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* Savannah Morning News, Friday, July 31,1992- 9C
Clifford Says
He's Innocent
In BCCI Case
Judge Appointed To Heat* Challenge
Staff Wrttr
Superior Court Judge A. Blenn Taylor of Brunswick was appointed Thursday to hear a challenge by
unsuccessful candidate Constance L. Thomas to the
July 21 non-partisan judge race.
A hearing on the suit is anticipated next month,
First District Court Administrator Danny DeLoach
Thomas, who finished second in the three-candidate race for Chatham County Superior Court judge,
sued the Chatham County Elections Board on Wednesday. She contends non-partisan judicial ballots
were placed in different locations on voting machines.
Black voters supporting her often could not find
her name, Thomas' suit contends.
WASHINGTON - Washington
patriarch Clark M Clifford, described as in such poor health that
he may not live long, pictured himself as an innocent victim of the
BCCI banking scandal Thursday. He
vowed to fight charges against him
"as long as I have the strength and
health to do it "
Clifford, 85, a former secretary of
defense and a confidant of Democratic presidents, told reporters, "I
did not know I was being made a
victim, like so many others/' by the
Bank of Credit and Commerce International.
"We accepted them for what they
appeared to be," he said. "We were
deceived. They were not what they
appeared to be."
Clifford and his law partner, Robert Altman, 45, were charged by a
New York state grand jury Wednesday with receiving millions in BCCI
bribes and deceiving regulators
about BCCI's secret control of First
American Bankshares Inc., a Washington bank in which they were executives.
A related federal indictment in
Washington also accused Clifford
and Altman of misleading regulators
about BCCI's role in First American
and their stock ownership in First
American's parent.
Endorsed For
Aug. Runoffs
Staff Reports
Congressional and Chatham County Commission candidates won endorsements
from their former opponents
Thursday for the Aug. 11 runoffs.
Savannahian John Scardinor who placed fifth of seven
candidates in the Democratic
Primary for the 1st Congressional seat, endorsed St.
Marys educator Barbara
Christmas in her runoff
against Buddy DeLoach, the
former mayor of Hinesville.
The winner faces Savannah
Republican Jack Kingston on
Nov. 3.
In the 5th District Chatham
County Commission race, Clifton Jones announced that he
has the support of Yusuf
Shabazz and Lonnie Oglesby,
who finished fourth and fifth in
the five-way race.
Jones and incumbent
Deanie Frazier will meet Aug.
11 in the. Democratic runoff,
with the winner facing no Republican opposition in the fall.
"Hopefully, it would mean
that people who voted for
them would come to our side,"
Jones said.
In announcing his endorsement, Scardino said, "If we're
going to get a fundamental
change in America and in
Washington, then Georgia
must send the best messenger
to Congress to make it so."
that "the American work
force is the key to productivity, competitiveness and progress, "he said.
The 1st District will "celebrate Christmas
Thanksgiving" this year,
Scardino predicted.
WEARY: Clark Clifford wipes his eyes during a news conference.
The two defendants and a lawyer
representing them, Carl S. Rauh,
asked for a prompt trial. Rauh said
Clifford hopes for a trial in Washington. All three declined to answer
Rauh said Clifford has heart disease and other infirmities and takes
medication including nitroglycerin
for angina attacks.
"As is obvious from Mr. Clifford's age and serious medical condition, his doctors indicate he may
.not live very long," Raub said.
"Open heart coronary bypass surgery is being considered, although it
is clearly risky with someone as elderly as Mr. Clifford.
Police Nab Alleged Crack Dealer
ing the property the rewards of illegal drug activity by Smart. He has
yet to be charged with federal drug
Staff Writers
Federal and local authorities
Thursday afternoon arrested a Savannah man once identified as a major crack cocaine dealer.
Stanley Smart, 21, of the 800
block of East Henry Street, jumped
from rooftop to rooftop trying to
avoid police looking for him at his
home. He finally gave up and
climbed down to the officers, who
arrested him on an outstanding contempt of court warrant.
The warrant stems from March
charges filed against Smart for possession of two stolen handguns. After Smart failed to appear for his
court hearing Wednesday, a judge
issued a contempt warrant for his
When officers arrived at Smart's
home at 3 p.m., they talked to his
mother. One of the officers noticed
Smart hiding behind the chimney on
his roof, and the short chase ensued.
Officers charged Smart with obstruction because he tried to elude
Smart's name first surfaced in
1990 when federal prosecutors seized
a house on the city's southside, call-
Also Thursday:
• A two-car collision at a downtown intersection Thursday night
left Savannah police Detective Freddie Praylo with neck and leg injuries.
Praylo was traveling south on
Whitaker Street shortly before 10
p.m. when another car pulled into
his path from Bryan Street. Praylo
was unable to stop in time to avoid
the collision, police said.
The driver of the car, Rene J.
Moret of Saraland, Ala., was to be
charged with disregarding a stop
sign, police said. Other charges are
pending against Moret, police said.
Witnesses told police that Moret,
who was driving west on Bryan in a
rented Hertz 1992 Pontiac Grand
AM, did not break for the stop sign
at Bryan and Whitaker.
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If her suit is successful, Thomas said a new nonpartisan election would be held in the Nov. 3 general
By law, the local Superior Court judges must remove themselves. Judge Faye S. Martin of Statesboro, who is the new administrative judge for the 22county circuit, selected the replacement judge.
Former State Court Judge Charles B. Mikeil Jr.,
with 10,821 votes, won the post without a runoff.
Thomas, a black attorney, finished second with 4,180
votes and attorney Thomas Taggart finished third
with 3,916 votes.
Mikeil and Taggart are white.
Thomas said Thursday she is seeking fairness in
her suit.
"We feel something has to be done to review the
ballot," Thomas said during a press conference at
the Chatham County Courthouse. "It's a matter of
3907 Bull at 56th
925-9355 233-7767
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