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Stuff To Know
GT-8 Guitar Effects Processor
Premier Multi Effects Floor Processor from Boss
Sweet, Fat Tone
Double the Power with Dual COSM
More Effects
Easy To Use: 32 buttons, 15 knobs
Premier Multi Effects Floor Processor
• Heavy-duty construction, the GT-8 is built like a tank!
• 85 Banks with 4 patches per bank, that’s 340 total patches to choose from! 212 more than the
competition. The first 140 patches (BANKS 1-36) are your own customizable User Patches.
• 46 COSM Amp models, 30 COSM OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION models. In addition to all the killer
standard effects check out the effects list in FX 1 and FX 2 on the front panel.
• Pro features including: Amp Channel Switcher, Internal FX Loop, FX Chain button and Solo Button.
• Assign any Effect Parameter5 and up to 8 at a time to the Expression Pedal, Control Pedal or
External Pedals.
Sweet, Fat Tone
• The Gt-8 is the fattest sounding guitar processor out there! Take a listen and compare it to any
other unit. The GT-8 is the King of the massive tone.
• The GT-8 was designed using Boss’s knowledge from over 30 years of making the world’s best
pedals and floor effects on the market. In Addition the GT-8 is Version 4 in the GT line. Each model
better than the previous.
• The GT-8 can run two Amp Channels per patch. Each separate channel can use any two of the 46
COSM amp models at a time, each with completely different settings!
• The two amp channels can be run in four different modes:
Single Mode:
Switch the two amp models with a pedal.
Dual Mono Mode: Combine the two amp models in mono.
Dual L/R Mode:
If you are playing in Stereo you can have a different amp on each side.
Dynamic Mode:
Switch Amp Channels with how hard you pick!
More Effects
• Whammy FX, Pitch shifting, Intelligent Harmonist, Slicer, Auto Riff, Rotary, Uni-V, Guitar and Pick
Up Simulators, Wave Synth, Feedbacker, Humanizer, Sitar, Auto Pan… you name it, it’s in the GT-8.
• You can even turn on and off effects with how hard you pick!
Easy to Use
• More knobs and buttons than any of the competition’s floor units. You’ll spend less time navigating
menus and more time rocking!
• Notice there’s a dedicated button for just about everything you want to do. For example there are 2
Pedal ASSIGN buttons, a NAME button to name your personal patches, and still 29 more buttons...
• In the Pre Amp section the knobs work just like an amp.
• Also notice there are Dedicated knobs for the most used FX: OVERDRIVE, DELAY, REVERB & CHORUS.
GT-8 Guitar Effects
Stuff To Show
Premier Multi Effects Floor Processor from Boss
Sweet, Fat Tone
Double the Power with Dual COSM
More Effects
Easy To Use: 32 buttons, 15 knobs
Sweet, Fat Tone
1) Plug the GT-8 into an amp, or better yet: stereo into two amps, PA, studio monitors or headphones.
(Remember the GT-8 is a serious processor so be sure to use good gear along with it).
2) Before you power up, make sure the GT-8’s master LEVEL is down. (Small knob next to the INPUT).
3) Next power the GT-8 up and press the TUNER/BYPASS button to bypass the GT-8. Now make sure
the amp you are plugged into is set to a clean sound with no effects. Press EXIT when you are done.
4) Press the OUTPUT SELECT button. (It’s to the right and under the large PATCH/VALUE dial).
5) Rotate the PATCH/VALUE dial to select the type of output you are plugged into and then press EXIT.
6) Now you are ready to rock! Check out how warm and fat the GT-8 sounds. Here’s two fat patches:
45-3 5150 CTL>SOLO: Use the CTL pedal to turn on the SOLO button and DELAY.
56-2 FAT BOY: Press CTL to turn on the SOLO button. (Use the CTL pedal for SOLO on both)
-Pick your favorite clean sounds in BANKS: 68, 69, 70, 71 or 72…
• Have fun there are 340 patches to try out!
Double the Power with Dual COSM
Test Drive some patches that feature the Dual COSM amps:
• 59-3 DYNA LEAD/CLEAN: The AMP CHANNELS switch with your picking dynamics! In addition
DELAY and CHORUS switch also! When you play soft the CHORUS is on. Picking hard turns the
• 64-3 CRUNCH»¼DRV EXP: Fade between two COSM amps with the EXPRESSION pedal: a clean Pro
Reverb fades into an overdriven Marshall plexi, and back.
• 55-2 FAT STEREO LEAD: (If you are in Stereo) A COSM Rectifier on the left and a 5150 on the right.
- To spread the tone out more Let’s Delay the Rectifier on the left side up to 50 milliseconds:
1) Press the far left upper button under the PREAMP/SPEAKER section.
2) Press the PARAMETER Right button (X) two times. (Under the PATCH/VALUE dial).
3) Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to the right to the max at 50ms.
4) Press EXIT a couple times when you are done.
5) Play some big chords and dig on this massive stereo sound! Awesome for a single Guitar band!
More Effects
Test Drive some patches with cool Effects:
• Patches in banks 76 through 85 sport many effects not available in the competition’s units.
• A few suggestions:
1) 76-1 CRUNCH ROTARY, 76-4 WAVE SYNTH, (Use CTL pedal to see what it does on all these).
3) 85-1 DOUBLE TALK (HARMONIST in the key of C), 85-4, HEAVY OCTAVE.
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