Sase | Bull 300 | Aqua lex Installation Checklist

Aqua lexInstallationChecklist
Hand Tools
Scaled floor plan of store.
Hours store is open.
Schedule and phasing detailed on plan. Color coded.
Contact information for all involved parties.
Pre-installation on site meeting recommended.
Location and identification of electric sources.
Extension cords to provide power to Grinder.
Provide minimum 200 ' extra cord (in case of cord
Pig tail to plug into fuse panel.
Electrician on site: 1-week prior to work beginning to
examine available power.
Electrician to report information to flooring contractor.
Confirm power available (440v/3phase) is compatible with
equipment being delivered to job site (proper amperage).
Approval by store management to run cord from source of
power to grinder.
All concrete grind equipment must have dust shroud and
vacuum attachments.
Insure proper grind bits available, quantity and size.
Orbital 3 Head minimum (Mandatory No Exceptions).
 Orbital Grinders three heads 30 “ units or larger Heavy Duty
HEPA filters.
 Extension cords for HEPA Vacuums.
 (2) spare grinding pad kits.
 (2) 5” grinders with dust shrouds and individual HEPA
 Crack chasing equipment with v-groove blade.
 Buffer to remove adhesive prior to grinding concrete.
 Cut-away disk for buffer, see
 Trash bins to remove debris.
 100 lb. Roller.
 Barricades for foot traffic.
2 “Paint brushes in install Contact cement
Scrapers 6” stand up and 4” razor blades.
Small 4 wheel dollies to move VCT stacks.
Small dollies to move opened tile boxes while installing
 Aquaflex adhesive on site (stored inside building).
 Aquaflex Patch Mix (skim-coat)(No Exceptions) (stored inside
 Epoxy joint filler for cracks (Do Not use cementitious
 Finish trowel to install cementitious patch.
 5gal pails to mix patch.
 1/2 “Drill and mixing wheel.
 Proper trowels and handles (Provided by Formulators )
 Transition to meet existing finishes.
 Contact cement and 2” paintbrushes for transition strip.
 Reducer strips for transitions to concrete.
Flooring Installation
 Remove to bare concrete ALL cementitious patching materials,
(No exceptions)
 V-groove all cracks 1/4” or greater and fill with epoxy.
 Remove ALL paint
 Remove ALL adhesive residues from prior installation.
 Provide DUST FREE substrate.
 Provide qualified labor.
 Do not apply point loads for 24 hours.
 Do not slide VCT tile into place over wet glue.
 Practice proper trowel technique.
 Never fill voids or cracks with adhesive.
 Do not separate tile by slamming cases on floors.
 Do not drive pallet jacks on new installation.
 Do not move inventory over fresh install.
Suggested Equipment Brands
 Floor removal:
Terminator T-2000EI, h p://
 Portable LP generator:
Kohler LP generator 45REZG, fitted with exhaust scrubber,
h p:// onNumber=13261&categoryNumber=12061&prodnum=277361
 Concrete grinder:
HTC 800 Classic, fitted with M1 Silver-16grit metal tool (grind bit),
h p://
 Vacuum system:
SASE Bull 300, 320cfm, HEPA filter, h p://
1790 Boyd St Santa Ana, CA 92705 800.359.3201p
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