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It’s simply faster to install
This compact panel is perfect for
residential and small commercial
Z-Wave® Compatible
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Designed for fast, reliable wireless installations
Increase your RMR with cellular, network, or WiFi communication
28 wireless zones with pre-named zones
Supports up to 8 two-way wireless key fobs or
two-way wireless outputs
Supports 4 fully functional two-way wireless keypads
Supports fully functional two-way wireless sirens
SYStem features
• XTL - GSM Technology/XTLC - CDMA Technology
• Plastic enclosure can be easily wall mounted or located on a • shelf and can be customized with your logo printed on the light • •
• Provides recurring revenue opportunities
• Uses Cellular Services from SecureCom Wireless
• Remote control via MyAccess™ & DMP App
• easyNET™ connection for the DMP App when used with a • •
network connection
• All/Perimeter, Home/Sleep/Away or Area system
• 30 user codes with authority levels
• 100-event memory
• Supports up to four two-way wireless LCD 9000 Series keypads
Arm only, ambush code, and temporary user code options
Built-in standby battery
Built-in English text programming from any LCD keypad
Selectable automatic arming and disarming
Open/Close schedules with Closing Check
Late to Open/Early to Close and Traffic Count features for retail installations
Attrition Detection™ monitors system for arming activity
Programmable User Inactivity Monitor watches for on-site activity
Remote program/download with Remote Link™ over cell, network, or WiFi using SecureCom Wireless
Intrusion | Fire | Access | Network | Cellular
Receiver 1 & 2 Operation
Simple Arming
Select one or two receivers for messages
regarding alarms, supervisory/trouble,
opening/ closing, and test reports. Send all
messages to both receivers or identify one
receiver for alarms and second for reports
or trouble messages to alert only the proper
On-Board Cellular, network,
or wifi Communication
The XTL cellular interface works on
digital cellular GSM/GPRS in the USA and
Canada, and the XTLC works on CDMA data
networks in the USA. Cellular connections
can’t be cut, providing greater security than
traditional land-line dial-up connections.
Cellular transmission is a great solution
for installation sites without a land line or
currently using VOIP lines.
The XTLN control panel includes a built-in
network communicator for the fastest and
most secure alarm communication available.
XTLN-WiFi includes built-in network WiFi
communication to provide you with all the
options you may need.
XTL provides multiple arming
configurations: Area arming with six
separate areas; All/Perimeter arming
with perimeter and interior areas; or
Home/Sleep/Away arming with perimeter,
interior, and bedroom areas. Users can
arm the perimeter and interior at night
while leaving the bedroom area disarmed.
Remote control via
myaccess: SMS Messaging
DMP MyAccess lets users send commands
via text messages to their panel. Residential
and smaller commercial users can now
remotely control their systems, including
the ability to arm or disarm their system,
control outputs, retrieve system status, and
perform other functions. Each command
received by the panel is acknowledged back
to the user via return SMS Message.
Check System Status
Users can be informed of alarm system
activity and status. The panel transmits text
messages regarding alarms, troubles, and
arming/disarming events. SMS messages
can be directed to as many as three
cell phone numbers. Messaging can be
configured via Remote Link™ or from the
Direct Data Transmission
The digital cellular communicators transmit
IP data packets directly from the panel
over the GSM/GPRS or CDMA wireless data
network. All of the messages being sent by
the control panel are received directly by
the DMP Central Station receiver. There is
no retransmission or reinterpretation of the
information. Direct reporting means faster
response, with no concerns about signals
not being properly relayed or intermediate
communication links failing.
Remote Control via dmp App
The DMP App provides iPhone™ and
iPad™ owners, as well as Android™
users, with the ability to access a number
of system functions remotely via cellular
connection. As a dealer, the App provides
the opportunity to brand it using your
company logo.
fully supervised
You’re kept fully informed of system status.
The unit sends full reporting messages
including Zones, Areas, and Users, with all
names and details included. Full supervision
ensures that the cellular communication path
is intact and functional.
One-Stop Cellular
SecureCom Wireless provides a reliable
wireless solution for the XTL’s transmission
of alarm signals to the Central Station
easyNET enables the control panel to establish
an outbound connection to SecureCom over
the network. This allows for an effortless
installation of network panels, without any
customer router programming, providing
extremely quick App connection times.
• At a glance, check system status
including programmed areas.
• Arm or disarm the system in an instant
• Select from the Home/Sleep/Away
arming options for home systems.
• Select from the All/Perimeter arming
options for office systems
• Select from Area Arming Options
• Tap any programmed outputs to turn
them on or off.
• Adjust lighting/thermostats/locks.
• Video capability - up to 6 cameras, remote viewing.
Supports iOS™ &
Android™ Devices
On-Board Wireless
The XTL Control Panel
includes a Wireless Receiver on-board
supporting the 1100 Series wireless
devices. These 900MHz frequency-hopping,
spread-spectrum devices feature two-way
communication for superior operation,
supervision, and battery life. Two-way
communication minimizes repetitive
signaling and helps to quickly identify
missing transmitters.
With 28 wireless zones the transmitter
options are more than sufficient for most
installs. The industry’s only PIRs that are
configurable over the air, 8 key fob zones
or 8 wireless outputs including arm/alarm
LED, wireless sirens, and wireless relays
make the XTL a perfect choice for residential
or small commercial applications.
1135 Wireless Sirens
The 1135 Wireless Siren Series makes it
possible to quickly and easily place one
or more sirens as part of an installation.
With both residential and commercial end
users, this battery powered siren is an
easy, add-on sale to customers who want
the extra security provided by locating
sirens in several interior locations. The
1135 includes a cover tamper and survey
LED, and comes with batteries. The 1135
has a volume of 100 dB, while the 1135dB
offers 110 dB.
9000 Series Wireless Keypad
The 9060 and 9063 Wireless Keypads are
fully functioning, supervised keypads that
provide installation flexibility. These fullfeature keypads include four 2-button
panic keys and an internal speaker. The
backlit keyboard is easy to read, and both
the keyboard and logo turn Red in alarm
conditions, providing a visual alert. Both
Keypads have a 32-character display, and
can be programmed with a 16-character
home or business name. The 9063 keypad
also includes a built-in proximity reader for
codeless arming and disarming.
Built-In Programmer
Zone Inactivity
An internal English-text programmer
enables technicians to easily program and
test the panel from any keypad. A lockout
code restricts access to only authorized
Keypad Shortcut Keys
Keypad shortcut keys simplify operation
and allow the user to more quickly arm,
check in, monitor, exit, or reset the system.
One-button arming creates the simplest
keypad operation available. Use the onebutton shortcut keys for common functions
or use the ATM style menu for advanced
functions, whichever method meets the
user’s needs or level of expertise with the
User Codes
False Alarm Features
Providing end users with a way to reduce
false alarms, both Cancel/Verify™ and
the False Alarm Question features prompt
end users to validate whether an alarm
has occurred after entering their code.
In a Home/Sleep/Away or All/Perimeter
system, the user can either press VERIFY
or YES to manually confirm a valid burglar
alarm and an alarm is then sent to the
Central Station.
For residential applications, the homeowner
can press one button to select each of three
separate system arming options. They can
select HOME to arm the perimeter of the
home, but allow for movement within the
house. Select SLEEP to arm the perimeter
and only specified areas inside their home,
leaving sensors near bedrooms disarmed.
Selecting AWAY fully arms all elements of
the system.
In business applications, system users
can quickly select ALL to completely arm
the system as they leave the facility for the
day. They also have the option to select
PERIMETER, arming all exterior sensors
at doors and windows, but disarming all
interior sensors so employees can move
freely around the facility.
Program up to 30 codes. Assign a Standard
or Master Authority level to control each
user’s level of access to the system, with
scheduled and limited users.
Attrition Detection™
Prompts You to Call Your
The exclusive DMP Attrition Detection
feature gives you advance warning that
a customer may be preparing to cancel
their monitoring contract. With this feature
activated, you will receive a notification if
there has been no system activity for the
number of days you select.
Cross Zoning
This powerful, false-alarm-reduction
feature allows zones to be cross-zoned
and report alarms only when two or more
zones fault within a programmable time
of 4 to 250 seconds. Should just one zone
trip, only a zone fault report is sent to the
Central Station.
Event Memory
The XTL panel logs up to 100 user and
system events that you can view at any
time through a keypad User Menu option.
The Display Events feature allows users to
view stored events such as openings and
closings, zone events, user code changes,
and supervisory events.
With Zone Inactivity, you can easily monitor
a person living alone. If there is no activity
at the premises within the programmed
number of hours, the system transmits
an SMS message to your PDA and/or cell
phone. The Central Station also receives an
alert. It’s a valuable feature for customers
looking after aging adults.
Zone Audit
The Zone Audit feature allows programming
the panel to send an alert when the sensor
fails to trip within the specified number of
days. This feature helps identify potential
sensor problems, including sensors
deactivated to bypass faults or blocked
Wireless Keypad
This is a great time-saver for installers.
Any keypads not associated with another
panel are accepted and assigned to the
first open keypad address available.
Keypads are automatically assigned based
upon the order in which they are detected.
A maximum of four keypads may be
associated with a panel.
Remote Programming
Remotely program panels using DMP
Remote Link software. Upload panel
programming, make the necessary
programming change, and then download
the revised programming into the panel.
For Retail Installations
The Late to Open/Early to Close feature
sends a message to the Central Station if
the facility isn’t opened on time or closed
before the scheduled time. The Traffic
Count sends a daily tally of trips for the
specified zone.
With the Receiver 1 & 2 operation, Auxiliary
1 & 2 Zone messages can be sent to a
specific receiver, enabling retail clients to
alert a specific guard station of potential
shoplifting in a certain area or other type
of notifications.
Powering the Panel
The panel is powered by a small 12V
plugin power supply with standby battery
Intrusion | Fire | Access | Network | Cellular
XTL Series
Central Station Receivers
9060-W Wireless Keypad
9060-W/699 Wireless Keypad with Deskstand
9063-W Wireless Keypad with Prox Reader
9063-W/699 Wireless Keypad with Prox Reader and Deskstand
699 Keypad Deskstand
380-400 GSM Replacement Level 400 SIM Card (XTL Only)
Security Control Receiver
Software Receiver
Computer Software
Remote Link Programming Software
System Link End-User Management
Link Server Application
Mobile Applications
DMP Wireless
1100R Repeater
1101 Universal Transmitter Internal
and External Contacts
Universal Transmitter External
1103 Universal Transmitter External
Universal Transmitter Internal
1105 and External Contacts
Micro Window Transmitter
1107 Four-Zone Expander
1114 1116 Relay Output
LED Annunciator
1117 1121 Pet Immune PIR Motion Detector
1125 PIR Motion Detector
1126C Ceiling Mount Curtain PIR
1126R 360 Ceiling Mount PIR
1127C Wall Mount Curtain PIR
1127W Wall Mount Wide Angle PIR
1129 Glassbreak Detector
1131 Recessed Contact
1135 Siren
1135dB Siren
1139 Bill Trap
1142 Two-Button Hold-up Transmitter
1142BC Two-Button Belt Clip Hold-up Transmitter
1145-4-B Four-Button Key Fob
1145-2-B Two-Button Key Fob
1145-1-B One-Button Key Fob
1161 Smoke with Sounder
1162 Smoke and Heat Detector
1183-135F Heat Detector
1183-135R Heat Detector
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Z-Wave Module
Primary Power 12 VDC (Model 372-500)
Secondary Power 3.7 VDC lion Polymer Battery
Enclosure ABS Plastic
Dimensions: 5.5” W x 3.75” H x 1” D
Listings and Approvals
Refer to the XTL Series Installation Guide, Programming Guide
and specific compliance listings for installation and programming
requirements necessary to meet a particular approval.
California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) (All Models)
ANSI/SIA CP-01-2010 False Alarm Reduction (All Models)
Listings and Approvals CONT.
ETL (All Models)
ANSI/UL 1023 Household Burglar
ANSI/UL 985 Household Fire Warning
ANSI/UL 1610 Central Station Burglar
FCC Cellular Listings
Industry Canada: 4160A-GSM0308 (XTL Only)
Industry Canada: 4160A-CNN0301 (XTLC Only)
FCC WiFi Listings
Industry Canada: 8516A-SM2144SMT
FCC Wireless Listings
Industry Canada: 5251A-PC0117.
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed (XTL/XTLN/XTLN-WIFI)
ANSI/UL 1023 Household Burglar
ANSI/UL 985 Household Fire Warning
ANSI/UL 1610 Central Station Burglar
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System Specifications
For additional information, access and select Compliance.
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