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Christopher Hale
Moscioni, Tony [Tony.Moscioni@electricalsafety.on.ca]
Sent: Tue 1/18/2011 4:24 PM
Recall Notice: Line Voltage Thermostats by UPM and Noma
Recall Notice
January 18, 2011
Product Name
Line Voltage Thermostats by UPM and Noma
Full Product Description
This recall involves line voltage thermostats sold under the following brand names and model
UPM models: HTM611A and HTM621
Noma models: HTM611A (52-2544-0) and HTM621 (52-2545-8).
Only thermostats that were manufactured in 2008 and have serial number starting with "08" are
included in this recall.
Hazard Identified
The unit may overheat and emit smoke, especially when the load has exceeded the specified
maximum rating.
The company has received 10 reports of minor smoke/soot damage to the wall surface. However, no
injuries have been reported.
Health Canada has not any received reports of incidents or injuries related to the use of these
Corrective Action
https://mail.haltonhillshydro.com/exchange/chrish/Inbox/Recall%20Notice:%20Line%20V... 1/19/2011
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If consumers have purchased or installed these products within the specified time frame,
they should contact UPM Marketing Inc. to receive information on how to check the serial
number. If the unit has a serial number starting with "08", then UPM Marketing will provide
consumers with a free upgrade unit.
For more information, consumers may contact Customer Support at UPM Marketing Inc. at 1-888-4686876 or by e-mail at info@upm-marketing.com.
Consumers may also view the recall notice on the Electrical Safety Authority's (ESA)
Number Sold
Approximately 10,000 units of the effected products were sold at Canadian Tire Corporation stores
across Canada.
Time Period Sold
Most of the affected products were distributed from 2008 through early 2009.
Manufactured in China.
W.H. Mandolyn International Ltd. (Hong Kong).
UPM Marketing Inc.
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https://mail.haltonhillshydro.com/exchange/chrish/Inbox/Recall%20Notice:%20Line%20V... 1/19/2011
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https://mail.haltonhillshydro.com/exchange/chrish/Inbox/Recall%20Notice:%20Line%20V... 1/19/2011
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Tony Moscioni
Senior Electrical Inspector
Electrical Safety Authority
https://mail.haltonhillshydro.com/exchange/chrish/Inbox/Recall%20Notice:%20Line%20V... 1/19/2011
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