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KK-Matchgewehre Small Bore Target Rifles
Instruction Leaflet
Small Bore Target Rifles
Mod. 64 R · 64 R L
Bitte sorgfältig lesen, bevor Sie
dieses Gewehr zusammenbauen
oder benutzen.
Please read carefully before you
assemble or operate this rifle.
Preface .......................................................... p.16
Safety instructions ........................................ p.16
General handling of rifles ........................... p.17
Ear and eye protection ................................ p.19
Laws .............................................................. p.19
Product relating safety instructions ............. p.19
Liability .......................................................... p.19
Technical data .............................................. p.20
Assembly, fitting the ANSCHÜTZ barreled action . p.20
Cocking, loading and safety operation ..... p.21
Unloading ..................................................... p.21
Magazine ..................................................... p.21
Trigger ........................................................... p.22
Order-numbers ............................................. p.25
Cleaning, care, maintenance, lubrication .. p.26
Accessories ................................................... p.27
Warranty ....................................................... p.27
Copyright ...................................................... p.27
Drawings / Spare parts .............................. p.28
Warranty card .............................................. p.39
Dear Friends of ANSCHÜTZ,
You have made a good choice, now that
you have decided to buy an ANSCHÜTZ
product. The many great results obtained
with ANSCHÜTZ rifles by target shooters,
participants in the Olympic Games as well
as in World and European championships
throughout the world made your choice
easy, as your rifle has benefited from our
great experience of making fine sporting
and target rifles since 1856. World-wide,
ANSCHÜTZ rifles are respected because
of their fine accuracy, impeccable design
and immaculate workmanship. Should you
still be unaware, they include:
The famous ANSCHÜTZ small bore target
rifles, air rifles and air pistols; small bore
biathlon rifles and repeater summer
biathlon air rifles; hunting rifles and
shotguns in diverse calibers, small bore single loaders and repeaters, Flobert rifles,
silhouette pistols, silhouette rifles and
Varmint rifles.
Safety instructions
Please read carefully the following articles
before using this rifle. It is extremely
important that you become thoroughly
familiar with this rifle and its operating
characteristics by carefully reading and
understanding the instructions in this
booklet before you attempt any use of it
with ammunition. Always remember the
sequence of disassembly. Should you still
have problems with the safe usage and
correct handling of your rifle or should you
have additional questions, please do not
hesitate to contact a competent gunsmith
or dealer or address our factory directly.
This instruction leaflet is extraordinarily
important. Make sure that it is always with
the rifle especially when it is sold, lent or
otherwise given to a third person. Our
products are exclusively meant for target
shooting. Their use is subject to the „General Technical Rules“ for all target shooting
disciplines of the INTERNATIONAL
Bavariaring 21, 80336 München,
Germany or to the rules of the INTERNATIONAL
Airportcenter, Postbox 1, A-5073 WalsHimmelreich, Austria.
Additional copies of this booklet can be
This ANSCHÜTZ firearm has been
carefully test fired and inspected before
shipment from the factory. The mechanism
of this firearm has been properly designed,
tested and fitted with the utmost attention
to safety. However, any mechanical device
can fail and no such device can prevent
accidents caused by carelessness or
thoughtless handling. ANSCHÜTZ cannot
control the handling of each firearm once
they leave the factory. Please take the time
to inspect the firearm carefully before use.
This rifle can be dangerous if it is not used
correctly or if this instruction leaflet is not
observed. The privilege of ownership and
safe use of your rifle carries a personal
responsibility that no one should take
lightly. Rifle accidents would not occur if
the following rules of shooting safety were
Please note:
There is no substitute for personal
responsibility and common sense in the
handling, use and storage of firearms.
Securely store your unloaded guns away
from access by children or unauthorized
General handling of rifles
The Ten Commandments of Firearms
•Learn the mechanical and handling
characteristics of the firearm you are using.
•Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe
•Firearms should be unloaded when not
in use.
•Be sure the barrel is clear of obstructions
before using.
•Be sure of your target before you shoot.
•Wear shooting glasses and ear protection
when you shoot.
•Never climb a tree or fence with a loaded
•Don’t shoot at a hard surface or at water.
•Never transport a loaded firearm.
•Avoid alcoholic beverages or drugs
when shooting or handling a gun.
1. Treat every rifle as though it was loaded. Do not take anyone’s word or
automatically assume it is not loaded.
Check your rifle personally each time you
handle it. The safe and courteous way to
carry a rifle when you are with others is to
leave the bolt open so that they can easily
see that the rifle cannot be fired. Make sure
that the rifle is not loaded when you stop
shooting. Make sure your rifle is unloaded
before every transport. Never pick up your
rifle with your finger on the trigger or the
trigger guard.
2. Whenever you pick up your rifle, point
the muzzle at the ground. Always point the
muzzle of the barrel in a safe direction.
Never pull a rifle towards you by the
3. Only use your rifle in approved shooting
ranges. Shoot your rifle only under good
visibility and daylight conditions. If you use
your rifle in an indoors range, make sure it
is adequately ventilated. Make sure that
there is a safe bullet trap which can be seen
from all sides and that there is no one in
the vicinity of your target. Be absolutely
sure of a safe backstop and target. Never
fire at a hard, smooth surface or water.
Never shoot at a skyline target or into the
air. Do not shoot at anything from which a
bullet may ricochet. Never fire your rifle
with the muzzle in the water or against any
other material to avoid an accident or
damage of your rifle.
4. Be sure that you use the correct ammunition. The correct calibre can be seen
on your rifle. Load your rifle only when you
are at the range and ready to shoot. Use
only genuine ANSCHÜTZ magazines. Do
not exceed the stated magazine capacity.
Alterations to the rifle or the use of nonANSCHÜTZ magazines and accessories
may cause malfunctions.
5. Always keep your rifle clean. Be sure
the bore is not obstructed by dirt, water,
grease or any other foreign materials.
Never try to shoot out any obstruction.
6.Serious injury and damage can result
from the use of the wrong ammunition, bore
obstructions, or incorrect cartridge
7. Place the safety fully into „S“ or „F“
position - never inbetween. Always keep
safety in full „safe“ position until ready to
fire. Do not put your finger on the trigger
when operating the safety or whenever you
are not ready to shoot.
8. When not in use your rifle should be
stored in a locked and secure place
accessible only to you. Check first to make
sure it is unloaded. Store the rifle with
uncocked trigger. Store ammunition in a
separate and secure place. It is your special
responsibility to make sure that at all times
and especially when you are not present
your rifle is well secured, out of any reach
of children, careless adults and other
unauthorised persons and in no way
accessible to them. Never place any
firearm in such a manner that it may be
dislodged. For the safe storage of your rifle
even in a locked cabinet or safe the use of
an additional trigger lock is recommended.
Only give your rifle to authorised persons.
Never let your rifle be used by anyone who
is not familiar with the safe handling of a
rifle and these instructions. This rifle must
only be used by a responsible adult or
under his or her supervision.
9. Watch for any change in the operation
of your rifle which might impair its safety. If
you suspect or note a defect or malfunction,
stop using it immediately, unload the rifle,
make sure that it is not under pressure and
send it to a competent gunsmith, the factory
or its recommended repair station for
inspection. Note: Apart from normal
cleaning the rifle must only be disassembled
by an authorized gunsmith. Unqualified
handling or disassembly can cause injuries
or irreparable damage of the rifle.
10. Your rifle should always be handled with
extreme care. Make sure that it is never
dropped or placed in such a way that it can
fall. For transport purposes your rifle should
be dry and clean. We recommend an
approved protective and lockable gun case.
11. You must be in good physical condition
and mental health and not under the
influence of any substance (drugs, alcohol)
which might impair vision, dexterity or
judgement. Do not use your rifle when you
are tired. Tiredness may result in a loss of
12. Clean your hands carefully after
shooting and cleaning your ANSCHÜTZ
product. Residues of bullets, powder or oil
might impair the health of your skin.
13. Your ANSCHÜTZ rifle has been
carefully built and inspected by skilled
technicians to provide maximum efficiency.
The service life depends on the owner’s
care and on cleaning following this
instruction leaflet.
bolt or leave it open at least. In the case of
a repeater remove the magazine as well.
Make sure there is no cartridge left in the
2. Make sure there is nobody in the area
of case ejection.
3. If you store the rifle remove the bolt and
store the bolt uncocked in a separate place.
Important note for the handling of
1. Exclusively use clean, factory loaded
and new ammunition in the caliber
approved for your rifle.
Ear and eye protection
You and other persons should always use
approved hearing protection and
approved shatterproof eye protection while
When using a firearm observe the corresponding regulations and laws for the use
of firearms in your country.
Product relating safety
Important note for the handling of
1. Unload your rifle immediately if you do
not intend to continue shooting. Remove the
2. Be aware that the range of a bullet
starting from cal. .22 l.r. might be 1.6 km
or even longer. Therefore also be sure of
the safety of the impact area.
1. ANSCHÜTZ does not assume any
responsibility or payment of damage claims
for damages of any kind resulting from the
disregard of these instructions, nonqualified treatment or repair, the use of nonoriginal ANSCHÜTZ spare parts, incorrect
handling, negligence, removal of the knot
varnish or unauthorized modifications.
2. The stock of this rifle has been very carefully checked by factory inspectors prior
to shipment and has been determined to
be free of defects. Certain kinds of abuse,
such as dropping of the rifle can cause
damage to the stock for which the owner
is solely responsible. We also assume no
responsibility for defects resulting from
inappropriate transportation (mail,
forwarding agency, plane, etc.). Please
immediately contact your transporter in
such a case.
3. Changes or alterations to this rifle or any
of its parts are prohibited. Such changes
or alterations can significantly impair the
safe use of our product and can lead to
accidents involving severe or even fatal
bodily injuries. Any product warranty will
automatically lapse in case changes or
alterations are implemented. Users are
requested to carefully inspect the product
with regard to possible changes and
alterations before use. In case of doubt you
should contact us for further information.
Small bore target rifles
Mod. 64 R
Technical Data:
64 R
Barrel length:
Total length:
Total lengthSystem:
Weight approx.:
.22 l.r.
54 cm/21.2“
54 cm/21.2“
100 cm/39.3“
69 cm/27.2“
3,6 kg/7.9 lbs
Assembly, fitting the
ANSCHÜTZ barreled action
The stock, the barreled action and the bolt
are packed separately for shipment and
need to be assembled. However, do not
do this until you have followed all the
procedures listed below.
•Wipe away excess oil from the barreled
action and the bolt.
•Cock the bolt by turning the guide bolt
and the bolt handle opposite to each other.
•Insert the bolt by actuated trigger.
•Remove the magazine from the
magazine well.
•Insert the barreled action into the barrel
channel in the stock and press both parts
•Screw in bedding screws with suitable
allen wrench. First slightly tighten all
screws. Then tighten the front screws and
subsequently the rear screws (in the
direction of the muzzle). For correct
adjustments we recommend a torque
wrench, which is to be adjusted to
5 Nm (= 50 cmkp) for wood stocks.
•Pull a cleaning patch through the barrel
from the chamber towards the muzzle
several times.
•Push the magazine in the magazine well
until you hear that the magazine holder
caught the magazine.
After assembly for the first time settlements
of the stock wood may occur.
Consequently we suggest that you tighten
the screws once more in the manner
described after some time. Check the the
screws before every shooting.
Cocking, loading and safety
•Degrease the bolt and the interior of the
barrel without leaving lint.
•Open the reinserted bolt and pull it back
to the stop.
•Now push the bolt forward to close the
breech. A cartridge from the magazine
is fed into the chamber of the barrel.
Now push the bolt handle completely
downwards. The bolt is now cocked, the
rifle is ready for shooting.
•After firing, lift the bolt handle and pull
the bolt fully to the rear. This will cock
the bolt again and eject the empty case.
For safety reasons the rifle must
immediately be unloaded if you intend to
stop shooting. Unlock and open the bolt.
This will eject the cartridge. Please also see
safety instructions for the handling of rifles
and pistols.
•Remove the magazine from the magazine
•Push the cartridges with the head first into
the magazine.
•Push the magazine into the magazine
well until you hear that the magazine
holder has caught the magazine.
•Now open the bolt completely, push it
forward and lock it. Thus the first cartridge
of the magazine is fed into the barrel, the
firing pin is cocked. The rifle is now ready
for shooting.
The safety is located on the side of the
receiver. It can be operated in cocked
The rifle is
•safe, when the „S“ (safe) is visible but
the „F“ (fire) is covered
•ready for shooting when the „F“ (fire) is
visible but the „S“ (safe) is covered.
2. Sear engagement
The sear engagement is the distance between the second stage and the release of
the trigger.
Important note:
Your ANSCHÜTZ target rifle offers you a
versatility of individual adjusting properties.
Please make sure that your rifle always is
unloaded when carrying out adjustments.
1. Trigger weight
Adjust the trigger weight with set screw
No. 2:
•if you turn it to the right:
trigger weight is increased (+)
•if you turn it to the left:
trigger weight is decreased (-)
Trigger weight and first stage weight
depend on each other with regard to the
mechanic mechanism. If one of them is
changed there will always be a corresponding change of the other as well.
To protect your precise trigger and to
guarantee perfect operation you should
always close the action carefully. If the sear
engagement of single stage triggers is too
small and the trigger weight is too low or if
the first stage of two-stage triggers is too
short, the trigger might release
inadvertently by a sudden impact or too
powerful closing of the action if the gun is
loaded and not in the ”safe“ position.
Adjustment of the sear engagement for
assembled two-stage triggers with set
screw No. 1:
•if you turn it to the left:
sear engagement is shortened
•if you turn it to the right:
sear engagement is extended
Adjustment of an optimum sear engagement:
Make sure your rifle is not loaded. Cock
your rifle and release the trigger. Check if
the trigger releases as desired.
The sear engagement is too long:
There is a small distance between the
second stage and the release of the trigger.
•Turn set screw No. 1 counter-clockwise
after cocking and releasing (approximately 1/8 turn each).
•Repeat this process until you do not feel
the second stage anymore. Then turn
1/4 turn back to the right. Thus the
optimum sear engagement is adjusted.
The sear engagement is too short:
There is no second stage. The trigger
releases undefined without second stage.
•Turn set screw No. 1 clockwise for at
least 1/4 turn after cocking. Then release
the trigger and check if there is a second
stage. If not, repeat this procedure until
you feel a second stage.
•As soon as you feel a second stage
proceed according to the points of the
paragraph „The sear engagement is too
long“ to obtain an optimum sear
Adjustment of the optimum sear
engagement for assembled single stage
triggers with set screw No. 1:
•Cock the rifle.
•Turn set screw No. 1 (first stage) as long
to the right until the trigger releases.
•Turn set screw No. 1 from this position
approx. 1/4 turn to the left.
3. Malfunctions of the trigger due to
wrong adjustment procedure
If the trigger is not adjusted correctly malfunctions may occur, tampering with the
trigger adjustments will not result in any
success. Therefore proceed as follows:
After every change the function of the
trigger must be checked. When the
malfunction is removed check the desired
trigger values and adjust them again if
The trigger catches the cocking piston or
firing pin, but the trigger does not release:
•Make sure that the safety of the trigger is
The trigger does not catch the cocking
piston or firing pin:
•The first stage trigger is adjusted too
•Turn set screw No. 1 approx. 1-2 turns
to the left. Procede according to par. 2.
4. Maintenance
Please see chapter „Cleaning, maintenance, care, oils“.
Single stage triggers are very sensitive and
must be operated with special care.
The sear engagement of 5/100 mm is obtained after the action is closed. In
combination with a minimum trigger weight
there might be a malfunction and an
increased risk (independent shot
Adjustment of the trigger blade:
After loosening clamping screw No. 3 the
trigger blade can be moved in longitudinal
Important note:
To protect your highly accurate trigger and
to maintain perfect functioning always
close the bolt carefully.
If you change the trigger remove the bolt
from the receiver when fitting the trigger
as otherwise the trigger will be damaged.
100 g
100 g
550 g
550 g
1607, 1613, 1608 EDS
100 g
100 g
150 g
150 g
550 g
550 g
550 g
550 g
1500 g
5071/1 D
5075/1 D
5018 L
5018 D
5018 L D
5020 L
5020 D
5020 L D
5098 L
5100 D
5100 L D
5104 L
280 g
280 g
500 g
500 g
1500 g
550 g
550 g
100 g
2001 Superair
5021 D
550 g
2001 D-RT Superair
100 g
1500 g
2002 Superair
5023 D
550 g
2002 D-RT Superair
5020 D
550 g
2002 D-RT Compr.Air, 1827, 1827F
550 g
2027 Summer biathlon
Left hand
1408 D-U1
1903, 1416 MSP, 1403 Rep.
64 MSR, 64 MPR, 64 R
When you order trigger parts
please indicate the order
number, type of rifle model
together with the trigger model
number. For left hand versions
please add ”L”
1807, 1907, 1807 Z, 1907 Z
1907 Silh., 1807 Rep.
1907 Rep., 1907 Rep., 1912
1813, 1913, 1808 EDS
1808 D-RT, 1827, 1827F, 2007 starting
from 1979 182156
2007/660, 2012, 2013
2013/690, 2013 Benchrest
54.18 MSR, 1808 MSR
2002 Compressed Air,
2020, 2025
For small bore
models serial-no.
starting from
Right hand
For small bore
production years
Adjusted to
1407, 1407 Z, 1409, 1411 1959 - 1974
1413, 1408 EDS
For models
Order No.
150 g
500 g
500 g
Left hand version
Single-stage trigger
Running target
Cleaning, maintenancce, care,
Even after considerable use, your
ANSCHÜTZ small bore match rifle will not
require much attention - a tribute to its solid design, first class materials, well proven
ANSCHÜTZ workmanship and precision.
If you follow the recommendations below,
you will help maintain the excellent
performance of your rifle for a long time.
Regular care after every shooting:
•Please only use resin and acid free oils.
•Remove any residues from the barrel.
Clean with a lint-free cloth or pull
cleaning cords several times through the
barrel from chamber to muzzle to remove
deposits. Subsequently pull a slightly
oiled, lint-free cloth or cleaning cords
through the barrel to avoid corrosion.
•Clean the bolt with a slightly oiled cloth.
•Make sure that the metal parts of your
rifle are protected against corrosion by
a slight oil film.
•Remove the oil film with a dry cloth or
cleaning cords before you shoot again.
Careful cleaning:
New rifles up to 10,000 shots in 1,000
shot intervals, subsequently in 5,000 shot
intervals at least.
•Use oil to clean the barrel and push a
brass brush from the chamber to the
muzzle. Never move the brush back and
forth in the barrel. Only clean in shooting
direction. Remove the brush outside of the
muzzle and carefully pull the rod back
through the barrel.
•Then pull cleaning cords in dry condition
through the barrel until the last one shows
no considerable dirt.
•Before shooting the next time fire 5 shots
to get back to the former shooting performance.
•Clean external parts with a slightly oiled
Maintenance of the trigger:
•Lubricate the bearings slightly with cold
resistant molybdenum disulphide grease
once a year.
•Spot a small amount of oil into the
bearing parts using a needle.
•The internal parts should not be washed
with spray or oil to avoid resin or other
residues in the trigger.
When cleaning the rifle no dirt, residues of
solvents, grease or non-suitable oils must
get into the trigger mechanism. We
therefore recommend either to use our
cleaning rod guide or to clean your gun in
a way that it is horizontal or even with the
stock up to avoid any contamination of the
trigger mechanism.
Protect your rifle against dust, sand,
humidity, heat and other harmful influences.
Vacuum clean your gun case or soft gun
case once a month to remove dust and lint.
Gun cases and soft gun cases should have
a smooth and dust rejecting inner lining.
Be aware that condensed water might
occur as a result of temperature variations.
In such a case it has to be removed at once.
Leave your gun case or soft gun case open
when you store them at home so that
possible humidity can escape. Adding a
humidity absorber reduces the development of humidity. Be aware of other
possible changes or damage. In such a
case take your rifle to an authorized
gunsmith for checking or send it to our
To reduce the risk of damage in transit, we
recommend the disassembly of the
barreled action from the stock.
Please ask for our catalogue.
A warranty of 2 years will be issued. Parts
which are subjected to wear are not part
of this warranty. In the case of warranty
we substitute the defective parts free of
charge. Cases of warranty will only be
accepted if the article in question and the
corresponding purchase receipt plus
filled-in warranty card are presented.
Warranty will not be accepted if changes
or repair works have been carried out by
persons who are not authorised, if the rifle
is not used correctly or if non-ANSCHÜTZ
original parts were used.
Product specifications, design and model
changes are subject to change without
prior notice. Dimensions and colors are
subject to change. With reservation of
misprints and errors. Goods are subject to
priorsale. Delivery subject to the presentation of the referring license for the
purchase of firearms.
the ANSCHÜTZ logo in connection with
the slogan „Die Meister Macher“ (also in
modified spelling) are protected brands of
J.G. ANSCHÜTZ GmbH & Co. KG, Ulm,
Germany. The unauthorized use of this
brand name is not allowed and punishable.
All rights of this instruction leaflet reserved.
The use of the instruction leaflet, also in
excerpts, is not allowed without the
permission of J.G. ANSCHÜTZ GmbH &
Co. KG and otherwise is punishable. This
is especially applicable for unauthorized
copying, translations and read-ins in
electronic systems.
We wish you much pleasure and success
with your ANSCHÜTZ product and would
be pleased if you could let us have your
ideas on our products and the design of
this instruction leaflet.
Stempel und Unterschrift des Fachhändlers
stamp of dealer / timbre du détaillant
Dieser Artikel wurde zum Verkauf freigegeben, nachdem er
selbst, seine Materialien und Einzelteile strenge Konrollen
durchlaufen haben, oder das Gewehr beim Beschuss seine
Haltbarkeit und Funktion unter Beweis gestellt hat. Wir übernehmen für zwei Jahre volle Garantie auf Material- oder
Bearbeitungsfehler (ausgenommen Schaft- und Federbrüche),
sofern ein Mangel nachweisbar bereits im Zeitpunkt der
Übergabe des Artikels vorlag. Für Mängel, die auf unsachgemäße Behandlung oder auf Reparaturen zurückzuführen
sind, stehen wir nicht ein. Die Garantieleistung steht in unserer Wahl in Nachbesserung oder Neulieferung. Schadensersatzansprüche – aus welchem Rechtsgrund auch immer
geltend gemacht – sind ausgeschlossen. Wir bitten, diese
Karte – von Ihrem Waffenfachgeschäft ausgefüllt und unterschrieben – mit dem Artikel an uns einzusenden.
J.G. ANSCHÜTZ GmbH & Co. KG · Jagd- und Sportwaffenfarbrik
Postfach 1128 · D-89001 Ulm/Germany ·
Serial-No. / Numéro de série:
Date / Date d‘achat:
This item was bought from / Détaillant:
After throrough testing of materials and finished parts this
item has passed a rigid final inspection as well as proof
testing or test shooting. If, despite these precautions, there
is any failure due to defective materials or workmanship
(except brocken stocks and springs) within two years the
necessary repairs will be carried out without charge, in so
far as the item was evidently defective at the time of
purchase. No claims under warranty can be accepted if
the item has been subjected to improper use or unauthorized
repair. The item will be either repaired or replaced at our
discretion. Claims for compensation – put forward for any
legal cause whatsoever – are excluded. This warranty card
– completed and stamped by your dealer – must be
returned with the item for repairs.
J.G. ANSCHÜTZ GmbH & Co. KG · Jagd- und Sportwaffenfarbrik
Postfach 1128 · D-89001 Ulm/Germany ·
Cet article n‘a été mis en vente qu‘après une vérification
minutieuse des pièces et matières à tous les stades de la
fabrication ou après avoir subi un contrôle de fiabilité et
de bon fonctionnement au banc d‘épreuve. Nous la garantissons pendant deux ans contre tout défaut de matière ou
vice de fabrication (sauf contre les bris de crosse ou de
ressorts) dans la mesure ou il peut être prouvé qu‘un défaut
éxistait déjà au moment de l‘achat de l‘article. Nous ne
répondons pas des défauts résultant d‘une utilisation
incorrecte ou de réparations. Nous nous réservons d‘exécuter la garantie soit par remise en état soit par échange.
Les demandes en dommages-intérêts sont irrecevables quelle que soit la cause mise en avant. Veuillez faire remplir
et signer cette carte par votre armurier et nous l‘adresser
avec l‘article.
J.G. ANSCHÜTZ GmbH & Co. KG · Jagd- und Sportwaffenfarbrik
Postfach 1128 · D-89001 Ulm/Germany ·
Serial No.: ..........................................................................
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