Apple DVD Studio Pro 4.1 User manual

Apple DVD Studio Pro 4.1 User manual
DVD Studio Pro
Professional DVD authoring made simple.
Key Features
Full-featured DVD authoring
• Author DVD-Video discs that include
— Motion or still menus
— Interactive buttons and links
— Up to 99 tracks, each with up to 9 different angles,
chapter markers, and multiple stories
— Multilanguage support allowing up to 32 subtitle
streams per track
— Slide shows
— Up to 8 audio streams per track
— Dolby Digital AC-3 format audio
— Web links
— 16:9 format support
• Create both DVD-5 and DVD-9 projects
• Record finished projects to DVD-R, DVD-RAM, or
digital tape
Powerful tools
Encode video using the included MPEG-2 Encoder,
or use any DVD-compliant MPEG encoder
Import files from Adobe Photoshop, or video from
Final Cut Pro or other editing applications, to create
great-looking menus and overlays
Instantly see how your DVD project looks and
operates with full, real-time previewing
Design event- or result-driven applications using the
DVD scripting language
Use Subtitle Editor to simplify the creation of multilingual titles
Easily add buttons and chapter markers using the
interactive marker editor
Clear, intelligent workflow
• Get started fast with the easy-to-use Apple interface
• Assign assets with drag-and-drop ease
• Get a detailed view of every parameter of a
selected item
• Use simple pop-up menus to make all applicable
settings for an item
• Edit buttons and their corresponding links
• Easily assign the layers in your graphics files to any
still menu
The world of video is going digital. You’re shooting with high-quality DV camcorders. You’re
editing digitally with professional software packages such as Final Cut Pro. So why dub your
finished projects onto low-quality analog videotape? With DVD Studio Pro you can author your
own DVD-Video discs—so your work is digital from start to finish. Best of all, because it’s from
Apple, it’s designed for creative professionals, not DVD technicians.
DVD Studio Pro includes every feature outlined in the DVD-Video standard. Though it’s easy
enough for nonspecialists to use, DVD Studio Pro puts you in control of every capability
required by professional DVD technicians. Taking over where video editing applications such
as Final Cut Pro leave off, DVD Studio Pro handles the MPEG encoding, menu creation, asset
organization, linking, and output formatting that are required to produce DVD-Video discs. It
uses QuickTime technology to ensure the highest quality and easy integration with the editing
and special effects software you already use.
Your DVD projects can include motion or still menus, up to 99 video tracks (each with chapter
markers, multiple stories, and up to 9 different angles, 8 audio streams, and 32 subtitle streams),
slide shows, and multiple language tracks. DVD Studio Pro reads native Adobe Photoshop files
directly to create great-looking menus and overlays. Or you can design menus using full-motion
clips imported from a video editor such as Final Cut Pro.
DVD Studio Pro handles all kinds of audio, from mono to 5.1 surround sound, and includes
industry-leading Dolby Digital AC-3 encoding. You can also add web links to your DVD, so with
just a click, your audience can reach detailed information, product updates, or even your web
store. Videotape doesn’t come close to that kind of interactivity.
You’ll feel right at home with the DVD Studio Pro interface. As you work, it’s easy to view your
project’s structure in a variety of ways. DVD Studio Pro has real-time previewing built in, so you
don’t need to wait for the project to be multiplexed to see just how it looks and operates. You
can even customize the onscreen layout to match your work style.
With DVD Studio Pro and a Power Mac G4 outfitted with a DVD-R drive, you no longer have to
hire expensive outside suppliers to burn your DVD. Using the comprehensive tutorial, you can
author DVDs yourself and retain more creative control. DVD Studio Pro lets you focus on the
content of your DVDs, not on the details of DVD technology.
Specification Sheet
DVD Studio Pro
Professional DVD authoring on your desktop
Get a graphical view of the elements of your DVD
project and easily customize the windows to fit your
work style.
Tools to create standards-compliant
DVD-Video titles from QuickTime movies
or MPEG streams
• Retain the quality and precision of digital video from start to finish
by authoring your projects on DVD-Video discs. The projects you
author are compatible with most set-top and computer-based DVD
Direct MPEG-2 file support
• Easily encode your project in the format required for DVD using
the included high-quality, high-speed MPEG Encoder.
Easy menu creation
• Build menus with the exact look and feel you have in mind. Use
layered Photoshop files to create still menus, or use video clips for
motion menus.
Complete range of DVD features
• Include in your project every feature that the DVD spec allows:
up to 99 tracks, up to 8 audio streams per track, chapter markers,
stories, subtitles, slide shows, and scripting.
Web links with [email protected]
• Create interactive DVDs that, when played on Macintosh or
Windows computers, can link directly to the web for late-breaking
updates, additional information, or electronic shopping.
DVD-9 support
• Create DVD-Video projects up to 9 gigabytes in size.
Dolby Digital AC-3 encoding
• Make your work sound great when you encode it in Dolby Digital
format—the industry standard for top-quality audio.
Enhanced workflow
Use the interactive marker editor to add chapter
markers and onscreen buttons to your video. Your
titles will look great and be highly functional, too.
Compatibility with your desktop video
editing application
• Use the application you know, such as Final Cut Pro, since DVD
Studio Pro fits nicely into nearly any digital video production
environment. You don’t need to learn a new editing system.
Easy-to-use Apple interface that displays
all aspects of your project at a glance
• Work productively right away, even if you aren’t a DVD specialist.
Property Inspector that shows all
relevant settings
• Choose the right settings with the help of pop-up menu prompts.
DVD Studio Pro keeps track of all the details of the DVD-Video
standard so you don’t have to.
Real-time previews
• See your progress as you work. No need to create a disc image or
wait for multiplexing.
Support for DVD-R, DVD-RAM, and digital
tape output
• Output your work in the format that works best for you:
— Choose DVD-R format to burn DVD discs that can run on standard
DVD players.
— Transfer your finished project to digital tape for mass duplication.
— Use DVD-RAM to test your projects inexpensively before
committing them to other media.
QuickTime savvy
With a clear view of the links you’ve created, it’s
easy to see your project’s interactivity flow and spot
errors long before they become a problem.
QuickTime MPEG Encoder included
• Convert QuickTime video to DVD-compliant MPEG-2 streams using
your favorite editing application.
Dolby AC-3 format encoding for
QuickTime audio files
• Use multichannel QuickTime audio files as the source for Dolby
Specification Sheet
DVD Studio Pro
DVD in Five Easy Steps
1 Shoot and edit your video using a digital
camcorder and your favorite editing tool, such as
Apple’s Final Cut Pro.
2 Encode your video and audio into the formats
required for DVD. Video uses the MPEG-2 format
and audio uses PCM or Dolby Digital format. DVD
Studio Pro adds MPEG encoding capabilities to any
application that supports QuickTime MPEG Encoder.
3 Create the look and feel of your menus and
buttons. Design still menus in Adobe Photoshop or
motion menus using your favorite video editing tool.
Easily import them into DVD Studio Pro.
4 Author and test your DVD. In this step, DVD
Studio Pro brings it all together. Create and refine
your project using intelligent pop-up menus that
offer only relevant choices, helping you make the
right decisions the first time. The built-in preview
function lets you see how your links, menus, and
buttons integrate throughout your video in real time.
5 Record your DVD in any number of ways.
You can use an optional DVD-R drive (available in
select Power Mac G4 configurations) to burn your
DVD. You can use an external DVD recorder to burn
your DVD. Send your project to a service bureau to
write it to disc. Or record your project to DVD-RAM
to be played on computers that have a DVD-RAM
drive. If you plan to duplicate your work in large
quantities, write your project to DLT or an external
hard disk, then hand it over to a replication facility.
For more information go to
DVD Studio Pro is designed for video and multimedia professionals, not DVD technicians, so you can retain creative
control of your project every step of the way.
Who Should Use DVD Studio Pro?
Ideal for…
Video production companies
• Your productions will benefit from razor-sharp digital images from
start to finish—and it’s easy to use so you won’t have to give up
creative control to an outside specialist.
Video and training departments in
corporations, schools, and advertising
• DVD offers more flexibility than videotape. Projects can include
several language tracks. Viewers can go directly to the sections
that interest them most. You can even add web links to your DVDs.
Independent filmmakers
• DVD Studio Pro easily integrates with your current video editing
tools. With powerful features and a simple workflow, it lets you
focus on your content.
Multimedia producers
• Previously, DVDs had to be created by specialists. Now creative
professionals can do it themselves. That means you have creative
control over a greater portion of your project.
Wedding and event photographers
• Customers appreciate durable, high-quality DVDs for preserving
important memories.
Sales departments in corporations
• Most new portable computers can play DVDs, so salespeople
can show sales videos without carrying extra equipment. Choose
different parts of a presentation to appeal to customers with
different needs and link to the web for the most up-to-date
Specification Sheet
DVD Studio Pro
Why Buy DVD Studio Pro?
• Ease of use. DVD Studio Pro is designed for
creative professionals, not DVD engineers, so
you can focus on your content and retain creative
control—without getting bogged down in technical
• Quality. When you output your video projects on
DVD-Video discs, the quality and durability far exceed
those of VHS tapes.
• Interactivity. Your projects can link directly to your
website, where customers can find more information
or even shop while the messages in your video are
fresh in their minds. Viewers can select the sections
of your video production that most apply to them.
• Cost savings. DVD Studio Pro costs thousands of
dollars less than competing desktop systems. After
a single project, DVD Studio Pro often pays for itself
compared with the cost of using an outside service
bureau for authoring. Save money on localization by
adding subtitle or multiple language track options.
Product Details
Video capabilities
• Accommodates up to 99 video tracks in a project
• Includes up to 9 angles per track
• Allows for chapter markers within tracks to facilitate
jumping directly to various points in a DVD
• Contains multistory feature to create alternate
Audio capabilities
• Allows up to 8 audio streams per video track
• Supports a range of streams from mono to 5.1
surround sound
• Accepts MPEG audio, PCM audio, and AC-3 streams
• Allows audio streams to be marked with a language
for automatic selection by DVD players
Menus and interactivity
• Supports unlimited menus with up to 36 buttons
per menu
• Allows still menus and buttons to be made from
layered Photoshop files
• Allows motion menus to be made from video streams
• Permits buttons to be placed over video tracks
• Inserts web links in any part of the DVD using
[email protected] (for computer playback only)
MPEG encoding
• Includes MPEG Encoder software plug-in for all
QuickTime-savvy video applications
• Encodes high-quality MPEG-2 format
• Supports both PAL and NTSC formats
• Supports 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios
• Accepts MPEG streams from other encoders
For More Information
For more information about this product, or
to find out where to buy Apple products, visit on the World Wide
Web or call 800-538-9696. To purchase
products from the Apple Store, go to or call 800-MY-APPLE.
Visit the Macintosh Products Guide at for the latest information
on more than 18,000 hardware and software
products for your Macintosh computer.
Apple offers iTools, a free suite of Internet services,
to help you get more out of using the web. Visit to sign up.
Dolby Digital encoding
• Fully supports Dolby Digital AC-3 format
• Accepts QuickTime (single- or multichannel),
AIFF, Sound Designer, and WAVE format sound
files for encoding
• Supports all channel formats from mono to
5.1 surround sound
Output formats
• DVD-R using Apple DVD-R drive or Pioneer
DVR-S201 recorder
• DLT tape (required for DVD-9 projects)
System Requirements
• Power Mac G4 with Apple-supplied AGP graphics
card and DVD drive (configuration must support
Apple DVD Player 2.0 or later)
• Mac OS 9.0.4 or 9.1
• QuickTime 4.1 or later
• Display with 1024-by-768-pixel resolution or higher
(1280-by-1024-pixel resolution recommended)
• 128MB of RAM (192MB recommended)
• 12GB hard disk for project files (20GB for DVD-5
• Video and audio source material in QuickTime or
MPEG format (for Dolby encoding, sound files can
be QuickTime, AIFF, Sound Designer, or WAVE formats)
• Graphics editing application for creating menu
graphics and overlays (Adobe Photoshop 4.0 or later
• DVD-R or DLT drive for writing finished projects
Ordering Information
DVD Studio Pro
Order No. M8161Z/A
• CD-ROM containing DVD Studio Pro software,
QuickTime MPEG Encoder software, [email protected]
software, A.Pack Dolby Digital encoding software,
Subtitle Editor software, QuickTime Pro software,
tutorial files, and sample files
• Instruction manual with comprehensive tutorial
Testing and verification
• Built-in preview function emulates DVD functionality
• Included Apple DVD Player application plays
completed projects directly from your hard disk
Look for this logo
to find great products
for your Mac.
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014
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