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At-a-Glance Guide*
Collect, organize and publish imagebased e-portfolios using Apple’s iPhoto®
What to do? Here is the process we will cover:
Here are just a few instructions to get you started to create an artifact or a complete electronic
portfolio that is primarily comprised of images that are either scanned or taken with a digital still
camera. I have correlated iPhoto’s steps with my stages of electronic portfolio development
( ).
Import Images (Stage 2: Creating the digital archive)
Import your images using File Menu -> Import… .
Organize images
Create a new Album to hold images for the portfolio.
Drag images from the Library into the new Album.
Click and drag the images into the appropriate order.
Assign Keywords
Create a new Album for each version of the portfolio that you want to create (i.e., one for a
Book, another for a QuickTime movie).
Edit images
Crop pictures
Adjust brightness and contrast
Remove red-eye
Constrain the size
Create a Book: (Stage 3: The Reflective Portfolio)
Select Theme of Book
Select Page Design
Add comments to each image
– these comments provide the reflective rationale for including each image
Preview and Print (to PDF!)
Share (Stage 5: The Presentation Portfolio) in many formats:
Print in paper or electronic (PDF) format
Slide Show with music (from iTunes)
Home Page (create an HTML Gallery)
QuickTime movie (Edit Movie, add a narration sound track with QuickTime Player Pro)
Conversion: When completed, images collected in Albums can be converted into HTML, PDF, or
QuickTime movie formats. Home Pages can be uploaded to your iDisk account.
© 2003, Helen C. Barrett, Ph.D.
*This one-page summary provides a quick guide to the process. A comprehensive handbook with more detailed instructions and videos is available on CD-ROM.
Permission is granted to educational institutions to print this page for non-profit educational purposes only. All other rights reserved.
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