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July 2011
July 2011
Nokia Call Connect 2.2 and 2.3 for Alcatel-Lucent – Data Sheet
Nokia Call Connect 2.2
and 2.3 for Alcatel Lucent
Data Sheet
Put the Power of Desk Phones in the Hands of your
Mobile Workforce
Nokia Call Connect simplifies the corporate telephony
architecture by helping to eliminate overlapping
telephones. Employees can use their mobile devices
as primary business phones. Nokia Call Connect for
Alcatel-Lucent integrates Nokia Eseries mobile phones
with the fixed corporate telephony infrastructure.
Call Connect helps to increase user productivity by
extending desk phone features and a single business
number to mobile devices.
simplified – users only manage one business phone number and one
business voice mailbox for one or multiple devices. And the large
color screen on Nokia Eseries devices showcases the intuitive user
interface for easy access to advanced voice commands via simple
menus, icons and buttons.
Increased Return on Investment
The ability to leverage your fixed backoffice voice investments – your
Alcatel-Lucent communication solutions with telephony, voice mail
system, billing and call accounting systems, conference bridges, call
recording systems and more – into a mobile voice solution, can
increase your return on investment.
Opportunities to Manage Costs
Your Alcatel-Lucent infrastructure enables you to bill mobile calls
to the user’s desk phone, reducing the time and costs of managing
mobile phone expenses – for your employees, managers and
accounting department. In addition, call reverse and least cost
routing on the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX can deliver savings on
international and long distance calls by using the most cost-effective
networks. And for truly mobile and telecommuting personnel, you
can opt to issue just a mobile phone.
Seamless usage of both cellular and WLAN access, where WLAN is the
preferred method for IP communications, offers the ability to reduce
mobile service fees and improve control over telecommunications
costs by allowing employees to utilize private WLAN networks instead
of cellular networks in the corporate office.
Turn to Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent for More
Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent are working together to deliver more value
from your existing fixed voice investments. Integrating Nokia Eseries
devices with your Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX system provides a mobile
voice solution that makes smart investment sense.
Key benefits include:
Increase Customer Satisfaction
With Nokia Call Connect for Alcatel-Lucent, your customers can more
easily reach your employees, who will have the features needed to
rapidly resolve customer issues. For example, one business number
reaches your employees, whether they are in the office at their desk
phone or on the road with a mobile phone. And desk phone
functionality – including transferring to or conferencing in the person
able to address a question – significantly increases the opportunity
to achieve first call resolution.
Nokia Eseries Advantage
Nokia Eseries devices are designed to put popular business tools at the
fingertips of your employees – from business voice calls and email to
Internet and Intranet access – all on a single, easy-to-use device.
Nokia Eseries devices offer:
• Business-class mobile email: Mail for Exchange and Lotus Notes
Traveler and other popular third-party corporate email solutions
• Advanced business voice functionality: via Alcatel-Lucent
OmniPCX integration solutions
Improve Employee Efficiency
• Connectivity: supports multiple connectivity options
Nokia Call Connect for Alcatel-Lucent can improve the efficiency of
your on-the-go personnel with mobile access to productivityenhancing desk phone capabilities and push-button switching
between business and personal profiles. Communications are greatly
• Business-tuned performance: extended battery life, quality
speakerphone, popular business accessories
• Security and device controls: compatible with third-party security
and third-party device management solutions
Nokia Call Connect 2.2 and 2.3 for Alcatel-Lucent – Data Sheet
July 2011
Nokia Eseries
Basic call features
Automatic Registration
Supported in
When user enters the office and the device detects the business WLAN network, Nokia Call
Connect will automatically register to the PBX. After successful registration, the device will appear
as a native end point on the corporate voice infrastructure and all inbound and outbound calls will
be routed using the PBX.
Activate Business and
Personal Mode
Business mode activation registers the Nokia Call Connect client to the PBX and enables business
voice services. Personal mode activation deregisters client from PBX; the mobile terminal then
operates in cellular network like a normal GSM subscription.
Make Business Call
After successful registration to PBX, user can keep on using all normal dialing methods and initiate
calls from contact directory, messaging application or call log.
Make Personal Call
User can make a personal call that is not routed through the corporate PBX, also when Business
Mode is active. In this case, user’s cellular number will be shown to the destination party.
Emergency Calls
Emergency calls are primarily routed through the cellular network. However, when coverage is not
available, Nokia Call Connect will try the call through WLAN and PBX (applies for OXE only).
Change Availability Status
User can change his/her availability status to: available or do-not-disturb
Handle Incoming Call
User can receive both personal and business calls. The personal calls are routed directly from
cellular network and business calls come through the PBX and advanced services enabled by Nokia
Call Connect are available for them.
User can activate a callback request to a destination party that is busy at the time of calling. When
the destination party becomes available, the PBX automatically establishes a call to the original
caller and then to callee party.
Hear Current Availability
User can check the current availability status settings by calling to the PBX and listening the audio
notification. The call can be established directly from the application menu.
Dual phone ring
Supported in
User can enable and disable the simultaneous ringing for business calls and set whether the
incoming calls ring only on either desk phone or on mobile device.
Set Callback Request
Voice mail and data services
Call Business Voice Mail
A user can call his/her voice mailbox using the shortcut button.
Deposit Message
When the user calls a co-worker who is at another number on the same PBX, but the co-worker’s line is busy, the
user can select the Deposit Message feature. The client then connects the user to the other party’s voicemail.
Corporate directory
search and contact details
User can access the corporate directory, make queries to it and view contact details by using a built-in directory
application or a third-party application like Mail for Exchange. The service is available both in cellular network
and in corporate network.
Save contact
From corporate directory query results, user can choose to save a selected contact to the local contact database.
Click to communicate
From corporate directory query results, user can initiate call, SMS or email to the selected contact.
In-Call features
Park Active Call supported
in OXE only
Call park enables users to put an active call on hold, then pick it up from another end point. When
a user parks an active call, a park number will appear on the user interface.
Pick Up Parked Call
User can pick up parked calls from the parked extension using call pickup.
During an active call, a user can interact with voicemail systems and interactive voice response
systems (IVR) by sending DTMF tones.
Attended and unattended
call transfer
While having two calls, one active and one on hold, a user can transfer the active call to the thirdparty call. The original user will become disconnected from all calls, while the two remaining parties
continue the call. The user also can directly transfer a selected call to a third party.
Transfer Call to Desk Phone
User can switch the active call to his/her business desk phone.
Swap Calls
While having two calls, one active and one on hold, a user can swap between the calls.
Start Three-Party Conference While having two calls, one active and one on hold, a user can activate a three-party conference call.
End Three-Party
A user can disconnect from a conference call by ending the active conference call.
Reverse Active Call
User can reverse the active call with this feature. The PBX will immediately terminate user’s connection,
while maintaining the connection to the other party. The PBX then calls to the original calling party
user. The feature may provide cost savings while travelling outside the home network coverage.
Switch to cellular
When leaving the corporate WLAN coverage, user can manually hand over the active call from
WLAN to the cellular network.
Automated WLAN-GSMWLAN handover
When leaving the corporate WLAN coverage, Nokia Call Connect will automatically and seamlessly
hand over the call to the cellular network. User can continue the active call without significant
interruption. When user comes from the cellular coverage to corporate WLAN coverage, Nokia Call
Connect will hand over the call from cellular to WLAN network.
Nokia Call Connect 2.2 and 2.3 for Alcatel-Lucent – Data Sheet
July 2011
Remote access and security
Compatibility with VPN
To enable remote connection or to add additional security for VoIP calls, Nokia Call Connect can be
used together with Nokia VPN client and predefined SSID.
Configuration and settings
User can modifiy the client-side application settings. Using Setting menu, the user selects the
Settings section of the client then makes any desired changes. If any settings are changed, the
client connects to the PBX and updates the PBX with the current settings.
To update the current call forwarding setting on the PBX, the Forwarding Settings user selects this
feature then chooses a call forwarding setting to update. Additionally, the user may cancel one or
more call forwarding settings that are currently in effect.
Client Activation and
Before the Nokia Call Connect application can be used with the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX
Enterprise, the Nokia Call Connect client must be activated through an activation service.
OMA Device Management
Nokia Call Connect supports open mobile alliance Management specification on device
management (OMA DM). This enables use of OMA DM compliant device management servers to
configure and update the application settings over-the-air.
WLAN settings cover configuration settings related to the WLAN settings connection and
authentication. In order to register automatically to the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise, a user
has to allow the mobile device to scan available WLANs.
SIP profiles include settings for Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise.
Modify Business Settings
Update Call
WLAN Settings
SIP Settings
*OXE = OmniPCXEnterprise **OXO = OmniPCXOffice
System architecture
Solution requirements for Cellular Mode, OmniPCX Enterprise
Solution requirements for Cellular Mode, OmniPCX Office
• Nokia Call Connect 2.2 and 2.3 for Alcatel-Lucent (cellular mode)
• Alcatel-Lucent Cellular Extension (ACE)
• Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office 7.0 for cellular
Nokia Call Connect 2.2 or 2.3 for Alcatel-Lucent (cellular mode)
Alcatel-Lucent Cellular Extension (ACE)
Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX 7.0 or newer
OmniTouch 8400 ICS (optional)
Solution requirements for Dual Mode, OmniPCX Enterprise
Nokia Call Connect 2.2 or 2.3 for Alcatel-Lucent (cellular mode)
Alcatel-Lucent Cellular Extension (ACE)
OXE SIP license
Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX 8.0
OmniTouch 8400 ICS (optional)
Supported Nokia Eseries devices
• Nokia Call Connect 2.2; Nokia E51, Nokia E52, Nokia E55,
Nokia E63, Nokia E66, Nokia E71, Nokia E72, Nokia E5 ,
Nokia E75 and Nokia E90 Communicator.
• Nokia Call Connect 2.3; Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01,
Nokia E7 and Nokia E6.
Relevant firmware versions for each device need to be verified
from the Nokia Call Connect 2.2 Admin Guide and 2.3 Release Notes.
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