MODEL 1001 z
40 Channels
4 Watt Output Power
The maximum power allowed
to give you the maximum
communication range.
front panel locking
mic connector
Easy to connect microphone
locks securely to CB.
CB/pa switch
Allows the CB to be used as a Public
Address System when paired with a
PA speaker.
Instant Channel 9
Immediate access to emergency
channel 9.
Squelch control
Removes background noise.
RF Gain
Adjusts reception sensitivity range for
clear communication.
Digital Power meter
Displays incoming signal strength
and RF output power.
LED Display
Large high-intensity channel readout-
On/OFF/Volume knob, Squelch knob, RF Gain knob,
Tuning knob, CB/PA switch, Instant Channel 9 switch
Jacks and connectors
4 pin locking mic connector, antenna connector, external
speaker connector, PA speaker connector and DC power
cord connector.
INCLUDED Accessories
Push to talk ergonomically designed microphone, 9 ft. coil
mic cord and 4 pin locking connector, Mounting bracket
and hardware, fused DC power cord and owner’s manual.
Easy to read day or night.
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