New Remote Power Controllers
from Multi-Link Inc.
With an increasing number of remote devices deployed
in-band and out-of-band within network platforms,
companies need reboot solutions using one or both
methods---and Multi-Link has them. Multi-Link’s remote
power controllers help IT administrators improve device
uptime, increase problem response time, extend
equipment life, and save travel, labor, and energy costs.
The Power Stone and the Internet Power Stone
give IT departments multiple control options by
browser, phone, auto fault detection, scheduling,
and even MSN chat. Affordable yet invaluable,
Multi-Link puts remote networks back in your control.
Powerful Benefits
Reduce Costly On-Site Visits - Reboot
remote AC equipment as first step
in troubleshooting
Reduce Downtime - Restore power
to remote devices in minutes instead
of hours
Instant R.O.I. - Pays for itself with
one saved service visit
Control Power Consumption - Save
energy by turning equipment off when
not in use; Extends product lifetime
In-Band Control: IP Power Stone 4000
The IP4000 is a two outlet remote AC power controller with browser interface.
The primary feature of the device allows remote power control of two AC power
outlets using a web browser. This device is a perfect tool for IT personnel managing
remote devices across a building or across the globe. The IP4000 provides the
ability to either manually control power remotely over the internet, automatically
by network fault detection, auto-scheduling, or MSN chat.
Features: Multiple control options; Supports multiple protocols; 2 outlets; Sequential
power reboot; Event logging; 100 ~ 250 VAC 10 Amps
Out-of-Band Control: The Power Stone
The Power Stone is a phone call activated remote AC power controller and can
perform a variety of power control functions to any connected equipment. It can
power up, power down, or reboot remote equipment through a single phone line
either automatically or manually and does not need a dedicated phone line to
operate. And, it’s simple to use as a telephone.
Features: Remote reboot, power up/down using an exisitng phone line; Remote
programming; No software or drivers; Manual and automatic reboot modes ;
User defined security code for remote access; 120VAC, 15 Amps
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