Set the temperature of your freezer at or below -18oC. Quick Pop™ Maker is ready to use after
approximately 24 hours in the freezer. To check if it is ready for use, gently shake the unit, if you
can hear liquid moving inside then it is not frozen. Lower the temperature of your freezer and
freeze unit again.
When filling your moulds, place the stick in first, then slowly pour in your liquid and stop just
before the fill line – remember liquids will expand as they freeze! If your liquid is chilled it will
result in faster Quick Pops.
When the Quick Pop is visibly frozen in the centre, place the Super Tool over the pop stick and
rotate clockwise until the Quick Pop loosens. Once the Quick Pop is loosened from the cavity,
unscrew that Super Tool by rotating it counter-clockwise while the Quick Pop is still in the mould
cavity, then gently pull the Quick Pop out.
Defrost the unit completely before washing to prevent water from freezing in the moulds.
After washing, dry the Quick Pop™ Maker thoroughly before placing it in the freezer. If there is
any water left in the moulds the pops may be impossible to remove. (There is no need to wash the
unit in between batches).
My Quick Pop is stuck. What could cause this?
 If the sugar content is too low, or if the ingredients are too soft (some types of ice cream,
pudding, and yoghurt) the pop may get stuck in the mould.
 Do not fill past the fill line. Stop just below the fill line to allow room for liquids to expand as
they freeze.
 Ensure the stick is inserted prior to pouring liquid into Quick Pop™ Maker.
 If a pop is stuck, do not apply excessive force to the Super Tool or try to pry the pop out.
Simply defrost the unit, clean (refer to cleaning instructions), dry thoroughly and try again with
another type of juice.
Can I make sugar-free pops? Natural sugar helps release the pops from the moulds. Without
any sugar the pops can be very difficult or impossible to remove from the Quick Pop™ Maker.
Any type of natural sugar will work and only a small amount is needed – Natural fruit juices contain
natural sugar (apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, carrot juice, etc.) and work fine. Other healthy
sweetener ideas are to add honey, molasses, maple syrup, agave nectar etc. to your pop recipes.
It is important to note that not much sugar content is needed to make it work, we’ve had success
with 75% water and 25% apple juice, so diluting fruit juices with water to reduce sugar content is
acceptable. Another strategy to reduce sugar content without compromising flavour is to mix a
sugar-free beverage with one that contains sugar.
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Do you want your Quick Pops even faster? A speed tip from our office staff, once you pour your
fillings in the moulds place the Quick Pop maker back in the freezer for an even faster pop!
Ingredients with high fat content and/or very low freezing points should be used in moderation to
avoid producing pops that are too soft to pull out of the Quick Pop™ Maker. Avoid ‘soft pulls’ by
using the following in moderation: alcohol, butter, buttermilk, coconut milk, cream cheese, heavy
cream, ice cream, nut butters, sour cream, sweetened condensed milk.
Milk: Whole milk will yield a creamier pop. Low fat milk can be used & will yield a firmer & icier
Yoghurt: Dilute with a little low fat milk for easier pouring.
Dairy alternatives: Soy milk and rice milk can be used.
Fruit: use fresh, bottled, frozen or canned fruit – blend or juice, or add thin slices to decorate using
the fruit wand.
Artificial sweeteners & beverages: sugar-free products made with artificial sweeteners may
prevent pops from releasing from the moulds. Artificial sweeteners can be combined with small
amounts of natural fruit juices & concentrates, honey, maple syrup or sugar which will help the
pops release from the moulds while minimizing the overall sugar content.
Soft drinks: Let soft drinks go flat before freezing them, this will eliminate bubbles from your pops
resulting in a smoother texture and better taste. If the drinks are not flat, they may expand and
overflow past the fill line thus preventing the Super Tool from removing your pops.
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