in
the notice board/web site of the purchaser.
15. Corrupt or Fraudulent Practices
It is required by all concerned to observe the highest standard of ethics during the procurement
and execution of such contracts. The purchaser
(b) will reject a proposal for award if it determines that the Tenderer recommended for award has
engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for the contract in question;
(c) will declare a firm ineligible, either indefinitely or for a stated period of time, to be awarded a
contract by the purchaser if it at any time determines that the firm has engaged in corrupt or
fraudulent practices in competing for, or in executing the contract.
17. Inspection, Testing and Quality Control
The purchaser and/or its nominated representative(s) will, without any extra cost to the
purchaser, inspect and/or test the ordered goods and the related services to confirm their
conformity to the contract specifications and other quality control details incorporated in the
contract. The purchaser shall inform the supplier in advance, in writing, the purchaser’s
programme for such inspection and, also the identity of the officials to be deputed for this
18. Warranty
18.1 The supplier warrants comprehensively that the goods supplied under the contract is new,
unused and incorporate all recent improvements in design and materials unless prescribed
otherwise by the purchaser in the contract. The supplier further warrants that the goods supplied
under the contract shall have no defect arising from design, materials or workmanship or from
any act or omission of the supplier that may develop under normal use of the supplied goods
under the conditions prevailing in India.
18.2 This warranty shall remain valid for 2 (Two) years in general, after the goods or any
portion thereof as the case may be, have been delivered to the final destination and installed and
commissioned at the final destination and accepted by the Purchaser/Consignee in terms of the
contract, unless specified in the TED.
a. No conditional warranty like mishandling, manufacturing defects etc. will be acceptable.
b. Warranty as well as Comprehensive Maintenance contract will be inclusive of all accessories
and Turnkey
18.3 In case of any claim arising out of this warranty, the Purchaser/Consignee shall promptly
notify the same in writing to the supplier.
18.5 above irrespective of any other period mentioned elsewhere in the bidding documents.
18.6 Upon receipt of such notice, the supplier shall, within 8 hours on a 24(hrs) X 7 (days) X 365
(days) basis respond to take action to repair or replace the defective goods or parts thereof, free
of cost, at the ultimate destination. The supplier shall take over the replaced parts/goods after
providing their replacements and no claim, whatsoever shall lie on the purchaser for such
replaced parts/goods thereafter. The penalty clause for non-rectification will be applicable as per
tender conditions
18.7 In the event of any rectification of a defect or replacement of any defective goods during the
warranty period, the warranty for the rectified/replaced goods shall be extended to a further
period of two years.
18.8 If the supplier, having been notified, fails to respond to take action to repair or replace the
defect(s) within 8 hours on a 24(hrs) X 7 (days) X 365 (days) basis, the purchaser may proceed
to take such remedial action(s) as deemed fit by the purchaser, at the risk and expense of the
supplier and without prejudice to other contractual rights and remedies, which the purchaser may
have against the supplier.
20. Terms and Mode of Payment
Payment Terms
Payment shall be made subject to recoveries, if any, by way of liquidated damages or any other
charges as per terms & conditions of contract in the following manner.
A) Payment for Domestic Goods Or Foreign Origin Located Within India.
Payment shall be made in Indian Rupees as specified in the contract in the following manner:
a) On delivery:
90 % payment of the contract price shall be paid on receipt of goods in good condition and upon
the submission of the following documents:
(i) Four copies of supplier’s invoice showing contract number, goods description, quantity, unit
price and total amount;
(ii) Consignee Receipt Certificate in original issued by the authorized representative of the
(iii) Two copies of packing list identifying contents of each package;
(iv) Inspection certificate issued by the nominated Inspection agency, if any;
(vi) Certificate of origin.
b) On Acceptance:
i)Balance 10 % payment would be made against ‘Final Acceptance Certificate’ of goods to be
issued by the consignees subject to recoveries, if any, either on account of non-rectification of
defects/deficiencies not attended by the Supplier or otherwise.
B) Payment for Imported Goods:
Payment for fimported goods shall be made in the Indian currency as specified in the contract in
the following manner:
a) On delivery:
Ninety (90) % of the e goods shipped shall be paid through irrevocable, non-transferable Letter
of Credit (LC) in Indian currency opened in favour of the supplier in a bank in his country and
upon submission of documents specified hereunder:
(i) Four copies of supplier’s invoice showing contract number, goods description, quantity, unit
price and total amount;
(ii) Original and four copies of the negotiable clean, on-board Bill of Lading/ Airway bill,
marked freight pre paid and four copies of non-negotiable Bill of Lading/Airway bill;
(iii) Four Copies of packing list identifying contents of each package;
(iv) Insurance Certificate and documents also to be submitted for payment of LC confirming that
dispatch documents has already been sent within 24 hours to all concerned as per the contract;
(v) Manufacturer’s/Supplier’s warranty certificate;
(vi) Manufacturer’s own factory inspection report and
(vii) Certificate of origin by the chamber of commerce of the concerned country;
(viii) Inspection Certificate for the despatched equipments issued by recognized/ reputed agency
like SGS, Lloyd or equivalent (acceptable to the purchaser) prior to despatch.
(ix) Consignee Receipt Certificate as per Section XVII in original issued by the authorized
representative of the consignee
C) On Acceptance:
i)Balance payment of 10 % of net CIP price of goods would be made against ‘Final Acceptance
Certificate’ Letter of Credit (LC) in Indian rupees opened in favour of the Foreign Principal in a
bank in his country, subject to recoveries, if any.
ii) Payment of custom duty amount with Custom Duty Exemption Certificate (CDEC), if
applicable, customs clearance and handling charges, loading/ unloading, inland transportation,
incidental costs till consignee site & incidental services (including installation & commissioning,
supervision, demonstration and training) will be paid by the Supplier.
D) Payment for Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) Charges:
i)The consignee will enter into CMC with the supplier at the rates as stipulated in the contract.
The payment of CMC will be made on six monthly basis after satisfactory completion of said
period, duly certified by the consignee. .
ii)The supplier shall not claim any interest on payments under the contract.
iii)Irrevocable & non-transferable LC shall be opened by ESIC/ Purchaser. However, if the
supplier requests specifically to open confirmed LC, the extra charges would be borne by the
supplier. If LC is required to be extended and/or amended for reasons not attributable to the
purchaser/consignee, the charges thereof shall be borne by the supplier..
iv) The payment shall be made in the currency / currencies authorised in the contract.
v) The supplier shall send its claim for payment in writing, when contractually due, along
with relevant documents etc., duly signed with date, to the purchaser.
:: ::
vi)While claiming payment, the supplier is also to certify in the bill that the payment being
claimed is strictly in terms of the contract and all the obligations on the part of the supplier for
claiming that payment has been fulfilled as required under the contract.
vii)While claiming reimbursement of duties, taxes etc. (like sales tax, excise duty, custom duty)
from the Purchaser/Consignee, as and if permitted under the contract, the supplier shall also
certify that, in case it gets any refund out of such taxes and duties from the concerned authorities
at a later date, it (the supplier) shall refund to the Purchaser/Consignee forthwith.
viii)In case where the supplier is not in a position to submit its bill for the balance payment for
want of receipted copies of Inspection Note from the consignee and the consignee has not
complained about the non-receipt, shortage, or defects in the supplies made, balance amount will
be paid by the paying authority without consignee’s receipt certificate after three months from
the date of the preceding part payment for the goods in question, subject to the following
(a) The supplier will make good any defect or deficiency that the consignee (s) may report within
six months from the date of despatch of goods.
(b) The contract price where it is subject to variation has been finalized.
(c) The supplier furnishes the following undertakings:
“I/We, __________ certify that I/We have not received back the Inspection Note duly receipted
by the consignee or any communication from the purchaser or the consignee about non-receipt,
shortage or defects in the goods supplied. I/We ______ agree to make good any defect or
deficiency that the consignee may report within three months from the date of receipt of this
balance payment.
21. Termination for insolvency
25.1 If the supplier becomes bankrupt or otherwise insolvent, the purchaser reserves the right to
terminate the contract at any time, by serving written notice to the supplier without any
compensation, whatsoever, to the supplier, subject to further condition that such termination will
not prejudice or affect the rights and remedies which have accrued and / or will accrue thereafter
to the Purchaser/Consignee.
22. Force Majeure
26.1 Notwithstanding the provisions contained in TED the supplier shall not be liable for
imposition of any such sanction so long the delay and/or failure of the supplier in fulfilling its
obligations under the contract is the result of an event of Force Majeure.
26.2 For purposes of this clause, Force Majeure means an event beyond the control of the
supplier and not involving the supplier’s fault or negligence and which is not foreseeable and not
brought about at the instance of, the party claiming to be affected by such event and which has
caused the non–performance or delay in performance. Such events may include, but are not
restricted to, acts of the Purchaser/Consignee either in its sovereign or contractual capacity, wars
26.4 If the performance in whole or in part or any obligation under this contract is prevented or
delayed by any reason of Force Majeure for a period exceeding sixty days, either party may at its
option terminate the contract without any financial repercussion on either side.
26.5 In case due to a Force Majeure event the Purchaser/Consignee is unable to fulfil its
contractual commitment and responsibility, the Purchaser/Consignee will notify the supplier
accordingly and subsequent actions taken on similar lines described in above sub-paragraphs.
23. Resolution of disputes
23.1 If dispute or difference of any kind shall arise between the Purchaser/Consignee and the
supplier in connection with or relating to the contract, the parties shall make every effort to
resolve the same amicably by mutual consultations. The jurisdiction for the settlement of
disputes will be at the office of Medical Superintendent, ESIC Model Hospital, Nacharam,
.23.2 If the parties fail to resolve their dispute or difference by such mutual consultation within
twenty one days of its occurrence, then, unless otherwise provided in the SCC, either the
Purchaser/Consignee or the supplier may give notice to the other party of its intention to
commence arbitration, as hereinafter provided the applicable arbitration procedure will be as per
the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 of India. In the case of a dispute or difference arising
between the Purchaser/Consignee and a domestic Supplier relating to any matter arising out of or
connected with the contract, such dispute or difference shall be referred to the sole arbitration of
an officer, appointed to be the arbitrator by the Medical Superintendent, ESIC Model
Hospital, Nacharam, Hyderabad. The award of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the
parties to the contract subject to the provision that the Arbitrator shall give reasoned award in
case the value of claim in reference exceeds Rupees One Lac (Rs. 1,00,000/-)
23.3 Venue of Arbitration: The venue of arbitration shall be New Delhi, India.
24. Applicable Law
The contract shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of India for
thetime being in force.
Part II: Required Delivery Schedule:
Within 90 days from date of opening of L/C for imported goods. The date of delivery will be the
date of delivery at consignee site (Tenderers may quote earliest delivery period). If there are any
domestic supplies, those shall be supplied on or before the imported items are delivered.
Part III: Scope of Incidental Services:
Installation & Commissioning, Supervision, Demonstration, Trial run and Training etc. shall be
completed within 15 days of handing over the site of installation, complete in all respect by the
consignee. The date of handing over of the site has to be intimated by the supplier to the
purchaser. The delay on the part of the supplier to install and commission the equipment will
attract the provisions as contained in the liquidated damage clause.
Part IV:
Required Terms of Delivery and Destination.
a) For Indigenous goods or for imported goods if supplied from India:
Delivery required at Consignee Site.
Insurance (local transportation and storage) would be borne by the Supplier from warehouse to
the consignee site for a period including 3 months beyond date of delivery.
b) For Imported goods directly from abroad:
The foreign tenderers are required to quote their rates on DDP at consignee’s site basis giving
Qualification Criteria
01. The Tenderer must be a Manufacturer or its authorized Agent.
02. (a) The Manufacturer should have supplied and installed in last Five years from the date of
Tender Opening, at least 100% of the quoted quantity of the similar equipment meeting major
specification parameters which is functioning satisfactorily. The foreign Manufacturer satisfying
the above criteria should also have supplied and installed in last Five years from the date of
Tender Opening, at least 50% (or one No. where the schedule of requirement is one no.) of
quoted quantity of similar model which is functioning satisfactorily anywhere outside the
country of manufacture.
02. (b) The Tenderers quoting as authorized representative of the manufacturer meeting the
Criteria 02 (a) should have supplied and installed in last Five years from the date of Tender
Opening, at least 50% (or one No. where the schedule of requirement is one no. ) of the quoted
quantity of similar equipment which is functioning satisfactorily, anywhere in Indiaof the same
1.Specifications for Ophthalmic Operating Microscope
Continuous Zoom
Eye Piece
Objective Lens
Magnification Indication
Total Magnification
Touch Screen LCD monitor
Power Voltage
AC 100 – 240V 50/60HZ
Filter built in heat absorbing & UV filters
Flip in/out and colour temperature conversion filters.
→ Illuminated stutter on 4° degree illumination
→ 45° inclined Binocular type &variable angle binocular.
→ Should be upgradable to accessories like assistant microscope, CCD & Bioms.
→ Should have Inbuilt X-Y attachment
→ Should be CE approved.
Technical Specifications:
1.Battery and main operation facility.
2.Should have inbuilt 6 inches colored TFT /LCD display for beat-to-beat FHR and utrine contraction
monitoring with operation of the equipment through touch screen.
3.Should be compact ,light weight and should have inbuilt carrying handle and water proof transducers.,
4.The unit should have :
Fetal heart rate range 60-200 bpm.,
External toco range 0- 100 relatives unit.
Should have NST timer for antepartum applications.
4. Highly sensitive ultrasound transducer which should be 1 MHZ for less signal attenuation and
good signal acquisition. Ultrasound transducer should be a waterproof unit easy application and
cleaning. It should have facility to connect any transducer in any socket for easy use.
5. Ability to give an accurate continuous trace and should be able to detect sudden beat changes
upto 25 bpm (i.e. beat -to-beat sensitivity)
6. Audible alert indication of fetal bradycardia and tachycardia.
7. External toco transducer which should be a sealed water proof unit.
8. Should be supplied with event marker .
9. Capability of automatic fetal movement detection with facility to indicate exact percentage of
fetal movement during the NST
10. Should have facility for patient data entry , name etc with minimum one hour memory.,
11. Should provide following accessories – transducer belts, 1 no .toco transducer , 1 no
U.S.transducer , ultrasound gel bottles, NST paper etc.,
12. in built high resolution , thermal / laser printer with easily available cost effective paper.
13. Machine should be upgradeable to twins monitoring , triplet monitoring, and telemetry
14. In case of twins monitoring there should be a facility to identify if both US transducers get
focused on same fetal heart. Also it should be possible to off site the second channel to avoid
over lapping of traces.
Should be US/FDA/ European CE approved product.
User/ Technical/ maintenance manuals to be supplied in English.
List of equipments available for providing calibration and routine preventive
maintenance support as per manufacture documentation in service/ technical manual.
List of important spare parts and accessories with their part number and costing.
Compliance report should be submitted in a tabulated and point wise manner clearly
mentioning the page/ para number of original catalogue/ data sheet . Any point , if not
substantiated with authenticated catalogue/manual ,will not be considered.
●It should be portable, automatic power flow device with air flow rate of atleast 40 litrs per minute.
● It should be less than 15 kgs .
● Voltage supply 115/230 volts , 50-60 Hz and the power input should be minimum 185 watts.
● The vaccum meter should be 0- 1 bar.
● It should have preferably a bacterial filter.
● There should be hand grip , foot operate with foot pedal/ switch.
● The main cable length should be minimum of 5 mts in length
● It should have a stand with antistatic wheels.
● The suction tube silicon should be Ǿ 8 x 14 mm.
● The device should have minimum the following accessories.
1. Suction curetts. Ǿ 6/8/10/12/14 mm
2. Silastic (silicon) vaccum cups of two sizes.
3. Rinsing goblet.
4. Tubing and cable holder.
5.Suction bottle 2 litr – 2 in Number.
6.Coupling grips to curettes & cups
4.Specifications for Harmonic Knife (Ultrasonic cutting and coagulation device
with advanced biopolar facility)
● System should have a universal connector to connect Ultrasonic energy and advanced energy
●System should have automatic instrument recognition.
●System should be CE approved.
●System should have a touch screen display for fast and setup, operation and on-screen diagnostics.
●System should have a high-resolution display with wide viewing angles.
●System should have the ability for software updates via USB memory stick.
●System should be a single generator that provides Ultrasonic energy and Advanced energy technology
for soft tissue dissection and vessel sealing
●System should have a potential equalization terminal for compatibility with other medical systems
requiring such connections
●System should conform to the following international standards EN (IEC) 60601-1, EN (IEC) 60601-1-2,
EN (IEC) 60601-2-2, EN (IEC) 60601-1-8
●System should provide Class 1 protection against electric shock
●System should have a single footswitch for operating ultrasonic energy or advanced energy
●System should have the ability to select hand switch or foot switch activation or both for Ultrasonic
and advanced energy instruments and the ability to change selection during use
●System should have 6 international language options with English language as default
●System should not have lateral thermal spread more than 1 mm.
●System should not have an auto switch off mechanism.
●System should have standby mode to ensure safety.
●System should come equipped with system diagnostics and troubleshooting guide to pin point any
problems in the systems.
●System should have onscreen warning display system for generator overheating, generator software
upgrade, handpiece errors and instrument errors
System should be able to power ultrasonic energy instruments with 55.5 KHz frequency and
have the ability to power ultrasonic energy instruments in the frequency range of 30-80 KHz in
System should be compatible for open surgery and for laparoscopic surgery.
System should be compatible with both 5mm and 10mm instruments.
System should have atleast 5 power settings levels with power level display for ultrasonic energy
System should be able to power energy instruments with microprocessor controlled bipolar
electrosurgical radiofrequency technology with a quasi-sinusoidal forced impedance output.
System should be equipped with Ultrasonic and advanced energy technology to measure the
tissue impedance and control the power delivery.
System should be equipped with advanced energy technology that can simultaneously seal and
transect vessels up to and including 7mm, large tissue pedicles and vascular bundles.
System should be equipped with advanced energy technology that provides
temperature controlled energy delivery which should maintain tissue temperature
approximately at 100 degree Celsius.
System should have ultrasonic and advanced Energy hand instruments with a unique
electrode configuration to minimize the lateral thermal spread.
System should have ultrasonic and advanced
Energy hand instruments with
technology to deliver high compression uniformly across seal area.
Systems should be able to power hand instruments of 5mm shaft diameter for both
open & laparoscopic procedures and should be both hand and foot activated, with the
following specifications
*Scissor grip Curved Coagulating Shears with curved, tapered tip for precise dissection and
with 240-degree activation triggers that support multiple hand positions in the following
shaft lengths (9cm and 17cm). That can seal blood vessels upto and including 5mm in diameter
*Pistol grip Curved Coagulating Shears with ergonomic handle in the following shaft
lengths (23cm, 36cm, 45cm).That can seal blood vessels upto and including 5mm in
*Curved Blade and Dissecting Hook having telescoping shaft (10cm-14cm) with
integrated hand activation control buttons.
*5mm Lap Dissecting Hook, 32 cm long
System should comprise of the following
1. Generator with harmonic connector and advanced energy connector
2. Footswitch & Cable -01no
1. Harmonic Handpiece (Transducer) -220V -01no
2. Hramonic Handpiece (Blue) -01no
3. Generator Cart -01no
4. Adaptors for ultrasonic and advanced RF energy instruments -01no
Harmonic Hand instruments and disposable:
1.Ultrasonic 5 mm shaft -Laproscopic curved shear shaft length 18 cms- 02 No's.
2. Ultrasonic straight shear for open surgery shaft length 18 cm- 02 No's
3. Ultrasonic curved shear for open surgery shaft length 9 cm- 02 No's.
4. Ultrasonic curved shear for open surgery shaft length 17 cm- 02 No's
5. Tissue sealing probe with 35 cm shaft & 5mm Round head- 02 No's.
6. Tissue sealing probe with 14 cm shaft & 5 mm Round head- 02 No's.
7. Tissue sealing probe for open surgeries with 40 cm curved jaw and 22 cm shaft02 No's
Suitable for treating newborns with respiratory distress, meconium aspiration
syndrome and weaning from mechanical ventilation.
The system should have a servo controlled Humidifier, temperature and flow sensing
with feedback mechanism. It should be compatible for use in invasive and noninvasive therapies.
Displays and temperature of the saturated gas. Option for monitoring the
temperature of the gas at chamber end and near patient end.
The patient breathing circuit should be inspiratory heated with spiral heater coil.
The system should have CPAP/Bubble generator with adjustable CPAP probe with
pressure settings of 3-10cm H20.
Safety mechanism with pressure relief valve and ports for pressure and Fio2
Nasal prongs of silicon of atleast 9 different sizes should be supplied with the system.
Flexible nasal tubing with glider technology, foam block and sizing guide should be
Caps of different sizes should be included in the patient interface.
The patient interface should be compatible for using Nasal mask of different sizes.
The system should have accessories like Air compressor and Air / Oxygen blender.
It should have mobile pole with castors & IV hook and mounting brackets
Unit should be supplied with proper demonstration & setup guides.
It should be compliant with international safety standards & certification.
It should be FDA and CE approved.
Anaesthesia work station includes Anaesthesia Machine, Anaesthesia ventilator and Multi parameter
monitor with ETCo2 . Vaporizers included.
Specifications for Anaesthesia Machine with circle absorber:
Body: Stainless steel body with storage draws with lock facility, anti static wheels with brakes.
Yokes: Pin indexed yokes with pressure regulators and content gauges.
Gas hoses: colour coded gas supply hoses
Ring indexed pipeline fittings and gauges.
Rota Meters: 3- 5 tube anti static rota meters (oxygen, nitrous oxide and air) with 0-12 liters/minute
Circle absorber: circle absorber with 1-2 kg capacity with APL valve and circuit Manometer gauge.
Vaporizers: Should have provision for 2 vaporizers and should accept vaporizers of any make and
should have interlocking facility for vaporizers.
Safety and alarms : Emergency oxygen flush should be easily accessible, should flush 25- 75 lts/ min.
Should be configured for low flow anesthesia.
Should have anti hypoxic device and oxygen ratio control oxygen failure alarm with nitrous oxide cut off
(Audio and visual alarms)
Should have :
Non-return valve for gas outlet.
Movable common gas outlet.
Patient blow off valve.
Oxygen reservoir.
Auxiliary oxygen out let.
Ventilator /bag switch over lever.
Anesthetic gas scavenging system:
Active AGSS:
Size: 443 X 145X 140 mm (height x width x depth)
Type of disposal system : High- flow disposal system.
Applicable standard : ISO 8835-3: 2007 or latest.
Pump Rate: 50 to 80 l/min.
Specifications for Anaesthesia Ventilator:
Power: Electrical power with 100-240 v, 50/60 Hz, 2.3 A ( Maximum) :
Internal battery back up for 90 minutes. Adequate power cord length.
Control circuit: Electronically controlled circuit , the modular system either software/ hard ware should
be up grad able for future modes/ functions.
Drive Mechanism: Electronic drive mechanism.
Trigger/ Drive control: volume controlled with oxygen ratio controller with minimum 21 % oxygen
supply with atmospheric air, when ever power/ oxygen failure is there.
Operating Modes: manual / Spontaneous.
Volume controlled ventilation, SIMV , Pressure controlled, and Pressure support
Compatibility: infant , pediatric and Adult with same bellows.
Display: 6 inches LCD/TFT colour screen with digital and graphical display with touch screen.
Measuring values:
Ventilation rate ( 1-100BPM)
Tidal volume: 20-2000 ml for volume control and SIMV modes, 5-1500 ml for pressure control mode
inspiration Time: 0.2- 10 sec.
Expiration Time: 0.2- 10 Sec.
PEEP ( 0-20 cm H2o,
oxygen concentration (21-100 %)
I:E Ratio 2:1 to 1:8
Minute volume ( 0-40 Lpm)
Airway pressure – peak pressure – 20 to 120 cm H20, mean pressure – 20 to 120 cm H20, Plateau
pressure 0 to 120 cm H20.
Manual controls:
Tidal volume.
Ventilation rate.
I:E Ratio,
Oxygen concentration
Minute volume minute volume
Breath Rate- low and High,
Apnea Alarm
Disconnection alarm
Tidal volume- Low and high,
FIO2: low and high.
Specifications for Multi parameter Monitors:
Power: Electrical power with 100- 240 v, 50/60 Hz, 2.3 A (Maximum) ; internal battery back up for 90
Display: 10 inches TFT colour screen with digital display and wave forms with faciltiy to adjust wave
forms as per convenience.
Control circuit: Electronically controlled circuit, the modular system either soft ware/ hard ware should
be up grad able for future modes/ functions.
Measuring values:
1. Temperature 85˚
F- 110 ˚ F.
2. Respriation 0-100 per minute.
3. Noninvasive blood pressure: Systolic, diastolic ,mean pressure 0-300 mm Hg manual.
4.Pulseoximetry pulse: 0- 300 per minute ; oxygen saturation 0-100 % with plethysomographic
and digital display.
5. ECG: 6 lead display (12 lead advantageous) ST analysis, Arrhythmia detection.
6. ET co2: 0-60.
7. IBP: 0-300 mmHg.
8. CVP;
memory /trends: Graphical and tabular trending with 24- hour memory of all parameters.
Alarms: Audio and visual alarms with grading for life threatening, serious and advisory alarms
for all the parameters measured.
FDA and CE Certified.
Connectivity: To printer port with inbuilt printer.
High Frequency X-Ray machine suitable for general Radiography
High frequency X-Ray Generator having Frequency of 50 KHz or more suitable for Radiography.
Power Output of Generator should be 30 KW or more.
Radiography KV range should be 40 to 110 KV or more.
Radiography mA: up to 300 MA or more.
mAs :- 1 to200 mAs or more.
1. A very compact, Soft Touch Control Panel having following functions & indications. The Panel can be
supplied in Floor or Wall mount Following features should be available on the Control Panel.
2. Machine ON/OFF Switch.
3. Digital Display of KV &mAs.
4. KV &mAs increase and decrease switches.
5. Tube focal spot selection Switch
6. Ready and X-Ray on switch with Indicators
7. Bucky selection switch.
8. A dual action hand Switch with Retractable cord is provided for
Radiation Protection of Operator.
One No. Dual focus Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube having focal spots (Small focus&Large focus)
HV cable: One Pair of High Voltage Cables
One no collimator with aluminum filter & for adjustment of exposure area.
1. Table should be Hand-operated, multi-position (5 positions) X-ray Examination Table including
Trendelenberg position, fitted with sectional rails along its sides to accept accessories.
2. Fully counterbalanced motorized bucky with grid ration 8 : 1 ; approximate 103 lines /
3.Imported grid size 17 1/4“X 18 7/8“ stainless steel cassette tray, compression band and
foot rest.
Floor to ceiling Tube Column stand with counter balanced tube head (Rota table)., mounted on floor
ceiling rails for convenient movements. It should have all necessary locks. The column should be light in
weight. Protection for the rope failure should be provided with the column stand.
Compact heavy duty transformer compressing HV silicon Rectifier, HT transformers, Filament
transformers, bushings all imerced in oil.
Power Supply:
440 V ± 10% V AC, 50 HZ, Three phase.
Double Slot Collimator with remote control and full field illumination.
Sectional rails to accept cones.
Foot switch, immobilizing Device-Belt type, Foot Rest.
The unit should be type approved by AERB.
The Computerized Radiography (CR) System (Computed Radiography System) should have
the following essential components and Features:
1. Image recording system (Cassettes & Imaging Plates)
PSP image plates and cassettes approved for general radiography use must be quoted with the system.
Cassettes should preferably have rewritable label to avoid mix up of patient name / ID with image data
before the same is brought to the CR reader / Digitizer from X-Ray rooms/wards for cassette scanning.
The image plates should be rigid type for improved life and to reduce artifacts from dust or roller marks.
Cassettes and Image Plates :
14 X 17 Inch – 6 No.s
10 X 12 Inch – 4 No.s
10 X 08 Inch – 3 No.s.
2. Image Reading (CR Reader / Digitizer)
→ It should be able to process standard size casse? es.
→ It should have grey scale resolu?on at display (or) out put to processor of 12 bits / pixel or mo???
→???? ??W
????????? ??? ?????VU???T??????VV?W
→ The scanning resolu?on of 100 micron (10 pixels/mm) should be available for all casse? e sizes.
→ The highest through put should be 80 plates/hr or be? er.
????? ????W
??????T?Y??? ????? U???
V? ????????TX????W
V????????? ???T?? ?W
U??????? ?W
?T????? ?
3. Processing Server / CR Workstation with 19” or bigger one LCD Panel
→ PC based uni?ed server / worksta?on for centralized pa?ent ident?????W
????F ?? ?????? ??W
?????? ???V?
I ??W
→It should have provision to Process of iden??ca?on should be ready for interface with exis?ng
? ?V??W
????????? ?W
?? ??? ?????????T?????X??????? ?W
?? ??????????M??? ? ????W
→??U?V????????? ?VW
??????T??T?V???X???????????T??? ???V?? ?W
???V????T?? ?????U??V????????W
→ This server must provide full amount of post processing features like Geometric Correc?ons, Window
I ??????H???????W
U? VH?????W
???V?V??U??V?? ?????VH????T?????T?W
VH?T??? ????????V???T????? ?W
VU???VH?? ??V??????T?VW
??? ??????????????W
????? VH?
R??? H?? ??X????????????V??H?NT???N?U????? ??W
H?? ??V????T??W
??? ??X?????????W
→ This terminal must provide a full ?edge DICOM prin?ng. Should be able to print in mul?ple formats
?? ???? ?? ?????????W
??????????Y???? ?????????X?V?Y????????? ?
→ Should be able to send DICOM images to a DICOM viewing sta?ons or PACS.
4. Dry Imager (For Film Printing)
?? ?? ?VW
??????M?X??? ????H?? ?W
????T??????X?? ?W
??U?? ?VW
→ The System must be DICOM 3.0 Print Service Class Provider, allowing minimum of 5 associa?ons at a
?? ??
?? ?? ?VW
???????? V?I ?U????
→ The System must deliver its ?rst ?lm within 80 seconds from print request.
→ The System must have a spa?al resolu?on of 500 PPI / DPI or more for all sizes printed.
→ The System must have at three online ?lm sizesH???T?VU???T????????????W
U????????? ?????W
U??? ??W
????T????? ?V?Y?V?
5. Essential Software / Features / Accessories :
? ??????????????????T???I ???????? ?V?????VU???T??????????????
→ The worksta?on should have Grid line removal so? ware.
????????? ???????W
??????????VU???T????V??????T?? ?W
?????? ???? ?W
?T?? ?W
?? ?
9.Technical specifications for Manual Rotary Microtome
∑ Ergonomically located coarse feed wheel for fatigue- free operation
∑ Extremely smooth- running hand wheel due to patented spring –based
balancing system
∑ Two safety locking mechanisms on the hand wheel.
∑ Section thickness setting range – 1-60μm .Trimming thickness ranges - 10, 30 μm
∑ Total horizontal specimen feed – approx 30mm.Vertical stroke length of 70 mm for
larger samples
∑ Specimen retraction: approx 60μm can also be deactivated. Precision specimen
orientation with zero point reference
∑ Specimen orientation – horizontal 8º & Vertical 8º. Non orienting fixture for specimen
clamps is available as an optional accessory.
∑ Single- handed operation specimen clamps.
∑ Facility to use cassette clamps also.
∑ A precise knife holder lateral adjustment ensures that the entire width of the blade
can be utilized.
∑ Universal knife holder base for difference knife holders.
∑ Disposable blade holder with integrated safety finger protection guard.
∑ Spacious magnetized section waste tray.
∑ Complementary disposable blades, High Profile – 100 No’s & Low Profile 100 No’s
CMC Required.
∑ Extended 2yrs Warranty.
∑ CE / US FDA approved.
? ?????????VV??????W
?????T???VV????????VV???? ?W
???????????? V
? V?????????? ? ?????????? ?W
?? ?H?T???X?W
?? ?H??????? ???????H?
??????? ? ??????????W
?? ?????? ???? ???W
?????U???V????? ???W
?V??????? ???W
?????? ??W
????? ???? ?? ??????T?XV
?? ????????V?????????U?VW
?? ???W
???? ?W
??? ???? ?Y?????????W
U?Y??T??V???? ?V
?????V?? ?W
U???I ????????W
U?????U???T??????? ?????????
? ???? ?? ?W
X???????? ???I ???????VV?????VV?W
?V??V????? ?W
I T????????V??W
?T??????? ???? ????????? ? ?????W
??????X??????? ?T??????????W
???????????T?? ????????W
? ???? ?? ?V???W
?? ?W
?? ?W
????? ? ??V???????W
?????V???????? ??????????
??T?????????? VH???????? ?VV???V???T?? ?????????T?V?????? ???? ?? ?V???W
?U???????? ???V?VW
?? ?????W
U?? ?W
?? ????W
? ??W
????? ?????????
P ?????W
U?? ?W
?? ????W
?? ????W
? ?W
????????? ????W
?? ?? ?W
??? ?V
X????? ??????X????W
U???????V?????T???? ????W
?VV??V??????V????????????? ??????????V?
?? ?????????T?
?N?I ? ??M??????? ?NM?
Name of Tenderer:
Name of Manufacturer:
Sr.No. Activity
Have you enclosed EMD of required amount for the
quoted schedules?
Have you enclosed clause-by-clause technical
compliance statement for the quoted goods visà-vis the
Technical specifications?
In case of Technical deviations in the
compliance statement, have you identified and marked
the deviations?
Have you kept validity of 120 days from the Techno
Commercial Tender Opening date as per the TE
Have you enclosed duly filled Tender Form as per
format in ?
Have you enclosed Power of Attorney/
Authorisation in favour of the signatory?
Have you submitted manufacturer’s
authorization as per Section?
Have you submitted the certificate of
In case of Indian Tenderer, have you furnished Income
Tax Account No. as allotted by the Income Tax
Department of Government of India?
In case of Foreign Tenderer, have you
furnished Income Tax Account No. of your Indian Agent
as allotted by the Income Tax Department of
Government of India?
Have you intimated the name and full address of your
Banker (s) along with your Account Number
Have you furnished Annual Report (Balance Sheet and
Profit & Loss Account) for last three years prior to the
date of Tender opening?
Have you submitted the Quality Control
Page No. In
Have you accepted all terms and conditions of TE
Have you fully accepted payment terms as per TE
Have you submitted satisfactory end user
performance certificate
Have you submitted copy of the order(s)
against the above end user certificate (s)?
1. All pages of the Tender should be page numbered and indexed.
2. The Tenderer may go through the checklist and ensure that all the documents/confirmations
listed above are enclosed in the tender and no column is left blank. If any column is not
applicable, it may be filled up as NA.
3. It is the responsibility of tendered to go through the TE document to ensure furnishing all
required documents in addition to above, if any.
(Signature with date)
(Full name, designation & address of the person
duly authorised sign on behalf of theTenderer)
For and on behalf of
(Name, address and stamp of the tendering firm)
Medical Superintendent
ESIC Model Hospital,
Nacharam, Hyderabad-500076
Andhra Pradesh
Dear Sir,
Ref. Your TE document No ____________, dated _____________
We, ___________________________________ who are proven and reputable manufacturers
of___________________________(name and description of the goods offered in the tender)
having factories at___________________________________________________________,
hereby authorise Messrs______________________________(name and address of the agent) to
submit a tender, process the same further and enter into a contract with you against your
requirement as contained in the above referred TE documents for the above goods manufactured
by us.
We further confirm that no supplier or firm or individual other than Messrs.
________________________ (name and address of the above agent) is authorised to submit a
tender, process the same further and enter into a contract with you against your requirement as
contained in the above referred TE documents for the above goods manufactured by us.
We also hereby extend our full warranty, CMC as applicable as per clause 15 of the
Conditions of Contract, read with modification, if any, in the Special Conditions of Contract
for the goods and services offered for supply by the above firm against this TE document.
Yours faithfully,
[Signature with date, name and designation]
for and on behalf of Messrs___________________________
[Name & address of the manufacturers]
Note: 1. This letter of authorisation should be on the letterhead of the manufacturing firm and
be signed by a person competent and having the power of attorney to legally bind the
2. Original letter may be sent.
Medical Superintendent
ESIC Model Hospital,
Nacharam, Hyderabad-500076
Andhra Pradesh
Ref. Your TE document No. _________dated ___________
We, the undersigned have examined the above mentioned TE document, including
amendment/corrigendum No. __________, dated ________ (if any), the receipt of which is
hereby confirmed. We now offer to supply and deliver___________ (Description of goods and
services) in conformity with your above referred document.
If our tender is accepted, we undertake to supply the goods and perform the services as
mentioned above, in accordance with the delivery schedule specified in the List of Requirements.
We further confirm that, if our tender is accepted, we shall provide you with a performance
security of required amount in an acceptable form in terms of GCC clause 5, read with
modification, if any, in Section - V – “Special Conditions of Contract”, for due performance of
the contract.
We agree to keep our tender valid for acceptance as required in the GIT clause 20, read with
modification, if any in Section - III – “Special Instructions to Tenderers” or for subsequently
extended period, if any, agreed to by us. We also accordingly confirm to abide by this tender up
to the aforesaid period and this tender may be accepted any time before the expiry of the
aforesaid period. We further confirm that, until a formal contract is executed, this tender read
with your written acceptance thereof within the aforesaid period shall constitute a binding
contract between us. We further understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any
tender you may receive against your above-referred tender enquiry.
We confirm that we do not stand deregistered/banned/blacklisted by any Govt. Authorities.
We confirm that we fully agree to the terms and conditions specified in above mentioned TE
document, including amendment/ corrigendum if any
(Signature with date)
(Name and designation) Duly authorised to sign tender for and on behalf of
Brief Description
Country of
of Goods (with
Price per unit (Rs.)
make & model)
Ex - factory/
Ex-ware house/ Ex-show room/ Off -the
Excise duty(if any
Sales tax/Vat(if any)
Insurance charges for
)(% age &value)
% age &value
loading/unloading &
the period including
incidental cost till
3 months beyond the
consignee's site
date of delivery
Tender price in Rupees: _____________________________________________________________________________
In words: _____________________________________________________________________________________
Note: 1. If there is a discrepancy between the unit price and total price THE UNIT PRICE shall prevail.
The charges for Annual CMC after the warranty shall be quoted separately as per Section-XI – Price Schedule C
Place: ___________________________
Signature of Tenderer_______________________
Date: _________________________
Seal of the Tenderer________________________
Item SI.No.
Brief Description of the goods
Comprehensive Maintenance Contact
Cost for each unit year wise*
*After completion of warranty period
NOTE:-In case of discrepancy between unit price and total prices,the unit price shall prevail
1. The cost of comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) which includes preventive maintenance including testing and calibration as per technical/serv
satisfactory completion of warranty period quoted for next 5 (or as specified) years on yearly basis for complete equipment and Turnkey(if any).
2. The cost of CMC may be quoted along with taxes applicable on the date of Tender Opening. The taxes to be paid extra,to be spe
be taken inclusive of such taxes and no claim for the same will be entertained later.
3. Cost of CMC will be added for Ranking/Evaluation/purpose.
4. The payment of CMC will be made as per clause 21.1(D)
5. The uptime warranty will be 98% on 24 Hours X 7daysX365 days basis or As stated in technical specification of the TE Document.
6. All Software updates should be provided free of cost during CMC period.
7. The stipulations in technical specification will supersede above provisions.
8. The supplier shall keep sufficient stock of spares required during comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC). Incase the spares are required to be imported,it would be
supplier to import and get them custom cleared and pay all necessary duties
Place: ___________________________
Date: _________________________
Signature of Tenderer_______________________
Seal of the Tenderer________________________
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