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The ZOOM RhythmTrak RT-123 puts a personal rhythm section
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The ZOOM RhythmTrak RT-123 puts a personal rhythm section within easy reach of any
Light weight, compact dimensions
With a footprint corresponding to about half a magazine and a weight of a mere 550g (1.2lbs.), the RT-123 easily
fits into the soft carrying case of a guitar. In the home studio, it does not take up valuable space. Taking it to a
rehearsal site or onto the stage is truly easy.
A large number of preset patterns
The RT-123 offers a large number of preset patterns, it will hardly be necessary to make your own. Simply by
combining the 297 presets (99 x 3 banks), you can quickly create original songs. A user memory that holds 99
patterns is also available.
Self-lit pads and keys
The pads and switches of the unit incorporate LED lights which make them very easy to see on a dark stage or in
other low-light situations. The current mode setting and selected pad can be checked at a glance. This is also
useful for recording in a home studio.
Drum kit focusing on real rock sounds
80 built-in drum kit types provide realistic sound and are geared especially for rock performances.
25 bass programs
Besides drums and percussion, the RT-123 also delivers a wide variety of bass programs.
3-track configuration for each pattern
Two drum/percussion tracks and one bass track make it possible to split up complicated patterns into multiple
tracks. You can for example put a snare and another drum sound on separate tracks and combine these into a
single rhythm pattern. By slightly shifting tracks, interesting effects can be achieved.
Line input for guitar practice
The line input allows mixing the sound of other instruments with the unit's rhythm sound.
The Groove Play for DJs
The Groove Play feature lets you assign a number of desired patterns to the pads and play them at will. Patterns
can of course be created freely, so there are no limits to your creativity.
Simple operation
Operation is truly simple and intuitive, because there are no complex menu trees to navigate. Creative ideas can
be realized on the spot.
Great cost-performance
Delivering great value for money, the RT-123 is an all-round performer.
MIDI capability
The RT-123 can serve as a dedicated rhythm source when receiving a MIDI note. Synchronized play using the
MIDI clock is also possible, letting you use an external sequencer for example to cook up a real mind-blowing
rhythm section.
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Drum Kit (80kid)
00-09: Basic Drum Kits
10-14: Live Rock
15-19: Studio Drums
20-24: Standard Kit
25-29: Funk Trap
30-34: Epic Rock
35-39: Ballad Set
40-44: Modern Drums
45-49: Rap/HipHop
50-54: Techno Beat
55-64: General Drums
65-79: Percussion/SFX
Preset Bank A
(POP 99 Pattern)
A01-A27: Rock 1-27
A28-A35: Hard Rock 1-8
A36-A41: Metal 1-6
A42-A45: Thrash 1-4
A46-A49: Punk 1-4
A50-A53: Fusion 1-4
A54-A57: Industry 1-4
A58-A70: Pop 1-13
A71-A83: R&B 1-13
A84-A99: Funk 1-16
Preset Bank B
(Dance 99 Pattern)
B01-B35: Rap/HipHop 1-35
B36-B47: Dance 1-12
B48-B55: House 1-8
B56-B70: Techno 1-15
B71-B81: Drum & Bass 1-11
B82-B84: Jungle 1-3
B85-B93: Trip Hop 1-9
B94-B99: Ambient 1-6
Preset Bank C
99 Pattern)
C01-C09: Ballad 1-9
C10-C16: Blues 1-7
C17-C21: Triple 1-5
C22-C27: Country 1-6
C28-C33: Jazz 1-6
C34-C37: Shuffle 1-4
C38-C42: Ska 1-5
C43-C50: Reggae 1-8
C51-C62: Afro 1-12
C63-C75: Latin 1-13
C76-C78: Middle East 1-3
C79-C80: Celtic 1-2
C81-C82: Polyrhythm 1-2
C83-C86: Riff 1-2
C87-C88: Arpeggio 1-2
C89-C91: Percussion Part
C92: BD&SD Part
C93: Hi Hat Part
C94: Click&Cymbal Part
C95: Tambourine Part
C96: Heavy Drum Pattern
C97: Speed Drum Pattern
C98: Slap Bass Pattern
C99: Finger Bass Pattern
RT-123 Specifications
Drum Kits: 80 (Including Percussion, SFX kit)
Bass Programs: 25
Rhythm Patterns: Preset; 297 (99x3 banks)/User; 99
Songs: 99 (10,000 notes max.)
Maximum Polyphony: 30 voices
Resolution: 96 PPQN
Tempo: 40 to 250 BPM
Pads: 13 with Velocity Sense
Control: MIDI in, FOOT SW for FS01
Display: 4-digit, 7-segment LED
Line Input: 1/4" jack (Mono)x1, Impedance 33kohm
Line Outputs (L/MONO, R): 1/4" jack (Mono)x2,
Impedance 2.2khom or less
Phones Output: Mini jack (Stereo)x1,
Output Power 50mW into 32ohm
Power Requirements: 9V DC/300mA (from supplied AC adaptor AD-0006)
Dimensions: 196(W)x158(D)x35(H)mm
Weight: 550g (1.2lbs.)
*Accessory: Footswitch FS01
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