How to Configure the Digidesign Mbox for Use with

How to Configure the Digidesign Mbox for Use with
Digital Performer 3
-You will first need to run the Digidesign/Protools installer that came with
the Mbox interface. If you have any questions regarding which components
to install, you will need to consult your Mbox documentation or contact
DigidesignMake sure that you have the Mbox connected to a USB port on your computer and
open a new or existing project inside of Digital Performer. Once inside the
program, you will need to select the Basics menu at the top, scroll to “Configure
Audio System”, and then select “Configure Hardware Driver” from the sub-menu.
Inside of this window, make sure that “Digidesign Direct I/O” is selected as your
hardware driver in the drop down list.
Once this is selected you should see two options in this window stating “Configure
Hardware Setup” and “Override Internal Buffer Size”. If you wish to adjust your
Samples per Buffer settings for the Mbox, it will be done here.
Click on the “Configure Hardware Setup” button, a panel listing the Mbox’s set
up features will appear.
If the window states that the Mbox is disconnected, check your USB connections
from the computer to the Mbox.
Once you have made your appropriate hardware settings, you can click the ok
button and you will be returned back to the Digital Performer program. You will
now be able to select the Input and Output ports for your Mbox from the input and
output columns. They will publish as In 1 and/or 2 and Out 1 and/or 2. If you do
not see these selections in the input or output columns you will need to create
either a new mono or stereo bundle from these same columns.